Bigfoot News September 21, 2013

The Rick Dyer interview! I was recently offered an exclusive interview with Rick Dyer by Frank Cali, Rick’s Vice President on Team Tracker. Although Rick and I have had our differences in the past and Rick has libeled me in a pretty serious way, Rick admitted on the air recently that he had lied about me and apologized. I am basically a softie and I make up with just about any former enemies. There are very few people I have run out of my life on moral grounds alone. I do not hold grudges and I do not burn bridges. As far as I am concerned, this is the only way to walk through life. There are a few folks who I have given many chances to and they have failed all of them, so the door is not really open anymore, but in most cases with fallen out friends, the door remains open. I ended a lot of these friendships because I did not like the way I was being treated, but the door remains open for most of these folks to come back if they let bygones be bygones and start treating me with the respect that I require of a friend, which of course shall be returned. A few fallen out friends have figured out the new friendship requirements, played by them and are back in the game. Last time I was in Orange County, I heard that an old friend wanted to see me. Unfortunately, I did not get to see him. I will not be looking any of these folks up (learned my lesson about that one) but if they want to look me up, they are free to if they want to play by the new rules. I also believe that you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Rick Dyer is capable to doing quite a bit of damage to you and did just that to me. That is a formidable enemy. It is also an enemy that needs to be neutralized. So in many cases, I try to neutralize enemies by striking up some sort of deal with them to call off the war. Bottom line is it better not to be on Rick Dyer’s Hate List. If befriending him means neutralizing a enemy or possible enemy, then so be it. This is how smart people walk, and you will figure out out sooner or later. The path of revenge is fraught with many landmines and a lot of folks discover this only too late. The interview took place last week on September 16, 2013. Some of the questions came from me, but I put out a call for questions to anyone, Dyer supporters, skeptics and haters in particular, to give me any questions they wanted me to ask Rick. About 5 I did leave in some questions that were very tough questions for Rick, although they were not particularly mean-spirited. 30 minutes before the show, I emailed Frank Cali a copy of the questions and he offered to read them to Rick. However, Rick said he wanted to do the interview blind, so that is how it went. It was brave of him to do this interview with all these questions from haters and particularly to dare to do so blind. But Rick Dyer is an intrepid fellow. I also posted the questions on my website in the comments section (which has become very lively these days) about 30 minutes before the show went on. The interview lasted somewhere around 1 hour. I received a lot of criticism for doing a softball interview, but those are the only kinds of interviews that I do. I have a BA in Journalism from California State University in Long Beach, where I wrote for papers and the magazine. I also worked as an editor of a magazine for a while after I graduated so I know this field well. Bottom line is that softball interviews are the only kind that work at all. I will not do hostile interviews because I figure the interviewee will simply shut down the interview and walk away or start firing back at me. Sometimes these are conducted with you and the interviewee alone somewhere, and if you anger them too much, things might get heated, they might start yelling at you, or perhaps things might escalate into physical violence. Even if it does not get that far, it’s an ugly scene with bad vibes all around. An interview is a partnership between the interviewer and the interviewee, two on a team working together. A hostile interview means the team has fallen apart into warring factions. Good luck with that interview. I believe in investigative reporting and I often critique all sorts of folks, sometimes in ferocious terms, in both private and public life, so softball interviewing does not preclude objectivity or the desire to get at the truth, which is hardly what journalism is about anymore anyway. In recent years, on TV especially, hostile gladiator interviews have become very popular among so-called journalists conducting a very sleazy type of sensationalist journalism. Bottom line is I think hostile interviewing borders on a violation of journalistic ethics. I would do a softball interview with Ted Bundy or the Devil himself. Bad guys will hang themselves with their words anyway, and a softball interview with a bad guy allows them to do just that. Detectives and especially anthropologists and linguists (I have worked as a linguist and an anthropologist) also need to have a good relationship with their informants or even suspects and arestees. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. I also believe that off the record  means off the record. In recent years, sleazoid journalists have published off the record comments just to get the scoop and win a ratings war. This is severe violation of journalistic ethics, one of the worst of all. Anyway, on to the video! [youtube=]

  1. What do you really think of Steve Kulls? Rick said that Kulls was a really nice guy to your face, but then he stabs you in the back. He then went on to describe a variety of things surrounding the 2008 hoax, which he implied Kulls was a part of. Rick said the one thing he regrets is that he did not tape-record Kulls’ phone conversations, implying that Kulls was in on the hoax with Rick.
  2. Why did you target the BF community in 2008? You came in with all guns firing and said you were going to take down a big-name BF researcher. What was driving you that you were so hostile to the community back then? Rick said the idea for the hoax came when he and a cop friend were hunting in the woods. They said, “Hey, let’s pretend we shot a Bigfoot.” And so the hoax was born. Neither of them believed in Bigfoot, and both thought that believers were morons. Later on at some point, the Bigfoot community turned on Rick, the cop and Biscardi, and all of them received a lot of abuse and threats. Rick said it was due to these effects that he and the others developed a lot of anger towards the community.
  3. Musky believes Bob H when Bob H says that Gimlin made up the walk and look of Patty. But if Hank, a real BF, had the same walk and look of Patty, then how could Gimlin have made up the walk and look of a real BF if he had never seen one? Rick said that I would have to ask Musky about this question.
  4. Since you say the movie is top-notch, can you post a trailer of it on your website? Most movies have trailers. How about a hand or a foot of Hank? Can you show us some proof that Hank is real? Can you commit to a date when you might post a preview or trailer of your movie? Rick refused to post a trailer of the movie, but he did not give much of a reason for doing so.
  5. Why does the Tent Video creature appear to be so different from the Shooting Bigfoot still? Rick said they were taken at different camera angles and at different times of the day with different cameras.
  6. Do you feel it was immoral to shoot a weapon in an area with a known significant human population of homeless? He was not worried morally about the possible dangerous implications to the people in the area by what he was going to do.
  7. Do you think it was moral to bait the BF when it is illegal to bait known game species? He had no moral problems with this, and anyway, a Bigfoot is not a known game species.
  8. Do you have the reefer truck paperwork and could you post it on your website? He does have the reefer truck paperwork, but he refuses to post it and the haters would subject the company to tremendous abuse and harassment and he does not want to subject them to that.
  9. What will happen if the DVD does not sell 100 copies? What are your plans for refunds? He will issue full refunds to everyone.
  10. Why are you not yet rich? If you are going to be famous from this shooting, why won’t your investor set you up now so you can pay them back later? He has actually already received $300,000 from his investors.
  11. Who do you trust? Anyone? Anyone in the BF community? He trusts no one, and especially no one in the Bigfoot community.
  12. You admit to lying in the past and even recently in the present. With this background, why can’t you give skeptics some understanding if they are wary of believing you? He doesn’t blame people for not believing him or for being skeptics. He said that if someone else was claiming to do what he had done, he would not believe them either. He implied that the skeptics were taking a perfectly rational position. He supports skeptics but he does not like haters.
  13. Are you really dedicated to the study of this creature or are you just in this for the money and fame/notoriety? Rick said he is now dedicated to the study of these amazing creatures.
  14. The reefer truck was not used to load the BF body. Another truck was used for that. Will both the reefer truck and the other truck be shown in the movie? There was only one truck, the reefer truck. That is the one you will see.
  15. Why won’t you put up a short trailer of the movie? You have nothing to lose. By not doing so, it looks like you have something to hide. One again, he said he would do so. He offered the extremely unlikely argument that putting up a trailer would harm sales, when clearly it would increase sales.
  16. About the scientists studying the body – do they have plans to release the data somehow, and if so, through which branch of the government will they do so? He really does not know much about the science team, and the federal government is not involved with them. The federal government only got involved a few times, once at the university where the woman congratulated him for killing the Bigfoot, and a couple of other times when federal law enforcement came to take samples of the body to make sure Rick did not kill a human being.
  17. Why did Derek Randles not go to see the BF body? Rick said that everyone who has seen the body has been subjected to incredible harassment by haters, and he did not want Derek, a family man, to suffer from such harassment.
  18. Is Bryan Sykes involved in the study of the Bigfoot in any way? Have samples of Hank been submitted to Sykes? Have the Hank scientists worked or communicated with the Sykes scientists in any way? If not, why not? Rick said he didn’t even know who Sykes was, which is shocking if it is true. However, some viewers said that Rick smirked when he said that, implying that maybe Rick really did know who Sykes was and he was lying.
  19. If you didn’t believe in BF all those years that you were hunting one, what were your investors investing in all those years? You always said they were investing in your effort to kill a BF? Rick basically said that although he did not believe in Bigfoot, the investors did. Rick certainly was not going to tell them that he did not believe in Bigfoot. Rick basically thought the investors and everyone else who believed in Bigfoot were idiots, and Rick was frankly more than happy to take their money. Nevertheless, Rick did genuinely search for the creature for a few years.
  20. You stated that the body is not preserved or embalmed. How then are you able to keep it in proper shape? It is indeed preserved. There are special ways of doing this, but he does not have the details on how the science guys were preserving the body.
  21. How did the body spend 45 days in a reefer truck without decomposing? Here Rick changed his story. Before he said that he had rented the reefer truck and kept the body in it for 45 days while the government was building a special facility for the body, now he said that he only had the body in the truck for 7 days. He also implied that he had lied previously about the government team having to build some makeshift area for the Bigfoot. “I know I said something dumb about them having to build a special facility to house the Bigfoot,” he said, implying that that part Rick had just made up.
  22. One of the haters wants to know when you will “put up or shut up” as they put it. That is, when you will provide with good solid evidence of this deed? Rick said that there will be a press conference in December after which the body would be revealed. Later on, someone asked if they would have to wait two years to sell the video on Ebay and make a big profit. Rick said, “Oh man, you won’t have to wait two years! You can sell it on December 16!” This statement implied that the December press conference would occur on December 15. However, the 15th is a Sunday, so the presser may really be on Monday the 16th.
  23. Why have none of the homeless who were there at the time come forward? Rick said that they paid all of them to move away, gave them rent money, bought them cars, etc. They are all on a monthly stipend on the grounds that if they talk about the Bigfoot shooting, their stipend ends. So that is why they have all kept quiet about the shooting.
  24. Why are you suing David Durrett? Rick stated that he was indeed suing David, and said there was some conflict about artwork that was driving this.
  25. Is it true that you had a stutter when young and if so, how did you get rid of it? Rick said that when he was 5 years old, his father threw him in a lake knowing full well that Rick could not swim. Rick implied that his father had basically tried to kill him. Others jumped in when Rick sank like a rock. They had a hard time finding him at first, but soon they did find him and brought him to shore. Rick said that he had nearly died at that time, and implied there might have been some brain damage from this near death experience. Ever since then, he had a stutter all through childhood, possibly from PTSD from the trauma of the incident or possibly from some brain damage due to the near drowning.
  26. Was your childhood happy or unhappy? What was your relationship like with other children in the school years? Rick said that his childhood was pretty much happy. In the early years when his stutter was bad, a lot of kids made fun of him, but at some point, the stutter got better and he went on to become popular in junior high and high school.
  27. How many TT members are there, gold and platinum? Rick said that there are 3,700 TT members and of those, 2,300 are paid. However, former TT sources told me that this is a lie and that the real number is more like 300 TT members in total.
  28. Did you put raw ribs up on the trees or did you cook them first? If you cooked them, can you show us the recipe? The ribs were put up raw. There is no recipe because he did not cook them. Instead he just heated them over a fire for about 20 seconds.
  29. Will you give us the month of the press release if not the actual date? From above we can see that the press conference is slated to occur on December 15 or possibly the 16th. I would add unless it is delayed, as Rick has already delayed release of this body several times now.
  30. Will we get to see Morgan Matthews in this video? Will we see him in the same scene as the dead BF or the trucks? Morgan is not in the DVD anywhere.
  31. If the body is going to be released anyway, then why bother trying to convince people you have a body and get mad at them when they don’t believe you? Why not wait until the body is revealed? He doesn’t blame people for not believing him and he says he would not believe himself either if he were someone else watching Rick Dyer. However, he does get mad at the haters.
  32. If you are going to be rich anyway, why bother to sell memberships? Well, he is not rich yet, and he needs some money to live on.
  33. Do you want to hunt and kill more BF’s besides Hank? Yes he does want to kill more Bigfoots and if he sees another Bigfoot and he has a gun with him, he will try to shoot it.
  34. If you shot and killed a BF in San Antonio, why has the federal government and any private entities that know of this not tried to send out parties to the area to capture a BF? Rick said that maybe these entities had actually conducted some sort of an investigation into the shooting. He doesn’t know if they have or have not. Perhaps they have.
  35. Did Frank Cali see the body the weekend before the expedition as he said he did? Yes he did.
  36. Did an attorney or paralegal prepare the NDA used before the Vegas expedition? No, Rick made them up himself, but he had an attorney look them over to make sure they were ok.
  37. Were the NDA’s notarized by those who signed them? The attorney said that they did not need to be notarized, but Rick thought they did, so Rick had them all notarized.
  38. Did DJ Bashers see the body? No he did not.
  39. Why did DJ Bashers say he saw the body as it left San Antonio? He never said he saw a body.
  40. Has the FBI made you aware that you were subject of any ongoing investigation? No, he is not aware of any investigations into any of these people.
  41. What happened to the following people from TT 2012: DJ Bashers, Mike Summer, Bigz Marlo, Chris Hampton, Kassy Miller, and Raymond Keys? Most of these people simply “didn’t have what it takes” to be a part of TT. Some of them had family, work and other obligations.
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351 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 21, 2013”

  1. You know if Dryer never shows up with a bigfoot it will completely ruin the belief in bigfoot for a long time. I used to believe in bigfoot but maybe there’s nothing to it. Just people having fun and joking with others. “Musky” Allens deal is to disprove bigfoot maybe he wants to make a point by pushing a big hoax to make that point. Maybe not. At this point I’ll believe it when I see it.

    1. To me Dyer’s timing on this deal is in line with Ketchum’s and Sykes work. If he can make $ by disproving, he will milk it as long as he can. If a groundbreaking discovery is made, he’ll be there to say I told you so. This is a win-win in bigfootery.

    2. I know they are real because some of my friends have seen them with their own two eyes. One guy, a university professor, saw them 7 times. I know a female university professor who saw one. I knew two RN’s who saw one. John Bindernagel, a wildlife biologist, saw one at the Kentucky site. And a Yale biologist saw them many times at the Kentucky site. I talked to my friends about this and asked them whether they could have been mistaken and they all started laughing at me. There was no way. They saw these things clear as air with thier own two eyes. That is enough for me.

      1. Hi Robert..
        Well, that’s been the *modus operandi* for a very long time.
        Read>>> *I know I guy who saw a BF*…blah blah.
        I know it’s very compelling to want to believe these fact>>They themselves believe it. Maybe they did see something.
        However….to date we have NOTHING…I repeat …NOTHING to confirm the existence of a BF. Tall tales..and testimony notwithstanding…we need a body or body parts, Nothing else will suffice.

        1. I agree it is not scientific proof of course, but it is enough for me personally. Plus all the Indians said they were real.
          I also know a guy who not only saw them but he has also seen the bones. He has figured out what the bones look like and he can now identify them. He found some bones in university and museum collections and at an archeological dig. They were all labeled “Indian.” The bones look more or less human but they are very large and he said there are some other telltale differences as well. Bottom line is we have had the bones of these things all along.
          I also think that the Patterson video is 100% probative to me. There is no possible way that could be faked. And one of my friends knew Gimlin and he said Gimlin is the most straight up guy you will ever meet. No way was he in on a hoax. He has had 45 years to come clean if he was lying and he has never done so. Patterson swore on his deathbed that they were real. Some other movies seem 100% real to me, especially the Freeman footage and the Memorial Day footage. The Memorial Day guy died recently too never recanting his story after 16 years. Also the Marble Mountain footage is very good. That guy died recently also never recanting his story after 20 years. He was a Christian youth group leader and was as straight up as they come.
          The footprints are also excellent evidence. No way on Earth they could possibly be faked.
          And the hairs (of which I have a few) are quite different from human hairs, remarkably so.
          Also I do not believe that Ketchum is hoaxing her findings. Richard Stubstad was with her most of the way and he said he said no way is that possible. She didn’t even believe in BF at the first and she almost gave up partway through except Richard stopped her.
          At this point, Occam’s Razor is that these flesh and blood creatures really do exist.

      2. Robert, I do appreciate your reporting on this topic. Your blog provides objective view points, and allows an opportunity to make comment. Thank you for that. I look forward to Ketchum’s and Sykes’ results providing some science to cool the fires some. Any of your contacts seen the Smithsonians’ vaults?

        1. Thank you very much. I do want an open forum here for Dyer believer and nonbelievers and really everyone else I suppose. Thing is, my Dyer posts are now banned from almost 100% of Bigfoot Facebook groups. There are few if any BF sites reporting on Dyer. All the groups and all the sites understandably hate the guy’s guts from here to Kingdom Come and they are sick and tired of hearing about him.
          However, this is the most important story in Bigfootery now IMHO. Even if it is a hoax, I think it is the greatest and most complex BF hoax of all time.
          My purpose is to provide a forum for Dyer skeptics and even haters (I assume they no longer have a forum either since all debate about him pro or con is generally banned) to come here and say their piece. The skeptics/haters have made many very interesting arguments and they present a strong case for their side. The skeptics are great for Rick because they are holding his feet to the fire by making strong demands of him to prove his case and this drives him to produce more and more evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and you are requiring just that of him.
          This is also a forum for Dyer believers. They can go at it with the skeptics/haters all they wish. This really is the only forum on the Net where both sides of the Dyer debate can go at each other with glee.
          Just keep me out of it and you will not get banned, real easy.
          Also some formerly banned skeptic/haters have been reinstated on the site.
          Science is a search for the truth and that is what this forum is all about ultimately.

        2. Robert blog is the ONLY place to discuss this and I thank him…
          This is becoming a great place for all believers and *haters* to discuss this topic.
          Thanks Robert

        3. No but I have a friend who works at the Smithsonian and I showed him that SBF clip. He said it’s not a mask, it’s not makeup and it is not a man in a suit. He said it could be CGI though. He is one of the guys who makes the displays for them.

        4. Thx Ron. That is why it is so important that people, especially the haters/skeptics follow the Comments Rules and not get banned. I do not want to ban the skeptics. I really want them to stick around so we can have a debate.
          If you read the Rules, it is obvious that as long you don’t attack me, you pretty much do what you want on here other than spam or outrageously troll the blog. No one on the BF threads is either spamming or trolling, so everything is cool.
          Sometimes if a poster is extremely annoying, posters will call for them to be banned. As long as the calls are heartfelt and not cynical, I will listen to those, and some do get banned based on that. But no one is calling for any bans on these threads, and that is nice. Reasons people want others banned is spamming, trolling and being really disruptive or provocative.

    1. mean the ploy to get this hater fired. Well, they’re pretty stupid because the *PLOT* is on tape now and this Bousher guy could use that to defend himself and even prosecute them.
      In any event, I agree…this rises to the same level as the *Baby BF hoax* where Dyer went to great lengths to pull real cheap shots at people. That one back fired, showing what a real PRICK he can be.

  2. Show me something. I know you’ve done you’re homework.. You know I’m a millionaire! Let’s see what you have Rick! Let’s make this simple. 10k for a picture of you putting “Hank” into the refer. No B.S. Don’t say “come and see the body”… My time is more important….this is a simple request. Your “Investors” let you release a movie so surely you can release a picture of you putting Hank into the refer truck. 10k Rick….real simple.

  3. I have the Loch Ness Monster. I just caught it. I have a video of it dead on the shore of the loch. I’m selling 100 videos of it for $129.00 I won’t ship one until they all sell! See….is this ridiculous? I’ve offered Rick Dyer a “Life Changing Amount” of money and I have yet to see a picture, video, nothing……why would this be?

    1. We know he has nothing,,,yet we’re transfixed on this hoax as it takes on new life. I feel compelled to CRUSH this SOB at every turn…but he’s a squirrely little bastard isn’t he? More to come folks.

      1. Its like watching a train heading into the station at high speed with no brakes.
        I watch the goings on, I will admit that. I even comment on them in a new blog I set up. Why? Well I cannot wait until the whole thing blows up in his face, that’s why.
        Its some sort of weird entertainment… lol

  4. I’ve contacted Dyer per his website. Ok Mr Dyer, you’ve done your homework! I’m wealthy, and willing to give you 10k…just to show one picture of you putting Hank on the refer truck! No B.S…let’s see it.

  5. So here we are people. I’m offering..on line to pay Rick Dyer $10,000,00 to put up some pictures of Rick loading Hank on the refer truck. So his “Investors” say it’s ok to release a video….wait….but only 100 of them…lol….Let me get this straight….we just shot “Bigfoot”….No….THE Bigfoot …..the most legendary being on the planet…but hold on…for only $129 I’ll show you a movie instead of showing you the most incredible discovery of all time! Then you can join my camping club for $100!!! Did I just tell you I shot Bigfoot??? No really… I have his body! Hey, wanna join my club where we go looking for bigfoots?

  6. Still nothing Mr Dyer? Strange…you have a bigfoot but don’t want Ten Thousand Dollars? I just want to see you putting “Hank” on the refer truck. I don’t want the refer trucks company name…you can blur that all out…or how about this…give us ONE piece of verifiable information…One….lol car wrap guy, musky allen…who the fu$& is musky allen? Investor? Look, I have a lot of money. If you came to me and said you shot Bigfoot, you (not I) would be famous INSTANTLY! I would parade you around in a Limo….but…nothing…why is this? Let me tell you why…because you Mr Dyer are a LIAR. You talk about “Haters” how many honorable people do you know that have “Haters”? Or have even heard of that term? Zero. You don’t have have intelligent, observant, realists who don’t buy your S$&(….

    1. You may have missed it. He was once offered around 50k + by an east coaster similarly and turned that down. It was to be held in escrow by a third party. Your ploy is creative and undeniable so I applaud it, but it has been done perhaps better. Rick eventually acknowledged it and declined because he said his investors have him set up so he doesn’t need it. Does make his 12 k for the DVDs ploy seem pretty ludicrous now though lol! You see, anything legit or traceable cannot be followed.
      Can anyone guess why?
      Rick some of us have been following close despite hating almost every minute of listening to you and your bullshit is all starting to smash together quite nicely as many of us expected. Hope I’m doing my part!
      Thank you Robert for the forum to expose this as best we can to those that will listen.
      Pinkfoot, please oh please open up what you know and set your soul free! Glad you’ve begun because it will force his hand! Welcome aboard!
      Rick, Christians don’t lie for personal gain & you are a farce that will need to answer to your maker someday. You are hurting people in the lords name. God bless you….

      1. That guy’s offer turned out to be bogus. The escrow agent didn’t know anything about the offer. I don’t think Pinkfoot knows much at this point really. She seemed to be trying to get back into TT only about a week ago.

        1. HaHa! That’s really funny Kevin! I have stated, I would not want back into TT even if RD had 10 BF bodies!! TT’s will say anything to discredit and belittle me. You are correct that I don’t know much, because there is nothing much to know! It’s like joining the Mickey Mouse Club! You either love and support the Mouse and his clubhouse of followers or you don’t! lol!!

      2. Ask RD to see the detached PINKY FINGER, Robert! I did. Many times. I even asked him to use it to give everyone “The FINGER” He said he would, but that never happened. Ask RD how many Hank replicas will be made, Robert. RD told me that he was getting one. Ask RD if the Tour will have the REAL Hank or the REPLICA Hank, Robert. When RD answers these questions, I will give up some more!

        1. Great points Pink! Why not show a PIC of that finger along with all the other photos he supposedly took with his cell phone prior to loading the truck?
          I always felt Dyer was having a *replica* made..but a replica it isn’’s the ONLY BF he has or anyone else has. I feel confident that’s what he has on the DVD and what you will see on the *your* as well.
          SO>>>we now have a day of reckoning in DEC because he has stated we will hear from the SCIENTISTS! Now that’s something you can’t fake..but he’s got that covered too. You won’t see any scientific presentation.

        2. Hey Jacki! Well of course, Rick has always implied that there is a REAL body, but most don’t know about the ‘REPLICAS’ that were described to me. I asked RD many questions about taxidermy and replication. I asked if the PINKY would get taxidermied back on for final display, I asked if the final body or replica bodies would be put in an upright standing pose, I asked if the face and missing teeth be repaired looking aggressive or frightening for the Tour. What would you all guess the answers would be to these questions if RD really had a trophy beast?

        3. Dyer hasn’t produced a SINGLE TANGIBLE thing (Body of HANK notwithstanding) that’s supposed to be part of his story. This new *DVD* is NOT..I repeat>>NOT<<>>DEREK RANDLES<<>>we won’t see anything tangible..including the *scientific evidence*.
          So let’s see what shenanigans he pulls then.

  7. All anyone has to do is google Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer. You will see his name attached to the word “scammer” in dozens of hits. If you have an account with any reputable background checker, you can enter that name and get the police report from Florida in which Ricky Dyer beat on his pregnant wife. The arresting officer’s report states that Rick told them “I didn’t hit her that hard.” The same report also lists severe facial bruising on Lily Dyer, with knuckle imprints.
    This is the guy that Chris Sands, Jason Sanner, and Melissa Harsh think is their hero.
    I agree with Robert that this is a big story, but I do not think that people are aware of the kind of person Mr. Dyer is.

    1. Correction>>
      “I feel confident that’s what he has on the DVD and what you will see on the *your* as well.”
      meant *TOUR*.

      1. Sorry..this post got all messed up >>>
        Here it is corrected:
        Dyer hasn’t produced a SINGLE TANGIBLE thing (Body of HANK notwithstanding) that’s supposed to be part of his story. This new *DVD* is NOT..I repeat>>NOT tangible evidence. The cut off finger…cell phone photos he took at the scene..REEFER TRUCK paperwork…these are all tangible things we can scrutinize. All Dyer has so far are blurry images and testimony of seeing a body from those close to him. Note how he did NOT invite a third party like Derek Randles to see the body. He indicated he would, but he never did. We know why. It will be interesting to see what he does come December when he promised the revealing of the body. I can assure you he has a plan and it won’t be a real BF along with scientific data.

  8. All that aside, however, the biggest problem I have with Hank (in the tent video) is that Hank looks like a Hollywood Bigfoot.
    Let’s start with the sunken eyes, which is what happens when you use facial prosthetics to enhance the forehead. You have to blend it in around the eyes, and, thusly, you build up around the eyes, leaving them sunken, which, for a primate, sucks. I am looking at Gorilla, chimp, and orang, and these primates all have their eyes well forward in their skulls, enough to use peripheral vision. In none of the reconstruction of primate skulls do any of the skulls have eyes sunken way back into their head like the alleged bigfoot “Hank” does. If it was a real prikmate, and not a mask, The eyes would have been set right in the head, to fill the sockets, and we would have seen an eyeball, and not a flicker in the shadow. Look at every hollywood bigfoot Every single one has a huge head with eyes sunken backk into the head.
    The high bald forehead going straight up. Nope. Thats just made that way to hide the human head inside. The Bigfoot I have seen did not have a high bald forehead. Quite the contrary. Their heads sloped backward from relatively close to the brow, to the peak in the back, as you see in the PGF. and with hair from the brows on up. Look at most every hollywood Bigfoot., and you will see a high High bald forehead, just like you see on Hank.
    To those of us who have seen Bigfoot, Hank is a good attempt at mimicing Hollywood’s version of sasquatch, but not the real thing.

    1. Thanks for the insights, makes a lot of sense. Can you tell us more about your BF encounter? Did your BF look much like Patty? I always wonder what eyewitnesses like you think of the Patterson footage. If the BF you saw looked and moved like Patty?

      1. I don’t know that bigfoot necessarily has one distinct appearance. Their have been several variations reported, so who knows until there are specimens. Some people claim that they can “mindspeak’, I will believe that when it is proven.

    1. Of course! He doesn’t own the body, and he’s not allowed to show photos, videos or any other evidence of Hank as per the investors! Makes perfect sense and it shows you why Rick can’t release this sort of solid evidence about the body.

  9. Disagree…he never shot the footage from his cell prior to the *so called* film crew arriving. That’s because there story is a lie. My take is that this DVD (should it be for real and they actually ship) is a staged scenario.
    As I sad before, his OWN footage take prior would have been great for comparison with DVD in details like REEFER truck..people present..appearance of the body.

    1. He has sold around 65 so far and will up the price to $199 next week.
      No DVDs will be shipped until all100 are sold. This appears to be *open ended*, that is, he didn’t set a date certain to reach the quota! Could take 6 months or longer, especially if he raises price to $199 next week.

  10. There are two people who know FOR A CERTAINTY whether or not this is a hoax…MUSKY and MM. MM seems to indicate it’s a hoax, albeit in a tacit way. Musky convinced me first..his interview with FBFB was very convincing indeed. However, the antics of Dyer and lack of evidence for over a YEAR has me now convinced he lied and is in this with Dyer.
    BTW..what type things is Musky saying? Is he out there still defending Dyer..shouting from the roof tops that there is indeed a BF and he saw it up close and personal?

    1. There is really only ONE person (besides RD) for certain who knows what happened on Sept 6 and who may have the only real footage of it all and that’s MM. A plan needs to implemented to contact MM for a truthful statement! Robert?!

      1. Pink, I always thought you were the square peg in the round whole on tt. I always felt you were as skeptical as me even back in February-May. Almost wasn’t surprised when you and David jumped off… Relieved to see you are becoming so vocal here recently. What changed? Is he still trying to intimidate you personally?

      2. Think about it…
        If there was a BF there, MM would undoubtedly have footage. That’s a NO BRAINER. He would have subsequently filmed the dead body even though he was injured by a collision with *something* that ran into him. I would think he would have hung around to film the recovery of the body and loading into the truck as well. And THAT footage would be in HD and considerable.
        So it begs the question…what happened to the footage he took and why would he sit on it all this time? Why did he merely show a fleeting blurry image when he could have put block buster footage in this movie? Don’t ell me he’s waiting to put this footage in a sequel. That’s ludicrous!

      3. I have become more vocal because RL and I have recently shared and compared our personal experiences and knowledge of this most bizarre BF story! RL & I don’t agree on many levels, but do agree that the truth is still to be uncovered. Morgan Matthews, please contact Robert Lindsay!!! Only you can set us free!

  11. Yeh..Dyer gave the impression that he was *allocated* 100 from another source. Why *only* 100 is a mystery to me. Of course that’s HIS story.

  12. Dyer has admitted recently that he IS IN POSSESSION OF THE PAPERWORK! He said so on his radio show. He just refuses to release it to give *HATERS* the satisfaction.

  13. if I recall RD’s story correctly, 208 plz correct me if I get this wrong, the reefer truck was originally put on a Minnow expense credit card and during the trip the trucks electronic cooling system shut off due to the daily rental charges exceeding the limit on card. Rick then had to scramble to put the rented truck on one of his cards to get the body chillin again for the duration of trip.

    1. Ok..still, Dyer says he has reefer truck paper work and stated that. I know because I was the one who asked the question on his radio show. That was a mistake because he *should* have said he doesn’t have and the *investors* did. Now he’s boxed in with having them. Most people fail to realize how crucial this paperwork is to Dyer’s story. Short of producins a body, this paperwork is the next best thing and he can’t deliver. DVD showing a truck won’t cut it.

  14. It wouldn’t surprise me if Dyer is hoping to collect enough money on DVD sales to then create a CRAPtaculer “Alien Autopsy” kind of DVD. In other words, all he has now is a blank DVD jacket he’s always waving around.
    Then again, this POS will probably just take the money and run!

    1. not a bad point…
      But it’s not about an autopsy…he intends to sell the 100 THEN make the DVD with the proceeds. Never thought of that angle.

      1. Yeah, I didn’t mean it would be an autopsy film, only that he would try to make it look “legit” like the scammers did with the Alien Autopsy film.

  15. Robert,
    I am curious why you have stated several times that this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated? RD’s story has changed more times than I can count on my hands and feet. The two images that have ever been shown are extremely low quality. You can try and look for redeeming qualities in those pictures, but ultimately they are blurry, low res and, at best, inconclusive. On the flip-side, Dyer has yet to keep a single promise and instead continues to delay in an attempt to squeeze out any additional money he can (dvd, expeditions, etc.) That is fairly standard game for a hoaxer.
    Now what you do have is a community that has several people so eager to believe in BF they will buy into just about anyone who offers up a story. A great hoax this does not make. My opinion is that this was/is a rather rudimentary hoax. His only smart move was the decision to execute on the bf community who tend to be more gullible than most.
    Can you explain why you think this was a brilliant hoax? It has certainly gone on for quite a while. I will give you that. However, that says more about the people being hoaxed than about Dyer himself.
    Look forward to your response. Anyone else can chime in as well.

    1. Great hoax. The Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot stills are two of the greatest BF photos/videos of all time! Morgan Matthews has still not said this is a hoax. Several people claim to have seen the body and one provided an extremely detailed 2 hour interview of it. There is a full length feature film that captures this hoax without even showing it is a hoax. Director was badly beat up in filming.
      Worst of all, the skeptics have been trying their dardest to prove this is a hoax for a very long time, and they have not been able to do so!
      Now all that is if it is even a hoax, which is not proven at all.

      1. Most hoaxes get busted very quickly. Furthermore, people in on the hoax usually come forward. In fact, most hoaxes are done by only one person because it is so hard to get multiple people together to do a hoax. Anyway, even with one person hoaxes, the hoaxer usually admits it after not too long. This hoax has quite a few people involved so that makes it amazing right there. And none of these people have come forward yet and busted it to make it a hoax. If this is a hoax, it is amazing that this large multiperson hoax has gone on this long and no one has been able to bust it yet.
        Look at FB/FB’s breakdown of the Tent Video to see why it is #3 Bigfoot video of all time. That is an anatomically correct Bigfoot. No hoaxer has ever made an anatomically correct BF because it cannot be done since the proportions of humans and BF’s are different. Further, there are features in that BF that no hoaxer even attempts to replicate, much less successfully does so. I will not say what those are, but FB/FB discusses things like that in their breakdown. I do not discuss it because we need to hold a few cards to our chest about what these things really look like to keep the hoaxers from getting better. This way we can still differentiate real BF’s from hoaxes.
        Furthermore, it can’t be a suit because MK Davis shows the Bigfoot blink very rapidly with both eyes at one point. There is no mask that will allow you to blink and see your facial muscles scrunching up and down. Also I believe there 4-5 different muscle groups moving in that video.
        The SBF still is great. My source at the Smithsonian said it’s not a mask, it’s not a suit and it’s not makeup. He said it could be CGI though. But there is no CGI in the movie.
        My original source said Morgan was badly beat up by the BF. Also there is footage of his bruised face in the movie, and people who saw it saw that footage. Morgan also said he was badly beat up in the filming of the movie.

  16. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts predicting what will happen come Dec 16th when the great day of Hank arrives!
    Me, I still believe this DVD is his last push for the cash. Nothing else is working for him. His expeditions are complete failures (does he even talk about Oct’s expedition anymore?). He’s lying about doing a series with A&E and he’s lying about the DVD.
    I just don’t believe he has anymore cards to play. I still think Rick is going to milk the DVD sales as long as he can ( hell, he’s been doing a show practically every night! I guess A&E isn’t working him too hard, huh?). Then, before Dec 16th comes along, Dyer will be gone! Going south to live in Mexico with Lilly’s family.
    Just my prediction. What do YOU think?

    1. Dyer isn’t going anywhere…he thrives on the spotlight. Ask PINKFOOT. He will play this out and string it along as required. He’s a master at doing this.
      He has now set up a new playing field with the DVD and the revelation of the body along with the tour. I think he has a replica body now (Jackie…that doesn’t mean it’s a replica of a REAL BF..OK?) to show all the believers. This is a slam dunk, since there is no BF standard to compare.
      The only fly in the ointment now are the scientists who are supposed to verify this. Trust me…he’ll squirm his way out of producing scientific verification.

    2. There’s a slight chance that Dyer will try to take a fake body around to gun shows and flea markets. He will say that he’s tired of waiting for the scientists and just told them he was taking the thing while they finish all their analyses, promising to bring it back when they were ready for the press conference.
      But that would take a lot of planning and initiative. Now, he did come up with the tent video, and some kind of scheme with Matthews, whether before or after the fact. So he could do it. But planning such a tour is way beyond him and his henchmen. Unless he goes to a gun show promoter and manages to become part of an existing traveling show.
      I think it’s all in his head, and he’ll just keep delaying. Remember that we can’t believe ANYthing he says…60 DVDs sold, his wife’s family is in Mexico, he has an A&E show, any of it. Think of everything you think is true and see if it only traces to Dyer. Then go: aaaahhhhh…..

  17. Hey y’all,
    I just have to come out in support of my Team(ster) member Ricky. I have seen the body. It is in fact right here beside me. I talk to him. We play Han and Chewie when nobody is around. Who is Hank? The investors are arguing over calling it Elvis or Jimi. The fat fried peanut putter and banana sandwich eating bastard and the tripped out darkie with a guitar can’t seem to make up their minds.
    We may just scrap plans for a tour and have a Carmen Sandiago-esque search for us. Anywhoo, I will keep you posted. Mata Hari has all the details…

  18. Just for $hits and giggles, lets go over again the event that BOTH the Movie and DVD uses in the title, the shooting. 1. RD sets up camp in a privately owned urban property inhabited by numerous homeless people and sets a bait trap for BF with ribs and arms himself with a borrowed firearm. 2. Not only does BF hit the bait station once, but returns again later that evening. 3. In less than ideal conditions, RD and camera crew rigged with enough light to shoot a movie scene emerge from tents. 4. 2 or 3 shots ( depending on which of the 75 or so versions you settle on ) are fired from a high powered game rifle, each shot hitting the target. 5. Even a year later there is no record of local Police or Wildlife addressing gun fire at night. In a court of law, a judge would charge a jury by stating if you can’t believe either the prosecution or defense’s story, the defendant is innocent. But if the defendant can’t be believed he is guilty ( of shooting a movie, props and all ). Did I miss something here?

  19. Rick is in a very depressed mood tonight. I get the feeling that there has been an “uprising” with Team Tracker. Maybe some are finally starting to ask questions. Rick is going on and on about how much he “loves his team”‘ and how he is going to make sure they all reap the rewards that are coming. He says that he’ll soon be rich and he will share the wealth with his loyal followers.
    Rick just said, Dec 10th is the release date for the DVD’s even if 100 are not sold. Frank just added that if you buy the DVD you are personally invited to Hank’s party in Vegas in Dec.

    1. Rob, I think you’re right about POS being somewhat depressed on last night’s video. Could he have been anymore somber? LOL.
      Anyway, I received a PM from one of his TT members who I had been corresponding privately with. I’m sure he PM’d me by mistake but he said that he was really tired of Frank Cali’s bullshit.

    1. Flea markets?!?! No crowd is more frugal than flea market shoppers. Maybe he is becoming a researcher, it’s not about the $ anymore OR it’s a hoax ( didn’t someone say that already? ).

      1. Woodchucker, flea markets are PERFECT venues for the scam that POS is trying to pull. Sadly, many people at flea markets are in the poorer tax brackets and more gullible members of society. This is EXACTLY the places and venues that POS would like to haul his convoy into, in order to make some fast and easy money.

  20. Rick just promised that Derek Randles will see the body in the first week of Dec., and that Hank will be shown via the media Dec 15th.
    For the viewing the body, price: $10 for adults and $5 for children.
    I can’t believe I’m still listening…I can’t take it anymore!!!

    1. Ok, it’s still about the $ then. $10 for adults and $5 for kids is like charging to attend a family wake. The Brady Bunch ( with Alice too ) would be $60!!!!!

  21. He’s hinting that he needs donations because he and his team will be picking the body up in late Nov or early Dec and they need to have the trailer ready and need to provide other “expensive” necessities before they can pick up the body.
    Just mentioned Eureka and Sacramento as places that are ‘a go’ for the tour.
    He promises they will make $100,000 a month showing Hank.
    These poor dupes called “Team Tracker.” They’re eating this BS right up! They’re like kids waiting for X-mas. You can hear it in their voices…they’re giddy! It almost makes me feel sad for these fools.

  22. Well…It’s like so many of us have said from day 1, POS has nothing real but will display some form of simulated BF body on display at some Las Vegas casino. The investor is probably one of the big casino owners in vegas who is paying the bill for this elaborate unveiling event at his casino. We have said this from way back before any known connection with Vegas….low and behold, it seems to be panning out. I have also thought and said that the only way POS has a real BF is if he somehow acquired Smeja’s BF body and created this wild tale as way to get the authorities off of Smeja’s trail and enable the BF Body to be presented. At this point, I Don’t think that is what is going on. The main point is that there is no F’ing way POS has a BF body!! No way he could have encountered one and killed him as described.

  23. POS is always saying, “use common sense people”, it’s one of his latest favourite sayings and ESPECIALLY when he’s trying to debunk other B/F video evidence. He has good common sense actually and is preying on those who don’t. He is constantly playing both sides against the middle within the B/F community with his half truths and slick schtick.
    But, he expects his listeners to believe that he shot and killed a bigfoot under the most DUBIOUS of circumstances, has to release the info bit by bit through personal DVD sales and is planning on hauling the carcass around the country in the back of a trailer. Is THIS how such a major scientific discovery of the century would be playing out in the real world? It’s another Minnesota Iceman scenario and whether or not any of you believe that the M/I was a real saquatch or not, is irrelevant. It’s a circus act, a money making scheme and a way for him to become even more infamous.
    Now he’s going to have the organs displayed in jars in the trailer AND the media won’t have access to filming or examining those organs.
    The ‘scientist’ video will be his next trick, the one with the alleged people with the proper credentials talking about their alleged ‘findings’. RIDICULOUS!
    I watch all his shows and what for….to see exactly what he’s saying and doing. To catch him in lies and double talk. I watch them to know the enemy well and understand what he’s thinking.
    I will never understand how he’s managed to fool the people he has and ones that shouldn’t be so prone to being fooled.
    Cindy (Pinkfoot), I’ve replied to your comments a few times here, you haven’t responded back. I spoke with you a couple of times on POS’s shows and you were so adamantly defending POS and his claims. What has changed since then and do you still believe that he really did shoot and kill a B/F? On a few recent shows, POS claimed or suggested that you were trying to get back into the TT group…is this true or not?

    1. AL, sorry if I missed your previous questions. I am new to this blog and don’t navigate well yet. It is 100% true that I defended Rick and Ricks story for months. Lies, pranks, and hating is why I left. I could no longer support a team that revolves around negative and criminal type behavior. I have not asked to return to TT. I am both happy and relieved to be gone and would not ever want to be part of that mess again! Don’t believe anything you hear from them, especially when they are speaking of x-members. Rick has referred to me as being WORSE than a HATER, and he is probably correct!

      1. Thank you Cindy for this response and for clarifying that you WEREN’T trying to get back into TT and Dyer’s fold. He has made several allegations that you WERE trying to crawl back and gain access again.
        I don’t believe ANYTHING I hear from that ‘camp’. and that is why I asked your directly where you stood.
        Thanks, and be glad you’re out of that nefarious and unscrupulous team!

      2. AL, all I can say for sure is that I never saw any proof or evidence that Rick has a BF body. I have always questioned the authenticity of the Tent video, believing it could be cgi & makeup, but also believing it possible that MM filmed a real creature on Sept 6. IMO, MM is the only one with professional integrity and can explain what really happened in San Antonio.

        1. Thank you again, I respect your honesty BUT, don’t hold your breath waiting for any clarification from MM. He’s been deadpan silent and cryptic about the whole story since it broke and even after his film was released. He’s also a skeptic and mostly a non believer in the existence of sasquatch, he’s admitted as much himself.

      1. RL, its true the organs will be bottled because … who said it to be so? RD, Frank, TT, Noel, FBFB?? PLEASE!!! Tell us why you believe such nonsense? The only way this ginormous body would be intact to travel to fleas & side shows is to be pickled? LOL!

        1. If this story were true, the *INVESTORS*/ OWNERS would never allow this *ONE AND ONLY* specimen to be schlepped across the country like this. Too many risks involved along with the preservation factor. Should this tour take place at all, Dyer will have a fake body on tap, since there>>IS NO BF body.

        2. EXACTLY AL! If RD really had a BF body (the most incredible discovery of our life time), and if RD really had legitimate Investors, this beast and it’s introduction to the WORLD would deserve no less than the most grand royal red carpet tenor! No fleas, not in a horse trailer, not in a wooded coffin w feely holes and not in jars!!

  24. One clarification about Musky. He still very much stands behind his story. He just does it in private now because he knows it is pointless to do it in the public forums. About two weeks ago, someone created a fake Musky posting saying he lied about this entire thing. Musky then posted in the FB group “I Shot BF” that it was a fake and he still stand behind his story and Rick 100%.

    1. Brad,
      Whatever Musky has said or done, past or present… still doesn’t prove that he’s not just a RD supporter, backer or lackey. He might even be one of the alleged ‘investors’ that POS is always talking about. You have to remember that Musky is a nobody in the bigfoot community. All that is known about him is that he ‘WAS’ a huge skeptic and trolled the bigfoot blogs and pages commenting about and denouncing the creature’s existence.

      1. Al
        I was simply responding to the post above asking about Musky. But this is a good example of why he no longer talks about this story publicly. It is pointless for him to do so.

        1. No Brad, that is NOT the reason. That is the reason POS has given and brainwashed his listeners with.
          Why would a boisterous, vocal and outspoken skeptic like Musky stop defending his beliefs now that he’s ‘supposedly seen the bigfoot body? He never shut up before he ‘believed’ and was a thorn in everyone’s backside, but now, he’s decided to be a pacifist? UNLIKELY.

      1. Yes…but the reason I posted it was because the person claims Dyer was there around the time of the auction…why go there if he already had the ‘real’ thing & also since he is going to do the traveling ‘sideshow’ thing,he may have just been interested in picking up pointers and and learn errors made by the ‘iceman’ tour.
        PS: Thank you for posting the museum video..I hadn’t seen that yet

  25. AND, another thing he mentioned on last night’s show was that the gloves that would allow people to touch and feel the bigfoot body through it’s glass case on tour, MIGHT NOT BE there anymore. DIRECT QUOTE; “That was on the OLD case, we don’t know if we’re going to do it on the new case” ~ POS

  26. There is also two scenarios that might play out with the selling of the ‘After the Shot’ DVD. As has been suggested and discussed already, POS might not ever tell anyone that he’s reached his goal of selling 100 discs in order to delay further and therefore he’ll never have to ship or release the DVDS. In the same way, he could sell 1000 + copies and STILL never actually divulge how many he sold, all the while, making fist fulls of cash on the movie.

    1. Every which way you turn or look at it, he’s thought things out very well and will screw those who are investing in this farce. He’s got the suckers over a barrel and so many just don’t realize all the different ways he can do this…..
      This is why I always tell people to stick to their principles and NOT give him one thin dime for any of this!

    2. At last count, he says that he has reached 60. It seems to have come to a halt there. If this is true and he has actually sold only 60, then its a good indication that there is little or no interest in him, his Bigfoot hoax or his sickening claims to be the best Bigfoot tracker in the world.
      What a joke.

      1. True Martyrogershall, but like I mentioned and from what we know about POS, he LIES. We have no way of knowing whether he’s sold 60 or 600. Either way, he could be keeping the the true number of sales from everyone and so he can claim he never sold the original 100 needed to ship them.

        1. Al, none of these people are saying these are facts. They are saying things like “Dyer said this”, “Dyer said that”.
          We know he is a POS. Notice he says “he says” and “if this is true”. Notice the “What a joke” line.
          We are all on your team bro.

  27. One last posting from me for the day….
    Consider people like TimbergiantBigfoot and Saquatch Ontario, from northern Ontario, Canada. These two guys have gotten a PLETHORA of flack, abuse and criticism over their recent video evidence. YET, neither of them have monetized their videos OR are looking to cash in on their findings at the expense of others. The ONLY person in the fringes of the bigfoot community right now, trying to make oodles of money and ADMITTEDLY, is POS (RD). Yeah, yeah, but they haven’t shot and killed a bigfoot….pfffff.
    I truly don’t know what to think about SO or TGB and their recent discoveries and I’m not fully convinced that they are entirely legit, BUT and again, they aren’t attempting to take advantage of the viewers they have attracted. They haven’t turned their channels and findings into a circus side show like POS…
    Legitimate researchers aren’t looking for fame, fortune, notoriety and they DON”T mention their names in 3rd person, over and OVER again in their videos!

  28. I really don’t believe there will be a tour with a fake body. Dyer has no money. He even admitted that last night. A tour, fake body, trailer, motorhome, permits, etc…would all cost a lot of money, and anybody who watches his “now” nightly show can see that Rick does not have the money to pull off this Hank “dog & pony” show.
    Like I said before, Rick is losing support by the bucket load. All of his unfulfilled promises are stacking up. What’s going to happen when Dec 15th rolls around and there is no “grand” media showcase? No scientist coming out to confirm? No big Vegas party? No Derek Randles to validate a body? And NOTHING but crap on a DVD (if anything at all)?
    How does Dyer survive all this and head out on tour? He can’t. His funds have already dried up. After Dec…it will only get worse.
    This hoax is dying fast. Look for Dyer to take what he can get from the DVD’s and split!

    1. Not to mention his exposure to a major lawsuit following the antics of him and his team in trying to slander a “hater” out of his job recently, as they stupidly boasted about on a YouTube show that I’m certain has been downloaded for the ages.
      Things are getting a little dicey right now for both Dyer and his followers…they have to be pretty careful now that attorneys (and who knows who else) are being fed their posts and programs. Dragging his people through the courts may be Dyer’s own special version of the Kool-Aid murder-suicide.

      1. Martin, it seems very apparent at this point that POS has dotted all his ‘i’s and crossed all ‘T’s’. He’s not as stupid as we would like to believe. After all that has transpired by now, he should have been charged with some kind of fraud. I would have thought he dug his grave when he impersonated Steve Kulls and calling into the airline to confirm the real Steve Kull’s flight schedule to Los Angeles, over the baby bigfoot claim!

        1. Criminal investigations can take some time, but that aside, the libeling of the “hater” to get him fired subjects those who were involved to civil lawsuits. That was very recent, within the past few weeks.

    2. “Dyer has no money. He even admitted that last night.” ~ (Rob)
      Not exactly, he mentioned that “he’s not rich”. However and obviously, he’s got to have some substantial funds from somewhere to do even half of what he has so far. There could very well be investors, we just don’t know. I can envision that there IS some investors who might even be in on the hoax and/or don’t care if this IS a hoax. Any investors might only be interested in whether or not POS can make any money from this and then subsequently paid their wallets. But on the other hand, they could be oblivious to the charade too.
      I believe that POS is stating a lot of facts, facts that are half truths and he can’t just keep pushing it all under the carpet forever. It’s already been over a year since the alleged, ‘shooting’. I further believe that there has to be an end goal, probably some type of body/prop to be displayed and that some of his malarkey is based on half truths, AGAIN.

  29. Robert,
    What is an anatomically correct BF? Given that one has never been caught and studied, and given that their existence is still questionable, I don’t understand that statement.

    1. For one thing, Patty is an anatomically correct. BF. In addition to that, we have quite a few photos and videos of what we are pretty sure are real BF’s. These photos and videos, shockingly, show certain features on a very regular basis. Via measurements and analyses of these shots, we have drawn up a theory of what these things look like and they precise ways in which they differ from humans.
      It doesn’t make sense that hoaxers would have all gotten together and shared this sort of precise knowledge.
      FB/FB goes over some of these telltale features in some of their videos. In many cases, the hoaxers do not even try to replicate these features. Sometimes they do, but they always get it wrong because the proportions of human and BF bodies differ so much that whenever you put a man into a BF suit, it will never look right.

      1. I understand what you are trying to get across, but you speak as though its all factual. To date, none of it is factual. It is very fair to assume that most hoaxers, even the “good” ones, have seen the PG film and use that as guidance. That is the most widely accepted evidence that BF could possibly exist. So I don’t feel hoaxers will have needed to get together and share precise knowledge. They simply needed to watch the PG film.
        Nonetheless, it is all speculation. There is no definitive proof at this point that the PG film is real, or any other video/photo. They all are questionable quality designed to make it difficult to make a firm statement one way or the other. Until one is caught and studied, which has not happened in decades although many people try on a daily basis, this should be looked at with a skeptics eye.
        I would be interested in hearing which others you think are legit. Can you post a small list?

      2. Sorry Robert, but you can’t claim that Patty is an anatomically correct BF, since BF has still to be proven to exist. What reference are you using to show Patty is an anatomically correct BF?

  30. Robert and all,
    I have found the segment where POS mentions displaying the organs in jars. He doesn’t actually say that the news media won’t be able to view those, but he alludes to that by saying that, “y’all will be able to see that but it will not be on the news”….
    No surprise, but last night’s broadcast isn’t available anymore….However, onto the audio clip….
    upload files online
    If that doesn’t work, just cut and past this link into your browser:

  31. Couple thoughts..
    .Dyer invited a REPORTER to see the body along with some TT members (Frank Cali for sure) several months ago. This *reporter* apparently signed an NDA which, I presume, which would only allow him publish his story at some point in time. Now…the body will be released in Dec. So…what’s the point of having this reporter tell his story (about seeing the body) AFTER THE RELEASE? It’s rather moot at that point isn’t it? So Mr Dyer>>>When will this reporter tell his story?
    Second, Dyer seems to be waffling on the *organs in the jar* thing. That calls into question the *scientific* aspect of the release. He has stated that scientists will be present at the release with their take. This a biggie folks…it’s the cornerstone of his entire claim. Watch what he does to skirt this issue..should be interesting!
    Along that line of thought….what is it about this BF that required the scientists to remain silent all this time? This isn’t an alien body being stored in area 51 which was never intended for public consumption. According to Dyer, we know the body is going to be released (not really, but for arguments sake), so WHY does everyone have to be hush hush? Why do the scientists and academia have to keep their mouths shut? What *harm* can be done by stating they are examining a creature unknown to man? This makes ZERO sense and is ludicrous! At least SOMEONE in the academic community could have made a statement without revealing any details. The complete absence of any *chatter* in the academic community for >>AN ENTIRE YEAR is simply incredible to me, and I’m not even talking about ALL THE OTHERS involved!

    1. I completely agree with your statements and observations, Ron. Even though we don’t completely see eye to eye and I feel that you’re a hard core skeptic at heart. Everything you stated is based on astute and a ‘common sense’ approach…There’s that phase again! lol

      1. Thanks AL…
        I really thought this story would die after Dyer pulled his last head fake with the Aug delay on the release. That *should* have put the nail in the coffin..but we now see how resilient he is with this new DVD shtick and his new promise of release on Dec. I’m hooked…LOL. We know he’ll come up with something and it appears to me he’s looking at having a *DOG AND PONY SHOW* tour with some type of mock up of a BF. The one caveat here is getting the SCIENTIFIC substantiation required to make this legitimate. Having said that, it’s entirely possible that he’ll carry on with the tour *sans* the scientific evidence!

        1. Isn’t part of the issue that Dyer and his friends read these blogs? You have people like you who tear holes in Dyer’s story on a weekly basis, rightfully so. But then he knows to come up with a response or new twist to counter what they skeptics say on blogs like this. That is why I don’t see why people think this is a brilliant hoax. You have several people who believe, because they are gullible and want to believe in BF. And then you have the “haters” who consistently poke holes in Dyer’s story, but he uses them as a cue for where the story needs to go next. All the while delaying and trying to exploit more money. Whether or not other people are spearheading this, or just promised part of the funds that come in, or just blind believers is not really relevant. This is all hoaxing 101. It is not brilliant in any way, shape or form. If BF followers were not so gullible and if the haters could just let it go and stop giving Dyer his next move, this would all go away in a New York minute. That’s how I feel about it anyway.
          It is entertaining though, that’s for sure.

  32. Well, you’re here right? If we ignored Dyer, then you wouldn’t be *entertained* would you? LOL. BTW, Dyer would carry on even without us haters, although he himself has stated he loves having us and for good reason as you point out. No way I’m going to ignore this guy. I think for me it will come to and end in Dec. If he carries on with his *tour* it will be a *Dog and Pony Show* and I have no interest in following that at all.

    1. Like I said, its entertaining. Though I do not post on anything specific to Dyer. I actually think this is a poorly done hoax and do not feel it is worth arguing over. It’s just interesting to watch it unfold and I am curious to see how all these steadfast believers will back-pedal when Dyer does ultimately run out of steam. I tend to disagree about Dyer carrying on, at least full throttle, if you guys weren’t here pointing out all the discrepancies and giving him ammunition. I used to follow that Racer X blog. Once that blog stopped and before things picked up over here It was pretty quiet for Dyer. Seemed like he was scrambling and unsure what to do next.
      Anyway, I wasn’t suggesting you should ignore him, or stop posting. Just pointing out that Dyer is not as bright as Robert gives him credit for. He just takes his cues from the people who point out the flaws in his story over and over again. It is very basic stuff.

    1. For anyone to sit back and allow him to have so many people by the balls (no offense) shows one of two things:
      1: They are all sick bastards and all deserve to rot in hell. Most importantly MM would be lumped here as Dyer would be no surprise.
      2: Someone/Something else has them by the balls.
      Me personally? No lawsuit could ever hold me back from releasing the truth if I had the knowledge. However, MONEY TALKS!! (Or doesn’t in this case)!

    2. Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Hoaxing is not difficult. There are three very simple ways to have people believe your hoax. The first is you force yourself on people who are less fortunate and convince them that they will share in your glory. They will believe anything you say in hopes that they will make a score. The second is people who just are not very intelligent. Stupid people are very impressionable and easily “brainwashed.” It does not mean the hoaxer has to be all that bright. It just means he has an idea, some perseverance and an audience that is dense. Easily accomplished given the subject of this hoax. Lastly, and most prominent, you pick a subject that people are passionate about. People who truly believe in BF are often fanatical and obsessive about it. There is no easier target. The hoaxer is on their side and has claimed to find the holy grail. They want so badly for it to be true that common sense goes directly out the window. This is often a tactic used in politics, religion, etc. I assume this is the group you fall into, PF. You stated earlier that you were an avid supporter of Dyer despite him not showing you even one piece of actual evidence.
      Dyer might very well be an evil guy capable of some very shady things. That does not make him intelligent. It just makes him an asshole. And his supporters all fall into one, or more, of the above categories. Team tracker seems to demonstrate all three traits.

      1. Great analogy Curious! I agree whole heartedly with your post. I admit that I was RD’s biggest supporter!! 110% don’t mess w RD! 110% don’t mess with RD’s story or his team or Pink would fillet and ban you forever! I was determined, more than any other, to learn the truth of this BF story and did what I needed to do!

        1. Dyer is street smart..without question. He really showcased how effective he can be in the *drama dept* (read>>LIAR) with his recent *Baby BF mini hoax*. Anyone who witnessed this unfold and saw his narrative of the story and the subsequent chicanery with Kulls and Dobbs, would be amazed at how good he can be at tomfoolery.
          But the devil is in the details and anyone with a brain could easily see contradictions with just modest scrutiny of his stories.
          A concept that eludes Mr Dyer so far…

      1. Great move..he also accused you of drinking and that was the reason for your bold move tonight.
        Hey you recall the *INFORZER*?

        1. PINK….
          I’m INFORZER. I turned on Dyer in early summer when it became obvious he was lying. I played along for a while on the radio blog to see it I could get more info. I have taken a different identity since.

        2. Not drinking and not bold. I pop into RDs chat occasionally to stir the pot and ask questions. If you were there, Ron, then you know he kicked me as soon as he read my questions about the replicas. Belittling about drinking wine, so the other TT members wont take me seriously.

        3. I was there the other night and in fact I posted a *kudos to you* here in another post. He accused you of being

  33. So now there’s an Alien, er…Bigfoot Autopsy DVD? Didn’t that idea originate here in these comments? Yet another example of Dyer turning stuff he reads into the next big thing (remember the after-the-shot video that Robert wrote about two days before Dyer started selling DVDs of it?).
    And 12/17 to release the body? That’s about as late as he can get in 2013 without having to say the body’s coming out in 2014. I don’t care who you are, you are never going to release big news just before the last two weeks of December. People are simply preoccupied. Some day smack in the middle of December is probably the very last date you’d choose for this event on the entire calendar…unless you’re trying to milk 2013 for all it’s worth.

    1. Right. If you come out with a body and scientific verification on December 24th the world will never learn about it.

    2. Martin, you just gave Dyer his next move. Now he has an excuse to delay yet again. At some point in the distant future I would fully expect a video saying that the investors decided against mid December because of the holiday season, yadda, yadda. We will now wait till March until everyone has settled down from the New Year.
      I’d put good money on that….

      1. Release date is of no consequence . If dyer has scientific backing nothing else matters. He doesn’t have it. So…he will waffle around that issue for those that want to believe.

        1. Ron, I believe this is undoubtedly a hoax. The idea of scientific backing, etc, has no reason to be discussed. If you are under the assumption this is a hoax, then the release date is the only thing that should matter. The only thing left here, in my opinion at least, is to see the hoax end. By giving Dyer yet another “valid” reason to delay the release date, the hoax will likely be extended by several months. Do you see my point? I am already operating under the notion that this is a hoax. The scientific research, the tour, the dvd, etc, those are the smoke reasons and those are the things that do not matter. The end of this hoax, which we would have imagined/hoped was December, is the only piece left of this long, drawn out puzzle. Now that Dyer has another excuse to delay the hoax will be drawn out further. He may very well have offered up another excuse to delay regardless of Martin’s comments. But Martin’s rationale was sound and actually makes for a legitimate excuse that Dyer would have likely been to stupid to think of.

  34. This is indeed a hoax..but in order for us to accomplish a coup de tat he has to admit defeat. Something he will never do. At some point we will have to let this go and let him do his thing. That will be Dec this year for me. To prolong this beyond that point is well..*pointless*

    1. Agreed. That is what I stated earlier on in the day. If people stop discussing it and giving him additional ideas he will ultimately fade away. It’s possible he will re-appear from time to time. But no one will care.

  35. Hey, Dyer, are you going to give me some credit for giving you the idea for the “Bigfoot Autopsy?”
    Anyway, who wants to make a gentleman’s bet with me? This is just for fun, no money. I bet that no tour will ever take place. That in Dec this hoax will totally unravel. NO scientist to verify, no media blitz, no Derek Randles to validate, no DVD’s, and no money for Dyer.
    After Dec apocalypse… the hoax will be effectively dead.

    1. I think Dyer will have to ship *something* at some point. Actually, he has given a date CERTAIN of DEC 17 no matter how many DVDs are sold. He can be sued for fraud if he doesn’t either refund or ship something. He’s now on record for setting the deadline for shipping.

  36. Hey, Team Tracker, I know you guys check out this blog. Let me ask you a question: Does it really upset you that Dyer will not show you the Hank DVD? All the volunteer time you put into serving Rick and yet he doesn’t trust you with the DVD? Yet all I ever hear from him is how much he loves and trusts you. Why can’t you see the DVD now?
    Is he pinching you for money? He’s been acting pretty desperate of late and doing a show every night trying to sell DVD’s.
    Start asking him for more evidence, he talks about how much he trust’s his team…make him prove it! I know he’s asking you for more time and money, what is he giving in return? Only future promises of money and glory?
    He owes you! Insist that you see the DVD! If he won’t…then you know it’s all a lie!

    1. “Hey, Team Tracker, I know you guys check out this blog. Let me ask you a question: Does it really upset you that Dyer will not show you the Hank DVD? All the volunteer time you put into serving Rick and yet he doesn’t trust you with the DVD? Yet all I ever hear from him is how much he loves and trusts you. Why can’t you see the DVD now?”
      Is there anything more embarrassing than being a Team Tracker member ?
      It’s one thing to discuss POS’s wild ass claims on the interwebs. That’s fine. It is a very reckless person that buys into POS’s story. Given his past and barely believable demeanor.
      I’m curious if there is an anti-mensa organization that he is collecting these clowns from. I’m quite certain if they were are lumped together and their IQ’s summed up , the total might be equal to average room temperature.
      That they actually communicate with modern computers is moderately astounding. They operate on a level previously reserved for the institutionalized and inbred.
      Team Tracker needs to go down in flames with their Pile Of Stuff

      1. J.R. Hoffa post is mine, was a fun name for previous post, furgot to change back for current posting purposes…..

  37. The POS thing is going nowhere. I am surprised you all arent talking about the real science research going on that has real information of BF. You all know about the Sykes Publication due to hit the public mid October …..right? Have you guys (or at least Robert) read the released Peer Reviews and author responses for “Nature” Science Journal? They have been leaked to the web and indicate some serious evidence of BF as reviewed by peer scientists. It’s pretty frickin interesting!! And it will really be intersting to see how Dr. Sykes Paper compares to Dr Ketchums Paper, and how they were recieved by peer review team and subsequent public responses. THIS IS THE REAL STORY WE SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT!!

    1. Opps! I didnt proof that very well. I meant the Ketchum Papers Peer Review at ” Nature” was leaked on the web!! I certainly dont want to start that rumor about Dr Sykes Paper!!

      1. Robert,
        Wow! Was that the peer review document that Dr. Ketchum says was leaked by a Peer Team Member? And was that somehow given to you? It is actually pretty good for Dr K’s case to get that released or leaked. There is some pretty revealing comment and response coorespondence going on there that really allows us to see some of the bias and BS she was dealing with.

  38. Hello, Coward. I’m not sure if proponent is quite the right word but I can only speak for myself. I find the subject interesting from many stand points and I like to follow the discussions, speculations and current research. I can’t say I believe Sasquatch exists, but I’d love it if it did. The interesting thing about it and, again, I can only speak personally, is that one day I’ll believe that there’s an unknown creature roaming the forests of America and then the next I won’t be so sure. On the whole? I think there’s enough information out there to warrant this level of research and interest.

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