Bigfoot News September 6, 2013

Anniversary of the day Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. This is the 1-year anniversary of the most famous deed in Bigfoot history. And yes, I do now believe that Rick killed a Bigfoot on that day.
The following events are true beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • A Bigfoot was present with Rick and Morgan in San Antonio.
  • Rick shot the Tent Video of the Bigfoot earlier in the day. You can hear Morgan whispering in the background to wake him up.
  • The Bigfoot came back later than night to eat more ribs.
  • Rick saw and came out with his gun. Morgan came out of his tent with a camera. They both chased the Bigfoot.
  • Rick shot live bullets and the Bigfoot.
  • The Bigfoot ran into Morgan and knocked him over.
  • At some point, Rick shot and killed the Bigfoot. The details are unclear.
  • Video of the dead Bigfoot was later shot with Rick’s cell-camera that night or early the next morning. More on that later!

However, what happened after that? I am much less sure. Does Rick have the body? Does anyone have the body? Who knows? Maybe Rick took the body and set it on fire. Maybe he ground it up and sold it as horsemeat to a pet food factory. Maybe he stores it in his freezer and has carnal knowledge with it once in a while. Maybe the whole story about it being stored at a US government research lab is true. Anyway, I haven’t the faintest idea what happened to that body after it was shot. The story gets much murkier after that, and few if any things are proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
Video of Hank the dead Bigfoot exists! On September 7, 2012, a strange video appeared on Youtube. It was private and needed a password to get in to see it. Only a few people close to Rick Dyer were invited to see it. Rick sent out invites with the words, “What do I do now? Give me some advice?” The video was very short and was shot on Rick’s cellphone either late at night or early the next morning. The video showed Hank, shot dead, lying on the ground. I know one person who saw this video and they have been 100% convinced that this story is true ever since. Unfortunately, I cannot give you their name.
A strange message from Morgan Matthews to Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo (italics mine).

To all at the Cryptomundo team, We are contacting you from Minnow Films Limited, the production company responsible for the “Shooting Bigfoot” documentary. The reason we are contacting you is we have seen that photographs that were illegally obtained in the movie theater have been uploaded onto your website. I also understand that you may intend to upload clips of the film that were also obtained illegally.
Whilst we appreciate your interest in the film and are very aware of the importance of this footage to the Bigfoot community, uploading this material nevertheless breaches our copyright. We will not take action with regard to the uploading of the photograph, but we would have to take action if any clips are uploaded. Could I therefore request, on an amicable basis, that you do not upload or otherwise publish any of our copyright material? Thank you very much for your co—-operation. Minnow Films

Ok, if this is nothing but than a 2-bit fraud or a joke, why would it have any importance whatsoever to the Bigfoot community? It wouldn’t. But if it was some of the Bigfoot footage ever shot (which it is) would it have any importance to the community? Well of course it would.
Shooting Bigfoot still in production? This oddity was found on the Minnow Films website. As you can see, Shooting Bigfoot is listed as “still in production.” In addition, the title is only a working title and has not been decided on yet. Why is that? I thought the movie was done filming. Is it common for a movie, when it is done filming, to be listed as still in production? Why would it be? What director would make a movie, release it for awards and then go back and re-edit it or produce it again. Why would they do that unless it was, for example, a documentary that was going to change the course of history, which this movie may possibly do?
Dr. Brian Sykes project due to be released in 6 weeks? This is what I have heard, that they are done with all their testing and are going to release their findings in about 6 weeks. No one knows what they have found yet. More here.
Three videos from the movie Dead Bigfoot. The movie has apparently been finished. This is a documentary by Ro Sahebi. It stars Justin Smeja and Bart Cutino among others. Ro is a great filmmaker and it should be quite nice!
I now own some Bigfoot hairs. I have my very own Bigfoot hairs, gathered in the Northern Peninsula of Michigan. I also have a magnified photograph of the hairs. They look like human hairs, but they are different in some interesting ways. They are kinky and curly, almost like pubic hairs, and similar to some of the other photos that have been floating around.

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52 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 6, 2013”

  1. Robert, sometimes when a movie has poor reaction from an audience or critics it gets re-edited or has scenes re-shot. This could very well be the reason for the delay of the movies release.

  2. A couple of points about Dyer’s show tonight…he says Phillips saw the body at a funeral home, but Phillips remarked on his video that he didn’t know why they were pulling up to the destination, that he thought they were just making a stop. A funeral home would not cause that kind of reaction in someone expecting to see a dead body.
    Also, he suddenly says he didn’t see a Bigfoot at the Home Depot prior to the trip with Matthews. That’s another case of Dyer recanting a story he told with sincere and loving detail many times.
    He also is absolving Biscardi from any role in the 2008 hoax. I believe it’s a ploy to “make news” since interest has died (for the most part) in his dead Bigfoot story. Or they’ve got some deal going. Either way, it’s another jaw-dropping example of Dyer’s ability to completely recant a story he has told over and over again in minute detail.
    One more thing…your item about the “day after” video on You Tube totally contradicts what Dyer says happened immediately after the Bigfoot was killed…that his investors and their contacts took over everything. According to him, he was not looking for help deciding “what to do next” through YouTube.

  3. Morgan Matthews said that Rick was shooting live bullets at whatever he was shooting at that night. I believe Morgan.
    The Tent Video and Shooting Bigfoot videos are excellent, two of the best vids ever shot, up there with the Patterson footage.

    1. Mathews hasn’t said JACK and there’s a reason..keep it a mystery to sell tickets. Had there been a BF killed, Mathews would have put the dead body in the film. It’s a no brainer.

      1. Oh, Hollywood could learn from you and Morgan Matthews. These film people always talk about the newest movies featuring brad pitt, george clooney or angelina jolie. But guess what? DESPITE all this pr work, they actually SELL tickets! Lots of them. But: How many more tickets would they sell by keeping it a secret?! Look at Morgan Matthews: that`s why all the world is talking about Shooting Bigfoot. Well, or rather 526 people on five or six different bf blogs..LOL!

  4. “Maybe he stores it in his freezer and has carnal knowledge with it once in a while.”
    I kind of don’t mind the P.O.S. updates as long as they are well done hatchet pieces such as above.
    Where’s Mata Hari ? I want to know what flavor of monkey POS totes on his back.

  5. If the shots were fired in a wooded area, they would be muffled somewhat. Either way it seems that some type of shots were fired as reported by Matthews and the homeless guy, Jeff.
    While it’s debatable if the tent video is realistic, I wouldn’t characterize it as a blobsquatch, It is either real or a hoax.
    As far as getting ribs at Walmart, Dyer said they initially went there to get camping gear for Morgan Matthews.

  6. So I was wondering how Dyer would get people to pay attention to him again…he’s retelling the 2008 hoax to exonerate Biscardi in order to further implicate Kulls, who happens to have complicated his current hoax.
    The problem for Dyer is that the only way he is able to get attention is to come out with another tired “finally I am going to tell you the truth” two-hour monologue that just exposes how easily he can turn a 180 on stories he has told as God’s honest truth for months and months…and now even years!!
    Now of course they’re pimping the rest of this weekend’s shows, hoping to get a few more viewers who like watching trains wreck. When his phone rang last night (he conveniently left the ringer on) after he gave up the Biscardi info, Dyer said “oh, there’s the first call of many,” projecting his pathetic dreams without even realizing it. Last night’s show was worth catching to see how he marked his “anniversary,” but no more for me…I’ll catch the highlights here.

  7. Supposedly Dyer asked for advice through a Youtube channel. Would his “investors” not be giving him all the advice he would need?

    1. …………….236.2931.0j13j5……………..
      or ………………236.2931.0j13j6……………..?
      Haven’t had this much fun since I was forced to learn Morse Code by the USArmy. Gotta learn to copy and paste.

    2. “he has a GREEN MONKEY on his back.”
      I might disagree mi amigo.
      If y’all a referring to the ganj ( see what I did there..)
      I don’t think that substance is the root of his problems.
      It might be ganj. But then he’s a regular from birth fucked up psychopath
      that happens to smoke weed. Weed is not the cause of
      of his behavior, this I know. It’s one of the other really nasty ones.
      Ones of those that makes yur teeth rot, your body shiver when
      you are too far from a fix, and maybe some track marks to top it off.
      It’s one of those. If it was just the really nice smelling cigarrettes
      he would be happy with an x-box and some twinkies and watching re-runs
      of Finding Bigfoot. We wouldn’t hear squat about him getting anywhere near anything wooded.

  8. I direct your attention to this group one more time:!__tracker-team
    It’s the 2012 Team Tracker, and the page title is “The Best Trackers In The World Will Try To Kill A Bigfoot This Year.” That year was 2012…funny how that worked out, huh? So where are all these people now? They’ve gone into hiding?
    One must have been the person who shared with you that he saw the day-after video, because none of the people who are (publicly) close to Dyer today were close to him on September 7, 2012. None are listed on that web page, and none from that web page are part of the Team Tracker we know today (or knew even months ago). That’s based on the names that have been swirling around as the usual suspects in Dyer’s Google Hangouts.
    What happened to all those people who were part of Dyer’s team in 2012, trying to kill a Bigfoot? Why did they disappear when it “happened”? You’d think they’d be with him forever. Why is Dyer’s current team all new people??
    Even if you can’t give up the name, Robert, don’t you think it’s odd that no one has stepped forward to say they saw this video when Dyer has been trying to establish credibility for a year now? Dyer’s changing stories not only contradict this detail you’re reporting, but continue to show how he can tell stories as absolute truth for months or even years and then completely recant them. I know it’s frustrating to you, and I respect that you’ve recognized that you have to justify your belief that there’s a body without considering any information that tracks to Dyer.
    On another note, there’s a rumor making the rounds that the televised BBC cut of the documentary will not end with such an “arty” flourish…that it will include what everyone who has seen the film expected: a more complete explanation of what happened that night (scroll to bottom):!-!

    1. The person who saw the video was not a TT member. As a matter of fact, they are pretty peripheral to the community. They want no park of this mess and told me to keep their name out of it. There may have been only a few people who saw that video. The person who saw it has impeccable credentials. Would not lie even if you put a gun to their head.
      Now maybe Rick made a fake video with his stunt man lying “dead” on the ground, right?

        1. Neither would I at this point.
          I wonder if this isn’t another “We have a baby Bigfoot”
          While I have stated that it seemed entirely possible that RD did shoot a Sasquatch since that time he has done everything he can to convince me otherwise. I will wait and try to ignore him

  9. Thanks for the link Martin. Very informative and corresponds to some of the points noted by Robert Lindsay as well as some noted by RD’s ‘haters’. Here are the bits that caught my eye:
    “My cousin works for the BBC as an Editor and has told that the ‘bigfoot’ shooting in the movie was staged … Dyer created a little video on his cell phone that showed a bigfoot face near a tree … it was just the head and shoulders with prosthetics and make-up, but apparently it looked good enough to convince the Director to go back to America for a last chance effort to film the mythical creature … Dyer then staged an actual visit by the creature … a big homeless person he paid to get into some make-up etc … the fake bigfoot guy did give the Director a pretty harsh bump, really flattened him … he was super pissed off … left the camp immediately … As for the film, lots of people think it ends really strangely. That’s because it’s not the real ending, which will be included in what airs on the BBC. I was told the film company left the hoax bit in for initial screenings at festivals and for preview showings but when it gets aired on the BBC it will also include the details about Dyer’s obsession and just how far some of the sasquatch hunters will go … like I said, I thought everyone already knew all this stuff.”
    Wow! I’d say that wraps this hoax up tight.

    1. If what you are saying is true the the BBC is part of an actual hoax. They have no reason good or bad to do that as it would do nothing but damage their credibility. You may be right but until they release the corrected version of the film I will not believe it. That is the kind of stuff that gets journalist fired.

    2. Yes, it always seemed like Matthews was humoring Dyer by promising to keep the ending vague so Dyer could run with it…but he must have gotten cold feet or decided to stick it to Dyer, keeping the footage minimal and robbing Dyer of the temporary fame he was counting on. Maybe the final edit includes some “what happened next” commentary, and Matthews went along so he could see what Dyer would do with it, making his final cut more complete.

  10. If anyone cares I have footage of a unicorn thst was just outside my tent trailer. I also have samples of pubic hair from one of several hobbits that are living in my neighbors tool shed. All of which are true beyond unreasonable doubt.

      1. If Mr Dyer is allowed to make outrageous claims potentially and very likely at the expense of others am I not allowed the same freedom albeit with humour.

      2. Seriously, Robert? No one can ridicule you because its in the rules? Why even open comments on a blog such as this if people cannot express their own views? You were not being ridiculed. The poster was using humor to express their point of view. Are you that insecure that no one is allowed to question your judgement? Banning people left and right only perpetuates the idea that you do not have a legitimate argument and cannot have an actual discussion or debate on said topic. I would suggest closing your comments going forward, stop blogging, or be man enough to debate your point of view without having to ban people when they strongly disagree with you.

      3. All of which are true beyond unreasonable doubt.
        See he ridiculed me. You can’t do that on here. Go read the Comments Rules. There are lots of folks who have been posting here forever, sometimes years, and have been disagreeing with me for much of the time, and they are still here. You can disagree with me, but you have to do so nicely.
        Nobody ever gets banned here for disagreeing. It’s never happened. They get banned for ad hominem stuff, hostile tone, etc.
        Looks like Sagebush got a new name and came back anyway…

  11. On Dyer’s recent podcast he says that the homeless witnesses that were present after the bigfoot was shot, killed, loaded on a truck, are still being paid a fee..(monthly? Weekly? Sorry, I do not remember). Also, they were taken anywhere in the Country that they wanted to live.
    You would think at least one of these alleged homeless witnesses would have come forward by now (if it were true).
    Because obviously, some would demand more and more money to keep silent regarding this event (if true). Unless, of course, they had to sign a NDA

    1. “Unless, of course, they had to sign a NDA”
      What would happen to a homeless person if they violated the NDA?
      Would you be revoke their homelessness or take away any spare change they might have?

  12. There is NO WAY a story like this could be kept *AIR TIGHT* for this long.
    There are SO MANY potential purported multiple sources of leaks in this saga that it’s mind boggling! As just stated, we even have those *homeless* people who were paid off as a perfect example. I would simply point out the academic community that has been scrutinizing the body for a friggin’ YEAR! In this day and age..with the internet and social media, this story would have spread like WILD FIRE in the research community..chatter would have been rampant and all over the place within academia.
    Yet, ironically, Dyer is using academia as the very reason for all the secrecy and delay. What a crock.

  13. Well, what do you know…RD made an apology to Robert Lindsay on his radio show the other night. He admitted he was wrong to call Robert a pedophile, that he has a criminal record and that he exaggerated the truth about things Rob had said in a past blog posting. In fact, POS made a lot of apologies that night to several people.
    He went on further to say that he’s turning over a new leaf and finding his faith again, LMAO. It’s not, it’s all just another way of manipulating the gullible masses and those who hang on his every word.
    What he is too dumb to realize is that he attacks and criticizes his haters for the exact same reasons and behaviours he displays.
    On one of his radio shows POS asked me why I care so much and if I don’t believe him, why do I listen….of course I HAD to be riding his coat-tails like every other hater and that I must have no life. Another example of him accusing others of why he himself is and does.
    Personally, I can’t wait for him to start parading that body around the country like another Minnesota Iceman exhibit. He’s going to prove to the world yet again that he’s nothing more than a cheap Barnum & Bailey act.
    His main goals right now; selling his new DVD for $40 and promoting another one coming out in a month. Who today at this time is willing to buy a DVD for $40? DVD’s are virtually obsolete and their prices have fallen drastically. BUT, since he had 1000 copies made, he’s got to make up that money and with a good profit! The next video coming out, another bunch of BS surrounding the trip back after the alleged shooting. Translation: it will be 1.45 hours of crap and BS and shenanigans on the road and maybe 10 seconds of ‘something’ furry in the back of the truck.
    Since I know Dyer and cronies read this I will just say to you Dyer; give it up while you still have a shred of dignity left. Your intentions are obvious and clear, to sell as many DVD’s, memberships and expeditions as you possibly can. Do you forget what you say on your videos? That “you have made a fortune off your expeditions”, “still making money on the 2008 hoax” and that, “you’d do it all over it again in a minute”.
    Frank Cali, Andrew Clancy, Jake, Chris Sands, Jason Judd, Craig and others: could you brown nose and lick butt anymore than you’re doing? Is being ‘yes-men’ to a fraud your highest aspiration in life? Most of you are fat, one’s morbidly obese, one’s an alcoholic another shows little pride for Oz and quite frankly a sorry excuse for an Aussie…
    I watched POS’s show last night about his opinions about the conflict in Syria and I even heard some of you respond somewhat unfavourably and yet, you just didn’t have the guts to stand up to POS and tell him how you really felt!
    Sad, sad, sad….all of it. And to think you’ve lost yet ANOTHER TT member, Melissa (the shit) harsh, lol. How many members have you gone through now? Melissa just “wasn’t TT material”….direct quote from POS.

    1. That is nice that Rick admitted that he was wrong for calling me a pedophile (What does he base that on anyway?) and for saying I have a criminal record. Well, I certainly have never been arrested for child molestation or any crimes involving children, that is for sure.

      1. He said that you have a blog on here, somewhere in the archives where you say you have an attraction towards girls who are 13 years old.

  14. ALL normal heterosexual males are attracted to females of that age. It has been proven over and over in many studies. The degree of attraction is up for debate. Some studies show maximal attraction for females 13+ in 100% of males, others show that males are attracted to 13-15 yr old girls at a rate of ~70-90% that of females aged 16+.
    However, to tell you the truth, I do not even know what a girl that age looks like. I do not know any 13 yr old girls. I saw one a while back though, and she looked pretty good,. but way too young. We have a junior high here, and when it gets out, there are a lot of 12-13 yr old girls walking along the streets. They are sort of ok to look at, but not really anything special and not my cup of tea anyway. The high school girls look way better.
    If being attracted to 13 yr old girls makes you a PEDOPHILE, then apparently 100% of heterosexual males are pedophiles.

    1. I wonder if Albert Ostman was attracted to the adolescent daughter of his bigfoot captors. After all he did say he would have taken her back to civilisation. There has also been speculation that his story had some connection to a sexual fantasy he had.

  15. Well this is supposedly why he made the apology to you, because THAT’S all you said in this prior posting, that you said you were attracted to young girls of that age. He said that he mixed that bit of truth with lies to make it seem like you were a pedophile and therefore a convicted criminal.
    Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m only telling you exactly what RD said and in his long winded ‘apology’ video. You don’t have to defend yourself to me, I never even saw this alleged posting you made, nor do I have any interest in trying to dig it up. I assumed it was just another lie from Dyer and because he dislikes you.

  16. Oh brother !!! You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time. But no way your making a fool out of me.

    1. When I was a kid my parents saw a supposed sasquatch frozen in a slab of ice. It was a hoax used to remove money from curious sideshow visitors. They (my parents) had no idea what a sasquatch or bigfoot was at that time but I remember their description vividly. Even then as a kid it sounded fake. After all these years I have still not seen anything that I would consider anything more than an attempt at removing more money from the hopefull. I think it is possible that a large bipedal hominid exists in small family groups ranging from south Alaska through the rainforests of British Columbia, Oregon and Washington. But I will never pay money to see some brief blurry footage wrapped up in two hours of hillbilly bullshit. Never. I smell reality tv in the air. Swamp People anyone? Encounters with sasquatch often include descriptions of a foul skunk like smell. Dyers sasquatch smells like bullshit.

  17. When I was a kid my parents saw a supposed sasquatch frozen in a slab of ice. This was around 1973 or so. It was a hoax used to remove money from curious sideshow visitors. They (my parents) had no idea what a sasquatch or bigfoot was at that time but I remember their description vividly. Even then as a kid it sounded fake. After all these years I have still not seen anything that I would consider anything more than an attempt at removing more money from the hopefull. I think it is possible that a large bipedal hominid exist in small family groups ranging from south Alaska through the rainforests of British Columbia, Oregon and Washington. But I will never pay money to see them if. Never.

  18. Minnesota Iceman is a true story. S and H saw a rotting, decaying body on that ice. There were lice in the hairs. It was later replaced by a model. People around him and he himself said or implied several times that the body was replaced due to fears of going down on homicide. He almost got arrested taking to the body into Canada.

    1. Does anyone know where there might be a more detailed description of Ostmans creatures. I have heard that he described the alpha male genitalia as being similar to a gorrilla. I thought that was interesting as he probably had no idea what kind of junk a male gorrilla possesed. I’ve read his description of their hair and a reference he made to their big toes being very flexibleand strong but it seems likethere is a far more detailed description out there. Somewhere?

      1. I dont’t think my parents saw the same creature. They said it was frozen inside a block of ice. Unless they saw the replacement used to keep the mounties at bay. Any idea how the minnesota prop was displayed.

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