Idiot releases Bald eagle into chapel at Oral Roberts University. Nation’s symbol flies around a bit, gets confused probably trying to fly outside to get out of the chapel and flies right into the window, crashing to the ground. The Empire has fallen.
Good! Serves those patriotards right!

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0 thoughts on “USA! USA! USA!”

    1. The Eagle was not injured. The Eagle is legally owned by a wildlife shelter. It was supposed to fly straight from the back of the room to the guy, but freaked out because of the yelling (maybe) but also because the huge room has huge windows. Bird thought he was outdoors?

  1. How did these fuckers get a hold of a bird that is essentially illegal to own unless you’re a habitat foundation?

  2. And then I told that Spanish teacher lady, “If English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.”

  3. USA! USA! USA! = Battle cry of fucking retards…
    ALLAH AKBAR! ALLAH AKBAR = Battle cry of fucking retards…
    I think I am seeing a connection, here!

    1. Heartily agree!
      The only thing that would make this vid more hilarious would be close-ups of the bird crapping on the religio-patriots below as he flew majestically!.

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s hilarious.
    I wouldn’t call them “patriots” as such. They actually don’t like America’s freedoms and liberty, particularly religious liberty. They think everyone should convert to their religion. Oral Roberts and other of his ilk say that the radical Islamists did 9/11 because America is “immoral”.

    1. These dumbarse Baptists don’t even realize not a single Baptist singed the Declaration of independence nor the US Constitution.
      In fact, the Baptists opposed the ratification of the constitution for they decried that Jesus or christianity was not mentioned anywhere.
      Although these were the religion the founders were born into, almost all of them were Deist and Freemasons.
      Religious Affiliation
      of U.S. Founding Fathers # of
      Fathers % of
      Episcopalian/Anglican 88 54.7%
      Presbyterian 30 18.6%
      Congregationalist 27 16.8%
      Quaker 7 4.3%
      Dutch Reformed/German Reformed 6 3.7%
      Lutheran 5 3.1%
      Catholic 3 1.9%
      Huguenot 3 1.9%
      Unitarian 3 1.9%
      Methodist 2 1.2%
      Calvinist 1 0.6%
      TOTAL 204
      BAPTISTS = 0
      But these Baptist Evangelicals run around like they are the “real” American. They are as real American as a Wahhabi Arab American.

      1. Spammy- Wrong again. Oral Roberts was a Pentecostal, not Baptist, and Oral Roberts University is a Pentecostal school, not Baptist. Big difference.
        Oral Roberts switched to United Methodist at some point, but the U.M.’s are strange- they are ultra-liberal humanists here in California, but can be more conservative in the South. They are not evangelicals. Pentecostals are.
        That list of “Founding Fathers” is horseshit, Spammy. Those are just the old white guys who signed the Declaration. They were not all “Founding Fathers” like Jefferson and Washington. None were born “Baptists.”
        So, a lot of them were churchgoers, but the leaders were mostly Deists. There were no “Evangelicals” back then, although some sects were similar in some ways.
        Not all Baptist are evangelicals, and some who are (like Bill Clinton and Al Gore) are not really born-agains or evangelical in that sense. Even Jimmy Carter, who was aborn-again and an evangelical, is ultra-liberal.
        You know ZIP about it, Spammy. ZIP IT!

        1. Pentocostal dicks are similar to Baptist evangelical dicks. Not much difference. Both these pricks need to be beaten.

      2. Spammy-
        You don’t know anything about the hundreds of Christian denominations, or the wide variance within them.
        You don’t know anything about Western culture, and how secular it really is.
        Why don’t you post about what you know about- your Fascist Hindu World Revolution?

        1. I don’t want to know. We are all not born sinners and I don’t need some mythological figure to die for my sins that I have not committed either.

        2. All I need to know is that christian morals did not keep its believers from doing the worst abominable horrors in this world.

  5. Something like this happened a few months ago with Nawaz Shariff’s election campaign where one of his party members brought a female tiger to the campaign rally tied to the top of a vehicle. The poor animal fainted of exhaustion and dehydration. The practice of bringing exotic animals to campaigns should be banned.

  6. Hah hah…this is one of my favorite posts.
    Robert you’re actually a rare breed of American that takes an objective view of US foreign policy and is not swelling with arrogance and bruised ego.
    I met a lot of Americans in Europe, mostly students or other university types. It’s quite a significantly large sample I’m talking of. Almost all of them were pretty cool and open-minded on other liberal topics say drug use, same sex marriages, and environment. Thus these folks were Europeanized in the sense that they preferred living in Europe among Europeans rather than the States and their own people. No matter where they are, they still remain loud and proud Americans, and really wore their nationalistic pride on their sleeves.
    They would get visibly offended each time I brought up uncomfortable topics like US foreign policy, the misdirected approach to the war on terror, the gun problem, Westboro Baptist Church and stuff like that.
    This is in sharp contrast to shared jokes I had been enjoying with Dutch and Belgian people on the topic that their countries are so damn insignificant, i.,e. in the Netherlands and Belgium respectively. They would simply laugh along with me like “Yea dude…I don’t give a damn about my government. Let me just smoke my weed in peace.”
    In Czech Republic, I would deliberately call the country “Czechoslovakia” just to get a reaction and hostile rebuke but really, people would simply correct me in a polite way but really, they did not care.
    In Poland, I had a whale of a time making “Polish jokes” with Polish people. In fact, that was like an ice-breaker. Again, no harm intended. The Poles, no offence, did seem a bit “not too bright” but mostly were cool. They found it amusing someone would come all the way from my country to Poland to crack Polish jokes.
    But with many Americans, it’s like they just don’t get light-hearted banter. It’s more common for them to get LIVID and visibly angry.
    One of them even told me off in a not so polite way “Why don’t you stay the fuck out of the USA if you hate us so much, you wannabe terrorist,, fucking Osama.”
    Another was like “You better keep a lid on that nonsense, Hadju. Unless you wanna be on a no-fly list.”

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