Bigfoot News August 29, 2013

Position on the Rick Dyer case. My position is that the Tent Video and the screenshot from the Shooting Bigfoot movie very definitely show real Bigfoots. Whether it is a single Bigfoot or two different Bigfoots is not known, but those are probably two different photos of the same one. I also think that Rick shot loaded bullets at a Bigfoot on September 6, 2012 and that soon afterwards, the Bigfoot crashed into Morgan Matthews, the movie director, badly injuring him. In my mind, all of these things are simply beyond dispute. Now we move into areas that are a lot harder to prove. Do we know that any of Rick’s bullets hit the Bigfoot that night? No. Do we know that the Bigfoot was killed that night? No. Further, there is not yet any good, hard evidence that the dead Bigfoot, if there is one, was then transported by Rick to Las Vegas, where it was held at a US government research lab for some time. There is certainly some evidence that the above is true, but we don’t have the same good hard evidence for these things as we do for the first paragraph. So it is still up in the air whether Rick shot a Bigfoot that night and whether, if he did, he killed the Bigfoot. It is also up in the air whether there is a dead Bigfoot at all, much less that either Rick Dyer, the US government or Rick’s investors are in possession of it. And we don’t know if it was stored at a US government research for a long time. Perhaps all of these things are true, but at the moment the evidence for them remains inconclusive. Dyer’s own words define him as a bloodthirsty narcissist with zero intellectual curiosity. Millions Against Sasquatch Slaughter posted this devastating video of Rick Dyer advocating the extermination of all Bigfoots. [youtube=] Dyer says Bigfoots are nearly extinct. This is another example or Rick’s extreme narcissism. Rick believes that after thousands of years of evolution, Bigfoots are now going extinct. He thinks there are only four or five left in the whole of North America, and they are all old and no longer reproducing. It just so happens that just before they blink out and vanish off the face of the Earth, Rick Dyer (The God of Taxonomists) comes along and kills one! Narcissism par excellance! [youtube=] Why Christopher Noel still (still!) believes Rick Dyer has a Sasquatch body. Here is an excellent statement from the great Christopher Noel about why he still believes the Rick Dyer story.

Though I will no longer be dealing with Rick Dyer–because he lied to me directly and extensively on the phone even though he did not need to in order to perpetrate his “baby prank” — I still fail to understand why, if the underlying claim of the Sasquatch body were not accurate, his team would continue to stick with him, including my long-time friend Chris Sands (who is obeying his Non-Disclosure Agreement and not breathing a word even to me, yet who remains a loyal team member and has not warned me privately about a hoax). The reason for this loyalty simply cannot be the mesmerizing strength of Rick’s personality. Three men (excluding Chris and of course Rick himself) have told me personally and in great detail about seeing the Sasquatch body. My best guess is simply that they are telling me the truth, that they saw this specimen, that others on Team Tracker have seen it too, and that this fact itself, above all else, is serving as the glue that keeps Rick’s team together; otherwise, these men’s own moral cores would have forced them long ago to jump off the death ship of a malignant hoax. Some suggest that the explanation for this loyalty must lie in money, but I can’t believe that all of these people would sell off their integrity and reputations so easily. And don’t forget, if money were the sole mechanism at work here, Rick would have to be regularly paying the dozens of people on Team Tracker in order to keep them in line. If even one felt underpaid, he or she would “squeal” and blow the lid off the whole thing. This has not happened, and I find that meaningful. Finally, ask yourself this: how would Rick even have this kind of $$ if in fact he is lying about the body and therefore is not backed by “investors” at all?

I asked Christopher the question that skeptics always throw out there – Wouldn’t anyone who really killed a Bigfoot or owned a dead Bigfoot take it immediately public in order to get rich and famous? Christopher stated that the investors were first working hard to scientifically document the specimen taxonomically in accordance with the norms of biological science. Only after this was completed would the body be released to public. He brought up the example of the olinguito. Christopher also brought up the skeptic argument that Rick could not possibly have any investors because if he did, he would not be so broke. His answers to both questions were excellent.

It took the scientists who discovered the olinguito — a species of mammal — ten years to complete their work and present it to the world. And yet, when it comes to the San Antonio specimen deniers, one of their favorite arguments is that “there is no way it would take this many months to present the Bigfoot body to the world!” Reality check: how much more thorough and diligent do researchers need to be in nailing down their analysis of a newly discovered species of human-like primate than they were in the case of the olinguito, a relative of the raccoon? It’s just plain stupid for people to declare that a Sasquatch body “would necessarily” be released in a timely fashion. “Timely” in their narrow, unscientific worldview. And how does Rick keep relocating if he’s so broke?

Pinkfoot Cindy Shafer is not Mata Hari. Pinkfoot has requested without informing anyone of who “Mata Hari” is, to tell everyone that Mata Hari is definitely not Pinkfoot! It does sound like Cindy knows who it is, though. I agree with her. I do not think Mata Hari is Cindy. Very odd video from Sasquatch Ontario. Another very weird video from Sasquatch Ontario showing possible Bigfoot vocalizations. Many people say this fellow is a hoaxer, but there is no evidence yet that that is true. The charge that he is making these audios via the use of some audio equipment remains unproven. These are very interesting videos, and those may well be Bigfoot vocalizations, I have no idea. I do not necessarily agree with the various glosses he is giving for this speech though. [youtube=]

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41 thoughts on “Bigfoot News August 29, 2013”

  1. You say that it is “simply beyond dispute” that the Bigfoots in the Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot movie are real. How do you come to this conclusion? Why is it beyond dispute? Is it just because they “look real” to you? In movies I have seen many ETs, monsters and Bigfoots that look real, but obviously they are not.
    As far as believing in it because others claim to have seen a dead Bigfoot, how do you know they weren’t fooled by a fake Bigfoot body? Special effects experts can do amazing things.
    I had never heard of the olinguito before, but the first page I looked at, Wikipedia, says that they “were regularly seen and even publicly exhibited decades before they were recognized as members of a new species.” It’s not as if they kept a secret under wraps for 10 years. So this analogy fails.
    The explanation that these guys aren’t showing the Bigfoot is because they are “first working hard to scientifically document the specimen taxonomically in accordance with the norms of biological science” doesn’t wash, IMO. The fastest way to document it would be to invite members of the public, press, and scientific community in to view the body and take samples. They could then continue to do their work, only with a whole lot more money at their disposal and with a lot of help from others in the scientific community.

    1. Tent Video is a 100% anatomically correct Bigfoot, as good as the Patterson footage. It is not possible for it to be a man in a suit.
      The Shooting Bigfoot still is not a man in a suit either. It could well be CGI, but there was no CGI in the movie. Further, the movie lists no stunt men, no costume designers, no special effects studio, no CGI, and the BBC guy said everything in the movie is true.
      I told you the dead Bigfoot stuff is inconclusive.

      1. How can you say the bigfoot is 100% anatomically correct when we don’t see 100% of it’s body….we also have no body to compare it to. Eye witness reports on what bigfoot look like can vary. I can understand you saying it’s very similar to what we “think” bigfoot looks like, but you honestly can’t say it’s 100% anatomically correct. No one on this planet can say that. ——–>Especially not Rick Dyer.

  2. The Tent Video is extremely brief and blurry, and it only shows the Bigfoot’s head. It would be easy for a talented costume designer or makeup artist to hoax. I haven’t seen Shooting Bigfoot, but why would they list stunt men, costume designers and special effects people in the credits if they wanted people to think it was a real Bigfoot? Obviously they wouldn’t.

    1. Mark H – Find the MK Davis breakdowns. He demonstrates how the eyes blink once really fast, not like you would expect a guy in a suit to do since it wasn’t visible without slowing down the footage. You can also see the mouth move and other facial expressions. If its a suit, its a grade A hollywood level jobby. Do you think Rick Dyer can pull off a mask whose mouth moves and eyes blink only fast enough to catch in slow-mo? I don’t know but somehow doubt it.

      1. I just watched it and remain unconvinced. So what if he blinked and moved his mouth? It wouldn’t need to be a full mask. You could just build up the brow ridge and cheekbones and leave the eyes and mouth alone.

        1. It is an anatomically correct Bigfoot in the Tent Video. Can’t go into more detail, but no one has made one yet. Facebook Find Bigfoot did a good video showing why it was real.

  3. I’ve been following “Bigfoot” for over 50 years and POS is a nut job and no one should believe anything he says without proof that would stand up in a court of law.Just seeing a snippet of film would not convince anyone of Bigfoots existance under those circumstances.

  4. Mark H-
    re: The Olanguito
    It was publicly displayed, and people knew about it, but they all thought it was a completely different animal. It wasn’t until a miscatalogued body was stumbled across in a museum archives that they discovered it wasn’t what they thought it was.
    So, while it was publicly displayed, no one knew what it actually was.
    This is analogous to finding a frozen body in an ice field somewhere (which is a thing that happens), and saying Oh hey, that’s a human, and examining it, and learning about it, and ten years later discovering that it was actually the body of a Bigfoot.

    1. Yes. This case has nothing in common with the olinguito. In this case they supposedly KNOW it’s a Bigfoot, but they aren’t allowing the public to see it. Why? Because they need to do “document the specimen taxonomically”? Gimme a break! Is it a Bigfoot or isn’t it? Show us the body!

  5. So we can’t see “The Body” because they’re doing research? Ok, how about some pictures? How about a film of the dead body? How about ONE SINGLE SHRED of proof! These “INVESTORS” want this to be a secret but allow the tent video to be leaked? They allow a suggestive documentary to be made about their “Secret?” They allow a guy like Rick Dyer to be the front man for their investent? NEVER. When the coelacanth was discovered the scientists didn’t release a 2 second blurry video of it….they had a huge press release….they explained to the world what it was and that further studies would need to be done. Everyone saw it that day. They didn’t have some admitted Narcassistic Pathological Liar milking every penny he could out of it and everyone who beleved in it either. Another thing…Morgan Mathews filmed the shooting of an actual Bigfoot and BARELY showed it in the film? REALLY? Let me tell you what would have really happened…The entire movie would have been canned with the exception of the footage of the Bigfoot being shot. It would have made the news as ” a real bigfoot being shot” and everyone involved would have been INSANTLY wealthy and famous.

  6. I agree with the suspicion about why Chris Noel’s other contacts are standing by Dyer. And I also agree with the idea that IF this is for real and IF real scientists have been examining the body, then of course, they will want to complete their research and possibly publish papers on it in scientific journals (real ones, not a fake like Ketchum’s “DeNovo”), and such research and paper prep takes time. People in the field are very assumptive about what others would do in this situation.

    1. Dear Curious: They have supposedly had this body for almost a year. What “research” are they doing? The DNA could have been analyzed long ago. Where is it? Do you really believe that they are not showing the body because they are busy with “research” and writing papers? If so, I have a baby Bigfoot I’d like to sell you.

      1. From personal experience
        An academic paper will take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months to write. After it is written it must be vetted or peer reviewed which takes another couple of months. After the review process the paper normally needs to be edited or corrected based upon the reviewers suggestions and sometimes resubmitted for additional reviews. Only after this process is complete is an article accepted for publication. Since most academic journals are are published quarterly there is then usually another wait of up to three months assuming that the next issue has room, if not then the wait can be nearly 6 months. Part of the agreement that academics sign with the journal is that they will not publish the findings in the paper in other places before the journal appears. This helps to ensure that journals maintain their reputation. If I write an academic paper today I plan on it taking 18 to 24 months to get published.
        Thus the time frame is about right if some academic person, a biologist or anthropologist or both is trying to get an article in a top journal (and honestly, if a real, honest to God, examination of a Sasquatch can’t get that then they need another job) then would take about this long, probably longer to get the examination, the DNA sequenced, the comparisons made, the paper written, reviewed, edited and in the Que for publication.
        If you were for example, Jeff Meldrum and had been laughed at for years by your peers and had the opportunity to publish this you’d dot every “i” and cross every “t” and keep to the letter of the law with the pre-publication NDA
        All of that – this could still be a huge hoax.

  7. Some friends and I were taken by a charismatic con artist for a great deal of money. All of us had had both successful and unsuccessful investments previously. Yet somehow we parted with our money and hung on through thick and thin, never willing to admit it was a Ponzi scheme until the conman fled the US with the money.
    People lie for all kinds of reasons, but gaining money, power and fame are number 1. They may be deluded, or they may be sane and rational sociopaths. I suspect this Dyer fellow falls into one of these categories and the people staying by his side have simply been conned.

    1. I support this view and this might indeed be true in many cases. However, this case will be different. Dyer now has to deliver until January 1st the very latest. If not, even the most fanatic supporter will not believe anymore. The body, according to his blog talk radio shows, will now be shown BEFORE January 1st, sometime between now and Christmas. Dyer also stated, that he might show the video/play the audio of a statement by one of the scientists involved in the study of Hank in his 1st anniversary (of Hank`s death) radio show next week. This person is rather famous, therefore there is, according to Dyer, no chance of faking it. The video of the scientist`s statement, Dyer says, has been send to all TT members, therefore the over 5.000 (!!??, figure given by Dyer) members might not have seen the body yet, but at least might have seen the testimony of very credible person in the world of science. We will see….

  8. I don’t know who Rick Dyer is but um what’s ur fav episode of finding bigfoot?
    of them the one where they caught a film of a bigfoot by 2 teens in montana looked good.
    have you seen syfy paranormal witness? i get a warm and fuzzy feeling

  9. I”m glad to see a few voices of reason; Mr. E2me, Xavier, Tad, Mark H. and others…..
    PO:, RD is so full of himself and has his lackeys so tightly wrapped around his middle finger that it’s scandalous.
    Many of us debate about what exactly POS (RD’s) ultimate/end goal is, but who really knows for sure and when we understand what a sociopath he truly is.
    Numerous times, he’s publicly and overtly stated that he “HATES the bigfoot community and simply wants to destroy everyone and anyone involved. To me, it makes sense that he’s attracted like-minded people in his ‘TT’ group who might also feel/think the same, people who never believed that sasquatch existed and are simply trying and wanting to make a mockery of the entire subject. If it’s not money or notoriety that Dyer and groupies are looking for, then it’s only a congregation of like-minded red necks who are getting together in hopes of humiliating anyone in the field they can. With the NDA’s and other legal loop-holes P.O.S. has enforced, he’s virtually got his members bound and gagged and even if they wanted to spill the beans.
    Cindy Shaffer/Pinkfoot: I can’t believe you went crawling back to POS on one of his live broadcasts, that really spoke volumes about your end goal and character.
    January 1st is going to come and go, just like any other date on fatty’s calendar.
    Nothing about the ‘tent video’ or the brief clip in “Shooting Bigfoot’ was real. Who honestly knows for sure where those images came from.
    As much as I like and respect M.K. Davis, his analysis of the creature in RD’s footage was flawed. There was no ‘blinking’ of eyes in that footage, it was merely video shadows and artifacts from the grainy video that doesn’t prove anything conclusively.
    The tent video is/was only a 5 second clip of a head & shoulders view of an unknown subject. videographed in lo definition through the opening of a tent. Easily, it could have been a mask, prosthetics, makeup or a combination of all 3.
    RD/POS is nothing more than a past admitted hoaxer, a disturbed person with a penchant for humiliating the bigfoot community, lacking any morals, values or scruples and with a main goal of making money through various scams, schemes and fraudulent claims.

    1. I did participate in RD’s blog chats after leaving TT. I have friends in many places, but I did not go crawling back and it’s funny to me that you waste time mentioning my character and end goals … I supported RD 100% for 9 months so my credibility went out the window a long time ago! I accept my mistakes and have moved on …. not asking for anyone’s approval!

  10. Al…I agree with all your points except the one about “Pinkfoot.” She deserves credit for separating herself from Dyer, whether she still believes he has a body or not. On that broadcast you’re referring to, she was sending messages to Dyer asking to be able to come see the Baby Bigfoot along with the other “haters.” I didn’t see that as crawling back to him at all…I took that to mean she was identifying herself as a hater and making a fool of him for the stupid plan he was concocting…very effectively, I thought.

  11. I like your style Mata Hari.
    There needs to be more of you.
    I have a question and silly as it sounds I’m serious about it.
    What kind and how much drugs is Rick on ?
    To be as fucked up as him surely requires some form
    of chemical dependency. I personally think coke or possibly crack.
    Possibly pills (a little hillbilly heroin might fit the profile) or meth.
    Potheads aren’t as vicious as this motherfucker.
    He is simply not a sober sane individual

      1. as a representative of the pothead community i am insulted that you would mention us in the same paragraph as POS and we want an apology.

  12. Hello Mata-Hari. Since you’ve come out of hiding, I hope you won’t wait until Robert’s next post to start answering questions.
    Your comment certainly begs the question: what were the circumstances under which you spoke to Matthews, and did he give you information that led you to changing your belief that there was a real body? Short of a confession from Dyer or Musky Allen, or someone otherwise “involved” in the tent video or movie finale, an honest accounting by Matthews of the confrontation he filmed would be the one thing that could clear this all up; Dyer says Matthews was the only other person present that night. Yet Matthews has been untouchable, unreachable, and inscrutable so far.
    Also, why would a TT member say they had “briefly” spoken to Dyer and “even Frank”? I would think you’d have said “even Matthews.” Is Frank that difficult to speak to? I thought your group had video chats all the time.

  13. No one should be giving Dyer the benefit of the doubt at this point. Dyer is a hoaxer and hoaxers hoax not discover elusive species of animals. I know there’s nothing I can say to change some people’s minds on this due to their belief in this being religious in nature, but maybe as time goes by and Dyer does more hoaxes, more of these believers will realize the truth.

    1. Why are we still discussing Dyer
      No …. truth.
      Well my authentic P.O.S. voodoo doll has not been working. P.O.S.
      has not spontaneously tossed hisself in front of a bus while loaded with used needles . Try as I might, those bus drivers just scowl at me for throwing a sock full shit at their ride.
      I’ll just resort to the comfort of my chair and cabernet and curse him
      out on the interwebs and pray there’s some Tron like demon deep inside the computer that feels just in striking down malicious retardates.

  14. Well Mati-Hari….. What, if any, of POS’s claims have any truth to them? I personally believe nothing from POS. Can you finally set the record straight? 1. Is there no real BF body in possesion?
    2. Was there no Real BF encountered during the filming of “Shooting BF” or in “Tent Video”?
    3. How can MM be complicite in this and justify it?
    4. WHY IS POS SUCH A POS!! ??

  15. what secret. the exsistence of bigfoot has never been decided by 1 siting. and since you can’t explain away 35,000 sitings then we dont view it as mythilogical. this isn’t a religion and until you explain where the hair. the foot prints , the sounds and the patterson video came from then you dont have case. its real 35,000 reported sitings cant be explained away.

    1. ‘too many needles in the doll will give POS aids’
      I had not thought of that. We don’t want him to linger and suffer, just a quick and decisive solution.
      ‘as a representative of the pothead community i am insulted that you would mention us in the same paragraph as POS and we want an apology.’
      Yeah bro. You got it. Smudging my laptop with homegrown right now to
      dissipate the bad joo-joo.

  16. I use to like this blog, but Roberts reporting of bullshit as fact has turned me off. (Read first paragraph)
    Please ban me so I am not tempted to come back and read more dribble about this stupid hoax.

  17. I admit to being disappointed by the Dryer hoax. If it is. So lets come up with a reason all the people support him. Maybe it’s a hyper hoax. A nega-event. Maybe certain groups are dead set against anyone thinking there are any other human type species other than homo-sapiens. Maybe like these guys.
    or these:
    or these:
    You say to yourself,” that’s silly”. Maybe not. I was at Nellis Air Force base in the 1980’s. We had Navy planes ” A-7’s” taxing up and down the tarmac with a small rocket strapped on the bottom of the plane. The rocket had a red flashing light on front and a radioactive symbol on it’s side. Of course the base commander declared,” There are no A-7’s on Nellis Air Force base”. I also knew they were repairing A-7 navigation computers at Nellis. What”?”
    Later I read Bob Rich’s book on the the Skunk Works and the stealth fighter. He said they used the excellent bombing computer, navigation system and ejection seat from the A-7. Immediately knew what had baffled me for years. You never know what’s really going on. Like magic you look where the guy is pointing or shaking the handkerchief while he pulls stuff out of his sleeve.

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