Joey Diaz

[youtube=] Check out this wild old raconteur. Full of lots of swearing and four letter words. Also lots of drug use, crime of all sorts and general depravity. An interesting comic.

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4 thoughts on “Joey Diaz”

  1. Thanks, Rob. I’ve uploaded the whole bit (5 videos) and will put more up there. Since you’ve been doing all of these posts on language, could you tell me how you feel about Chomsky’s universal generative grammar, or whatever it is? I can’t offer my opinion, because while I am bilingual, I am pretty much a layman and I know you have your degree in this field.

  2. On future installments of The Testicle Testaments, Joey Diaz actually talks about language, and claims he learned English from the Dick Van Dyke show as a young Cuban boy. This is a good method. I was stationed in Germany for a couple of years, and I used Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, but I really learned Deutsch by watching Werner Herzog movies and listening to RadioEu. Even now I have a playlist on YouTube of nothing but German movies and shows, really stupid stuff like translated Charles Bronson sequels to crappy movies, but just letting it soak into your head helps with retention. Use it or lose it. You’d be surprised how much you can find on YouTube. Type Biografie or Doku and a ton of German language stuff will come up.

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