Child Killer Murdered in Prison

Victim of the convict code.
I actually do not mind this sort of thing. While I am opposed to the death penalty, I feel that certain killers just need to die, period. If not die, then have lots of horrible things happen to them. I do not want the state to do these bad things, but I do not mind if other inmate scumbags administer a little justice.
One thing that keeps me from doing bad things is an absolute terror of prison or even jail for that matter. I have spent 6 hours in jail in my whole life, and if I can help it, I swear to God I am never going back to that place ever again.
And these were “easy” city jails. For a nice middle class White boy like me, those places are the worst Hell imaginable. And quite a few of the arresting officers and even jailers are mean and cruel almost beyond belief. The first time the cops threatened to murder me, and the jailer told me I was staying in there forever. The second time the cops beat my head against the ceiling of the car and then threw me up against the wall of the intake room. The really delighted in this stuff. I think most cops are seriously sadistic.
The end result of those experiences is that while I am no longer a hardcore cop hater, I am not exactly wild about police officers if you know what I mean.
I have worked with some narcotics and homicide detectives on homicide and narcotics cases though (I am not usually a snitch, but sometimes paybacks are a bitch in the law of the street). I really liked those detectives a whole lot, but that is another story.
I did have a run-in with two other detectives who were the exact opposite. I can’t tell you the details of that story, but I will tell you that that they threatened very seriously to beat a confession out of me.
“If you don’t admit you’re guilty right now, WE ARE GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!”
I refused to admit I was guilty of the crime they thought I had committed because honestly I wasn’t, but they told me never to come back, and they told me I would never teach in Los Angeles again. The latter was not true. I was teaching the next day. I do not believe I was guilty of any crime anyway (other than disturbing the peace, which means anything a cop wants it to mean). I did something really stupid, but it was not with a malicious heart or criminal intent and, no one was harmed, other than a few people got scared.

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  1. I disagree. We shouldn’t allow prisoners to kill other prisoners. I’m not saying the man shouldn’t be killed. If he needs to be killed though we need to do it ourselves with the State.

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