Ariel Castro Is Dead

The famous man who kidnapped three teenage girls and imprisoned, raped and tortured them in his home for 10 years killed himself in jail yesterday by hanging himself in his cell, apparently with his jail-issued bedsheet, comes with every cell. He was on suicide watch, but they only come by once every 30 minutes. He had also been getting many threats from other inmates.
Inmates have a curious system of morals. One thing is “pick on someone your own size” as long as you are going to be picking on people at all, which is after all what criminals do. If you are going to rob or kill someone, rob or kill a grown man, one who can fight back against you. Inmates who victimize women and especially children are held in very low esteem, especially those who rape and kill women and children. It is considered pussy and chickenshit to prey on women and children, who are considered by inmates to be relatively helpless.
Even sex offenders have a hierarchy, believe it or not. Voyeurs and exhibitions are on top, and child molesters, rapists and guys like Castro are lower than whale shit, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean!
I heard Castro got himself into some deep sheet in jail, but he hung in there as long as he could.
As much of a scumbag this guy was, I do have a tiny mite of respect for him. I mean come on. How many of you guys have ever had a 4-way with three chicks? This guy did every single day! Impressive. I don’t think I ever had a 4-way with three females. This one time I was doing with this woman and her two dogs kept barking and jumping up on the bed, but that doesn’t count, does it?
Well, that’ll be enough Castro jokes for now…

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0 thoughts on “Ariel Castro Is Dead”

  1. It’s strange. In primitive tribes like the Yanomamo that are something like prehistoric societies would’ve been, it’s acceptable to beat your wife, rape women and kidnap young girls from other tribes. Why have our values changed so much?

  2. I can’t believe people are naive enough to think this guy committed suicide. He merely “committed suicide,” as in some prisoners who don’t take kindly to sex offenders slipped a bull a carton of cigarettes or a balloon of heroin, and then they went into his cell while the guards turned a blind eye and they strangled the puto to death. It happens all the time. Incidentally, if any of you guys want to read some fucked up stuff about prison, I know about twenty to thirty of the best books on the subject.

    1. “Incidentally, if any of you guys want to read some fucked up stuff about prison, I know about twenty to thirty of the best books on the subject.”
      I would consider myself in that demographic. Care to give a ‘ Hizzle’s greatest hits’ list of prison lit. ?
      tanks mang.

    1. A society is as civilized as it treats it’s prisoners.
      Like a man, it can be judged based on how it treats those who can do nothing for it.
      Murkins aren’t all that civilized. We gets what we deserves…the vast majority of cons get out in a few yrs….put a dawg in a cage and poke it everyday with a stick, show it zero compassion, zero responsibility for it’s welfare, zero recognition as a human being, and you turn a graduate of “society hates you” loose on…society.
      We’re so smart, aren’t we?

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