Elvis, "Suspicious Minds"

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBmAPYkPeYU] We punks have always loved Elvis. Without Elvis there is no punk rock. Without Elvis there is no rock and roll!

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0 thoughts on “Elvis, "Suspicious Minds"”

  1. Elvis is immortal …There’s never been and never will be a solo artist as popular as Elvis he revolutionized music as a whole..
    BTW, Robert do you like Eminem? what do you feel about him?

        1. Sorry, I get it confused with Wanda’s “Mean, Mean Man”.
          Claude Demetrius wrote the Elvis song. About the only thing Elvis ever wrote was “Love Me Sweater”.

      1. I know a lot about Elvis. I know he didn’t write most of his early songs. So does Robert. The point is, Elvis popularized rock, and that’s what matters.

  2. My favorite Elvis song. The anniversary of his death was about a month ago. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? I do. I was in a car and heard it over the radio. Seems like a lifetime ago. His lifestyle did him in what a shame. I love his gospel songs as well. If I could time travel I would love to see one of his early 70’s concert in Vegas, It must have been something else.

    1. I knocked my two front teeth out in a swimming pool accident on the day Elvis died. I was 2. I remember the accident but not Elvis’s death. I do remember that my parents didn’t tell me he died, and months went by before I found out. My mom was the biggest Elvis fan ever and he was a part of my life already then. Some of my earliest memories are of my mom blasting Elvis’s music in our home.
      Now John Lennon, I definitely remember that. I came down the stairs getting ready for school. I heard “Starting Over” playing over the tv, and my mother was bawling like I’ve never heard before.

  3. “In the Ghetto” really shows that Elvis didn’t deserve to be attacked for “cultural appropriation” of black culture. He had a good heart, and he was pretty adamant about mentioning that Rock & Roll came (in part) from Gospel and the Blues. Jackie Wilson once said that essentially it was all sour grapes, that everyone stole from Elvis, not the other way around. When the King died, Bob Dylan’s daughter mentioned his passing to her father in a kind of snarky, condescending way and Bob just shook his head and didn’t speak for weeks. He said that if it hadn’t been for Elvis, he never would have gotten into music.
    There have been many movies about the King, but Kurt Russell’s star turn in John Carpenter’s made-for-TV Elvis movie is actually the best. John Lennon once famously said that “Before Elvis there was nothing.” I’m not sure that bears a closer reading, as Lonnie Donnegan’s skiffle music was pretty much proto Rock & Roll.

    1. Why you take credit from Elvis? even not all the songs from a genre sound the same, they just have a certain pattern of beats, each producer give something unique or could improve a genre, Pop was created from a fusion of Black and White genres of music, yet the Asians have made original Pop songs. Even songs from a same genre can sound very different, How many White or Black Pop songs sounds 100% like this ?

  4. Favorite little known Elvis fact;
    Guy loved to wear a turban when he wasn’t performing. He thought it hid his identity, It actually drew more attention to him.

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