Tammy Wynette, "Stand by Your Man"

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U48VjCJkowE] God I love this song. When it first came out in 1968, the feminists went crazy, saying it was an anti-feminist song that encouraged women to stay with abusive husbands. Tammy thought the controversy was over until Hilary Clinton brought it up in an interview shortly before Bill was elected President. Hilary told the interviewer, “Well, you know, I’m not exactly a stand by your man type.” That brought the controversy back. Six years later, Tammy died, possibly of a drug overdose. She had led an interesting but painful life, married five times with a famous affair with Burt Reynolds. Her most famous love was George Jones, the great country singer. A legendary drunk, once she hid his car keys so he could not go to the bar. He got on his motorized lawnmower and drove 12 miles into town to drink in the bar! That shows some determination! I love a stand by your man type woman. I have had a few of them in my life, more in recent years than in the past. These are the best women in the whole world, devoted to their man. There is something special about that and what it does for a man’s ego. If you are a man, consider yourself lucky if you ever get a woman like this. The more “alpha” a man is, the more “stand by your man” the woman will be. It’s evolution at work. So that’s another compliment.

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24 thoughts on “Tammy Wynette, "Stand by Your Man"”

  1. An alpha male often cheats on his wife, but she is totally devoted to him. An omega male is devoted to his wife, who cheats on him, attacks his masculinity, and is too tired to have secs with him.

      1. Do you think an Omega male could use “reverse psychology” on a woman to make her believe he is an Alpha? For example, if an Omega gathers a bunch of male friends who are even more Omega than him and bosses them around, regularly cheats on the woman, is demanding towards her, etc.

        1. I am not sure. I started getting Stand by Your Man types about 15 years ago. Before that, I was more in the Omega boat that you describe unfortunately. I think it has a lot more to do with one’s attitude than anything else. Plus I take no shit from women now and I used to be a punching bag who never fought back. Women actually respect a guy who stands up and fights back against her shit.

        2. So Alpha-Omega is mainly a product of the environment. An Alpha male who lives around a bunch of pussies will turn Omega when there are big niggers in jail waiting for him to drop the soap. An Omega male could grow tired of the shit and start acting dominant and reckless and be passed off as Alpha.

        3. I suppose it is possible. According to your definition, I was an Omega early in life even though I was swimming in pussy much of the time. But in the last 15 years, it has been more like your description of an Alpha. The only thing that changed was I started fighting back against women. I would never fight back against a chick. They would humiliate me and do the worst shit to me and I would just sit there and take it like a puss. I would not even get mad, I would just get hurt. Because everyone told me never fight with a woman, if you do you are a bad man.
          Well that changed a while back. I cuss them out now if they get unruly, call them every name in the book, hang up on them, laugh in their faces, act cruel and mean, but only if they are bitching me out. I even threaten them sometimes. The result is that act like the “stand by your man” type a lot more as you describe above.

        4. Women always whine about how the media portrays them as housewives or obedient characters (even though that is NOT how the media does it), and about how this is causing men to want to act dominant towards their women. News flash for females; females LOVE males who boss them around and boss others around. Women are drwn to psychopaths and serial killers like magnets, because the less humane and the more of a complete asshole a man is, the more survival value his genetic offspring will have in a caveman world. Women are basically cavewomen who want to secure better genes for their offspring, so they have evolved to go after big, bad, high testosterone Alpha types, because that way their children will have a greater chance of survival. Most women deny this, but it is a cold hard fact.

  2. country music today is pop/rock music sung with southern accents passed off as country. There are some decent and even good songs but the genre is inundated with a lot of singers who aren’t that good or talented. Tammy was great. She and a lot of the old timers lived their songs before and after reaching stardom….. a lot of todays stars are really what back in the day we called “city kids”.

    1. Country music used to be good back then, they sang from the heart and the music sounded great , anything that comes out of nashville these days is just generic garbage that sings about driving a pick-up truck, drinkin Bud/Coors Light and watching Nascar. Johnny Cash was more than justified when he gave Nashville the finger.

  3. You’ve had several “stand by your man” women in the past who you are no longer with? Doesn’t sound to me like they were very stand by anything.

    1. Their attitude at the time, “Stand by my man,” and “I will do anything for my man,” and “I live my life through my man.” That sort of thing. That was while they were around, and it was nice as long as it lasted. They were loyal and devoted to the point of almost worshiping me while we were together. It’s a nice feeling! Try it sometime.
      As the commenter above notes, the Omega never experiences this at all.

      1. Nope. No hostile tone at all. I just found it a bit ironic that they were “stand by your man”, and then … ooops. BTW, I too have a “stand by my man” woman. Been married for 7 wonderful years. We stand by each other.

  4. I found it hard to get the woman I like even though my income, character and outer appearance is quite respectable. There is a kind of aura that blacks, gangsters and womanizer exude that make them desirable for women.
    I have seen whorer and gangsters abusing their women, but many women seem to come back again and again these these crook asking for more abuses. Their women are pretty and they behave like the most meek cat in front of these crooks.
    A crook can earn very much less income than me and he can has many success in field of love. This is the price I have to pay.
    I believe if I go out and screw a lot of women, I will get the aura and many women will come to me. They will be submissive to me. In this world, there is a force to seduce one to the dark side. I will need to resist.

    1. “I believe if I go out and screw a lot of women, I will get the aura and many women will come to me. They will be submissive to me. In this world, there is a force to seduce one to the dark side. I will need to resist. ”
      Come to the dark side.
      Mr. Creaders you are an interesting person. Sounds like you have
      a bad case of nice guys finish last. While it may seem that way.. it’s just how you handle yurself around women. The whole ‘wimmins wants the the big caveman dong because of the of the gentics… doesn’t fly w/me.
      Women want SECURITY. It’s why little japanese girls like Sumo wrestlers.
      Big fat ugly bastards. They love those bastards though.
      They feel safe around their manliness. The sumos are just being themsleves, the females are just drawn in.
      It’s why hot L.A. 10’s hang with skinny jewish dudes. They don’t got manliness on their side, but have huge bank accounts that they access
      from mummsie and dad or got a nice internship, thanks to the tribe. Financial security IS a form of security.
      Also don’t ever compliment them. Not until after you are married. Don’t let them have anything to feel high and mighty, or might stroke their ego enough that they feel they can do better. They need to feel that you are their source of security and all that namby , pamby fawning over them makes you look week. Treat them like a regular person.
      iirc you are not out for recreational activities, but a life partner. Same rules apply, you can be slightly gentler.
      Also, morals are good,but you are a being with needs.

  5. Very eclectic taste in music…I like that!! Reminds me of the adage; “There’s only two types of music – Good and Bad”.

    1. Yes! Country music, punk rock, Elvis…
      Punks liked a lot of music. At shows, before or in between acts, they would play all sorts of weird music, and the punks just ate it all up, country, early rock and roll, do bop, girl bands, 50’s music, soul music, all sorts of stuff.

  6. yeah you need to keep your women in line, barefoot and pregnant. When I come home from work I want a cold beer in my hand, a warm dinner on the table and a hot pussy at night. I don’t like the uppity types. Link Wray and Ramones rule!

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvGGp32_wvw
    Tammy didn’t stand by George I believe. Not that she should have.
    There was a very popular national clear channel nightly trucker’s radio host who refused to play this song,although he’d play about any country standard of the time. Said it was too pathetically sad. I don’t agree, but could be he took it personal in some way.

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