11 Mentally Ill Rockers

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Usually these diagnoses are all wrong, but most of these seem to be correct.
Jim Gordon, Derek and the Dominoes: schizophrenia. Never heard of him, but the dx sounds right.
Roky Erikson, 13th Floor Elevators: schizophrenia. Definitely a correct dx, and I have read some “interviews” of him that make that clear.
Gary Glitter: pedophilia/hebephilia. Something along those lines. He likes way too young girls way too much.
Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac: hallucinogen abuse, schizophrenia. However, he is still playing a lot now and has made a near complete recovery, which makes me question the dx.
Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report: alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder. Beaten to death in a fight with a bouncer, ruled justifiable homicide.
Bud Powell, jazz pianist: unknown, alcohol abuse, other unknown issues. Schizophrenia dx seems wrong. Dead of cirrhosis at age 41. Got beaten badly over the head by cops and his mental stuff started right then.
Per Yngve Ohlin, Mayhem: Depression. Suicide in 1991. Slit both wrists, then flew his face off with a shotgun. There is a bootleg out there with a photo of his dead body on it. Do not look it up as it is very gross. His brains are everywhere.
Sid Vicious, Sex Pistols: Heroin addiction, other unknown issues. Would be interesting to see what sort of a dx you might give this guy. Depression? Antisocial personality disorder? Who knows. Girlfriend Nancy Spungen died in their room at the Chelsea Hotel of a knife wound. Sid might have done it, but maybe he didn’t. No one really knows. He did confess. She is said to have had a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, but that seems all wrong. Bipolar disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder are the new updated dx’s and they seem a lot better. Why not throw in Antisocial Personality Disorder while we are at it. She is a perfect candidate.
Skip Spence, Moby Grape: Hallucinogen abuse, schizophrenia. Dead in 1999. Last time someone tracked him down, he was living under a freeway overpass in San Diego. There are some recent photos of him, and he didn’t look very good.
Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd: Hallucinogen abuse, schizophrenia. Excellent dx, 100% correct. Died at his mother’s house a few years back.
G. G. Allin: Drug abuse. I haven’t the faintest idea what dx to give this nutcase, but if you say he was normal and don’t dx him, the word normal then loses all possible meaning. Sort of a Sid Vicious type except he was a lot worse. Antisocial personality disorder seems about right, and God knows what else. He didn’t appear to be psychotic in my opinion, but you don’t have to be psychotic to be seriously whacked in the head.

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13 thoughts on “11 Mentally Ill Rockers”

  1. Roky Erickson was primarily guilty of being a drugged out rocker from Texas. What a place to be an outsider in the 60s. Schizophrenia should not be a death sentence. He was abused by the system and is finally back from the shadows.
    Goodbye Sweet Dreams

  2. According to Rockets Redglare, he killed Nancy Spungeon. Although the fact that this admission came from that fat fucks mouth should automatically prove his innocence.

      1. He was living on my wife’s couch for a bit around ’98 to ’00-ish and had told her that he was the one, not Sidney, who had done the stabbing. It was something to do with money, drugs and her being a twat, according to him. At the time he told my wife it wasn’t news to her as this apparently was an “open secret”, or whatever it’s called, in that circle.
        She also said the same type of thing as Rachele here in that the guy was full of shit and an attention whore.

      1. This has no direct connection to the issue but since you just reminded me that you know about mental disorders I would like to ask, what do you think about transgenderism and gender dysphoria?

        1. That is a very complicated question. It seems to be made up of two different groups:
          1. Freaks of nature. They have felt like the opposite sex since birth. I am very sympathetic to these folks.
          2. An extreme form of homosexuality. I am much less sympathetic to these folks.

        2. Interesting. Steve Sailer has the opposite view of yours; of the men who become women (he makes no mention of the reverse situation) he is most sympathethic to the extreme homosexual types; he regards their homosexuality to be proof that they are truly feminine types; he then says that the other type of sex changer is a freak (often not even gay but rather into women) who has a weird sexual deviance in which he gets sexual arousal from imagining himself a beautiful woman, and otherwise is completely masculine and tells lies about having always felt a woman inside.
          Not that I expect you to care about Sailer’s opinion, and I myself don’t believe that he’s exactly right, but he does point out examples of men who are into women and then change sex and turn into lesbian women and it’s hard to believe that they have always felt like the opposite sex since they have always cultivated a macho image and stereotypically male interests, and these examples do seem to refute the position you stated before. I don’t know what to believe myself.

  3. I was reading Viv Albertine’s memoir and when she wrote about Sid Vicious I got Asperger’s vibes from him though. That he was shy doesn’t really work together with a antisocial personality? I know that they are dx that are commonly misdiagnosed.

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