Disaster Capitalism

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_-sG9mO2DAU#t=369] I will never understand people who love capitalism. This is capitalism in the modern era. Heck, capitalism has probably always operated like this. What do the capitalism-lovers say to this? Disaster capitalism bad, regular capitalism good? How can you get rid of disaster capitalism and retain the real capitalism? Disaster capitalism is just part of capitalism. It’s how it operates. It has probably always operated like this. So many of you are mystified at why people like me call ourselves socialists. Well, it’s because of stuff like this. We have seen quite enough of capitalism, thank you very much!

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0 thoughts on “Disaster Capitalism”

  1. Well, until everyone starts voting, we’re all fucked. And even when that does happen, we’re still all fucked… just not as long and hard.

    1. they control both parties and most of the voting public still believe that the system works. everyday governmant and corporatons abuse the people of the US. good luck with your voting idea.

  2. There was a side-by-side comparison done in Germany in the second half of the twentieth century, and one continues in Korea today, and capitalism is winning hands down.

    1. So you support this disaster capitalism shit?
      You are making a false comparison. You act like capitalism is some monolithic entity and you act like socialism is some monolithic entity that was synonymous with state socialism with central planning under Communism. Truth is that during most of that post WW2 period, Germany was ruled by people calling themselves socialists who pushed something quite a bit different from radical laissez faire economics.

      1. The way I see it, neither capitalism nor communism ultimately determines any given society’s success.
        As Dota and I always argue, it’s a society’s underlying values that ultimately drive a society towards success or failure.
        Socialism has had a good track record in places such as Sweden (less so now thanks to immigration), but that’s not because socialist measures by themselves are some kind of economic panacea, but because Scandinavian societies have historically been homogenous (and still are, relatively speaking), are high trust and cooperative societies that place a great emphasis on work ethic and civic participation, etc.
        Various other countries that are capitalistic have also been successful, but those societies are mostly advanced Western or East Asian societies that generally tend towards advanced societies. However, if you implement capitalism in a primitive, caste ridden, ethnically and linguistically polarized society such as India, then I don’t think I even need to elaborate on the disastrous results.
        If any society wants to enhance its standard of living and improve the lot of its people, it first needs to fundamentally reform its values and cultivate the kinds of traits that result in functioning societies. Otherwise, no amount of capitalism or socialism (depending on which side of the barricades you stand) will solve the problem.

      2. I think we’re each just saying that either capitalism or socialism in its extreme form is a bad thing. I’ve posted here before that IMO the economy is too complex and has too many diverse actors, to simplify economic theory to whether we need more or less regulation, redistribution, or other government interventions.
        Since the introduction of the Great Society, the poverty rate among the elderly has dropped from 39 to 9 percent. OTOH, the fraction of black children born to unmarried parents has grown from 20 to 72 percent. So the major lesson from that, is to understand the moral hazards of any free money scheme (don’t incentivize pathology).

  3. Capitalism is Moral. Anti capitalist communism and socialism is immoral
    1) The United states and the west in general are moral by the fact there are not that many hungry people and poverty.
    2) India is highly immoral because there are 700 million living in abject poverty.
    3) China is more moral than China because in the last 2 decades they moved to an authoritative capitalism and have been on a binge wealth creation mode.
    Don’t get me wrong… Germany has socialism which is fine because they created wealth in the first place…they are highly productive so they use some of their wealth for a rainy day so to speak… a cushion for bad times..this is like someone who creates wealth and buys insurance with the money they have earned.
    but a society like India where its first head of state..a commie socialist like the Nehru bastard who wealth creation immoral and poverty distribution as a moral virtue and then promised his people free education and free healthcare is cruelty. The congress supporting secular liberal socialist Indians are highly unethical and immoral people.. these aholes from west Bengal and Kerala and other parts are worse than the Nazis for they have more than 300 million dead on their hands.
    What is even more incredulous is, the west believes in an immoral religion like christianity that never helped its believers from not killing the native Indians, or slavery of Lynchings or the Holocaust but Captialism in a way saved their sorry ass souls.
    While in India a highly moral religion like Hinduism was fought against and tarnished that kept its people from not doing such christian and Islamic horrors but Socialism has managed to kill millions and millions from starvation and extreme poverty.

    1. Capitalism has to be win win..it cannot be win/lose. What you find in the corporate US is socialism for corporation. Corn subsidies and such helps huge multinational like ADM and Monsanta to become eviI Goliath..but that is not capitalism anymore than the Mafia operating in a free country is an institute of liberty.
      You need laws to maximize freedom.. so corporations have to operate within lawful environment for capitalism to be true.
      The dot com companies and tech companies of CA etc are moral and capitalistic where its employees even the bottom most has an opportunity become rich with its stock options… while the old money like Forbes exploits its people and does not give stock options to its employees and are exploitative and in such old money companies, collective bargaining by unionization is fair game.

    2. You’re not allowed to talk like this on here Manny. We do not allow rightwingers on this board. This is a socialist website, and you can’t promote rightwing economics here. If you keep on doing it, I will ban you.

      1. I think you are misunderstanding me Robert. I am no blind capitalist like the forbes and Walmart folks.. But I am a Bill gates and Warren buffet kind of capitalist.
        Big difference you know. ..

        1. Yeah but you can’t say that Indian socialism or Indian Communism (which has never really existed anyway) is responsible for 100’s of millions of deaths due to starvation and whatnot in India. You simply do not get to say that on here.
          PS Since China undertook those reforms that you love so much, millions of Chinese people are dying from lack of health care.

    3. I don’t think you quite grasp the idea of morality do you? I had initially thought that your hateful rantings against Islam and Christianity were a manifestation of some deep seated anger, but now I see you for what you truly are: A child.
      You debate like a child in that you hold strong views on subjects you have little knowledge of solely for the sake of affirming certain views that you were indoctrinated with while growing up (the process is nowhere complete however). Your knowledge of the world is shallow, your understanding of cultures is a joke, and you have a complete lack of awareness of historical context.
      I wonder if the other commenters see you this way.

      1. Robert ,
        Listen Dickhead,communism is shit capitalism is need of the hour. Communism just kills people and establishes dictators like mao zedung joseph stalin and similar blood thirsty animals. Capitalism gives a standard living even for the poor think about it and write

  4. Idiot instead of admitting your weakness you ban . this is what communism tis all about Intolerant Arroganv like Mao Zedung. Atleast in a capitalistic country there’s a chance your voice is heard and opporttnities are provided where as in dictatorship communist regimes all thats done is oppression suppression and rebel ideology which destructs the society. Im stupid tyo argue with a douche small dicked narcissistic punk assed cxlown like you. Enjoy taking over the world dickless punkass therres no use of arguing with you…..

    1. Didn’t I ban you, Hindu worm? What are you doing in Japan, Hindu dog?
      I see you have no understanding whatsoever of Political Science or Economics. That will set you up perfectly for life in radical neoliberal laissez faire Libertarian capitalist society, where you can get along swimmingly with 100’s of millions of other know nothing fucktards.

  5. My question is, what is capitalism in the unadorned sense? Simply the means of production being in private hands and being used to turn some sort of profit? Or must it imply a system designed so as to protect the interests of those owners, and the making of profit over and above the needs of everyone else?
    Personally, I think the problem is not so much with the mere existence of private ownership or of profit in and of themselves. Your sole trader simply trying to make an honest living, your socially-aware cooperative outfit could both still operate under such a paradigm, and this doesn’t negate the existence of all forms of socialism. The problem is that the system is set up to protect the profiteers first. It doesn’t matter if you screw over your workers, customers or the people living in the vicinity of your operations. The corrupt system will protect you and act in your interests.

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