OJ Paroled

Court ruled that he is going to be paroled. I just went and reread the facts of this case, and this guy is guilty as Hell of murdering Ron and Nicole. There has hardly been a more obvious guilty of murder case in history without witnesses and minus a confession. The evidence against him was simply overwhelming. If you go to White nationalist sites, you find quite a few Whites who say that they liked Blacks just fine until the OJ case. The Black reaction to that case disgusted them, and they began to realize that Blacks either are our enemies or see White people as the enemy. At that point, they turned against Blacks. Many were good White liberals up until that point. Black people really screwed up on that case big-time. Of course the narcissist (and sociopath?) OJ could not stay out of trouble for long. He was soon involved in a complex case involving the beating and armed robbery of a memorabilia collector who was supposedly selling some stuff that was really OJ’s property. The incident took place in a hotel room in Las Vegas. This guy has one Hell of a sense of entitlement (stemming from his extreme narcissism). OJ will serve another 18 months on a variety of weapons charges.

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  1. I felt the same way about O.J. until I read ‘O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove’ by (P.I.) William Dear. He has presented his evidence before groups of prosecutors. Apparently, a large percentage of them believed him, too. I’ll not give away the end, but search the title at Huffington Post and you can find out. Reading the book is better.

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