The Cruel and Soulless World of Academia

Here. In the corporate world, this would simply be a footnote, but academia is now nearly as soulless, cruel and mean-spirited as the corporate world. 5 This woman’s house was actually collapsing in on her and it was becoming a dangerous place to live. She simply did not have the money to fix it up. Further, medical bills were cleaning her out. She was forced into retirement by the university, who gave her no severance or retirement package. This is so not right. American values? USA, USA, go go go! We’re number 1! We’re number 1! Why bother with any of that? What are American values anymore? The above. That’s American values. American values are now corporate values. When corporate values become the normative American values, you can kiss Mom, apple pie, baseball and all the good stuff goodbye. American values become crap values and only a moron would be a patriotard. You would look at the damn flag and your heart would sink. That is what we are all coming to. Enjoy the ride folks! Late capitalism, ain’t it just peachy?

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12 thoughts on “The Cruel and Soulless World of Academia”

  1. Dear Robert
    The cost of higher education in the US has increased 5 times more than the inflation rate since 1980. This means that if the cost of going to university had simply kept pace with inflation, American students would now be paying tuition fees that are only 20% of what they actually are. At the same time, non-tenured professors are paid very low salaries. Something is seriously wrong here.
    Regards. James

  2. It’s my belief that a primary driver of liberalism in academia, is that advanced degrees in humanities don’t have market value except to teach. Of course someone with a PhD in sociology who’s lucky to have a $25,000 job, will believe that society doesn’t distribute its rewards fairly.
    I remember seeing some survey results about liberalism among college professors by field of study, where the most liberal were humanities, and the least liberal were engineering and finance. If I could find it again, I bet there’s a very strong correlation between liberalism and average starting salaries for graduates in the field.

  3. “Why bother with any of that? What are American values anymore?”
    Porn is the prime example of so-called “American values”.
    Americans are becoming so disgusting that they are drinking semen. I have heard that men ask their partners, that is girlfriends and wives, or boyfriends and husbands (if they are gay) to swallow their semen.
    What the hell kind of culture is this?

    1. The same thing thats “wrong” with swallowing cow urine.
      Both may be anti-septic (not sure about semen) and both may contain some nutrients. So what? It is disgusting to drink either one. If its so beneficial then men should bottle up their own semen after mastubating and drink it for health!

    2. American values
      There is such a site
      “Girls Eating Shit During Sex Videos – 100% Free Porn Tube – Page 3”
      I am not kidding..

      1. Yep. I would say “these are extreme outliers and don’t reflect American values as a whole” but I would get shouted down by all the Americans who are PROUD of extreme porn and the emulation of disgusting and even unthinkable acts (such as drinking semen) and celebrate them as “great American traditions.”
        I guess when you dig such a deep hole, someone has to lay down in it. And laying down, they are!

    3. Hardly an american value. You should research the kind of kink the icelanders are into. Makes the americans look puritan in comparison. I think the Japs and central europeans are into a lot more deviant porn than your average american consumes. Don’t mistake me, I’m not anti-porn. I believe it reduces instances of rape and provides a safe outlet for men who cannot or are unwilling to get hitched in an increasingly feminist culture.

  4. Corporate co-opted universities a long long time ago. When you see Dental hygenists or Plastics Manager billed as a “degree” the same as a physics or Philosophy, you know that university has largely become a joke

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