Interview with a Sadistic Sex Offender

[youtube=] This is an extremely disturbing video, but there are worse ones out there. This fellow is definitely some sort of a fixated pedophile/hebephile. However, he also seems to be attracted to people his own age. However, he is obsessed with sex with boys age 8-16 and he basically lives his life around this obsession. He raped and molested over 300 boys in his career, including his 9 year old stepson. He would have killed his stepson if he had not been stopped. He also regularly beat up his wife and kid. Somehow he managed to fool everyone. He had a great paying job, a business, a nice car, and regularly dined in fancy restaurants and clubs. Diagnosis: Pedophilia/hebephilia (non-exclusive type) Sexual sadism (severe) Granted most folks would want to call this guy a psychopath or a sociopath, but I am not really getting that from him. He has some rather complex emotions going on, and that’s not typical of a sociopath. Rather, he seems to be a more typical sex offender. Not all sex offenders are psychopaths, and most pedophiles are probably not psychopaths. Not all rapists are psychopaths. And many prison inmates are not sociopaths either.

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17 thoughts on “Interview with a Sadistic Sex Offender”

  1. Quite possibly, I am not sure of the psychodynamics behind sadism. However, I doubt if a psychopath would have turned himself in to the cops like that. Dubious. He seems to have way too many emotions to be a psychopath, and I also detect a lot of what looks like guilt going on there. He pulled off the double life thing very well, and that is a sociopathic trait, but a lot of pedophiles do this, and most of them are not psychopaths.
    I have another video of a psychopathic pedophile that I will post soon.

    1. He’s definitely a psychopath. That he was showing emotions doesn’t mean anything because psychopaths lack empathy/remorse, not emotions. Not only that, but they’re very good at mimicking empathy/remorse because its expression is learned from watching others without even thinking about it.

  2. why the fuck you post these sadistic bastards videos and pollute the space here?? whats that you’re trying to prove? every now and then you post these terrible videos. Dont you have sense some sane readers of your blo(very few like me not the ones who keeps blowing your cock) and women would find such things uneasy? I doubt you’re one among them to have a liking for these kind of weird fetishes…

    1. I work in mental health and I have an interest in psychology, psychiatry and forensic psychology and psychiatry.
      These human beings are real. What they do is real. Their crimes are real. Their crimes are reported all over all of the newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations. If they can report on terrible crimes, then so can I.
      Sadism isn’t my thing sexually BTW, not that there is anything wrong with it per se.
      And BTW, you are banned, you sick little Sikh Indian worm!

      1. You DID think about it Bobert, it was in your collective Jungian unconsciousness, expressed through a Freudian deep symbolic hatred of Sikhs, because it phonologically bears similarities to the number “Six”, and your devout Christianity caused an innate fear and loathing of 666; the Mark of the Beast. See that Robert, you can’t even trust your own mind! Also, God is a reptilian alien shapeshifter from the planet Nibiru, and David Icke is his messenger.

    1. Oh really All Imbicel? Is that why 45 year old Brahmin priests cleanse away the sins of little 9 year old Dalit girls in exchange for sex? Or why your cheif deity: Brahma, ejaculated on a lotus flower and got his brother pregnant? Even Zeus and Ares weren’t that sick. While Mohammed did smash a 9 year old girl, at least he didn’t get a male relative of his pregnant by jerking off on a giant flower.

      1. “at least he didn’t get a male relative of his pregnant by jerking off on a giant flower.”
        And YOU Don’t do that?

    2. LOL isnt it funny how it wasn’t? and it was actually about a regular, white, male who no one would suspect similar like you and your dad and the white ugly trash that posted about this in the first place…go have sex with your heroine addict mother. she’s upset that your white father left her for a 9 year old.

    3. when i saw this topic, i thought it would be about a WHITE, creepy old man that no one would suspect…similar to someone like you and guess what…unlike you…i was actually right ahahah disgusting trash

  3. And BTW, you are banned, you sick little Sikh Indian worm!
    The above can be construed as both anti-religious and racist. As a professional in the mental health care sector, perhaps you should wait to reply to dickwads so your responses can’t potentially get you fired from your job.

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