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By 2050, the United States of America will finally join the Americas, not just figuratively as always but now literally.
By 2050, the United States of America will finally join the Americas, not just figuratively as always but now literally.
The torch has passed on White America, or will pass within most of our lifetimes. By 2050, the US will be a majority non-White country. The largest group will probably be a partly-White or at least half-White group called Hispanics for lack of a better term. The history of the Americas has been, for better or worse, the marriage of two great races, the Amerindian and the European. From this foundry, the Americans were molten over 500 years from hunter gatherer bands to modern hopelessly mixed race societies. Catholicism, Iberian culture and lingering Amerindian ways have characterized this societies, along with patriarchal, conservative views that created such things as “machismo” and “the Madonna/whore” syndrome. There is also a profound Arabization, via Iberia, that is unfortunately apparent throughout the region. Even the Whiter Latins such as the Argentines suffer profound identity confusion, being part of the White European world but at the same time being outside of it. Hence the indulgent Argentines use more psychotherapy than any group on Earth and the couch has become a national obsession. Around the Caribbean and into Brazil, a heavy Black element comes into play, often mixing with the European and even Indian elements in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. The vibrancy, musicality, vivid colors and pagan religions mean that Africa tossed its ingredients into this wild mix. The US and especially Canada were always outliers. They thought they could resist the inevitability of becoming a part of the Americas. By 2050, the US will have joined with the Caribbean, Mesoamerica and South America and will officially be dragged kicking and screaming into the continent which it always denied it was a part of it. Interesting times lie ahead.

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41 thoughts on “Our Future”

  1. Bastard we asians have high -testosterone levels we stuff our dick up till your throat coward and you’ll like it coward and then realize how big our dick is

      1. “Yea when you put all of them together its about the size of an average black man”. Flacid? Also, do you mean an average black man or his penis. Or the average penis of a black man? All of the above?

  2. These predictions are always based on the assumption that things will continue along as they are today. That’s doubtful. I think it’s more likely that a second Mexican-American war will break out long before 2050 based on issues of sovereignty and extreme culture clash.

  3. Dont worry, amish people and hasidic jews (maybe mormons too) will take over USA eventually, then USA will be “white” again.

  4. Dear Robert
    Latin America is as much part of the West as Southern Europe because the languages are Latin and the main religion is Christianity. Amerindian genes have survived, but Amerindian culture has been largely extinguished.
    It is not clear why Argentinians are so inclined to see a shrink, but they are about tied with the French in that regard.
    Western Europe is also becoming increasingly less white, as anybody who has walked in a major Western European city recently can confirm. Australia, likewise, is darkening. There is no mystery here. It is just a combination of mass immigration and official anti-racism.
    Regards. James

    1. humans are predisposed to gene protect. and that means they will always fight. it doesn’t matter becuase even in the white race there are classes. humans have to feel they are better than thier niehbor, besides without regular wars the human race would overpopulate the earth in 10 years. And humans are the bacteria that will eventually kill the living earth.

    2. Philippines is Christian Catholic, and English is one of the official languages there, Filipinos are pretty fluent in English, are Filipinos Western? i don’t see them as Western personally, nor the Brown Mexicans or Peruvians, Western people in Latin America are the Whitest from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

      1. “The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue).”

  5. All I know is that America will split on racial lines by the time my kids are my age. We already saw it when 60% of whites voted for Republicans in the last election. Nations are formed based on race and culture and cease to exist when they lose that unity.

    1. Yes…. because Asians and whites hate each-other so much and blacks and Hispanics don’t like being around other,moving near or mating with any other race but theirs. (sarcasm) but to be serious I don’t think this will happen any time soon, most likely there will be re-segregation or black Hispanics, Muslims, gypsy, etc, will be turn in to worker peasants.

  6. USA have very bright future unlike europe who will face a lot more problems due to muslim immigration and immigration from sub-sahara africa. Those latino meztisos are not that bad in general, they genetically too majority european many times.
    And then again there is many rapidly increasing white sub-cultures like amish, hasidic jews, mormons etc..
    For example at year 2100 there should be 8 million amish and year 2200 there should be 256 million amish, of course that will not happen but it tells that there is potential, kind of same thing with hasidic jews. Mormons dont have that high fertility rate but they probably keep increasing too a lot. Hasidic jews also have crazy fertility rate in USA so their numbers will grow for sure. Both hasidic jews and amish have fertily rate over 6.0 I think and dont see that it would descreace too much in future either.
    Probably south USA will look like Mexico, east coast probably will look like some kind of brasil ( a lot mulattos, mestizos, black latinos like puerto ricans,) and a lot jews, and whites too obviously.) Those inner states will probably be still majory religious whites.
    In year 2100 whites are no more majority but if amish, mormons and hasidic jews will keep up their religious nonsense then year 2200 USA will be majority white again.

      1. Yeah as we know it, islam isnt that bad ideology though and life will go on after islamisation of europe if that happen anyways.
        For example spain was once islamic nation and europe is used to “deal” with muslims in our long history anyways.
        More bigger problem than muslims in europe is illegal subsahara africa blacks- population is increasing so much in subsahara and they all are trying to enter to europe and those subsahara blacks are really scary people and they will make europe look like detroit if we allow their entry.
        Black muslims are the worst kind of immigrants than any country in the world can get.
        Europe future will be probably this:
        western europe will probably be eventually minority majority just like USA, muslims probably will have a lot power because they tend to breed most and they are kind of fanatical. Some west european countries may become facist and not allow any immigrants like greece and maybe italy in future. France, belgium, netherlands, sweden etc. probably will end up being muslim countries… many native french people already converting to islam like frank ribeiry. Eastern europe will not probably allow any immigrants but their population is descreasing a lot due to very low birth-rate also in many eastern europe countries there is a lot gypsies breeding like rats so some eastern europe countries will have a lot problems with gypsies, in some countries gypsies may even become majority in year 2100 – pretty scary.
        So not very brigh future for europe at the moment but things can change fast like they change in europe always, like who would thought that there would popular neo-nazi party rising in greece 10 years ago.

    1. You are right : when a nation browns out, it generally dies out of sloth and bad habits brought by excessive love of sensual pleasures, and all it takes to become whiter than white again is very few but prolific hyper-aggressive and hyper-reproductive white subjects that enslave all brown males and inseminate all brown females, with a new caste system forming with the whitest at the top and the beige below that strive to look for white male insemination to get promoted into the higher tier, and your people is white again.

  7. There are actually some extremely tough questions in there. Tough questions, but not a hostile interview. Tough questions in a friendly interview.
    Not much good information comes out of recorded interviews anyway. If there is anything that is incriminating or makes them look bad, they just deny it.

  8. Here’s our future in this link:
    48% Of American Births On Medicaid
    A quote:”In New York City in 2009, 76% of Hispanic births were covered by Medicaid, 70% of births in the black community were covered, and 31% of whites.”
    This will end in a very bad way. Especially when the current belief is that any problems minorities have is due to Whites holding them down or discriminating against them. The truth is they are holding us back. Massive payments in welfare and affirmative action. The school system has been dumbed down so that they feel better about themselves and they disrupt classes for those who want to learn something. I wish there were no minorities in the US not because I hate them but because there’s nothing in it for me. They don’t help me in any way and I don’t want to be blamed for their problems. I’ve enough problems of my own and I certainly don’t theirs compounded on mine.

    1. OK, Not all Hispanics are Brown, Hispanic is not even a race, jeez, Hispanic is just a Spanish speaking person, not all Hispanics are Brown, in the American census half of the Hispanics are Brown (called “some other race”) and the other half are White Hispanics, ok ,some of the White Mexicans in the census aren’t really that White, my cousin is called White Hispanic in her census while she is clearly mixed, i don’t know why my aunt didn’t put her in BOTH the Caucasian and Native American category, however i am pretty sure many many of the White Hispanics are really White for real. And ps: DON’T YOU WATCH THAT THE CENSUS IN 2050 SAYS UNITED STATES WILL BE 69% WHITE??????????? 69% LOOKS LIKE A MAJORITY STILL TO ME, 69% IS MORE THAN 66%, MORE THAN TWO THIRDS.

      1. Thank you, and in addition, maybe the White Hispanics are a bit exaggerated, like how some Mulattos are called White in Brazil, my cousin has Green eyes, but the rest of her face is very Brown (high cheekbones and the typical Brown look), maybe my aunt put her in the Caucasian category alone just because her color eyes, however many White Hispanics should be really White, like the Singer PITBULL, Cuban American -.-” Wikipedia itself explains pretty well=
        in the eyes of the US Census Bureau, Hispanics or Latinos can be of any race, any ancestry, any ethnicity, or any country of origin, Due to the technical distinctions involved in defining “race” vs. “ethnicity,” there is confusion among the general population about the designation of Hispanic identity. Currently, the United States Census Bureau defines five race categories:[9]
        Black or African American
        Native American or Alaska Native
        Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
        Because Hispanic roots are considered to be aligned with a European ancestry (Spain/Portugal), the Hispanic/Latino ancestry is defined solely as an ethnic designation (similar to being Norse, Germanic, or Scottish). Therefore, a person of Hispanic descent is typically defined using both race and ethnicity as an identifier—i.e. Black-Hispanic, White-Hispanic, Asian-Hispanic, Latin-Hispanic or “other race” Hispanic.

      2. No just no, race is an identity, all the races should live in peace and respect each other, and mix in small scales, but a pure race is an identity that shouldn’t disappear, is something to be proud about, mixing is just confusing. Anyways what is the point to immigration? the lazy and poor governments of poor countries should improve their economy and not let their people in other countries, is their responsability, and the poor countries don’t want brain drain either. The Japanese and Korean have a mentality like mine against mixing.

      3. Good point also one other point (which I need to correct you on) – Hispanic Does NOT = Spanish Speaking, +70% of the Hispanic Population is US Born (and that figure is rising). Many US Born Hispancis also do not speak Spanish, many other also are English Dominant and not what I would call “truly bilingual/spanish speaking” it is more Kitchen/Basic Spanish… Spanish Is facing a slow death in the US (and is only propped up by Immigration, even that Commie bastard Jorge Ramos of Univision has said many time, the vast majority of his followers are Foreign Born Hispanics, US Born Hispanics tend to much prefer their news / information etc… in English)….., the Elites have no real incentive for Official Bi or Multi Lingualism., (it would make managing us lot much more difficult)…..
        Also many US Born Hispanics (and Asians) are also increasingly assimilating into Americas Middle Class (whats left of it LOL), and therefore Intermarriage is High… The amount of times I have heard hispanics (particularly foreign born Hispanics state the term) – “mejorar la raza” with regards to Intermarriage is common. Many see it as “marrying up” (despite this being very Un-PC now)…. It is deeply ingrained in Latin American Society….
        Also another factor is Lat-Am immigration is slowing and I think will decline. Hispanic Fertility is dropping as well, in 2012/13 it was about 2.2 so just about replacement level… Not the boom times of the 1990’s where it was about 2.8….

    2. Why is that link a problem. Most sane and decent nations (of course the USA is excluded from that list) have national health care that covers all births anyway. So we get national health care and then the figure goes up to 100% or so for all races. Big deal.
      Lot of Whites use so-called welfare programs. That is why I do not want them touched. Screw that. My White friends use those programs.
      Actually, Whites will probably turn into an elite like in Latin America.

    3. I believe Hispanics are entitled to live in the US. Its their land that was taken away from them by President Polk’s illegal war against MExico for territory. They are not outsiders.
      California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas are all Mexican territory.
      So I am in total support of half of Mexico coming over and live in these territories.

      1. Mexico will ruin those states, Mexicans no matter if they have some Western influence ,like Philippines, they are NOT Western, they don’t have the same hard working Western culture, they think different, Mexico is not even that developed, Mexican human development index is 0.775, it looks decent like that, but the true Mexican human developement index, by inequality-adjusted human development index (IHDI) is = 0.593 ! United States is 0.821 ,much better. Mexico is a land of poverty, corruption, and Mexico is even more racist tan United States, in the United States you see minorities in TV, in racist Mexico most people are Brown but their actors and miss universo, are all White.

      2. Coward: RACE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH, the homogenous Japanese and Korean understand it, thats why they don’t allow many immigrants in their country, i do feel good now with my views, i don’t need to give up this, race is the meaning of life.

      3. Coward…. are you trolling? because “No, Whites must not be the elite anymore.” don’t you think its unfair that whites cant be the elite of their own country? and “True socioeconomic equality for all races is needed for a good America” that’s sadly impossible, the only way for that to happen is Genetic engineering or eugenics. (which I support both options but not like in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brave_New_World )

      4. Did the spanish not take land from the indigenous people also. Are the hispanics you refer to descendants of the spaniards or do you mean a mixed race.

      5. @ Coward: Is ok, i don’t care anymore about a White North America, because all this time i didn’t really liked United States as place to live in, and i though if that is the case, then why i care about Whiteness here? because United States is so powerful? Whatever, many countries in Europe are enough powerful ,and i can’t worry about a powerful Mestizo United States lol, if i was worried about a rival then not, yes i don’t really like this vast continent without an ancient culture, i only kinda like the states of New York or Florida, but cities like Los Angeles or Dallas are plain. Honestly i hope United States is in decadence, that way the world will stop to be too Americanized and superpowers from Asia and Europe will have a huge boost (and their popular culture will also have a bigger boost, more variety please). Japan , England or Spain will be more powerful, i like their cultures and i would live in cities such as Kyoto, York or Barcelona. The places that need their Whiteness to be protected are Europe.

    4. @ Sam – Good Point I too agree with you. I reckon eventually Welfare will collapse, there will be little or much less “fruitful” White Middle Class to Tax. Already in Cali the top 1% pay about 50% of the taxes, I think the rich should pay the more taxes, but eventually they will get fedup and just leave. Worst case scenario is a dystopian future, with Latin Americas Social Structure, so a White/Whitish Elite (top 5%) a Beige people In the Middle and a Black/Brown lower/working class….
      I hope that does not happen…. But only time will tell….

  9. “I have to admit; behaviourally, they are even superior to us Whites; SUBMISSIVE and ULTRA POLITE towards each other, CONSIDERATE of your neighbor before yourself. As a former bullying victim; NON-AGGRESSIVE people are my choice.”
    (Emphasis added by me)
    Sorry to burst your bubble, Coward, but not all East Asians fit the stereotype. My boyfriend is an ABC and he is the complete opposite of what you just described. He is aggressive, he is controlling and domineering (expects others to be completely submissive, especially the women in his life). Needless to say he does not believe in gender equality. He likes weapons. He has the typical value system of a bully where he justifies aggressive, mean behavior (especially toward those he considers “weaker”) because if the person weren’t so weak they would be able to “take it.” Not only does he express those feelings, he lives by them. I have no idea what his “T” level is, but judging by his behavior it must be pretty damn high. He’s also physically bigger (taller and more buff) than most men we pass by when we’re out, another deviation from the stereotype.

  10. http://thefot.tumblr.com/post/4758003586/the-new-jew
    When most people think of Jews in America, popular figures like Barbara Streisand, Adam Sandler, Rahm Emanuel, and Drake come to mind (yep, Drake’s Jewish). Jews have undergone many different changes as an ethno-religious group throughout their 400-year history in the USA, but they may be in the midst of one right now that could irreversibly change the face of Judaism forever.
    The “New Jew” in America may be…this:
    Okay, so it’s just a picture of innocent little kids. Still, these little tykes are the forebears of a demographic locomotive that is steaming down the tracks of Jewish population shifts: Ultra-Orthodox Jews.
    Ultra-Orthodox Jews are what ignorant people pejoratively call “black-hatters;” there are many different sects, from Chabad to Satmar, all divided based on traditions, theology, structure, and place of origin. One thing they all share in common however, is having a lot of kids.
    8 kids, to be exact.
    That’s right, the average Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women will have, in her lifetime, 8 kids, one of the highest, if not the highest, fertility rates of any group in the world. To provide some contrast, in Niger, the fastest-growing country in the world, the average woman has 7 kids.
    According to Professor Comenetz at the University of Florida,
    In America too, where the Jewish population is stable or declining, Ultra-Orthodox Jewish numbers are growing rapidly.
    The Ultra-orthodox population doubles every 20 years, which…may make the Jewish community not only more religiously observant but more politically conservative…the Ultra-orthodox population in 2000 was about 360,000, 7.2 per cent of the approximately 5 million Jews in the U.S.
    But in 2006, demographers now estimate the number had grown to 468,000 or 9.4 per cent.
    8 kids on average works out to about a 6% growth rate per year. Assuming a base population of 510,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews in the USA and UK in 2006, by the year 2050 there will be approximately…6,622,595 Ultra-Orthodox Jews.
    There are only about 5,800,000 total Jews in the USA today.
    And what would their population be in 2100? 121,989,235, about the population of the UK and France combined (Note: This does not even take into account the 700,000-strong Israeli community, whose inclusion would raise the population projection to 15,712,433 and 289,425,442 people in 2050 and 2100 respectively).
    Now, it bears mentioning that population trends are never static, and are always in flux; these numbers may be way too high, or even too low. However, the fact remains that this population has retained a high birth rate for close to 20 years, with no end in sight. If nothing else, they will be a force to reckon with in key battleground states, such as New York and Florida, and could herald a much larger, much more traditional Jewish community.
    This says that there will be jews only over 100 million in USA soon, so not looking like end of “white america” in future.

      1. She wasn’t the only person in the video, and Syrian and Palestinians are the lightest Arabs, they are also White people in American census, even Indians are a lot different with their super dark skin and kinda weird features that they are put with Asians in the census, but people in the Middle East are considered White in the census, though i think the Saudis look kinda dark and odd too, they should be considered Asians by geography in the census like the Indians.
        More White people from Latin America, from Brazil.

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