Ideology Drives Degrees, Not the Other Way Around

MarkWMark says:

It’s my belief that a primary driver of liberalism in academia, is that advanced degrees in humanities don’t have market value except to teach. Of course someone with a PhD in sociology who’s lucky to have a $25,000 job, will believe that society doesn’t distribute its rewards fairly. I remember seeing some survey results about liberalism among college professors by field of study, where the most liberal were humanities, and the least liberal were engineering and finance. If I could find it again, I bet there’s a very strong correlation between liberalism and average starting salaries for graduates in the field.

Mark feels that choice of field of study and type of degree drives enrollment rather than the other way around. He has it all backwards. It hasn’t much to do with salaries. Only liberal/Left types get Humanities degrees anyway. Rightwingers in those disciplines are ostracized and drummed out. Of course rightwingers will go into finance. And engineers are always rightwing. It has been that way forever, since I was a boy. If I went to get a Finance degree, I would be surrounded by Libertarian – neoclassical – neoliberal – laissez faire radical capitalists. I would be the only Leftie in my class. I would feel like a complete idiot and would be ostracized completely. Some disciplines just select more of certain types. Liberal/progressive people tend to move towards Humanities and rightwing dickwads go towards finance, business, engineering and all of that jazz. The ideology comes first, then the enrollment. Ideology drives majors, not the other way around. Most of us Lefties despise money, hate people who prostrate themselves before Mammon, despise those who value money and the things it buys as the primary or only value in existence, etc. It’s not so much that money is bad. Of course we love it too. I once did a drug deal in 1985 in which I made $300 for an hour’s work. It was easy as pie. Everyone likes money and even the things it can buy. It’s just that Lefties do not particularly care about money and stuff, and we more or less think it is all unimportant or verging on worthless. That is, we reject the reactionary idea, which is a basic capitalist value, that humans who have more money and stuff are better humans in any way, morally or otherwise, than humans who have less money or stuff. We will take the money and stuff, but we hate the rat race – keeping up with the Joneses and especially elevating moneyed folks and looking down on less moneyed folks. We regard all of that as complete garbage. On the other land, we live in capitalist society too, and we need to survive and it is better to live well than to live like a dog in poverty. Without money, you have a horrid life in America. So most Lefties would like to have enough money so that we do not have to worry about money too much anymore. Most of us have made good money at various times in our lives. I have worked for wages ranging from $23=65/hour, and that was 10-25 years ago when money went further. It’s just that once you get into the money game, everyone you meet is a rightwing or money-obsessed dick. So it’s not really the money, it’s more the rightwing human garbage that comes along as a free addition to the green stuff.

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36 thoughts on “Ideology Drives Degrees, Not the Other Way Around”

    1. Exact sciences attract more male types while the humanities are predominantly female. While on average 80-90% of math (and other similars) students are men than 35-45% in the humanities.
      More homosexual, sexually ambiguous and beta heterosexual males (high verbal iq) in the humanities than in the exact sciences. More heterosexual alpha, high testosterone and qi, more beta male nerds-high iq in exact sciences than in the humanities.
      Left-wing ideology requires less competition and hierarchy and more colaboration.There are more female behavioral features within the behavioral spectrum between the sexes.

      1. More or less. Much less with Islam, of course. Well, I concluded that everything is a spectrum. So these ideas of conservative / liberal are also. Liberals are at one extreme and the conservatives to Western standards, are in another.
        I think people Darwinists tend to be more logical and rational, something that neither the extreme liberal (and it seems that neither the moderate liberals), or extreme conservatives, usually.
        Yes, I think that Darwinism is only replicating the basic behavior of any kind on this planet, behavior clan (because there is also internal competition within species) and reproductive strategy.
        I read in neuropolitics, the Conservatives as the name says, tend to emphasize the strategy to keep the genes inside, keep them while liberals tend to spread their genes, therefore, are more prone to racial mixing.
        People who like hbd issues as well as other scientists, has a tendency to be more mixed as their political and ideological aspirations, which would be ideal because it would unite the best of both. It would be the smartest in my opinion.
        It seems that the idea of ​​divide and conquer is mainly based on this, anyone who chooses to stay on top of the wall in any subject is wrong or has no attitude. When in fact, it is probably the wisest choice.

      1. What a happens now in Western societies is a exaggeration, bizarre form of a ”liberalism”. As said Satoshi Kanazawa, the same is a novel kind of human behavior and therefore poorly adapted.
        Conservatives also tend to help the weaker, but remains the driving force of evolution, which is the competition within the society. Liberals however, seem to have given up her.Tthe fact is that conservatism is the most common practice among all human races, so the liberalism promove mass imigration, also promove the own death.

      2. Coward,
        i don’t know ”the time kill” the dinossaurs, but i think the liberalism is a ”only white” ideology, don’t serve to other people. At this moment, the left ideology have functioned perfectly in a ”aryan prototype nordic nations”. The abstract proposes that left ideology promote is incomprehensible to majority people around the world, especially to low iq third world people.
        Its strategy is interesting but i, personally, don’t know to adopt them because i think in the future and believe the future will be the change of this mentality to many % of people and the risk of leftism is higher and i dislike this. I like the social-cultural-psychological security because i’m very unstable.
        Well, many of left mentality is based on equality of races and others erroneous abstractions and hate lies.

    2. I don’t think they are. Where are the stats for that? When was the survey taken and what was the sample size?

  1. “To quarrel for riches, I was never inclined/
    For the greatest of misers must leave all behind.”
    -Limerick Rake, Irish traditional song

      1. Robert,
        I am interested in your thoughts on the below YouTube video. What do you think?
        I found the video interesting. I can’t say that I agree with the guy, but I cannot say he is not acting rationally either. He is living his life now as opposed to working 80 hours a week in finance/consulting, etc. with the promise to retire rich in middle age. Also this guy seems attractive to women which is the main reason guys work so hard in the first place. Personally, I disagree with the parasitic nature of what he does (although he is less of a leach than the banks that accepted bailout money), but this video reminds me that the starving artist career path is not all that bad. Not that this guy is a starving artist (I consider starving artists people who aren’t leaches but who simply work in a low-paid field that they love and have some free time), but he does show that there is a trade-off between heart beats and money. Those give up their 20’s and 30’s (their prime years) doing what they hate 80 hours a week for the chance at deferred living may be making a mistake. In my case this realization even caused me to quit my 40 hour a week government job which was boring and depressing. That and the Early Retirement Extreme blog.
        I wish I figured this out all earlier. I finally realized that what I was doing wasn’t worth it in terms of what I was giving up (e.g. freedom, creativity, doing what I like). Even if I was smart enough to work for a hedge or venture fund, I would just do it for a couple years while saving money, and then get the heck out. At least for my personality and goals and general happiness, it wouldn’t be worth it to stay in for a long time.

  2. I discovered that what I was doing for the money was not worth it, that is, the time I had to give up.
    (Sorry for multiple small comments.)

  3. This hasn’t been my experience. A significant % of my clientele come from wealthy upper middle class and sometimes STEM backgrounds, and they are democrats, or green party liberals.
    Some of the poorer ones are Republicans.

    1. Wolf, I do a number of things. All related to culture, mental discipline, health and well-being. My clients come from a diverse background and range from poor to quite wealthy. I offer my services on a sliding scale and often for free.

      1. “You are a tantric yoga sex instructor or a massage therapist.”
        Neither. Those jobs are for clueless, cultureless Americans.

  4. “What sort of degrees do you have? What college did you attend?”
    (spelling corrected by yours truly)
    Who cares?! Are you an Indian auntie trying to arrange my marriage or something?

  5. Right on robert. When the finacial in this country fell apart and i couldn’t afford my difficult mortgage. I let it all go and now without assistance i make less than 11 grand a year. But i’m debt free and the blood pressure has come down and maybe i’ll last to 60 years of age.

  6. “I let it all go and now without assistance i make less than 11 grand a year. ”
    I believe Robert said he gets some sort of assistance.

      1. Bob, so I’m really curious if you got a chance to watch that youtube video of the surfer guy…..what do you think ? 🙂

        1. Yeah he is mooching off the system, but I really do not care. They should make him sweep the streets or do some sort of make work for 25 hours a month to get that money. If you can live off $200/month, all the power to you. I think people have a right to survive. People have a basic right to enough food to survive. If that means that the state has to give it to them, so be it.

      2. Oh ok, my bad. Did you ever receive disability or food stamps? I thought you once mentioned one or both of those. What do you do to earn 11,000?

        1. Nope, never got disability and never got food stamps. I would love to get food stamps, but apparently I am not eligible. I had a roommate who got them though, and so I guess I was using them at some point via him.
          Most of that is monthly trust fund checks from my grandfather’s estate. I basically do not need to work in order to survive.
          I also work as a counselor or therapist if you will for clients with psychological issues. That does not generate a lot of money though.
          My writing makes basically zero and I make nothing selling ads either.

        2. Robert,
          Thanks for your above response to my question. It is nice to be financially independent, even though you make so little. I inherited a small home which I plan on renting out. I will get about $1,600 a month and after taxes, repairs, etc. I will probably also live on $11,000 a year or so, or maybe less. I am applying for food stamps and gov’t health insurance.

  7. I am a software developer. Any links showing engineers are right leanings? I am curious. I am left leaning. I always thought engineers are left leanings.
    I can sense, my friends and colleagues who have made it to manager level are right leanings. I also have right leaning colleagues.

      On political compass, on a scale of 0 – 100. 0 being left, 100 being right, I scored 30.
      On a scale of 0 – 100, 0 being libertarian and 100 being authoritarian, I scored 45.
      I am an economic socialist. I have moralist, and I would like some state intervention to impose virtue. So that but me in the middle of libertarian and authoritarian.

  8. ”Yeah, Whites must pay for the crimes of their colonialistic injustices of their ancestors by benefitting and nurturing other people with our resources. Hopefully this will at least give Blacks and Asians the same levels of civilization as us, because after all, it is all about the culture, right?”
    i don’t believe that ”white people” should pay for own crimes in the past, because in the past, all peoples around the world commited crimes against your neighbor. The majority of white people is innocent about the crimes commited by its elite. In the industrial revolution, majority of white people lived very bad, almost semi-slavery. Millions of whites in the past was poor and suffer maltreatment. Think in the poor english families submitted to work without any labor rights. Today, the jewish-euro elite push the white guilty, specially to white common people, taking this true guilty of his backs.
    Pay the crimes commited by psychopatic-narcisistic caucasian (jewish-euro elite) don’t is mass immigration, only to destroy the only human societies can build equality treatment ( obviously, aren’t perfect society, but compare with other societies around the world).
    The whealthier western societies (aka, western and anglo societies) should be used as society prototype, to be implanted in other countries, respect his real cultures (it excluded infanticide).
    Importe all africans to Europe, don’t make the world better, increase the ”racism” (fair racism because talk about the legitimate causes) and destroy the only nations civilized.

    1. Specially the contraceptives methods, hihihihihihihihihihi
      Yes and i’m latin-american and live in a country with people look like more as ”digimon” or other orc-anime (this don’t speak about the ”behavior” and ”intelligeeens” of this ”people”)
      Please, don’t transform his nation in a latrin america.
      I have allergy to low iq dumb people.
      And they have allergy ‘of me’.

  9. Yeaaaaaah, you also am Wolfgang the Red???
    Please, don’t understand me bad (its possible understand me worst than now???)
    I love classical, instrumental and emotional- hippster music, sorry for the last but i’m. Love poetry, literature ( recognize i read less than should), classic rock musics like ”Premiata Forneria Marconi”, progressive rock and Pink Floyd, high culture and hate mass and low class ”culture”.
    I live in the middle of the all stupid things that stupid people like.

    1. I ever listen to intelectual stimulant jokes as (no ass, please) create countries or invent stories. During my childhood i present differents matters predilections as dinossaurs in my first childhood, spanish language (i’m not hispanic) and geography, i decorate probably 80% of capitals around the world and during my teen-life refine this knowledge with demography, culture, anthropology, psycho-geography and others.
      I don’t know very well in school because was much lazy. In other words, EVER liked study about non-school knowledge. I’m very well in (local) vocabulary but low average in math and cia.
      To local and national perspective i’m very above average but in world or american perspective i’m little above hbd average, i think.

  10. Some degrees have economic value and hence are rewarded like this one.
    Microsoft offers Ahmedabad boy $180,000 to work in its US headquarters
    AHMEDABAD: An Amdavadi boy who attended school in Shahibaug and interned at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Ahmedabad, has landed one of the highest pay packages offered to an engineering postgraduate – $1,80,000 USD plus incentives. The offer was made by Microsoft to 23-year-old Priyanshu Kumar Jha, who earned a master’s from Singapore. Priyanshu will work for Microsoft’s Bing search engine as development engineer.
    Priyanshu will head to the Microsoft headquarters in the US next week. He is the youngest of the batch of students who appeared for placements at the National University of Singapore this year, where he studied for the master’s degree in software engineering. He has secured a bachelor’s degree in information technology from UV Patel College of Engineering, Ganpat University, Mehsana.

    1. That is good…this young man is a good sample of having skills that is worth something for someone who is willing to pay for it
      I had a cousin was interested in doing something very specialized. so I asked him why he would do that since its such a niche and there is not a big market for it.. and he said “I love that subject”. We all love to do things… I love go the beach all the time too.. But no one is going to pay me for it.
      Many of these social studies falls in the same same category.. Individials take these sujects and then demand that they get employment and get paid for it. Why should anyone pay for something you spent time, effort and money yet may not have a marketable value becaue YOU loved it? But you can blog about that subject matter and have a good time?

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