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The Rick Dyer interview! I was recently offered an exclusive interview with Rick Dyer by Frank Cali, Rick’s Vice President on Team Tracker. Although Rick and I have had our differences in the past and Rick has libeled me in a pretty serious way, Rick admitted on the air recently that he had lied about me and apologized. I am basically a softie and I make up with just about any former enemies. There are very few people I have run out of my life on moral grounds alone. I do not hold grudges and I do not burn bridges. As far as I am concerned, this is the only way to walk through life. There are a few folks who I have given many chances to and they have failed all of them, so the door is not really open anymore, but in most cases with fallen out friends, the door remains open. I ended a lot of these friendships because I did not like the way I was being treated, but the door remains open for most of these folks to come back if they let bygones be bygones and start treating me with the respect that I require of a friend, which of course shall be returned. A few fallen out friends have figured out the new friendship requirements, played by them and are back in the game. Last time I was in Orange County, I heard that an old friend wanted to see me. Unfortunately, I did not get to see him. I will not be looking any of these folks up (learned my lesson about that one) but if they want to look me up, they are free to if they want to play by the new rules. I also believe that you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Rick Dyer is capable to doing quite a bit of damage to you and did just that to me. That is a formidable enemy. It is also an enemy that needs to be neutralized. So in many cases, I try to neutralize enemies by striking up some sort of deal with them to call off the war. Bottom line is it better not to be on Rick Dyer’s Hate List. If befriending him means neutralizing a enemy or possible enemy, then so be it. This is how smart people walk, and you will figure out out sooner or later. The path of revenge is fraught with many landmines and a lot of folks discover this only too late. The interview took place last week on September 16, 2013. Some of the questions came from me, but I put out a call for questions to anyone, Dyer supporters, skeptics and haters in particular, to give me any questions they wanted me to ask Rick. About 5 I did leave in some questions that were very tough questions for Rick, although they were not particularly mean-spirited. 30 minutes before the show, I emailed Frank Cali a copy of the questions and he offered to read them to Rick. However, Rick said he wanted to do the interview blind, so that is how it went. It was brave of him to do this interview with all these questions from haters and particularly to dare to do so blind. But Rick Dyer is an intrepid fellow. I also posted the questions on my website in the comments section (which has become very lively these days) about 30 minutes before the show went on. The interview lasted somewhere around 1 hour. I received a lot of criticism for doing a softball interview, but those are the only kinds of interviews that I do. I have a BA in Journalism from California State University in Long Beach, where I wrote for papers and the magazine. I also worked as an editor of a magazine for a while after I graduated so I know this field well. Bottom line is that softball interviews are the only kind that work at all. I will not do hostile interviews because I figure the interviewee will simply shut down the interview and walk away or start firing back at me. Sometimes these are conducted with you and the interviewee alone somewhere, and if you anger them too much, things might get heated, they might start yelling at you, or perhaps things might escalate into physical violence. Even if it does not get that far, it’s an ugly scene with bad vibes all around. An interview is a partnership between the interviewer and the interviewee, two on a team working together. A hostile interview means the team has fallen apart into warring factions. Good luck with that interview. I believe in investigative reporting and I often critique all sorts of folks, sometimes in ferocious terms, in both private and public life, so softball interviewing does not preclude objectivity or the desire to get at the truth, which is hardly what journalism is about anymore anyway. In recent years, on TV especially, hostile gladiator interviews have become very popular among so-called journalists conducting a very sleazy type of sensationalist journalism. Bottom line is I think hostile interviewing borders on a violation of journalistic ethics. I would do a softball interview with Ted Bundy or the Devil himself. Bad guys will hang themselves with their words anyway, and a softball interview with a bad guy allows them to do just that. Detectives and especially anthropologists and linguists (I have worked as a linguist and an anthropologist) also need to have a good relationship with their informants or even suspects and arestees. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. I also believe that off the record  means off the record. In recent years, sleazoid journalists have published off the record comments just to get the scoop and win a ratings war. This is severe violation of journalistic ethics, one of the worst of all. Anyway, on to the video! [youtube=]

  1. What do you really think of Steve Kulls? Rick said that Kulls was a really nice guy to your face, but then he stabs you in the back. He then went on to describe a variety of things surrounding the 2008 hoax, which he implied Kulls was a part of. Rick said the one thing he regrets is that he did not tape-record Kulls’ phone conversations, implying that Kulls was in on the hoax with Rick.
  2. Why did you target the BF community in 2008? You came in with all guns firing and said you were going to take down a big-name BF researcher. What was driving you that you were so hostile to the community back then? Rick said the idea for the hoax came when he and a cop friend were hunting in the woods. They said, “Hey, let’s pretend we shot a Bigfoot.” And so the hoax was born. Neither of them believed in Bigfoot, and both thought that believers were morons. Later on at some point, the Bigfoot community turned on Rick, the cop and Biscardi, and all of them received a lot of abuse and threats. Rick said it was due to these effects that he and the others developed a lot of anger towards the community.
  3. Musky believes Bob H when Bob H says that Gimlin made up the walk and look of Patty. But if Hank, a real BF, had the same walk and look of Patty, then how could Gimlin have made up the walk and look of a real BF if he had never seen one? Rick said that I would have to ask Musky about this question.
  4. Since you say the movie is top-notch, can you post a trailer of it on your website? Most movies have trailers. How about a hand or a foot of Hank? Can you show us some proof that Hank is real? Can you commit to a date when you might post a preview or trailer of your movie? Rick refused to post a trailer of the movie, but he did not give much of a reason for doing so.
  5. Why does the Tent Video creature appear to be so different from the Shooting Bigfoot still? Rick said they were taken at different camera angles and at different times of the day with different cameras.
  6. Do you feel it was immoral to shoot a weapon in an area with a known significant human population of homeless? He was not worried morally about the possible dangerous implications to the people in the area by what he was going to do.
  7. Do you think it was moral to bait the BF when it is illegal to bait known game species? He had no moral problems with this, and anyway, a Bigfoot is not a known game species.
  8. Do you have the reefer truck paperwork and could you post it on your website? He does have the reefer truck paperwork, but he refuses to post it and the haters would subject the company to tremendous abuse and harassment and he does not want to subject them to that.
  9. What will happen if the DVD does not sell 100 copies? What are your plans for refunds? He will issue full refunds to everyone.
  10. Why are you not yet rich? If you are going to be famous from this shooting, why won’t your investor set you up now so you can pay them back later? He has actually already received $300,000 from his investors.
  11. Who do you trust? Anyone? Anyone in the BF community? He trusts no one, and especially no one in the Bigfoot community.
  12. You admit to lying in the past and even recently in the present. With this background, why can’t you give skeptics some understanding if they are wary of believing you? He doesn’t blame people for not believing him or for being skeptics. He said that if someone else was claiming to do what he had done, he would not believe them either. He implied that the skeptics were taking a perfectly rational position. He supports skeptics but he does not like haters.
  13. Are you really dedicated to the study of this creature or are you just in this for the money and fame/notoriety? Rick said he is now dedicated to the study of these amazing creatures.
  14. The reefer truck was not used to load the BF body. Another truck was used for that. Will both the reefer truck and the other truck be shown in the movie? There was only one truck, the reefer truck. That is the one you will see.
  15. Why won’t you put up a short trailer of the movie? You have nothing to lose. By not doing so, it looks like you have something to hide. One again, he said he would do so. He offered the extremely unlikely argument that putting up a trailer would harm sales, when clearly it would increase sales.
  16. About the scientists studying the body – do they have plans to release the data somehow, and if so, through which branch of the government will they do so? He really does not know much about the science team, and the federal government is not involved with them. The federal government only got involved a few times, once at the university where the woman congratulated him for killing the Bigfoot, and a couple of other times when federal law enforcement came to take samples of the body to make sure Rick did not kill a human being.
  17. Why did Derek Randles not go to see the BF body? Rick said that everyone who has seen the body has been subjected to incredible harassment by haters, and he did not want Derek, a family man, to suffer from such harassment.
  18. Is Bryan Sykes involved in the study of the Bigfoot in any way? Have samples of Hank been submitted to Sykes? Have the Hank scientists worked or communicated with the Sykes scientists in any way? If not, why not? Rick said he didn’t even know who Sykes was, which is shocking if it is true. However, some viewers said that Rick smirked when he said that, implying that maybe Rick really did know who Sykes was and he was lying.
  19. If you didn’t believe in BF all those years that you were hunting one, what were your investors investing in all those years? You always said they were investing in your effort to kill a BF? Rick basically said that although he did not believe in Bigfoot, the investors did. Rick certainly was not going to tell them that he did not believe in Bigfoot. Rick basically thought the investors and everyone else who believed in Bigfoot were idiots, and Rick was frankly more than happy to take their money. Nevertheless, Rick did genuinely search for the creature for a few years.
  20. You stated that the body is not preserved or embalmed. How then are you able to keep it in proper shape? It is indeed preserved. There are special ways of doing this, but he does not have the details on how the science guys were preserving the body.
  21. How did the body spend 45 days in a reefer truck without decomposing? Here Rick changed his story. Before he said that he had rented the reefer truck and kept the body in it for 45 days while the government was building a special facility for the body, now he said that he only had the body in the truck for 7 days. He also implied that he had lied previously about the government team having to build some makeshift area for the Bigfoot. “I know I said something dumb about them having to build a special facility to house the Bigfoot,” he said, implying that that part Rick had just made up.
  22. One of the haters wants to know when you will “put up or shut up” as they put it. That is, when you will provide with good solid evidence of this deed? Rick said that there will be a press conference in December after which the body would be revealed. Later on, someone asked if they would have to wait two years to sell the video on Ebay and make a big profit. Rick said, “Oh man, you won’t have to wait two years! You can sell it on December 16!” This statement implied that the December press conference would occur on December 15. However, the 15th is a Sunday, so the presser may really be on Monday the 16th.
  23. Why have none of the homeless who were there at the time come forward? Rick said that they paid all of them to move away, gave them rent money, bought them cars, etc. They are all on a monthly stipend on the grounds that if they talk about the Bigfoot shooting, their stipend ends. So that is why they have all kept quiet about the shooting.
  24. Why are you suing David Durrett? Rick stated that he was indeed suing David, and said there was some conflict about artwork that was driving this.
  25. Is it true that you had a stutter when young and if so, how did you get rid of it? Rick said that when he was 5 years old, his father threw him in a lake knowing full well that Rick could not swim. Rick implied that his father had basically tried to kill him. Others jumped in when Rick sank like a rock. They had a hard time finding him at first, but soon they did find him and brought him to shore. Rick said that he had nearly died at that time, and implied there might have been some brain damage from this near death experience. Ever since then, he had a stutter all through childhood, possibly from PTSD from the trauma of the incident or possibly from some brain damage due to the near drowning.
  26. Was your childhood happy or unhappy? What was your relationship like with other children in the school years? Rick said that his childhood was pretty much happy. In the early years when his stutter was bad, a lot of kids made fun of him, but at some point, the stutter got better and he went on to become popular in junior high and high school.
  27. How many TT members are there, gold and platinum? Rick said that there are 3,700 TT members and of those, 2,300 are paid. However, former TT sources told me that this is a lie and that the real number is more like 300 TT members in total.
  28. Did you put raw ribs up on the trees or did you cook them first? If you cooked them, can you show us the recipe? The ribs were put up raw. There is no recipe because he did not cook them. Instead he just heated them over a fire for about 20 seconds.
  29. Will you give us the month of the press release if not the actual date? From above we can see that the press conference is slated to occur on December 15 or possibly the 16th. I would add unless it is delayed, as Rick has already delayed release of this body several times now.
  30. Will we get to see Morgan Matthews in this video? Will we see him in the same scene as the dead BF or the trucks? Morgan is not in the DVD anywhere.
  31. If the body is going to be released anyway, then why bother trying to convince people you have a body and get mad at them when they don’t believe you? Why not wait until the body is revealed? He doesn’t blame people for not believing him and he says he would not believe himself either if he were someone else watching Rick Dyer. However, he does get mad at the haters.
  32. If you are going to be rich anyway, why bother to sell memberships? Well, he is not rich yet, and he needs some money to live on.
  33. Do you want to hunt and kill more BF’s besides Hank? Yes he does want to kill more Bigfoots and if he sees another Bigfoot and he has a gun with him, he will try to shoot it.
  34. If you shot and killed a BF in San Antonio, why has the federal government and any private entities that know of this not tried to send out parties to the area to capture a BF? Rick said that maybe these entities had actually conducted some sort of an investigation into the shooting. He doesn’t know if they have or have not. Perhaps they have.
  35. Did Frank Cali see the body the weekend before the expedition as he said he did? Yes he did.
  36. Did an attorney or paralegal prepare the NDA used before the Vegas expedition? No, Rick made them up himself, but he had an attorney look them over to make sure they were ok.
  37. Were the NDA’s notarized by those who signed them? The attorney said that they did not need to be notarized, but Rick thought they did, so Rick had them all notarized.
  38. Did DJ Bashers see the body? No he did not.
  39. Why did DJ Bashers say he saw the body as it left San Antonio? He never said he saw a body.
  40. Has the FBI made you aware that you were subject of any ongoing investigation? No, he is not aware of any investigations into any of these people.
  41. What happened to the following people from TT 2012: DJ Bashers, Mike Summer, Bigz Marlo, Chris Hampton, Kassy Miller, and Raymond Keys? Most of these people simply “didn’t have what it takes” to be a part of TT. Some of them had family, work and other obligations.
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351 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 21, 2013”

  1. By no means is Dyer on the same level as Barnum was. But, I just read this and thought it would be interested to post. The few Dyer believers that are left, including Robert, seem to feel that because other people are involved, and have given “sincere” testimony, it lends credibility to his story. In actuality that is just another common tactic used by most hoaxers. Below is a recap of Barnum’s mermaid hoax. Both interesting and pretty telling for any of you who still believe.
    The Hoax
    Throughout all this, the deception of the public had been three-fold. First, although advertisements had shown the mermaid to have the body of a young, beautiful woman, the creature itself was far less attractive. It had the withered body of a monkey and the dried tail of a fish. As a correspondent from the Charleston Courier put it: “Of one allusion… the sight of the wonder has forever robbed us — we shall never again discourse, even in poesy, of mermaid beauty, nor woo a mermaid even in our dreams — for the Feejee lady is the very incarnation of ugliness.” In his autobiography, Barnum later described the mermaid as “an ugly, dried-up, black-looking, and diminutive specimen… its arms thrown up, giving it the appearance of having died in great agony.”
    Second, Dr. Griffin was a fraud. He was no English gentleman. In fact, there was no such thing as the British Lyceum of Natural History. Griffin’s real name was Levi Lyman, and he was Barnum’s accomplice-in-deception. The mermaid’s introduction and exhibit had been the brainchild of Barnum all along. Barnum had arranged for letters about Dr. Griffin to be sent to New York papers throughout the Summer, and had then carefully orchestrated the mermaid publicity once Dr. Griffin (Lyman) “arrived” in New York. This had all been done to give the mermaid a veneer of scientific respectability.
    Museum-goers examine the Feejee Mermaid. Illustration from Barnum’s Autobiography. Finally, the mermaid itself was a fake, and Barnum knew it. He had leased the mermaid from Boston showman Moses Kimball (who, in turn, had bought it from a seaman), but before doing so Barnum had consulted a naturalist to inquire about the mermaid’s authenticity. The naturalist had assured him it was quite fake. Nevertheless, Barnum realized that it wasn’t important whether or not the mermaid was real. All that was important was that the public be led to believe that it might be real. So he hired a phony naturalist (Dr. Griffin) to vouch for the creature’s authenticity, placed pictures of bare-breasted mermaids in the newspapers, and thereby manipulated the public into wanting to see it.'”

    1. I find it almost impossible to believe that Musky Allen is in on some massive hoax with Rick Dyer. For a long time, Musky was insisting that the Tent Video was fake. In fact, he was one of its biggest detractors. Then when Rick said he had a body, Musky was one of the loudest voices yelling that it was a fake. Facebook Find Bigfoot actually encouraged him to go out to see if it was a fake or not. Musky went out to Vegas to bust what he thought was a hoax.

      1. And Barnum has newspapers actually plant stories that he was hoaxing. This way it created controversy and a buzz surrounding his newest exhibition.
        This Musky Allen nonsense is no different than the following:
        “Second, Dr. Griffin was a fraud. He was no English gentleman. In fact, there was no such thing as the British Lyceum of Natural History. Griffin’s real name was Levi Lyman, and he was Barnum’s accomplice-in-deception. The mermaid’s introduction and exhibit had been the brainchild of Barnum all along. Barnum had arranged for letters about Dr. Griffin to be sent to New York papers throughout the Summer, and had then carefully orchestrated the mermaid publicity once Dr. Griffin (Lyman) “arrived” in New York. This had all been done to give the mermaid a veneer of scientific respectability.”
        Barnum had this man posing as a doctor sending fake letters months in advance of the exhibition even taking place. Barnum choreographed the entire thing. Right down to the fake Dr. Griffin refusing to allow Barnum to showcase the mermaid, only to eventually give in and allow him to exhibit it in his museum.
        Sound familiar? Kind of like Musky Allen vehemently denying the tent video is real only to eventually concede that Dyer is telling the truth. This is hoaxing 101. There is not one move Dyer has made that has not been done before. It’s basic stuff.

        1. Great info, curious. Remember…Musky “happened” to see the body at the same time a VIP and doctor were viewing it! The doctor validated the body, and their activities forced Musky to stay back…he said he wasn’t going to get too up in their business. So, he couldn’t really examine it that closely, and a doctor validated it while he was there!

        2. None of it is brilliant though. That is the big misconception here. This is basic hoaxing at best. All Dyer, or any one of us, would had to have done is read a case study on Barnum and follow the basic outline. If you take that and apply it to a subject people are passionate about, and an audience in which the majority are both poor and uneducated, you have a winner. It is unfortunate for Dyer that his first hoax in 2008 was so poorly done. Had he not been involved in that hoax, this one would have gone significantly further in my opinion. Instead, the vast majority of people lost interest the moment “Shooting Bigfoot” first aired and did not deliver what was promised. Sucks to have a reputation, huh, Dyer?

      2. Is it not at least possible that that was the plan all along? Like Barnum establishing the credibility of his fake naturalist, maybe Musky Allen was establishing his credibility as a skeptic. I’ve followed Bigfoot since I was a kid in the very early ’70s, but I’d never heard of Musky Allen until this story started. Although, admittedly, I didn’t look at BF blogs or Facebook groups before this story started either.

      3. Have you ever head of a SET UP?
        I heard the first broad cast of an interview on Sharon Lee’s Show and she had Rick Dyer vs Musky Allen on that show. Yep..that was last year and it was >>THE SET UP. Dyer challenged Musky on that interview to come out and see the body. It was a SET UP GUYS.

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