Manny Was Banned

The notorious Hindutvadi spammer Manny has just been banned. I have been wanting to ban him for a long time, but I needed to wait until I got a certain number of complaints about him. That is how it works here. The commenters basically decide who to ban and who not to ban. Manny was a spammer, and spamming the blog is a violation of the Comments Policy. You cannot be a one-noter and endlessly spam the blog on your favorite subject. In other words, no matter what the subject was, butterflies or Icelandic literature or the weather in Timbuktu, Manny always jumped into the Comments and redirected to conversation away from something topical back onto his favorite subjects. Manny was really making a lot of people mad so the site will be a lot better with him gone.    

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0 thoughts on “Manny Was Banned”

  1. Only sane person who fighted all the way through your crap writings was banned so you and your narcissistic commenting pumpkins can go ahead and have a Gang bang day in and day out.. Nobody’s gonna stop you enjoy

    1. Manny was fun…he did it in style.. He took on the folks here with humor and wit which many of his nemesis sorely lacked!

      1. Eren Jäger,
        I don’t remember you debating him. But now since he is not here, you seem to have come out of your hiding. Are you upset he made you docile?

      2. Spammy was funny sometimes…but he was mostly just annoying, like a sore.craked heel on your feet that just won’t go away.
        He also didn’t have his facts right, didn’t do his research, and made such ludicrous statements constantly and at such a volume that anyone could have spent all day and all night just refuting him.
        Spammy was having the time of his life fucking with his hated enemy- so-called “Christians”- which he mistakenly classifies any white Westerner as.
        WHAT AN IDIOT! Good Riddance! It’s safe to go back in the water now…

        1. Little does Spammy realize that Anglo Christian humanitarianism is what allowed him the generosity of learning English, moving to America, gaining equality and civil recognition for his (squanderous) existence, and is ultimately responsible for all finacial, medical, political, and educational aid going towards India, which Christians support using the logic that all men; Black, White, yellow, brown, are God’s children. Instead of barking like a feral dog at the Good Samaritan Christians, he should have focused his anger towards the faults and shortcomings of Indian morality.

        2. Amen to that, Jaeger Meister! Wait, I’m not very religious at all! (I’m agnostic about my atheism!)
          But, to scumdogs like Spammy (and Al Qaida types), I guess I’m a just another White Crusader for Christ!

        3. You too Mott.
          You too were tongue tied when he was here…and now when the cat is out the mouse is at play showing barvado. He eviscerated your posts so you need the moderators cover as a crutch and a captive audience of your own kind.
          Sorry, Your position and your arguments are as fragile as Jager here that cannot stand up to scrutiny and has a place only in monopoly,

  2. I did not see Manny spamming. I don’t recall he cut pasting tons of materials from other websites.
    He did post You tube videos which were hilareous and to the point to show the poster he was responding to, how ridiculous there arguments were. And he did this with humor.
    And what was their response? They seem to lose and suffer from a fit of tourette syndrome.

  3. Mott, Well now you seem to be happy now really mott!!! As you couldnt counter Manny and his arguments you really are happy and sayin it a a good riddance .. Manny was taking you away from being always forced to suck robert ‘lund’say’s 0.5 inch dick and yet you want to taste such a small dick that you seem happy that you do not want any crusader like manny to see you free.. A fucking misogynistic blasphemic pigs you both are. enjoy banging each other niggas

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