Tommy Lynn Sells, Serial Killer

[youtube=] This video is titled, The Mind of a Psychopath and it was produced by ABC News. A very disturbing 12 minute interview with a notorious serial killer, Tommy Lynn Sells. I do not believe that I ever heard of him to this day. He claimed that he killed 70 people, but these idiots often like and claim homicides which they didn’t even do. He was convicted of only one homicide, that of a 13 year old girl, but it looks like he did at least 13 more. A 10 year old girl was also attacked in the same room as the 13 year old, but she survived and testified against him. At least 18 of those he may have killed were children. A newborn baby girl, freshly delivered 5 girls of unknown age 2 boys aged 3 A boy aged 4 A girl aged 4 A girl aged 8 A girl aged 9 A boy aged 10 A girl aged 11 A girl of adolescent age Two girls aged 13 A girl aged 14 He also nearly murdered the 10 year old girl described above. In addition, he may have killed as many as 18 adults: 3 males of unknown age 8 women of unknown age A 28 year old woman A 29 year old man A 30 year old woman A 32 year old woman A 35 year old woman A 51 year old man He also murdered 1 person of unknown age or gender. So it looks like he may have committed up to 37 homicides. I am not particularly interested in the crimes. I was more interested in the guy’s demeanor because I am very interested in psychopathy. He is definitely an excellent case study of a very violent psychopath. He is also one sick sonofabitch!

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  1. what the fuck is it?? Is he alive? why not the police pump a bullet on his fucking dick and finish his chapter
    BTW, Robert Sir,
    Four convicts in the December 16 gangrape-cum-murder case were on Friday awarded death penalty by a Delhi court
    Finally some sense prevailed in the nation, all due to heavy protests day in day out by activists demanding nothing short of death sentence to these animals,. Ofcourse, its a just a drop in the ocean of crimes in India

  2. I don’t agree with the concept of lawyers defending these monsters in trail even though the law system is framed that way,,. These crimes are way too gruesome even to be considered for a defense ,,,.

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