Two New Thomas Pynchon Videos

This is one from his new novel Bleeding Edge which is going to come out in only 6 days on September 17, 2013! Very, very weird, and I kind of like it. [youtube=] Above is a video advertising all of Pynchon’s books on one ebook. The video lists the first lines in all of his books. Some go by so fast that you can barely even read them. I have read:

  1. V.
  2. The Crying of Lot 49
  3. Gravity’s Rainbow
  4. Slow Learner
  5. Vineland

I have not yet read:

  1. Mason and Dixon
  2. Against the Day
  3. Inherent Vice
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0 thoughts on “Two New Thomas Pynchon Videos”

  1. Crying of Lot 49 easily one of my all time favorites. Tried to read it immediately after my first son was born, and was incredibly sleep deprived. Needless to say I was completely lost. Picked it back up a year later and was blown away. Great, great book.
    Recently have been on a sever Roberto Bolano kick, and very much enjoying him as well. I highly recommend Distant Star.
    Looking forward to the new Pynchon.

  2. Thanks for that. The mind boggles. Who IS Pynchon? WHAT is he? Why this sudden mad rush of books, after so long a silence? And the new multi-platform high profile? I sense that he LIKES this horrible new world, and is slouching towards – well …WHAT? WHERE? – to be whatever… We thought it was our little secret, only shared with a few nerdy lit-snobs, but now it’s everywhere, now it’s seeping into our computers and phones, now it’s a Pynchon world – there’s no need for him to hide any more. The world’s got so weird. We’re all Thomas Pynchon now!

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