Willie Nelson, "You Were Always on My Mind"

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7f189Z0v0Y] A great cover of the Elvis song. Both this and the other great song, “Suspicious Minds”, were written by Mark James, who is obviously a great songwriter, but I have never even heard of him. Hell, he only wrote two of the greatest songs ever written! Elvis hardly wrote any of his own songs. All he did was cover other people’s stuff, or he had songwriters write stuff for him. But so what! This is almost better than Elvis’ version, and the live version is at least as good as the studio version, which is unusual in music. I am not the biggest Willie Nelson fan, but this song is simply golden and eternal. This man has some real talent.

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4 thoughts on “Willie Nelson, "You Were Always on My Mind"”

      1. No. Not John Holmes. But funny you should mention him. I just first heard his name yesterday by chance surfing youtube and found a documentary about him which I proceeded to watch but then fell asleep. Synchronicity.
        For a quick glance and some links and videos about LC you can go here;
        If you have more time to get into the “who’s who” and “who’s connected to whom from where” this man wrote extensively about it in a book
        That’s part one. At the bottom of the page click “home” and you can continue on reading all the chapters. There are several, all with detailed info.

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