Whites, The Civilized Race

The superiority of Whites begins and ends with the White family. Whites are better because White families are better. White families are better because White family values are better.
The superiority of Whites begins and ends with the White family. Whites are better because White families are better. White families are better because White family values are better.
Some races are superior and some are just inferior. The Whites are among the higher races because they are superior and more civilized on many variables. They are also superior in intelligence, lower crime and pathology rates and abilities to build coherent, functioning and prosperous cultures and societies. Whites are simply better. Better means superior. The lower races include Hispanics, Blacks and some others. They are inferior to Whites in many ways. They are less intelligent, have higher rates of pathology and crime and tend to create chaotic, mess, dangerous, sloppy, idiocratic cultures ridden with horrific poverty and Hellish slums. Democracy is antithetical to them. Their elites steal almost all the money in society and leave the rest with crumbs because lower races are not capable of democracy and equitable distribution of wealth which requires high levels of empathy, tolerance, control of ones emotions, magnanimity, selflessness and ability to delay gratification. In short, Whites are simply better. Period. If you inferior races do not like it, too bad. Time to bow down at the feet of your White masters, untermenschen! Remember those 14 special words!

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46 thoughts on “Whites, The Civilized Race”

      1. I think white people are one of the most emotional race if not are the most emotional race. I read very superficially that ”aryans” tend to be more ”energetic people ” than other races. I have a theory about the difference asian-white. There more cognitive abilities and personality variation among whites than asians. It create the individualism idea, practically inexistent among other cultures. Individualism correlate with introversion because introverted people tend to be less socially conected and more individualistic. But, to be more individualistic, people should be more self confident because this mean ”you against the rest of world”, therefore individualistic people need have more variable personality and not only be introverted. This idea of individualism create the sense of civilism, contrary to colectivism sense. Is not more the aint society style, but ”independent aint” society style. The civilism create also the self-responsability idea. The phenotype diversity of caucasians create different societies and different life styles and the marriage non-endogamic patterns growing it.

      2. The sarcasm is evident in the photo. That doesn’t answer my original questions which are;
        “Speaking of “aryans”, I find this site and its commenters quite confused as regards AIT – Aryan Invasion Theory.
        And Robert, you should make this here comment of mine a blog thread in itself, because the readership here needs to clarify its stances on this.
        On the one hand there is a lot of anti-caste sentiment here, on the other hand you support AIT.
        Aryans from Central Asia brought caste with them into South Asia. If they wanted to protect their ethno-culture from admixture with natives – so what? Even if they wanted to preserve their lighter skin tones, so what? How can you be against that and at the same time support AIT, which is a theory of essentially some kind of white people protecting their interests in South Asia? I would think you would then support the caste system rather than not. No?
        If you are against caste then it makes sense that you should be against the people who brought it – that is the Aryans of Central Asia.
        If on the other hand, you are FOR those Aryans, then it makes sense for you to be favorable to their caste system as well.
        Can’t have one without the other.
        Another odd thing is the commenter Dota, who frequently rails against caste and ethno-centrism, and then turns around and announces right here on this very blog that he had returned to India to find a Muslim Indian wife from the same caste and ethnic community as himself!!!
        Thoroughly bizarre!”

        1. ” Aryans and Dravidians become one people then.”
          Caste does not separate based on A or D. It is based on castes within both A and D. Such as Dravidian ksyatriya and Aryan ksyatriya. Dravidian brahmin and Aryan brahmin. Dravidian sudra and Aryan sudra. Etc.
          This is, yet again, for now the 10th time, MY POINT: unawareness and confusion.
          This ignorance is why a commenter named Dota can rant against caste on this blog and then admit to returning to India to find a wife of the same caste, and no one here calls him out on it, except for yours truly.

      3. coward
        September 20, 2013 at 3:44 AM
        “Is Jain a Hindutva?”

        Jesus Christ, Coward. Do you seriously not know what a Jain is?

        1. :You practice Jainism.”
          Uhhh, forgettabout it. You are truly clueless as to South Asian surnames and what they mean.

        2. Wolfgang The Red,
          we dont give a chickenshit whether you’re from india or not., we are not ready to show another face when some slaps or someone talks about our country you understand you subhuman., shitty, immature geek faced small dicked son of a slut. Our culture is the leading culture believe it or not we don’t care what you think about our culture you backward shit., All we can say is if you’re polite we can be polite and reply u in a civilized way if you show your smartness everytime some indian will fuck your ass u sorry faced dickhead

  1. When i speak of ”phenotype diversity” i don’t mean about ”physical aspect” but the personality and cognitive styles. Asians, specially, tend to be very close in personality and cognitive styles because they are a specialized race (in a cold mongolia plateaux). ”Caucasians” tend to be generalistic race because they evolved in many differents places, desert, mountains, subtropical to arctic climates… It make them selected many differents phenotype cognitive-behaviors as response to many differents demands.
    Black african people, in my opinion, don’t performer specifically, any pattern selections. They also are a generalistic race (less specialisation) but whithout some strong pattern selection
    There are 3 principals types of selection in my opinion
    Generalistic and
    non-selection that result in a pseudo-generalistic selection, kind of african subsaharians.
    Specialized races tend to have less internal variation (personality,intelligence and cognitive styles)
    Generalistic races tend to have more internal variation, extremes in personality, intelligence and cognitive styles
    Women are more specialized than men, because they are more selected by men
    Specialized selection drive phenotype diversity.

    1. Well, many immigrant asians (tend to be) are more ”corageous” than other an asian population control. People more extroverted and more self confident tend to find higher risk than introverted people.
      I believe that all people have internal personality variation. It mean, i’m more introverted but i can turn more extroverted depending of circunstances. One form of adaptation. The variation of personality varies among the individuals.
      Asians than whites tend to be more introverted but the environmental circunstances could turn the average personality. But, the average extroverted asian will be more like the average introverted caucasian.

  2. Coward,
    black and asians don’t have diversity of eyes and hair color. Asians, in my opinion, are indistinguishable in appearence, they look much close and the ”diversity” in blacks are very complex. The genetic diversity in subsaharian people could be explained by
    miscegenation to archaic humans and
    miscegenation to caucasoids groups
    Yes, the ”physical phenotype” there in all races, but i’m talk about the personality, cognitive style and intelligence variation and the caucasians are unbeatable in this sense.

    1. To you, but for majority people the eyes color exhibit great physical attribute importance. Well, there seems one correlation between skin color and behavior, found in other animals.
      But you is sarcastic, humpf!!!!!
      Dusk think different to you
      ‘Some’ believe that fair color evolved and selected because all babies born more fair than adults, in other words, neoteny, pure and simple.

  3. Whites are superior because they combine civility with cock length.
    This comment got me thinking ( the caption on the photo).
    “The superiority of Whites begins and ends with the White family. Whites are better because White families are better. White families are better because White family values are better.”
    Not necessarily imho. Asians and Hispanics have some strong family values. Minimal cock length on them though.
    This comment pertained to whites. It could also describe Asian cultures.
    “They are also superior in intelligence, lower crime and pathology rates and abilities to build coherent, functioning and prosperous cultures and societies”
    Again, minimal cock length.
    Blacks are renowned for their superior genital size. The only race that exceeds whites. Unfortunately they don’t have the standards of family values and civility that asians and whites subscribe to.
    Therefore when combining the relatively large cock length as compared to
    asians, hispanics, others…
    And the higher standards of living…
    Is what makes whites superior.
    Ideal cock length and civility ratio.

  4. ”BTW Gottlieb, Wolfgang and Coward are the same person.”
    My grammar is like a kind of adaptation of ‘latin’ language to english. Sorry!!!
    Think, i adapted the spanish language grammar form to english. My fault, i’m dumb but i promisse that will learn his tongue.
    I question to you, what pretend to say about your comment?

  5. Well, i also but in my life don’t can avoid it. I believe have relativelly higher psicoticism and neuroticism and tendency to bipolar disorder (in my teenager my ex-psychologic diagnose me with bipolar, but i dislike his diagnostic, she prescribe me anti-depressives but _ number two_ don’t used, for glory of lord, amen!!!)
    The connection madness run within my mother family.
    You say is more easy walk with the current, i do not can make it. Love to be the opposition, especially when i’m right.

  6. Robert idiot you’re wrongly mentioned whites as the civilized race no idiot they are not a much civilized as the indian hindus.
    Indian Aryans are the most civilized race in the entire earth filthy british have painted a bad picture about indias history and their brothers dumb americans are believing that but the truth is indian aryans are rich cultured purest aryan most wonderful earth in this world all other races including mongoloids., caucasian white assoles., niggers are alll less than indian race .
    understand and live with it pig!!

  7. Sarcasm aside, we really ought to take a long look at what the low percentage of two-parent families among African-Americans tells us about the kind of communities we expect them to form. If most blacks don’t even want to live with the co-parent of their own kids, why would anyone else desire to live around them?

    1. Black married couples have fewer children than white married couples, even though the black birthrate is higher overall. This implies a much higher birthrate for unmarried blacks, and hence that any genetic component for unwed parenthood is being MORE common.

      1. Black marriage was much higher in the 30s 40s 50s and 60s just like whites was higher then, the reason its so low now in america is because moral and cultural degeneration, it hit whites hard (white females harder) but Negro peoples (and some others) much much harder.

    2. …blacks don’t even want to live with the co-parent of their own kids…
      That’s good. I’ll have to remember that one.
      The term White nationalist and White Supremacist are just negative terms used to shut Whites up. There’s nothing wrong with any race, including Whites, wanting to live with there own kind. Think about taking the “we must have diversity” kick to it’s extreme edge. That would mean that White kids should be raised by colored parents or they will be racist. I say this as a joke but now that I think about it wait 20 years and that may be the line they propose.

  8. I am in no way a fan of rascism, in any terms what so ever, and I must alow my self to correct you abitt, a free adivice.
    I will just chopp thure this fast and leave you a site that gives you and your hommies a update, in the white race, the sole reason for me to explude Blacks is that their history is equall or older than ours, but in may ways we are geneticaly and mentaly close to blacks, since they are Polytiestic by nature, as we are, and maternal as the original entey is, Mother Earth.
    The “white” race is consist, before the great Invasjon of the Turks/Mongols into the great Khazaria. A long time ago, and have then mingled with the white race, aka the Finno-urgic people, that is the original europeans, by the everchanging and everlasting people movments, blanded into the Finno.Urgic people, eye collor means nothing, brown or blue, its the retina that is different.
    During the ifrst time, the original people is now in smal pockets, in the north of Spain(catalans/basks/northern portugale/suthern france and in the medithiranian sea), and the Slavic people is a invented people, and like all the slavs, a bastard people bu long distance of time.
    The present “jews” are slavs in general, since they are basicly sental europeans, and have had that teritory sinc the first time, but after the Turk/Mongol invasjion. Thats why the Oldest in Roma is besicly Oriental in genetics, The oldest are non slavic people, the original ones.
    The Semitic, people, and specaly the oldest ones, is non slavic and is like the Indoeuopeans the oldets, from the first time.
    The Invasjon of the slavs, aka the Azkhenasis is the truth, and they have only a comon ground in their slvic inheretance, ontherwice they have nothing to do with the Semittic people.
    So, the stoyr can be widened forther more but leavs it to a site that gives you a breif intro to the original europenas, and their story.
    My story.
    And in it, the beginning of the New age, monothetisme, and beginning of the 3 religions, “judaism”, islam and christianity, no of them are My religion.
    But then I have other things in comon, and thats a differet story.
    This is the white race, take it or leave it, I dont care, I respect everything living, acodingly as best I can, dont care about race, collor of Creed, only justice and the truth.

  9. Seriously lindsay quit hiding your racist remarks behind sarcasm. I might have to then head over to a REAL WN site and troll as a muslim lesbian burkha wearing woman. They aren’t a very friendly bunch, posting a sig of an arab lesbo cpl making out might help though.

  10. Mr Lindsay, it’s clear that your intention is sarcastic, but for sarcasm to be effective, you need to also put something that effectively refutes the sarcastic statement. A picture of fallen white trash is not enough.
    I’m not a white pride type or any other kind of nationalist. I wish that I were able to say that all races are equally capable of civilization, it would be great, and it pains me every time that I remind myself that this is not the case. I mean come on, how can we possibly say without lying to ourselves, that African and Amerinds and Arabs and Indians are just as smart and prone to civilized behavior as Europeans? It’s tragic but it’s true that to varying degrees they aren’t, and your post which would like to be sarcastic, has the opposite effect and is a reminder of the tragic reality of racial differences.

  11. Indians are the true civilized race. I’m glad to say that rather than shitting on the streets, our people have gone up to shitting under bridges in 2013. Thats progress bitches.
    White people can’t do shit like us.

  12. Great Sarcasm Robert sir.,
    Feeling pity for those two. I guess the older one might be around 30-40, drugs seems to have taken their toll on his body and made him appear like a senile fuck. on the other hand ,Its shocking about the younger one. what he must be? around 12-15. OMG., how drugged doe he appear?? I bet he cannot live beyond the age of 20…
    You’re right they must be Russians. Russians do all weird things..

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