Bigfoot News September 8, 2013

I will continue to write about Rick Dyer. This is really the only good Bigfoot story out there, hoax or not. I look around at the rest of the field, and I just cannot see very much going on at all. As long as this is the top story, I will keep on writing about it. Rick Dyer appears to confirm that the September 2012 video of Hank dead on the ground is real. [youtube=] At first Frank Cali says there is no video, then Rick says, “Well maybe there is something to it…And it definitely looks like someone has been running his mouth to Mr. Lindsay.” I thought this video was real because the fellow who saw it has impeccable credentials, and I do not think he would lie even if you pointed a gun to his head. Video of Hank reappeared on Youtube in Spring 2013. The video briefly reappeared on Youtube 6 months after it first appeared. A man named Paul Guggenbuhl was supposed to see it, but when he got there, the link was already taken down. Paul is a very minor player on the Bigfoot scene as is the fellow I spoke with who saw the video. The video was taken down because Paul was not supposed to see it. To this day, Rick Dyer still thinks Guggenbuhl saw it and is mad at another person for showing it to Paul. However, I can confirm that Paul most certainly did not see that video. Why show the Hank video to the people who saw it? On 9-7-12, the video was showed with a password to only a few select persons, with a question asking for advice about what Rick should do now, now that he has apparently shot and killed a Bigfoot. Rick did not state he had killed a Bigfoot, but that could be implied if one watched the video. The people who he showed it to were extremely minor players in the Bigfoot scene. In fact, one had left the community some time prior. Why show it to them if you are hoaxing? Wouldn’t you want to show it to some of the biggest Bigfooters of them all if you were hoaxing? And why post asking for advice about what to do now if you are hoaxing? What an odd request if you are hoaxing. Existence of Hank video complicates the skeptic theory. The Dyer skeptics now have to come up with an explanation for this video which I now believe exists beyond a reasonable doubt. My source is not lying about the video, so forget that. So what else do we have? Did Rick fake a video of a Bigfoot lying dead on the ground using his stunt man, or is it one of his stunt men? That would seem to be the only explanation. Dyer has a video of one of the scientists who studied Hank the dead Bigfoot. Rick has apparently filmed an interview with one of the scientists who reputedly studied Hank at the government research center were he was supposedly held. Rick has stated that this man has a fairly well-known name in the scientific community in that he can be Googled and you will turn up material about who he is and what he has done. Assuming that is really him, skeptics will have a whole lot more explaining to do about how a named scientists was somehow convinced by Dyer to lie about a dead Bigfoot. However, Rick says he is not releasing the video because it would be too destructive to this man’s career at this point. It sure would be nice if this video, assuming it exists, could be released somehow. New skeptic theory about proof that Dyer is hoaxing. From here.

My cousin works for the BBC as an Editor and has told that the ‘Bigfoot’ shooting in the movie was staged … Dyer created a little video on his cell phone that showed a Bigfoot face near a tree … it was just the head and shoulders with prosthetics and make-up, but apparently it looked good enough to convince the Director to go back to America for a last chance effort to film the mythical creature … Dyer then staged an actual visit by the creature … a big homeless person he paid to get into some make-up etc … the fake Bigfoot guy did give the Director a pretty harsh bump, really flattened him … he was super pissed off … left the camp immediately … As for the film, lots of people think it ends really strangely. That’s because it’s not the real ending, which will be included in what airs on the BBC. I was told the film company left the hoax bit in for initial screenings at festivals and for preview showings but when it gets aired on the BBC it will also include the details about Dyer’s obsession and just how far some of the Sasquatch hunters will go … like I said, I thought everyone already knew all this stuff.

The first part about the cellphone appears to be a reference to the Tent Video. However, this cannot be true. Morgan Matthews was present during the shooting of the Tent Video. I know this because you can hear Morgan whispering to Rick during the video. Morgan saw the Bigfoot eating the ribs off the tree and was whispering to Rick in his tent next to him to try to wake Rick up because Rick was sleeping in in the late morning. “Rick! Rick!…” you can hear in the video. My original source at Minnow told me that you can hear Morgan whispering to wake up Rick in the actual video. Some time later, a new video came out with Morgan’s voice whispering for Rick to wake up just as my source has told me. So the part about the video enticing Morgan to go back to the states one more time cannot possibly be true. Why didn’t Morgan sue Rick was half-killing him with a stunt man? Also this contradicts my original source at Minnow who told me that Rick shot a Bigfoot. Also we had another story like this earlier from someone who had a source at Minnow who confirmed that this was a hoax. This story was traced back to a lie started by Don Boucher. Bigfoot radio host Philip Smith says he has proof that the Dyer story is a hoax. I just got off of Smith’s radio show. Smith informed me that he has multiple sources at Minnow Films and that these sources have all informed him that the Rick Dyer story is 100 The problem is that I had one source at Minnow who now no longer talks to me. And many other people, including my friends, tried to talk to people at Minnow, but no one would talk to them. Seeing as no one at Minnow would ever talk to anyone, how did Mr. Smith manage to get not one, but more than one source at Minnow Films in the UK? This is puzzling. I asked Smith about the Hank video, and Smith said that Rick must have hoaxed that video also. The problem is that Smith is not a particularly good source. He was co-hosting radio shows with Dyer as of December 2012, by a few months later, he was in with radical Dyer-haters in Team Tazer. In February 2013, Smith said he had a source at Minnow who told him that Hank was being stored at the University of Las Vegas. So Smith has somehow managed to find three different sources at the ever silent Minnow, one of which confirmed the dead Bigfoot and told where it was being held, and two more of which insisted that the whole thing is a hoax. I am starting to think that Mr. Smith is not a particularly viable witness. But there are now two different people claiming to have three different Minnow or BBC sources confirming that this is all a big hoax. If they are all telling the truth, then that is excellent evidence in favor of the hoax theory. Dyer flown back to London for interviews soon after September 6, 2013. After the events of 9-6-12, Morgan quit shooting and Rick was fired from the movie for some reason. However, Minnow did fly him back to London for a round of interviews at Minnow offices. This from my source at Minnow. Also, one of Rick’s friends confirmed that Rick went to London soon after 9-6 because he spoke to Rick on the phone around that time and Rick told him he was on a plane heading back to London. Now if Rick just killed a Bigfoot, a new round of interviews makes perfect sense. However, if he had just hoaxed Morgan and Morgan knew it, why fly him back to London for a round of interviews about…apparently…his latest hoax? Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. If this is a hoax, why did Rick keep it secret for over three months? Hank was shot and killed on 9-6-12. Rick Dyer did not say a single word about shooting a Bigfoot until I broke the story in the media on 12-12-12, at which time Rick reluctantly confirmed it. If you are pulling off the greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time, why on Earth do you keep it a secret from the whole world for three whole months? Grant you there were some rumors flying around, but Rick was not confirming them. This part doesn’t add up. If you are hoaxing, you blare it to the whole world right away.

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17 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 8, 2013”

  1. Robert, I am open minded about Bigfoot existing, but given the track record of RD, I find it hard to believe he shot anything. Rumours are easy to start and they soon take on a life of their own.
    I think if RD had a Bigfoot, Sykes would know about it. No hint of that yet. Lets see what Sykes turns up, he has had access to the best evidence available, and tested 30 of the best of the best. If Sykes does not find at least one interesting sample amongst the 30, it makes it hard to argue for the existence of Bigfoot.
    Ketchum was attempting getting DNA from at a possible Bigfoot tooth and some bone. The tooth certainly looked interesting, as it was larger than a typical modern human tooth. I suppose it might just be an extra ordinarily large modern human, perhaps from a very early native American? Have you attempted to find out from Ketchum if this has yielded anything of interest?.

    1. Rhettman Mullis is closer to Sykes than anyone. He recently said that the Dyer story is very frustrating because while we want to believe it is a hoax, we still have not yet been able to prove that it is a hoax.
      The tooth is not human. It is not just that it is too large, it is that it is also the wrong proportions. It looks more like a Neandertal tooth than anything else.
      I will still believe in these things no matter what Sykes finds. My friends have seen them, and that is quite enough for me. One of my friends even shot and killed two of them!

  2. Robert, it’s not credible that a noted scientist would willingly do one of Rick Dyer’s cellphone videos and then Dyer would hold it back in concern for the person’s reputation. None of that makes any sense at all.
    Just as it’s not credible that while en route to watch the Bigfoot body being moved, Craig Phillips would think that when they parked at a funeral home they were not at their destination but just…making a stop?
    I wonder again if you have considered why Dyer’s 2012 Team Tracker, who his archived website states were committed to killing a Sasquatch in 2012, disbanded before the year was over and was replaced by new members. I can’t make sense of that…can you help? I would at least like to know these six people’s opinions about whether their team was successful in their stated goal:!__tracker-team

    1. Craig Phillips says the Bigfoot body “is real”. He was supposedly RD’s security person. Does anybody know if Craig is a real known security officer with any record of creditability, or is he an actor down on his luck looking for work?
      When I first saw the video of Craig, I thought he might have been genuine. But when RD wandering off into fairy land with stories of captured Bigfoot babies it put the whole RD saga in the too hard to believe basket.
      My current supposition is that Craig is not being truthful, otherwise there would likely be some form of independent verification by now. My current supposition is that Musky was not being truthful either. If those two are not lying, perhaps there is a very well made teddy bear somewhere which just happens to look like a Bigfoot.
      Are Craig and Musky both party to a hoax, or both just incredibly stupid, or are they honest people who both believed they saw a genuine Bigfoot body? I have no personal knowledge of the credibility of these two. But by their support for RD who has shown his word cannot be trusted, one wonders just how trustworthy the really are.

    2. Martin. You are making entirely too much of this “making a stop” comment. Craig was simply saying that he did not expect to go to a funeral home to see the body. So when they pulled up there, since it obviously was not where the body would be, the only other logical choice is…they were making a stop. Not saying this is real but you have posted this three times and it is not the smoking gun you seem to believe it is.

  3. If a real Bigfoot had been shot, I believe it would have been shown in the Matthews film in minute detail, from high magnification views inside the ear hole, to the dirt under the toe nails. All the film shows is a few fleeting ambiguous seconds of a blurred supposed Bigfoot. It is ridiculous to suppose that Matthews was in USA to film a Bigfoot hunt, but was not permitted to film any Bigfoots that were bagged. Bagging a Bigfoot was what Matthews was there to film. My guess is no clears photos of a dead Bigfoot in the Matthews film means no dead Bigfoot on the day of filming.

    1. ‘Bagging a Bigfoot’ was NOT Matthews filming mission at all. If you recall the orginal title and description, ‘Of Monsters and Men’ a journey of men in the BF community who were obsessed with mythical monsters and their adventures to find them. I believe Morgan may still be working on his original story plot, documenting the obsessions of us all!

  4. I have recently had an epiphany regarding claimed Bigfoot footage.
    I was watching this ‘Motor Trend’ episode online. (I’m not going to link it , is easy to find). The story was about a using a Subaru on a photo safari of Africa. At one point they come across a black leopard. Well, they say it is a black leopard, I saw very little leopard. Something dark in the grass.
    If it was posted as BF footage it mos def would be termed blobsquatch.
    I have had an ongoing bear problem at home. They like to raid the garbage at the side of the house. I’ve been keeping a camera in my upstairs bedroom closest to the area, so that when I set the alarm off in the car and the bear comes into view I can get a pick. Those fuckers never
    hold still and I have not got a great picture of one yet. I’ve been working at it for about 3 years. The current one I named Fatso is kind of bold too.
    He doesn’t run away, he saunters. Sometimes he stops for a second and looks at you. It is still incredibly difficult to make sure, lens off, flash on, night setting (seems like it doesn’t work anyway..) and then he’s gone.
    Point being that even with a professional photo crew and guides tracking a known animal in it’s own habitat cannot get a clear picture. Also having a clear shot doesn’t mean that you will be prepared for it at that instant, even if you have the right equipment.
    So I am giving a lot more consideration into how hard it is to actually get a photo of this beast.
    Due to the difficulty in getting clear photos and the proliferation of fakes it’s easy to see how hard it is to use photographic evidence.
    We still need a body imho.
    Until that time as body is produced I will only give POS and others with similar claims a cursory going over until the evidence is produced.
    THEN I will believe their claims.
    I will continue to read and support Bob as I like the way he writes and thinks. He could be falling for the hoax, but it is interesting reading anyway.
    Doesn’t bother me if he gets burned, I don’t know why folks get so angry with him. I would keep supporting Monsieur Lindsay even if he fell victim to the ‘hoax’.

  5. Last week I had an interesting email exchange with one scientist at one of the leading anthropological institutes in the world, the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. He wrote to me that in the very near future the world of anthropology can expect a truly sensational discovery. He did not mention a man called Rick Dyer nor any bigfoot. Perhaps he “just” wrote about a major new “revolutionary” fossil find like the Denisova or Flores people in recent years. However, I found the pathetic expression remarkable in an otherwise scientifically “sober” mail exchange. Does he mean Dyer? Or the DNA study by Sykes? What does he know? Anyway, one more reason to expect a “hot autumn (fall)”…

    1. I also would expect a cooperation. However, the most hilarious scenario would be if Sykes will publish his “final proof” that bigfoot does not exist and the very next week the “Dyer scientists” announce the presentation of “Hank”.

  6. Robert
    I attended the premier. Mathews states in the film SBF that he had nothing to do with the tent video as he showed a still from that. The voice you heard was an overdub that was on the rereleased tent video. Im afraid the conclusions you are arriving at are far less than 100% accurate.

    1. Matthews was in the next tent and he whispered to Rick to wake him up. My Minnow source told me that, and then the 2nd Tent Video surfaced with Morgan’s voice whispering to Rick to wake him up. Yes, Rick shot the Tent Video, but Morgan woke him up in order that he could shoot it.

      1. Robert that exact whisper appears in SBF the night of the alleged shooting. Please question your source about how aggressively Morgan divorces from the tent video on film.

  7. Robert, I’d like to address your last comment about why Rick would wait if it was all a hoax. He actually didn’t wait. He released the tent video to test the waters. At first it caught a little fire but when it was revealed that it was him that released it that died quickly. Fast forward a few months and “leaks” about Rick having shot and killed a Bigfoot started to come out. Those leaks along with the tent video got the attention of some of the new guard in the Bigfoot community that didn’t know his history with the 2008 hoax. Thanks to Facebook and some blogs, yours included, Rick saw an opportunity he thought he had lost after the rejection of the tent video and voila, he ran with this new second hoax. There have been MANY new people join the Bigfoot community since the first hoax and they quickly took to this new hoax like moths to a flame. And Rick got VERY lucky with this one. He had the added credibility of the film to help him push it along. So the first 4 months of the year in the Bigfoot community were nothing but all Dyer all the time. And then came the film release and BANG, this hoax hit it’s first and most deadly roadblock. There wasn’t 3 minutes of HD footage of a bigfoot. There was barely 3 seconds of “something” that looked nothing like the creature in the tent video. And in addition, the film ended up being nothing but a complete hatchet job to the Bigfoot community. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the movie or not but it kills the Bigfoot community, making it look like a bunch of stupid, redneck idiots. It also does a good job of slamming America in general. Morgan comes across as nothing but just another British snob taking shots at America. The movie is heartbreaking if you care at all about the Bigfoot community. It kills it and makes us all look like fools chasing a fairy tale.
    After that film Rick was supposed to be realising pictures, videos, reports on his dead Bigfoot. He releaed nothing. Month after month of releasing absolutely nothing. Not one single solid piece of evidence he shot and killed a Bigfoot that day. He pushes the reveal date back and back back. All of this is clear proof he has nothing. He blames it all on investors. That’s nonsense. There are no investors. Ask youself, why would anyone of means invest their hard earned money in someone who has already pulled one hoax and whose character and maturity is so questionable in all regards. No one would invest a dime in someone like that.
    He’s down to maybe 15 supporters these days and it’s quite the motley crew if watch any of his google hangouts. He simply has nothing and every day anyone helps him keep this hoax going is just another day he has bested us in the Bigfoot community again.

    1. Greg.
      That really does sum it up. I have been following this since March and some days I think exactly what you have written. Then other days, well, I guess the little naive kid who believed in Santa surfaces and I rationalize all my doubts away. I can’t wait until it ends. One way or another. Just wanted to really say, good job laying the argument out there. But tomorrow, I will disagree.

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