Human Safari

Of the Jarawa Negritos in the Andaman Islands.
Read the comments. All of the Indian Hindus defend this garbage, and most of the superior Westerners condemn it. This is because Western values are superior and Indian Hindu values are simply inferior. That is all there is to it. It is not ok to treat human beings like they are animals in a zoo. Sorry, no.

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13 thoughts on “Human Safari”

  1. So when whites allow blacks commit crimes in our cities and rape our daughters it makes somehow our morality superior?

    1. If you do that you need to reward top 10% highest IQ, causing them to breed more (neil degrasse) and control the bottom 90% so they breed less and cause less trouble (mike tyson, trayvon martin).

      1. No, its not the Black genes, it is environment. Therefore we should let the bottom 90% breed, because they can have high IQ children provided the right environment.

  2. Blacks, negritos, papuans etc.. should be living in wild . they are happiest living lifestyle like that, their brains cant handle modern society…
    Nothing wrong if modern people want to go see how they are living, they are not hurting them, right?

    1. “Blacks, negritos, papuans etc.. should be living in wild . they are happiest living lifestyle like that” That’s the biggest lie I ever heard in a long time

      1. Yeah man. It is about time we started putting these White racists in their place. We need to have more laws in place to prevent racists from finding refuge on the Internet.

      2. Actually many whites would be pretty happy living in “wild” too, like in a forest hunting and fishing or some amish-rural like simple life.
        Anyways it looks like that whites and asians are racially more capable living in modern world unlike blacks, papuans etc.. who end up to jail eventually.

        1. There are Asian criminals too. VT Massacre, Hmong forest rampage, etc. White criminals such as Ted Bundy or Al Capone. Whites and Asians can be just as criminalistic and high testosterone as Blacks with the right environment. The Human Genome Project has proven there is no race, so stop spreading lies.

  3. Well that`s a lie. I am sure there is a lot racial differences not only IQ differences.
    And I am sure that those educated african immigrants who enter USA have high IQ too, there is brain-drain currently happening in africa.
    Truth is anyway that there is not any negro majority country or a city that is doing good, even in USA most black majority cities or neighbourhoods look like Detroit (even though USA blacks are mixed race partially.)

    1. You are just delusional. You should move to africa, since there is no race differences. I am sure those countries will look like germany or japan in no time. I am serious!!
      Have fun there with your new brothers.

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