Great Documentary on the Aryan Brotherhood!

Interesting documentary. I do not really care about the racist nature of the gang. The gang was originally formed to protect Whites from the depredations of the Blacks and Hispanics in Western prisons, especially in California. I am not sure how seriously most of these guys take the racist stuff anyway. One of the two top leaders of the AB is part-Jewish! It is mostly about protecting Whites in prison, and beyond that it is a criminal organization involved in dealing in drugs and gambling inside and now outside prison. They also traffic in male prostitutes inside prisons.
I was more interested in the inmates profiled – what kind of people are they, what is this guy like, what is he thinking, what kind of life does he have, what are his values. The two main guys profiled in this are more or less decent guys who left the AB. One left it because the AB killed an innocent old man and a woman outside prison (he says no killing old men, women or kids and good for him!). The other guy was very much offended by the AB’s dealing in drugs inside prison which ended up killing way more Whites inside and outside prison than minorities did. He basically said we are dealing in death and killing our own people. Good for him!
I always think it is interesting when folks who are pretty damned bad do end up having some serious moral limits and are even willing to risk their lives to defend those moral values. Both of this guys are on hit lists for leaving the AB.
I will say though that the AB is one of hardest, baddest bunch of mofo’s that I have seen in quite some time. I would not mess with them at all for any reason.

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0 thoughts on “Great Documentary on the Aryan Brotherhood!”

  1. Speaking of “aryans”, I find this site and its commenters quite confused as regards AIT – Aryan Invasion Theory.
    And Robert, you should make this here comment of mine a blog thread in itself, because the readership here needs to clarify its stances on this.
    On the one hand there is a lot of anti-caste sentiment here, on the other hand you support AIT.
    Aryans from Central Asia brought caste with them into South Asia. If they wanted to protect their ethno-culture from admixture with natives – so what? Even if they wanted to preserve their lighter skin tones, so what? How can you be against that and at the same time support AIT, which is a theory of essentially some kind of white people protecting their interests in South Asia? I would think you would then support the caste system rather than not. No?
    If you are against caste then it makes sense that you should be against the people who brought it – that is the Aryans of Central Asia.
    If on the other hand, you are FOR those Aryans, then it makes sense for you to be favorable to their caste system as well.
    Can’t have one without the other.
    Another odd thing is the commenter Dota, who frequently rails against caste and ethno-centrism, and then turns around and announces right here on this very blog that he had returned to India to find a Muslim Indian wife from the same caste and ethnic community as himself!!!
    Thoroughly bizarre!

    1. AIT is FACT, as in historical truth. I do not support historical truth. I just say that it exists. Indians who deny historical truth are Flat Earthers. It is lamentable that Aryans brought caste to India, but that is irrelevant to the facts of history. Historical truths are true or false depending on evidence, not on a moral scale. Evil things occurred in history. That they were evil does not mean that they did not occur!
      The caste system is lamentable, but that is not a reason to be a Flat Earther and deny the incontrovertible facts of history.
      You Indians have a very bizarre and antiscientific way of thinking!
      If something is bad, that means it didn’t happen in history, because in history only the good things that we wanted to happen and that we want to believe happened actually occurred!

      1. Excuse me, I am not the one saying that Aryans coming into India was bad. You and the anti-caste people are saying that. And the anti-caste people are none the less supporters of marrying within caste and within race and within religion.
        I’m completely neutral on race, caste, religion. But it is you who writes; “Some races are superior and some are just inferior. The Whites are among the higher races because they are superior and more civilized on many variables. They are also superior in intelligence, lower crime and pathology rates and abilities to build coherent, functioning and prosperous cultures and societies. Whites are simply better. Better means superior.”
        – So then why are you against the caste system? A system designed to keep to keep the superiors from being negatively influenced by the inferirors.Is Is it just a ruse? Are you pretending to be against it or what? I don’t get it.

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