Bigfoot News September 9, 2013

A “truly sensational discovery” will rock the anthropological community in the very near future! According to one of my commenters, who has an immaculate record as far as honesty goes, he received an email from a scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology who told him that a truly sensational discovery will rock the anthropological community in the very near future. Now perhaps he is referring to something having to do with Denisova or Flores Man or some other hominid, but he may also be referring to Bigfoot. Perhaps this is a reference to the dead Bigfoot shot by Rick Dyer. Or is to the Sykes Study by Dr. Bryan Sykes of Oxford? Anyway, Indian Summer may be quite hot in the Bigfoot community this year. Dr. Melba Ketchum wanted to sue Nature Magazine for defamation of character. It was never quite proven that Nature Magazine had rejected Ketchum’s paper or even that they had received it. However, I have it from an excellent source, a friend of mine, who worked with Ketchum that indeed it was at Nature for some time and they did in fact reject it. Therefore, Matt Moneymaker’s leak along those lines was correct. There is even a letter from Nature detailing the changes that they wanted her to make in order to run the piece. My source believed that Nature was scared off by the unknown DNA finding in Ketchum’s paper. They were afraid that that sounded too crazy and they didn’t want to seem like kooks. My source told me that Melba had proof that Nature leaked parts of her paper out into the scientific community (another long standing rumor supposedly unproven) and Melba had no way to defend herself against the attacks coming in from the leaks without jeopardizing publication of the paper which she was not allowed to talk about. The source felt that Melba is “a bit whacky, but her heart was in the right place, and her science was good.” Melba enlisted an attorney to sue Nature for defamation of character, but the attorney did not want to touch the case for fear of being labeled a kook. The source said that that list of labs that worked with Melba was impressive. Ketchum Project suffered from estrogen poisoning. The source above also told me that there was constant drama inside the Ketchum Project, with continual catfights, breakups, huggy apologies and reunions, and cliques and alliances forming, collapsing and reforming. He attributed all of this mercurial cyclothymia to the fact that almost everyone on the project was a woman. “There were too many women on the project,” he told me. “They needed a man around to steer the ship.” Peer review documents between Ketchum and Nature Magazine are now available for download! I have now obtained two peer review documents between Ketchum and Nature. The first is a response to peer review criticisms from Melba listing the criticisms and the changes that were made to deal with them. The second is a threatening letter from Melba accusing Nature of leaking secret peer review documents about her study and therefore harming her reputation. It’s pretty interesting and at times explosive stuff! Ketchum’s Responses to Peer Referees Criticisms Ketchum Cover Letter to Board of Nature Magazine I was on the radio recently. Blogtalk radio to be precise. The host was Philip Smith and he was quite hostile. It was a most unpleasant experience. I am on from :32 to :48 in case you are interested. Unless I am wrong though, Philip was co-hosting shows with Rick Dyer last year around December. I remember listening to a Dyer show, and Smith was one of the co-hosts. If I am not mistaken, Smith also said that he had spent time in prison on that show, possibly considerable time, as in a number of years. But I could be wrong on that! Now he has gone all the way over, done a 180 and thrown in with haters. And he has three sources at Minnow Films, one of whom told him where Rick’s body was, and the other two of whom told him that the whole thing was a hoax? When we can’t even get one single source out of Minnow after months of trying? Forget it, this guy is not credible. New video of Rick Dyer apparently confirming my scoop about a video of Hank the dead Bigfoot existing. Here is the new video with a cleaned up audio: [youtube=] Though Rick doesn’t explicitly confirm the story here, the fact that he was moved to speak up at all at that moment, rather than just keeping his trap shut, is an implicit confirmation that the video is true. I sure would love to see that Dead Hank video! Team Tracker furiously looking for the leaker who leaked the story about the Dead Hank video. To me, this is more confirmation that the video in fact exists. Rick is apparently very mad that this information got leaked and is trying to find the mole. What I don’t get is why Rick does not want this getting out. If there is a Dead Hank video out there, that is excellent confirmation of his story, is it not? Clarification on video of scientist purportedly studying Hank. I said yesterday that Rick has a video of Rick interviewing a scientist who supposedly worked on the body of Hank the Bigfoot. However, the truth is that that Rick did not interview the scientist. Instead, the video was sent to Rick by the scientist himself. The scientist apparently videotaped himself talking about the body he was supposedly working on. I would give anything to see that video! Interesting March 31 Dyer radio show. On his March 31 radio show around the 1:21 hour mark, Rick claims that his shooting of a Bigfoot in San Antonio was “cleared” by the Texas Fish and Game Department. That is quite a bold statement to make! Has anyone attempted to validate this claim with the Fish and Game Department? Still no reefer truck receipt from Dyer. Skeptics keep hounding Rick to release the receipt from his reefer truck rental, but he has not done so. Rick promised to release it after the showing of Shooting Bigfoot, but that date came and went. He claimed he rented it for a whole month and the bill was quite high. Why won’t Rick release the reefer truck receipt? Craig Phillips says he saw Hank at a funeral home! Apparently Hank was not at the government facility when Craig went to see it being moved, but instead it was at a funeral home! A funeral home? What the heck? Funeral home employee fired for trying to take a picture of Hank. 6 weeks ago, at this same funeral home, an employee was fired for trying to take a photograph of Hank’s body according to Rick. This is quite shocking news and it would be a great angle to follow up on for both skeptics and believers.

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80 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 9, 2013”

  1. OK, so the video came from the scientist, but Dyer is not releasing it to protect the scientist. This is a story that completely originated with Dyer, so it must be completely discounted, right? Am I missing something?
    And I may sound like the “where’s the refrigeration truck receipt” guy, but where is 2012 Team Tracker that was intent on killing a Bigfoot in 2012, “did,” and then totally disappeared?? Is this not really fishy?!__tracker-team

    1. I’m the *REFER TRUCK* guy and pounded the table over and over again for Dyer to release the receipts he claimed to have and even promised to release them. He claims the total bill was $30K for over a months continuous rental. That, in and of itself, is absurd, since you can negotiate rates MUCH CHEAPER if you’re willing to commit to a time frame of *weeks* rather than DAILY rates. In any event, Dyer has NEVER demonstrated he rented a refer truck, which would have been relatively easy to do. Even releasing the rental company he used would be significant, since one could verify a rental for over a month coinciding with the Sept time frame Dyer claims to have rented one. He knows the refer truck rental is the cornerstone on substantiating his claim, since he would essentially have no other reason to rent a refer truck for over a month. The fact he has not done so to date, proves he’s a LIAR. He has NO REASON withhold that information from us, so instead he claims he doesn’t want to concede to *HATERS* ? NO ONE on his team has claimed to have verified the refer truck either.

      1. Nothing wrong with being the “refer truck guy.” I salute you and only meant that I may seem to be whistling past the graveyard, raising questions with no answers in sight. Every claim that has been tracked directly to Dyer has been shown to be false or unsubstantiated…and every claim has been tracked to Dyer. Even if someone saw a video of a dead body, it was a video provided by Dyer.

  2. Ever seen the sensational “Alien Autopsy” aired on TV years ago?? Perhaps we have “Bigfoot Autopsy” in the making….

  3. And……
    This Bob’s second post in as many days.
    Where is the alluring, mysterious Mata Hari ?
    We were promised more tidbits , No ?

  4. The Max Planck Institute has been working with Neanderthal DNA so maybe it’s Sykes-related. But I’d be interested to know if the commenter, Mr. Hensiek, pursued the statement for clarification. As presented, the scientist said “in the very near future the world of anthropology can expect a truly sensational discovery.” That could be interpreted as hopeful, that we’re closing in on something big, instead of “I-know-something-you-don’t-know.” Do scientists play those games too??

    1. “in the very near future the world of anthropology can expect a truly sensational discovery”…..
      BF strictly wouldn’t fall into the category of Anthropology least that’s my take. I think he could be referring to Neanderthal or something similar.
      Here is definition:
      Anthropology is a global discipline where humanities, social, and natural sciences are forced to confront one another. Anthropology builds upon knowledge from natural sciences, including the discoveries about the origin and evolution of Homo sapiens, human physical traits, human behavior, the variations among different groups of humans, how the evolutionary past of Homo sapiens has influenced its social organization and culture

    2. I asked the scientist in a second mail if he can reveal anything. But since then I have not heard from him. My inquiry was related to the identity of the Flores man, Homo floriensis. However, the surprisingly “mysterious” expression aroused my fantasy and I found it interesting that he wrote that in times when many of us await the results of the Sykes study or the outcome of the “Dyer case”. Most probable he meant new fossil bones or a new ground-breaking DNA study on already known fossil bones, because this was the issue we were discussing in general.

  5. I agree on some points Ron. I specifically remember Dyer saying that he was going to release the refer truck receipt right before the “shooting BF” movie release.
    I disagree that it could not if been that high of a bill. dyers claimed they had to keep the body in the truck while the facility built a cold room for storage if the creature. And not the funeral home because he said Musky did not see it at the funeral home. BTW. Robert. That would be a great angle to investigate. dyer claimes that Craig saw the body at a funeral home and an employee was terminated a month and a half ago for trying to take a picture of the body. Any public records way to find out who was terminated from a funeral home in LV Nevada in that time frame.
    Does anyone know if Penske truck rental is in San Antonio? If so I may be able to find out if the truck was rented from them on the date in question. If they even have refer trucks.

    1. Not to be repetitive, but regarding the funeral home: Phillips says when they pulled up to the place where he saw the body, he didn’t think they were at their destination, rather that they were just making a stop. Who makes a stop at a funeral home on the way to see a dead body?

      1. To be fair, I believe Dyer said something about the funeral home having additional space- like it was an addition that was built on in the past. I suppose if they pulled up in the rear of a large building, the fact that was a funeral home might not be clear. Otherwise, I agree it’s kind of a weird thing to say.

        1. Well, if I didn’t recognize the type of building it was, I especially wouldn’t assume we weren’t at our destination. Phillips made it sound like they stopped at a Dairy Queen. (Remember, there was supposed to be security all around too!)

    2. You won’t find any records of a truck rental anywhere, since he never rented one. As far as rental cost, someone familiar with freezer truck rentals commented on another blog that a 6-8 week rental (I think that’s what Dyer claimed) could be had for around $10,000 if it was rented a month or so at a time. That’s just my recollection. BTW, he recently answered a question I put to him on his Radio Blog a couple months ago regarding the refer truck receipts. He stated he had them right there in front of him, but he wasn’t going to satisfy the *haters*! What kind of answer is that? If he was smart, he could have stated that he wasn’t in procession of the receipts ..but he fell into the trap I set instead.

      1. Ron
        If he released the receipts would you believe they were real?
        After all you’ve already said you wouldn’t believe it if he did. Look at your first sentence; “You won’t find any records of a truck rental anywhere, since he never rented one” What motivation does RD have to release the receipts if he still called a liar. If I am going to be called a criminal of some kind anyway I might decide to deserve the title.
        I think that this is at the very least a partial hoax but there are strange elements to it. Generally a hoax is done to make money in someway. I guess RD has made a few dollars from selling his book and memberships but that would hardly seem to be enough to make this worth the trouble. I think RD is a venal, vindictive, knuckle-dragging low life who would sell his mother, wife or kids if you offered him enough but guys like that are also lazy. I can’t see RD running any type of long-con. About the best I see RD capable of doing is the baby Bigfoot scam.
        That said, the stuff about “I have a friend/cousin/source in the BBC that told me they were all part of a con and are redoing the film to show how it was a con” is also a hoax. Journalist and documentary makers are no less prone to faking, lying and distorting the truth than anyone else but they don’t laugh about it and they don’t generally do it intentionally and if they do they don’t admit it. What is interesting to me is that the poster claims to know someone in the BBC who says “Hoax!” but not one of RD’s associates has come forward and said “I was the guy in the suit” I cannot believe they are all that disciplined.
        I’ve reached the point where I don’t know what to believe about this saga. I will admit it is sort of like watching those YouTube videos of automobile accidents in Russia. I have a morbid curiosity that I am uncomfortable with but I just stop paying attention. This situation reminds of a less bloody Syria. There just don’t appear to be any good guys on either side. I think maybe we should sort of quit calling people names and sit back and enjoy the crash. As I said in a post here a couple of days ago. If there is a body and if it is being examined by scientist and if they are writing an academic paper about it then it will take at least 18 months to get the study done, the paper written, edited and published.

        1. I’ve reached the point where I don’t know what to believe about this saga>>
          Really? Dyer’s story is a patent LIE…Period end of story. He hasn’t presented ONE SHRED of evidence to support his claim..not ONE.

  6. Regarding Texas Fish and Game- There are a couple of interesting things on Linda Newton-Perry’s site about this. A lawyer talks about Dyer’s claim.
    Later someone leaves a comment claiming to have called the State of Texas and said this:
    “After the comment from Debbie, I wondered if the state of Texas and Nevada really would let Dyer skip on killing a bigfoot. Well it seems the answer is NO.
    Texas public affairs inside the Texas department of Game say Dyer never killed any animal in that state. I asked the man talking on the phone with me from TDG if he could guarantee that Dyer didn’t kill one. He said “Dyer’s claim is just a hoax. No such animal was killed.” Nevada says no animal or primate is being held by Dyer or anyone with any known links to him.
    One last call to the department of Agriculture and she said and I quote, “Dyer is hoaxing the story. If one had been killed the federal government would have arrested Dyer.”
    Department of A said they can’t believe anyone would buy anything the man says or listen to a proven pathological liar. FREEZER HOAX”
    I’m not entirely sure that this person actually called the state. I have a hard time believing that they would know right off the bat about Rick Dyer but who knows.

    1. “One last call to the department of Agriculture and she said and I quote, “Dyer is hoaxing the story. If one had been killed the federal government would have arrested Dyer.”
      Why would the Federal Government arrest him? There is to my knowledge no Federal Statute forbidding people to shoot a Bigfoot. Especially if this event did not occur on Federal lands they would have no jurisdiction. Even if the Bigfoot were a protected species by the EPA. It would still be the State arresting him.
      As I said above. I believe that RD is engaging in at least a partial hoax but the people trying to discredit him are also more than a little suspect.
      That said people who work for State agencies are not normally known to be the brightest bulbs in the lamp either so who knows?

      1. Looking at the still from the Shooting Bigfoot film I would likely conclude that there at least would be an investigation before they let RD off the hook if it was. The face is very human looking. That’s been said by many who have seen a BF up close. Art Bell tells the story of hunters who buried 2 they shot because they looked so human they were afraid they would be charged with murder. RD had such confidence that he would not? Texas Wild and Game officials had such confidence that night to let him go? without investigation?
        I can only imagine the conversation between the officers:
        “Yup Travis, its a bigfoot.”
        “Your right Vern, bigfoot.”
        “Mr. Dyer your free to go. Just no more shooting your 30-06 in the neighborhood, ok?”
        “Yes sir”

  7. I’ve just become aware of some information that I find distressing. Lost amidst Dyer’s show-apologies of the past weekend was the news that a young woman named Melissa Harsh was no longer part of his group, that he declared, in his derisive phrase of human disposal, that she was “not Team Tracker material.”
    This is the young woman who acted particularly obnoxiously during the show where Dyer announced that he had “punked” Steve Kulls, laughing and waving a one-finger salute throughout the show. She deserved all the anger directed at her after that performance.
    But the fact that she was so deeply committed to Dyer, as shown by her extreme actions, makes it concerning that she’s now been cut from the team. All of us who have lived through the sick history of the past five years know well the stories of Dyer going through people, exploiting them and discarding them, and never looking back. Whatever we think of Ms. Harsh, she now will be ostracized by the cultish group as she endures the criticism of the world outside.
    Why did Dyer cut her? I hope it was her own decision, but this thing has gotten so deep that I really doubt it. He may have made impossible financial demands on her, or maybe she refused to be used as a spectacle before his cameras during his frightening three-week weight-loss camp. Whatever the reason, suddenly losing your status as an inside participant in what you believe will be the world’s greatest discovery could be devastating. I pray she has a strong sense of self and is able to move on without judging herself against the experience.
    You cannot call Team Tracker a cult without having some compassion for the people whose weaknesses become fodder for the sociopathic devil who leads them. He must be stopped, and examples like Melissa Harsh and Craig Phillips (who became the soul of pathos after his video was released) make the matter urgent.
    Where are you, Morgan Matthews? Be a hero and tell us the truth. Musky Allen, you could do it too. Where is the 2012 Team Tracker, who all disappeared after declaring they would kill a Bigfoot last year? Do any former members of the 2013 Team Tracker group know more than they’re saying? Now is the time for good people to view their ability to make a difference in the lives of others as a responsibility.

    1. I got the impression that Dyer wasn’t happy about her not going on the three week outing. I remember him saying that she was using her cat as an excuse not to go- and I remember thinking at that time that was pretty sorry of him to say that. I don’t know if there was more to it than that, but for Dyer that was probably enough.
      Dyer seems to need to have people around him who stroke his ego and agree with him, that is clear. And you better have a thick skin too.

      1. Yes and he also got into Craig’s face as well..
        This thing on Mellisa is simply the same thing..he needs absolute control of his followers..and so it stands to reason he would make demands of them allHe’s a sick MUTHA FUKA.

      2. These Team Tracker people are using Dyer as well,everybody wants to be in on the ground floor of the discovery of a lifetime and it seems many will do ,or put up with whatever it takes to be there when it’s announced to the world,even sell their self respect ,or soul for that matter,by following a psycho,but he’s a psycho with a Bigfoot body and holds all the cards or at least that’s how it appears..

        1. I think this is (or rather: could be) true, Tim. This is also my view of things going on in “Team Tracker”….

        2. That whole organization behaves like the proverbial ship of fools.
          If the entire TT group were on an airplane and it went down in flames …
          it would not be a bad thing. The genetic pool would be better off.

  8. Fai Mao, I think you’re missing the point about Dyer’s intentions. No, it’s not all about the money, but it is about the attention. Dyer is an attention whore and he loves being a kind of “cult leader.”
    He’ll keep this going as long as he can to stay in the spotlight, even if it is a small, dim light.

  9. I also noticed friction between Craig (his security guy) and Dyer during his last web cast. Rick better watch it, Craig seems like an emotional kind of guy and could just “up and leave” the Dyer cult. And would he have a tale to tell given that he is one of the supposed witnesses to the body!
    It will be interesting if the planned 21 day “nightmare” camping trip in October actually takes place. I personally believe it will go the way of the forfeited San Antonio trek. In other words…a big NO!
    Dyer only has a small band of devout followers, but I guarantee you this group isn’t loaded with disposable cash. Also, for those who do work, how many could or would take 3 weeks off from work to basically starve living off the land in a california forest?
    Sounds like a pretty miserable time. I bet as time draws nearer, Dyer will look for a way out.

    1. Agreed, Rob. Let’s also remember that no man who is awaiting the release of his Bigfoot body to the world, a release supposedly in the hands of investors and not his own, would give them the opportunity to release it embarrassment-free. Or even allow the chance that the news would break on its own…while he was away in the wilderness for three weeks.

  10. Someone here wrote that Dyer now just tries to find a “way out”. To be honest: He makes lots of noise for someone who just tries to find a way out. This is the latest news from his blog – “After the shot” will be released now – who wants to pay 100 dollars then? 😉
    “After The Shot” The First authentic video footage of a Bigfoot body that Rick Dyer shot. From the
    actual video footage from the San Antonio, Texas shooting nd what happened after the shot.
    Only 100 copies will be sold PRE-ODER your copies’s NOW before they are gone. The most important Bigfoot video EVER!!!!
    Reserve you DVD TODAY: $100.00 send you PayPal payment to

      1. Rick must have had a change of heart on the DVD…it looks like the price is now $129.00. Why would you limit (or even say that you would) the “most important Bigfoot video EVER” to a hundred copies?

        1. Dyer seems to be very confident. Either he knows about any potential legal implications, he has a good lawyer and therefore does not have to worry about selling “bigfoot videos” or he shows the real thing. If Matthew Morgan does not comment on all these new developments right now, he never will – and this would mean, in my opinion, that Hank exists (or rather: existed).

    1. This is unreal. Looking at his “promo” (the very definition of being “Rick” Rolled), this is the big documentary he’s been talking about…and just 100 copies to be sold! That’s a bit of a trap for him…he’s calling it exclusive to try and make $10,000 (or now $12,900) immediately, but it won’t look good when they’re still for sale months from now. He’s lost his chance to tell us he sold 500 the first day!
      And what an awful title…I thought the investors had pulled in a real crew, but all we’re getting is more Big Lion crap. If this were true he’d have been trying to sell them months ago. Everyone please don’t start getting Baby Bigfooted…this puts it on the line: internet fraud. He won’t have bothered to be sure he’s OK legally…he thinks he’s invincible.

      1. From Dyer’s Blog:
        (Note misspelled word *copies’s*..LOL)
        “Only 100 copies will be sold PRE-ODER your copies’s NOW before they are gone. The most important Bigfoot video EVER!!!!”
        Agree. Why has he waited this long and why *only* 100 copies initially? Makes no sense at all.

        1. They are going to take 100 orders before they start shipping. They figure as soon as they ship, parts of the video will start showing up on the Internet or will be all over the Internet, so they want to make $10K before it’s all over the Net which is very smart if you ask me.

  11. Hello. Long time lurker here. I can’t say that I’ve got an opinion either way on this. I’m new to the ‘World of Sasquatch’, but I’m very interested in the way this is all playing out. Thank you, Mr Lindsay for your updates which I find very enlightening. And that you too to the contributors to the blog, I love the balance which these comments embrace.
    My comment has to do with your opening line, Mr Lindsay
    “A “truly sensational discovery” will rock the anthropological community in the very near future!”
    I find this very exciting, from many points of view. I would love it to be information about a potential Sasquatch. However, I did find this item from the National Academy of Sciences and I wondered whether it might be relevant.
    Apologies. I’m new to the internet too (strange huh?) so I doubt if my link will work. However, a copy/paste should find it.
    Thanks again for this interesting series of discussions on an interesting subject.

  12. I have just read Melba Ketchum`s letter to Nature. OK, she might not be the most likeable woman, certainly a bit strange and not one of the foremost scientists on this planet. But this sounds like a very unfair treatment by the most renowned science journal worldwide. Like her or hate her: she was the first scientist who had the courage to examine the evidence for the existence of bigfoot. I hope, she will be rehabilitated in the very near future.

    1. Yes, she was thrown under the by with the science community,
      they didn’t like the fact that she isn’t a big name with connections.
      It’s like everything else in the world, Its who you know,what connections
      they have,and willingness to make some cash deposits at back doors.
      She is a bit catty, but that’s not a crime, and shouldn’t be treated like she committed one.

      1. No, she wrote a crap paper that didn’t prove anything and only showed that she didn’t know what she was doing. Try reading what other scientists have said about it. Even her one-time supporter, Dr. Haskell Hart, has retracted his support. The problem is, her supporters know so little about the science, she is able to dazzle them with big words.

        1. The comments from peer reviewers are somewhat harsh but that is the way it goes a lot of times. What is actually interesting is that they went to the trouble to be that harsh and ask for corrections. A journal will simply turn down a poorly written papers rather than put them through the review process. So, it appears that the editors saw something worthwhile in the manuscript.
          At least that is what i am seeing from the comments of the peer review of Ketchum’s paper
          The thing is with an academic paper, especially a controversial one the journal will often want you phrase things with some weasel words rather than making absolute claims. That is just the way it is. Doing this also gives opponents of controversial research the opportunity to respond without the debate becoming bitter and personal. (politics could learn a lot from this approach by the way). This could be as simple as saying “the data seems to support” rather than saying the “the data proves”. Nothing is ever proven in science everything can be questioned

  13. That’s what Dyer does. Have you forgotten he “confirmed” those truck-loading photos Musky nervously informed him about on a show months ago?

  14. Because Cali could be the next to go ?
    In the brief interaction I had with the man (and I do loath
    using that term to describe him), he gave every impression of
    of a sheep/human hybrid. Quite unable to think for himself.
    The definite impression I am left with is that if POS comes to a sudden halt , Frank’s head will become lodged in POS’s posterior.

  15. There are no words. I watched a minute of this and thought of Melissa Harsh. And Craig Phillips. And even Frank Cali.
    It’s Heath Ledger as Rick Dyer. No way can I watch this happen anymore. My head aches from banging it against the wall.
    So a documentary about what happens to a dead Bigfoot has absolutely no commercial potential. It’s only worth $10,000 and then its value is gone.
    This BS video only became a “product” when the supposed footage it shows was publicized on this blog. Do we not see what is going on here? I feel I am helping to sustain this disgusting story by commenting any further. Now I know why so many “haters” left the scene long ago. Repulsion is a powerful force, and it’s now forcing me to move on for good.

    1. I know right? Just like a car accident. Awful….but I just cannot look away.
      The documentary will show up on Youtube or something eventually, courtesy of a “hater”
      Should be good for a laugh at least.

  16. The caveat in this latest ploy is that ALL 100 Vids must be SOLD before they ship. What if he get’s only 85 orders? Do all those who placed orders get a refund? What if he actually gets 100 orders, but claims only 75 were sold? Is this a set up?

  17. I’ll wager Dyer is getting pretty low on cash and this is a desperation move to refill the coffers. This could be his “last gasp” because I guarantee this film is going to be a colossal disappointment!
    I guess this tells us that people aren’t throwing money at Dyer signing up for his extended camping trips, huh?

  18. I guess my position is that this is certainly not a hoax, that is of course Rick shot and killed a BF in San Antonio. Now after that, I am not so sure.
    What I reported is that a woman who works at Minnow came to me and reported the whole story to me about how Rick shot and killed a BF during the filming of this movie. That is what I reported.

  19. There had already been rumors flying around the community for some time that Rick had killed a BF, but they were just rumors until I wrote my piece. That is ok, I am comfortable being the one who broke this story. After all, it is true, and I deserve some sort of fame out of this I would hope.

    1. “After all, it is true”
      That all remains to be seen. So far we have NOTHING. Dyer has demonstrated an uncanny ability to LIE like a PRO….as evidenced in his recent *baby BF* mini hoax. Now we have a new CD that requires PRE-ORDERING that leaves the final shipping in question.
      Dyer is the consummate con artist….watch and learn.

      1. “Now we have a new CD that requires PRE-Ordering that leaves the final shipping in question.”
        Amen to that, Ron! Expect turbulent waters ahead, Dyer will no doubt delay the release as long as possible. For those ordering the CD…expect to wait a loooooooong time.

    2. Robert: You get your share of the fame, I am pretty sure. I can just repeat the experience I shared on Facebook find Bigfoot in early March, after I phoned the press officer at Minnow Films. I enquired about a wildlife conservation film in production and about – as it was called then – “Monsters and Men”. The press officer could tell me EVERYTHING about the conservation film, but NOTHING about the BF film. He could not tell me anything when it was just about crazy American psycho- and sociopaths, whose idiotic search for BF is their substitute for religion or a good, successful life? I then had my doubts in the weeks after the film release, but that`s gone, after Morgan Matthews STILL has not made a clear public statement about the hoax and the attack on him – although it would have helped the sales for his film enormously. OK, some people interpret this in a different way, I know, so let`s wait again – but now I am sure we soon will have the solution to the “Dyer case” and the head banging against the wall will stop. 😉

  20. Robert, today I was looking at an old statement from Ketchum to a peer reviewer where she said….(…
    “We even have high definition video of the donor of sample 37 sleeping in the forest and breathing at 6 breaths per minute (Supplementary Video 1). This sample was part of a field research study overseen by a PhD in wildlife biology so we are certain of the source of this sample and the video attached to it. We have a full facial video of her also that will be released after the paper publishes. I could arrange for the Editorial board to view it if they so desire and perhaps a copyright arrangement could be reached so that one frame could be used for the cover of the journal. The face is stunning.”
    This is all old news, but she said the “stunning” full face video of Matilda would be released after publication. I think you said one of your sources had seen the full video and was impressed, but as far as I know it has not been released publicly by Ketchum yet. Curious that she did not include it in the published article. Are you able to follow up on this photo and find if Ketchum still intends to release it? If it is “stunning”, it would be interesting if it were made public. There were previously issues about copyright of a sketch from the video, but it would be good to see the original video, rather than just the sketch. A VideoSquatch would be better than a Blobsketch.

    1. It is a video, not a photo. I have no relationship with Ketchum at all, zero. We do not get along. This is Erickson’s material, but Ketchum has been buying some sort of rights to his material for some time now. National Geographic has also been buying rights to Erickson’s stuff. That is, Melba was working with Nat Geo to buy some rights to Erickson’s stuff. This is apparently for a TV show on Nat Geo that Melba was going to be in. Not sure what happened to that show or if it will ever appear.

      1. ‘Not sure what happened to that show or if it will ever appear.’
        The menopausal fame whore demographic is very niche.
        Definitely not prime time material.

  21. I just cant believe there are still people (including the guy who writes this blog) who still think Dyer shot a real bigfoot. I mean how completely gullible can some of you folks be? Rick is completely lying and laughing all the way to the bank. At this point I am going to have to call you fools. Unbelievable.

    1. Oh please fuckoff with the name calling, silly little douche with the screen name of the most emasculated band in history.
      Your mother clearly needs to monitor your online time better.

      1. “Your mother clearly needs to monitor your online time better.”
        You make a great point here Mr. E2me but that may be a bit of a difficult task for her to perform when she’s slobbin’ on my johnson.

  22. Good point Timmy. Just don’t stick it in. Apparently Mrs. Chung has some horrible genetics that I’m sure you don’t want proliferating.
    I wonder if buying one of these videos from POS is a good place to start a legal action. $100 isn’t a huge gamble. If I wasn’t broke ass I might do it.
    Risk the hundy to be able to initiate proceedings for fraud. When the vids don’t show up , have a lawyer call him. If/when vid shows up and shows less than promised (realistic scenario) then go after POS for fraud…
    I would love to see him taken out of the public eye for an extended stay at the crowbar hotel.

    1. Either the fix is in for sub par pre orders (under least that what he’ll CLAIM to prevent actual shipping) OR this is a staged event. I was surprised to hear him say he shelled out 20K for the film crew? I never knew he HIRED a film crew to come out there and film the loading of the truck! I don’t recall him mentioning this before? Where would he get the $$? As I understand this, this was HIS GIG..not the so called *investor’s*? He also mentions that we will see the so called *REFER TRUCK*. Well, that wasn’t the truck on the scene for initial loading. It took him a day or two to obtain one. Again…let DYER SHOW THE PAPERWORK ITSELF for the refer rental and put THAT in the DVD so we can scrutinize the authenticity of the paper trail. MORE BULL SHIT COMMING FOLKS.

      1. I bet the “Reefer Truck” is a 1978 Datsun that has the picture of a girl in a bikini on the hood along with a camper top a cheap stereo and a water bed mattress in the bed
        I can hear RD say: “Wow man, I think I just shot a Bigfoot!” and the hooker with him answers “No that was your mother, she came to tell you it is time for supper”

  23. Inventor
    How brave will anyone have to be, to stick their nose out in this world, or alternatively psykopathic. The brave one I would say, is Dr Ketchum. she has taken the fight with the worst of the ratpacks, both from the public side as well as from the scientific community. i think you need to be quite a “Katty” woman to manage this. Opposite to this, the only good thing with the attention that This Dyer guy is drawing, is that he now instead takes a lot of the blows.
    I have to say that I myself have lost the track of the specifics in molecular science technology since many years back. But I have indeed been working with the actual tools and technology in the early days, selling this stuff to the laboratories. In the one hand, I find it being great that people indulge in the science, on the other hand, please show some respect for the enormous tideous work that lies behind the Ketchum study! Also understand that some other “scientists” are just as bad mobbers as the worst you would find anywhere.
    Why is the bigger part of the scientific community so quiet ?
    -They know that the actual data from the Ketchum study is more than rock solid and they rather understandably do not dare to say so.
    Please excuse me for the spelling, I am not an English native.
    Thank you Robert for keeping the most ballanced and interresting blog on these matters.( and other topics)

      1. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m enjoying watching Dyer play the role of the drowning man grasping at any financial rope he can find.
        For all of his bluster about his purported wealth, it is obvious that the man is running on financial empty. His recent estate sell, vehicle sell, moving to a smaller house, desperate recruiting for glorified camping trips, and now this DVD joke that will surely put the final nail in the coffin of this hoax…
        Yes, all four walls are finally crashing down on his mendacious, egomaniacal, sociopathic, fat, bald head. Karma is a bitch.

        1. Don’t be so sure of that…Dyer is the consummate con man. I don’t think this DVD GIG is his last hurrah..not by a long shot. It’s either set to *fail on launch*, where the quota never get’s met and all those who made pre-orders are burned..OR>>>this is a staged video. It will be interesting to see which scenario plays out.

  24. Minnows web page showed “In production” well before Shooting Bigfoot was released, nothing has changed on their page.

  25. Yes, but the hoax is losing steam…big time. Dyer is losing followers daily. This is demonstrated by his lack of support in his last two expeditions. He even admitted to canceling his San Antonio “reunion trek” due to lack of interest. Even the “die hards” are starting to awaken from their trance as the broken promises continue to pile up (Ex. Robert Lindsay,DS, FB/FB guys).
    I guarantee you this is why Dyer is going the DVD route. He knows his time is running out. No question the response to the CA expedition has been lackluster, and so he hopes to cash in with one last “hail mary” play. Because after this DVD debacle, the party will be over!

  26. DS, or Doc, is a die hard defender of Dyer’s on RacerX’s site. He has been expressing more and more frustration with the constant broken promises by POS. He is starting to have real doubts.

  27. I have seen the word “cult” used here several times. I would have to agree with that.
    Recently, Team Tracker have adopted a hand signal; an inverted V made with the first two fingers of one hand with the forefinger of the other placed across the top. This is supposed to signify a double T for Team Tracker.
    As I watched this little episode unfold, I had visions of Adolph Hitler and his cronies, sitting around a table doodling on paper with crayons until they came up with one of the most hated symbols (albeit made up from a pre-existing religious symbol) in history.
    Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, you have to admit that the world does not need another cult. And that’s exactly what Team Tracker have become.

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