Maxx – Julie and the Bunny

Here. A truly disturbing cartoon from a show that ran on MTV for a while. Delves a lot into psychological issue. The main character is a little girl named Julie. Frankly, this cartoon is pretty messed up.

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  1. Very weird cartoon. I think the reason things like this become a part of our culture is it’s really artist culture. Back in the day artist and actors were seen as perverted and not quite all together there. I believe that’s true. Artist are weird. People who want everyone to know who they are weird. It used to be called Bohemian and that’s the way they live their lives. The difference is now through TV everyone can see all this weirdness whereas before you had to seek it out. Maybe it makes the whole culture weirder. People see this stuff and begin to think it’s normal but it’s not. I’m not against weirdness but I’m not so sure it belongs so prominently in our culture. There is a place for weirdness but a boring, square culture makes for a better living environment for most people. Especially for raising kids. Too much weirdness confuses them. Boring and square is more stable and gives them a better base personality. They can always do the weird later when they grow up. This grates on the artist though. They are weird so they want weird everywhere but… it’s weird and not the norm. Hence the clash.

  2. The clip stands fine enough on its own as a fucked up little childhood memory story, but it’s also part of a larger narrative. It marks the beginning of the character Julie’s deep-seated psychological issues. A lot of “The Maxx” (the show and the comics) is about Julie’s psychosis. Tracking down the graphic novels or the animated version is definitely worth it. The show only ran half the length of the comics but still ended in the right place for a TV show.

  3. It gives a new meaning to the “there’s something under the bed” reason not to go to sleep for kids. Hell maybe there is something under the bed…Just say’n…

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