India, Land of Rapes

Here. American college student goes to India and endures the usual endless creepathon dealing with groping, masturbating, gawking, stalking, assaulting, raping, rapey, rapey Indian guys. This story hit the big-time on CNN. Yay! The world is learning about the 550 million rapey guys in India and how India is the biggest creepfest on the planet nowadays. The comments are full of Indian men ranting and raving about the “racist” article and how unfair it is to their wonderful Mata Bharat. I am glad that this story about rapey, rapey India is finally getting some press. It’s about time.    

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174 thoughts on “India, Land of Rapes”

  1. This is sad, though India has some pros to compensate it, they aren’t as homophobic or intolerant of other religions like Muslims (With the exception of Turkey )

    1. Commenters, i am giving the information that i have 2 active names , Monkey D. Luffy and Killua Zoldyck, i am just informing that i will stick to one name in the future, as Monkey D. Luffy only.

    2. or Bosnia or Malaysia or Indonesia or Azerbaijan, Albania, Kazakhstan and the other Muslim countries.
      India can’t compare to any of these countries.

    3. True. But the way Indian boys are raised makes it almost as bad, if not equally as bad a country, as Islam is a religion, with regards to women.
      This is why I can’t understand why any non-Indian woman would marry an Indian dude, or why any non-Muslim (or even Muslim) woman would marry a Muslim man.
      Both are equally horrific, and when they are combined such as in an Indian-Muslim-man, that’s the worst of all!
      Its bad enough that we Indian (and Muslim) women often have our marriages arranged to them, but for a woman to CHOOSE that kind of life – WHY?
      Just why?

      1. Stop complaining about your own damn fault, and Muslims are one hundred times better than Indians or Hindus or Indian Hindus. Indians are the lowest form of garbage on this planet, and I prefer black African felons to your average Indian. You people are the sickest lowest form of life, Satan is angelic compared to you Indians. India is better under colonialism, Indians are sick people.

      2. ” as Islam is a religion, with regards to women.”
        Really?What evidence do you have that Islam is a misogynistic religion?
        In fact Islam is more pro woman than Hinduism is, I mean at least Muslim widows aren’t burned alive or ostracized by society unlike Hindu women.
        Muslim women have the right to remarry, and they are not required to worship their husbands or fathers unlike Hindu women.
        I don’t think there is a single verse in the Qur’an that degrades women, or encourages Muslim men to beat their wives.Islam or Muslim cultures might be a patriarchal so it’s not supposed to be pro-feminazi.
        I find it funny how Hindus like you like to bash Islam, but you fail to realize how backward your religion is, the only reason you don’t see people talking crap about Hinduism is because they’re too busy bashing and scrutinizing Islam(which has been the most scrutinized religion since 9/11).
        “why any non-Muslim (or even Muslim) woman would marry a Muslim man.”
        Not all Muslim men are violent or misogynistic, in fact I would say that minority are and they make the headlines, there are some Muslim men that might be considered too conservative for 21st century western women, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
        The reason why non-Muslim women and Muslim women marry Muslim men is because Muslim isn’t a race, so most of us Muslims don’t look like your typical effeminate Indian male.
        To be honest, even if an Indian man was raised in the west, or even if he were raised by white parents, not many girls would want to date him, because Indian men aren’t the most attractive, just like their women.

        1. “Really?What evidence do you have that Islam is a misogynistic religion?”
          HA Ha Ha HA Ha! ROFLMAO! Ha Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha!

    4. “This is sad, though India has some pros to compensate it”
      All of those pros can be replicated OUTSIDE of India. I’ve done a good job of creating a Little India right here in my own ‘hood amongst my social circle, sans all the creepiness.

  2. This rape culture is a secular culture
    A Photo Journalist was raped by 5 Muslim men…
    Mumbai gang-rape: fourth accused Kasim Bengali detained
    They picked up his friend, Siraj Rehman, alias Ashfaque, in the evening from Govandi.
    On Friday, they had arrested Chand Abdul Sattar Shaikh, 19, whose grandmother has claimed that he is a minor.
    Shaikh and Jadhav were produced before the holiday magistrate court at Bhoiwada in central Mumbai separately and were both remanded in police custody till August 30. Rehman will be taken to the court on Sunday.
    The case was formally transferred to the Mumbai crime branch, which is believed to be closing in on Kasim Bangali, the suspected leader of the gang of five, and Mohammad Saleem Ansari, the fifth accused.
    The Russian teenager in Goa was raped by a Christian
    This what happens when India’s Dharmic values are destroyed.

      1. well said. These guys know islam and christianity are cruel religion. After all the Americans are nothing but murderers who killed natives. We cannot expect truth form these guys

  3. As a race realist, do you think India’s rape culture could be due to defects in IQ and defects in frontal-lobe executive function?
    India is often compared to China. I wonder if China has a rape culture similar to what the article you linked has been described. For that matter how about Africa, Middle East, Latin America? Sweden is supposedly a rape capital now, second to South Africa.

    1. As a race realist, do you think India’s rape culture could be due to defects in IQ and defects in frontal-lobe executive function?
      I doubt it. Gulf Arab countries have similar IQ’s and almost zero rape.
      Africa is pretty rapey. So is Central America and Mexico. Egypt is getting really rapey lately. Non-Islamic Black Africa has been a rapey place for a long time.
      The Sweden thing is garbage. Most of that isn’t even rape. Sweden’s laws are written by the most radical feminists on Earth, and 90% of those “rapes” would not even be prosecuted in the US. That said, there is some real rape, but it’s almost all Arabs doing it.

    2. On another blog concerning the rape and death of the poor Delhi woman, a female poster said the main factor for “eve-teasing” and sexual violence against women India was due the deep sexual repression imposed on Indian society.
      She wrote that in response to my posting about the fact that in Europe and Russia and North America (yes including Mexico) and East Asia (yes China too), post-adolescent teen girls dress in the most revealing of clothing in the public and young males may attempt to strike up a conversation with them but they wont’ do anything close to sexual harassment.
      Other posters chimed in that if a teen Indian girl dressed like white and east-asian teen girls do in Delhi or Mumbai or any other Indian locale there would be a riot and the girl would be thrown into jail for indecency. Which made me remember something that was quite surprising when I began to hear about it: the openness of sex in China.
      This REALLY surprised me as I figured the Chinese were sexual prudes like the Koreans and Japanese. What was VERY interesting to find out is that when the Chinese authorities imposed the one-child policy they also began a program of sexual education which included giving away sexual protection objects to both men and women.
      AND, and this is very interesting, the authorities were very open and quite explicit about how they presented sexual education. I was in China for only around 8 days so it was difficult to gauge attitudes towards sex among everyday Chinese but I can tell you that there are sex stores in Shanghai and Beijing and other cities. You see billboards advertising sex products (I’m not kidding!).
      They have vending machines that sell condoms! Like in the west, you can buy condoms in any store that sells them! Can you imagine ANY of that in India? Sex outside of marriage/casual sex in China is approaching levels you find in the west.
      Like that women who answered my posting stated: rape is far less in places where sex is openly discussed. Besides executing rapists and handing out stiff sentences for sexual violence, India MUST start having to face the harsh reality that sexual repression is a major factor for why Indian women are under constant threat of sexual violence.
      Once you take away the “mystery” and “excitement” or the “unknown” of sexuality and turn it into a simple fact of human function and existence, then the taboo aspects of sex disappears.

      1. Did some Chinese tell you that porn stuffs (cartoons, photos and movies) are quite normal (because there is no copyright on those things), and one Japanese porn star becomes a popular celebrity in China for having ‘relieved’ so many Chinese men. Jokes on sex online are arguably No.1 jokes in China. My college friends all got bored of porn movies in a very short time, and our FEMALE classmates asked for porn movies from us…

  4. It all started off with India’s first prime minister Nehru, an immoral cad and a socialist to boot.. he used to hit on other married women… and the left in India celebrate this ahole as a national hero..
    That itself is very telling.

  5. I doubt it. Gulf Arab countries have similar IQ’s and almost zero rape.
    That said, there is some real rape, but it’s almost all Arabs doing it.
    so there’s almost zero rape in Arab countries but plenty of raping arabs expats.
    Sounds genetic to me.
    What about rape in the NEA like china/japan/korea?

    1. Almost no rape in NEA like China, Japan and Korea. There is starting to be a bit now, especially in Korea, but it has been very uncommon for a very long time. I am not sure if it was ever common.

      1. “Almost no rape in NEA like China, Japan and Korea.”
        But I was surprised to read that Japan has a problem with “eve teasing” or public sexual harrasement on its public transportation systems. I wonder why?

        1. They do have Porn comic books. I used to commute daily between Shinagava and Kawasaki (when I worked there for a short while) and I noticed grown men reading comic books.. and then I soon realized these were Pron comics.. And they have a fetish for girls in high school uniforms.. they openly advertise on these trains..little girls in school uniforms posters. I am not exactly sure what was on it since it was in Japanese..but the pictures were suggestive.
          I am not kidding.
          LOL 🙂

  6. I don’t know if there’s libido lowering meds; I think stranger-rapists should be castrated on their first offense.

    1. ” I think stranger-rapists should be castrated on their first offense.”
      Why just stranger-rapists? Why not ALL rapists?

  7. In Sweden there is a law against sexköp = purchase of sex. Any man who pays for a sexual service in Sweden commits a criminal offense.

  8. a criminal offense ok, but Sweden is infamous for being second go S. Africa in reported rapes.
    Even if Sweden is run by feminazi radical lesbian feminists, does their definition of rape differ substantially from other Western nations?
    Sweden is a modern nation with modern technology and modern methods of recording crime. I believe those numbers are accurate, and there are many pictures on the internet of raped Swedish women.
    I suspect that blacks and Muslims are 99% of it though.

    1. Dear neo
      You may well be right that reported rape is high in Sweden, but convictions are not. The Swedish newsweekly Focus in number 22/2013 has an article about the difficulty of securing convictions for rape. They provide the following figures:
      reported rapes in 2005 – 3787
      convictions in the lowest court – 216
      reported rapes in 2012 – 6324
      convictions in the lowest court – 168, only 2.6%!!
      If these figures are right, then there is a huge and growing gap between reported rape and rape convictions. The least that one can say is that Swedish criminal courts don’t seem to be run by feminazis.
      One explanation for the low conviction rate for rape may well be that Swedish courts like to see stödbevis = supporting evidence in criminal cases and prefer not to rely solely on testimony. Sweden, like the Netherlands and Germany, has no trial by jury.
      Regards. James

        1. Dear Neo
          If I had been responsible for immigration policy in any European country since 1960, my policy would have been: No non-European immigration at all and European immigration only when it is required by treaty obligations. Non-European immigrants or their children are overrepresented in every negative statistic. On the other hand, I have absolutely no use for Islamophobic and anti-immigration demagogues who present a relatively small problem as a colossal disaster.
          In Europe, it seems, the immigration debate takes place between the deniers and the exaggerators. The deniers refuse to accept that immigration into Europe has caused more problems than it solved and insist that Islam fits neatly into a liberal democracy. The exaggerators play loose and fast with statistics. For instance, only 40% of Turkish-born men in the Netherlands between the age of 40 and 64 are in the labor force, a much lower percentage than for Dutch men. Still, the unemployment rate in the NL is rather low. 1/9 of Spain’s population is now foreign-born, but the fact that 1/4 of Spain’s labor force is now unemployed is mainly due to the euro.
          A demagogue like Geert Wilders likes to raise the specter of the Islamicisation of the NL. Why is it that not a single prominent Dutch politician is an Islamic fundamentalist? Aboutaleb, the Muslim mayor of Rotterdam, is as tame as an Episcopalian. Why is that none of my relatives has ever changed any behavior because of Islamic pressure? Why does the NL have same-sex marriages?
          Recently, I read again that Europe now counts 50 million Muslims. How is such a figure arrived at? By using the geographic definition of Europe, which includes a large part of Russia and part of Turkey. In Russia there are about 14 millions Muslims, and the European part of Turkey includes Istanbul , a huge city. There are about 12 million Muslims in the European part of Turkey. Then there about 8 million Muslims in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia. That leaves 16 million for the rest of Europe, where more than 500 million people live. Eurabia is NOT just around the corner. It is a figment of the overheated imagination of the Islamophobes.
          Cheap labor is cheap only for some employers. It can be expensive to the rest of the country, certainly when the country has a generous welfare state. A German commentator once famously said: “Wir suchten billige Arbeitskräfte, aber es kamen Menschen” = We were looking for cheap manpower, but human beings came. Of course, it wasn’t ordinary Germans who were looking for cheap manpower, but only some employers. Never forget the class dimension of immigration.
          In any case, between politically correct denial and demagogic, irresponsible exaggeration, there should be some rational, evidence-based middleground.
          Regards. James

  9. Thankyou for showcasing this Robert. 🙂
    As I said before, despite returning to India almost every year for the last 7 years , I am not keen on returning ever again, not even to get married. Sad because I do have quite a bit of lovely female family members still there. They’ll just have to come and visit me. Then they won’t want to return either! LOL.
    There were a few rapes of 5 year old children some months ago that made big news in India. One a gang-rape, can you imagine? And the other a singular rape. When the doctors were x-raying the latter victim, they saw something strange inside her. Upon further medical investigation they found a candle and a bottle of oil up inside her.
    The mind just boggles at this level of barbarism and I really don’t know what could cause this.

    1. Is it necessary to hurt the industry of tourism of India? despite this, i agree with my friend, the worst countries are Muslims (except Turkey : P ) they really deserve to not get any tourists, i am a woman and if i were to India, all i need to do is learn Martial Arts and bring weapons with me 😉

      1. “Is it necessary to hurt the industry of tourism of India?”
        No. Hurting the tourist industry will not help Indian women who have to deal with this crap on a daily basis. Tourists at least get to leave, but most Indian women don’t. Besides the guys who do this type of thing don’t care if India gets a global bad reputation, or if tourists come or not.
        I’ve been to Muslim countries too and the level of street harrassement is not like India’s. Nowhere’s is.
        Remember India’s population is over 1 billion, more than half of that men, so the number of men who do this type of thing is high.

        1. See how evil Hindus like Manny promote genocide of entire people? This further proves that Hindu Indians are sick, inhumane people. I as a Chinese racist towards blacks do NOT promote the killing of blacks or the intentional caused suffering of them. I merely look down, hate, or scrutinize them, not want to hurt or kill. But these Hindu Indian want kill and HURT. This is INHUMANE. These people are not humans, they are dogs, lower than blacks. Black are pretty low but they have stupidity and sociopathy not EVIL like HINDU. Hindu Indian is lowest form of life, NEVER give in to them.
          Manny, racist Hindu, explain to me, why I, as a HUMAN racist against blacks do NOT support the killing or hurting of blacks, yet you, as a HINDU INDIAN racist support genocide of Chinese? That is because you Hindu are sick ppl. Sick sick and SICK.

        2. I do support genocide, only genocide of HINDU INDIAN. World need another Genghis Khan to cleanse India, because their culture is POISON, and it will spread to rest of world. Hindu Indian is selfish, materialistic shit, and only care about HIMSELF, the Hindu Indian is giant inflated EGO. Hindu Indians use Punjabi mental retardation children and force them to beg for 11 hours a day, and intentionally starve them to make kids appear more pityful when begging. Hindu Indian commit hate crime against SIKHS, MUSLIMS, and Chinese immigrant. I as a Chinese racist who HATES blacks, would NEVER hurt or harm a black person. I have HUMANITY for this. Hindu Indian do not think like me, or any other HUMAN,

  10. Dear Robert
    In December, a woman in New Delhi was gang-raped on a bus. At the time, it was reported that in India 3 women are raped every hour. As usual, journalists didn’t put this figure in context. Let’s do it for them. 3 rapes per hour means 72 per day, so that is 26.280 per year. India’s population is 1.2 billion, so that is about 600 million women. Let’s subtract half of them because they are too young or old. That leaves about 300 million women, of whom 26.280 are raped. This means that one woman out of every 11.415 is raped in a year, according to official statistics. That does NOT suggest a rape epidemic, even if we have to divide that figure by 10 because of underreporting.
    Th experience of white women in India are not representative because Indian men seem to be fascinated by them, because they are seen as sluts and because they don’t belong to any man.
    Regards. James

    1. “Th experience of white women in India are not representative because Indian men seem to be fascinated by them, because they are seen as sluts and because they don’t belong to any man. ”
      Absolutely false. We Indian women deal with this level of creepery almost every time we go out into the public sphere, ride the buses and trains and walk through our towns. If you read the comments of Indian women in that CNN ireport they are confirming the same. We call it “eve teasing” in India and it is a MAJOR issue. It also doesn’t matter if a woman “belongs” to any man or not. Walking right beside her husband, brother, male friend or boyfriend she can and will get harrassed.
      If you have never been a woman in India, then you have no idea what its like.
      Also please see Blank Noise Project, a grass roots project started in one Indian city some years ago to deal with this problem of “eve teasing” which has spread like fire across the country with ordinary young people as activists in several cities and towns now;

      1. Priyamvada Jain
        can you explain something to me? In the West, I mostly see Indian women wanting to date and marry Indian guys. Indians have very low rates of exogamy, high endogamy. So it appears most Indian women want to marry Indian men.
        The exact opposite is the case with Chinese/Korean/Japanese women, who prefer white men over asian men. East Asian women have the highest exogamy and lowest endogamy, the exact opposite of Indians.
        I was thinking India has a superior culture to Chinese/Korean/Japanese

        1. Hi Neo!
          In the US at least it does appear that many, if not most, 2nd generation Indians are marrying other Indians.
          Some of this is due to parents arranging the marriages and some of it has to do with young Indian 2nd genners dating and falling in love with one another.
          There are also plenty of Indian women who, when faced with an ultimatum from their parents, “either break up with your non-Indian boyfriend and marry an Indian boy or we will ‘disown’ you”, kowtow to the hysterical demands of their dramatic Indian parents and do so.
          So its a mixed bag of who marries who, and why.
          “I was thinking India has a superior culture to Chinese/Korean/Japanese”
          Yes, I have noticed that South Asians (Indians and others) have retained a lot of our ancient cultures and traditions while other Asians, not so much.
          For example, there’s a lot that I love about my culture and hold onto. I feel embarrassed that so many Indian men are giving India such a bad reputation. I’m also very saddened that I probably cannot return to India due to the behavior of the men there, for a very long time, if ever.
          No problem. I am creating my own little India right here (sans those disgusting men).

        2. “mostly see Indian women wanting to date and marry Indian guys”.
          Look, we all know indians seldom marry outside their castes or sub-castes.
          Have u ever met a brahmin woman who married to a dalit, with Ambedkar being a notable exception. ?

        3. Hey Halal Butcher… You are Chinese right? How would you know about how many Brahmin women are married to Dalits?
          BTW Have you seen Amish christians married to blacks? If that is acceptable to society why is Brahmins not marrying Blacks an issue?

      2. Dear Priyamvada
        I stand corrected. Still, it isn’t unreasonable to suppose that a white woman traveling alone in India gets a disproportionate amount of unwanted, creepy sexual attention because she is exotic, vulnerable and perceived as a slut.
        Regards. James

        1. James, “it isn’t unreasonable to suppose that a white woman traveling alone in India gets a disproportionate amount of unwanted, creepy sexual attention”
          It only seems disproportionate to them because they did not grow up in India so they are not used to it.

    2. James
      You are correct, Aakar patel has an article up that essentially expands upon your position up there. You can read it here:
      What shocked me about the rape was its savagery and brutality. The rape should have been viewed in the broader context of Indian culture, which needs a lot of work. So while India may not be as ”rapey” as most people think, Indian culture isn’t sympathetic to plight of women that do suffer sexual abuse, whether the latter is embedded in the context of honour or dowry/marriage.

        1. I love christians and Muslims.. I just loath christianity.
          You the sinner but hate the sin!
          I want to save the christians from the viIe eviI shit of a jealous christian god. Now is that so wrong to save christians from Christ and christianity?

        2. And BeattleJuice,
          My Dharmic Hindutva and its scriptures (The Smrithi) says I have to convert christians and Muslims so I COULD SIT next to my Green Goblin up in the havens… Can’t you people understand that I have a right to throw y’all under the bus… err I mean save y’all from your god and your worships so I get sit with my god in heaven and his only begotten son Krishna comes down on his white horse and takes me away while you christian and Muslim infidel sinners burn in eternal fire?
          Hey! Can’t y’all people understand that? JESUS CHRIST!

        3. Beatrix, what you listed was horrible and lets face it, just the tip of the iceberg. Do you think easily accessible porn could be a contributing factor?
          You have all these repressed, horny Indian males who due to their religions and cultures are living a more or less sex-segregated social life, but are simultaneously being exposed to ever increasingly more violent depictions of pornography in a way that has never before been so accessible, no thanks to the internet.
          Before they are even educated about normal, ordinary sex, and even before they have it, they are exposed to all this weird, violent stuff in porn.
          What I really can’t understand is why women who were not born in India would choose to marry men from there, even after learning about the situation.
          I personally know 7 non-Indian women who have done this and I don’t understand it at all.
          What would be the appeal for them to marry an Indian dude?

  11. @Priyamvada Jain
    it’s not letting me reply under yours, but a corresponding question is why are second gen east asian women so ashamed of their culture and want white guys?

    1. “why are second gen east asian women so ashamed of their culture and want white guys?”
      You’d have to ask them. Maybe the Christianization of their countries and cultures has something to do with it?

        1. Neither.
          Or both. Depending.
          I’m attracted to beautiful faces, not races or ethnicities.
          The vast majority of the worlds population are merely average or below average looking.

        2. East Asian women want white guys because white DNA is superior to us Asian people and makes for better children. I am a self-hating Asian guy with a small dick and my wife cheated on me with a BIG DICK white guy.

    2. Regarding your impression east asian dumping their culture, I would like to ask:
      What’s asian culture? I’m chinese, so wat’s chinese culture?
      Mind u chinese are a secular and pragmatic people while hindu/indian and muslim/arab culture are deeply integrated with their religions. Can a brahmin converted to evangelical christianity or arab muslim converted to judaism be still considered costodian of their ‘culture’? I’m a (non church going) christian myself,occasionally evangelical yet secular, and I consider myself 100% chinese.Some of the chinese leaders like Sun yat-sen and chiang kai-sek were christians and no one doubt their chinese identity.
      To me, being a chinese means 1)Good knowledge of the language and history 2) Secularism and pragmatism 3)Ancestry 4)Good will towards china. (Many of the 2nd or 3rd gen asians aren’t asians by conviction)
      Most of the hindu claim of keeping their culture to me is just attempt to keep their caste position lording over the lower castes. TO me, it’s funny to hear a brahmin who can’t speak hindu or sanskrit making claim of sticking to the hindu culture. As with the arab/muslim, their religion is their culture and they can’t do without it. Dumping islam to a muslim is the ultimate act of betrayal.
      Now go back to east asian culture; u might ask how about confucism? To me, confucism is a philosophy and a form of agrarian hierarchy. It has certain postive aspects like secularism, emphasis on social mobility through education. But as china moves away from being an agricultural country and the fact that the postive attributes of confucism have been superseded by what modern society can offer, I dare say confucism can only survive as a nostalgic cultural symbol or banner.
      One last word, culture is a changing thing and in the it’s changing even faster in the 21st century

      1. “To me, being a chinese means 1)Good knowledge of the language and history 2) Secularism and pragmatism 3)Ancestry 4)Good will towards china.”
        In India there are many christians and Muslims who have 1)Good knowledge of the language and history 2) Secularism and pragmatism 3)Ancestry 4)Good will towards India”
        But there are also too many christians, Muslims and “Secular HINDUS” who 1) having drunk the coolaid of Macauly/Anglical written Indian history..things like Aryan/Dravidian invasion BS. The Anglicans have have this nasty habit of writing BS history for others… for .e.g In Rwanda they made up a false history for the Tutsies that they are are part Europeans unlike the Hutus etc and this culminated in the Massacre and ethnic cleansing. They have invented a Dravidian Christianity and what not.
        2) India does not have Secularism and pragmatism
        In India the Indian govt controls Hindu temples and monies and uses it for paying Muslims to go on Haj travel to Mecca etc. The govt also colludes and helps evangelical NGOs and churches to culturally cleanse Indians into Christianity and then turn those christian into anti Indians and anti Hindus.
        3) Many Indians have a False Ancestry. Many Indian Muslims feel their ancestor y is to Arabs. And many South Indian Dravidians have a false history about their ancestory..They have made up stories on St. Thomas and what not BS.
        4) Many Indian christians (Evangelicals) and Muslims and Secularists have no Good will towards India.
        So unlike Chinese many Indians are traitors and aholes.

        1. MANNY Dravidian people did not like Arabs from Afghanistan coming down with their cowherds and setting up the caste system. Can’t really blame them. Of course Tamils want to convert.
          I’m German but do not buy into the Aryan thing as they were probably Arabs from Afghanistan.
          Brahmans are basically Arabs or Afghanistan but they are smarter than the average lower to lower-middle caste Indian. So are Jains. Parsees. Syrian Christians.
          See what I mean. The smartest, cleanest and most successful Indians came down from Iran or Afghanistan. That’s why they set up a system to keep their daughters from being shafted by Dravidian people.

      2. China also has a history and period where Mao cleansed China of its culture. Was it not illegal for Chinese to even play the Violin at one time during the Chinese cultural revolution?
        So many new generation of Chinese have no sense of their own culture so they don’t seem to care.
        I think.

      3. When a white person talks smack about China, most Chinese would ferociously defend China.
        On the other hand Many Indians would join with the ignorant white dude and self flagellate on things which are plain false.. self flagellating on real issues in India is fine.. which means you are just matured enough to being self critical.. But many “secular” leftists Indians will readily piss into the wind.

  12. Well known characteristics of India: …….rape……..caste…….corruption………..?
    Well known characteristics of Korean & Japanese culture: Technologically advanced, low corruption, best education systems, low overall crime, brilliant infrastructure, highly innovative in making new and improving existing technologies, good norms and values, etc.
    East Asian society
    /culture vastly more superior.

    1. East Asian society
      /culture vastly more superior.
      and yet East Asian women are obsessed with white boys. Some superiority.

      1. Sexual preferences is seperate to an ethnic groups ability to make a high-functioning society/civilization.
        And yet white men prefer east asian women. Some superiority.

      2. You’re over-generalizing anyway. There were many east asian-type girls in the high school i attended and none of them were interested in anyone outside of their race.

      3. Very few are probably highly interested in white males. I could say white girls are solely into black men because of a few pop culture examples that exaggerate this.

        1. White males are the aplha males of every society. Look at how white males go into Asian countries and GET PAID to have sex with ugly Chinese or Japanese women. In Africa the white male is divinely worshipped by primitive tribes from the Congo and many Congo priestesses PAY white men to donate white sperm. In America black and Asian women storm white men’s houses for sex, and in Germany no white girl even LOOKS AT a black guy or Asian guy.

        2. I am an actual Chinese and I can tell you here in China white man dominate our women. My wife cheated on me with a white immigrant from Germany who fucked her and got her pregnant. When the baby was born, his dick was bigger than mine. That is why we Chinese worship white people, because they dominate us. We Chinese are the white man’s bitches.

        3. Ah Ha! That may explain why so many whites hate Hindus..
          Many upper caste Hindus put white men in a category lower than untouchables. Many of them don’t want their children marrying them.

        4. I say yes to Caste!
          If christians feel they have to go around converting people cause thats what their religions tells them..and if Muslims do their thing because thats what their religions tells them, then I as a Hindu/Hindutvadi have to follow the smrithies the holy revealed texts from our one true God and also treat unbelievers and meat eaters as untouchables.
          That is my divine right!

        5. If I come in touch with other meat eaters I have a fundamental right to run home and go wash myself right away. Its no one else s business.

        6. “Many upper caste Hindus put white men in a category lower than untouchables. Many of them don’t want their children marrying them.”
          Its none of their business who their ADULT children marry.
          This is one of the major problems with India. Too much parental meddling after the kids have achieved adulthood.

        7. It’s none of you business what Indian parents advice to their kids. All parents have a divine right to give good advice to their children

      4. Dude: get over it. I live in California and there are a LOT of east asian people here and while you see a lot of east asian women with white males, that is submerged by the overwhelming numbers of east asian females that “stick with” east asian males.

  13. A recent study has shown (reported on mail online) that white men prefer Asian faces and white women prefer black faces to white faces.

      1. Forget facial preferences. Let’s talk ethics and behavior.
        Are there any women on here married to Muslim men? If so … WHY?
        Any women on here married to Indian men or men from countries that generally hate women such as Afghanistan? If so … WHY?
        As an Indian woman my first natural preference should be Indian men, but having grown up around them it no longer is.
        So I’m very curious as why any non-Indian woman would go so far as to marry someone from a place like India, or a religion such as Islam, that has so little regard for women.
        What’s the psychology behind it?

        1. Well my dad is an indian but my parents are divorced.Maybe some non indian women are susceptible to lie and bullshit like my mom which indian guys and other south asian are good at.

        2. JAIN They marry us Goras to eat onions. DESI girls will marry Goras if they were born outside India, met one in Dubai or if their parents are poor.

      1. HInduism was about to disappear in both India and Guyana because caste, the anti caste movements saved it, in India The Bhakti movement originated in Tamil Nadu, it rebelled against caste distinctions which according to Bhakti saints were not necessary for salvation, Indian society, during the medieval period was a caste-ridden society which encouraged segregation, untouchability , if it wasn’t for these great and noble souls who initiated the Bhakti movements, Hinduism might have all but disappeared from its own land.
        In Guyana during the indenture period, the Indian caste system broke down. Hinduism was redefined, and caste-distinguishing practices were eliminated. Christian missionaries attempted to convert Indians during the indenture period, beginning in 1852, but met with little success. The missionaries blamed the Brahmins for their failure: the Brahmins began administering spiritual rites to all Hindus regardless of caste once the Christian missionaries started proselytizing in the villages, hastening the breakdown of the caste system. After the 1930s, Hindu conversions to Christianity slowed because the status of Hinduism improved and the discrimination against Hindus diminished.

        1. I’ve found Caribbean Hindus, or Indo-Caribs in general, though generally lacking in philosophical depth, to be much more pleasant, laid back and easier to get along with than Hindus or others from India itself. And their attitudes toward women and approach to dating and sexuality to be much better.
          I’ll attend a philosophy lecture by an Indian-from-India man but I won’t hand out with, date or marry him.

      2. MANNY That must be why you want to crawl over your own families to work in white countries or even for white companies in India or Dubai.

  14. India needs an extremely radical feminist movement. Indian Feminists so far have not been nearly as radical as they need to be in a place like that.

  15. @Priyamvada Jain maybe not in India. US yes
    hahahahahahaha that’s a good one.
    I’ve long wondered if bo is the reason there are far fewer Indian women/white males vs asian women/white males is just that issue
    going down on an indian woman is unthinkable to me.

    1. Deoderant and especially anti-perspirant are bad or health. However I’m sure most Indians in the West use them. In India we take at least 2 showers a day, often 3. Heck I even take 3 showers on most days here. So I’m wondering where the body order is coming from? Must be the spices or something.
      Instead of deoderant you can just use baking soda. Works just as well and won’t give you cancer.

      1. a lot of non-indians think indians are smelly. as an indian you don’t think so? are there ethnic groups you think are smelly?

        1. Meat cooking has an awful smell. I’m subject to it sometimes when I walk through the neighborhoods during summer and people are outside “grilling” or “bbcueing” or whatever the eff they call it.
          However who cares about b.o.?
          The more important thing is behavior.
          My female cousins in India are begging for me to get them outta there. I’m doing what I can. A few of my male cousins are also begging. I’m ignoring their pleas because I was witness to how they were raised. We don’t need those kinds of men in the West f*cking things up for Indian women here too.

        2. Your male cousins are begging you… get them out of the shithole called INDIA, and you IGNORE THEM YOU PSYCHOPATHIC SLUT? How dare you act in such willful ignorance towards your own relatives. This is why I have never trusted a Hindu Indian in my life, people like you, Manny, etc just show us how SELFISH, CRUEL, and ANTI-SOCIAL you are. I have been spreading the word about you cunts in Germany, and I told my fellow Germans to never date or show mercy to a Hindu Indian because they will POISON the West. BTW, Hindu Indian WOMEN produce INDIAN MEN. So it is YOUR FAULT these men were created in the first place, anyways, we whites do not want Indian male OR female, please go back to India you fucking curry breath slut. I would rather have 100 million niggers from Africa come to Germany than even keep Hindu Indian cunts like Manny or you around.

  16. Robert, why the heck do you think there’s a “mens rights movement” in India when India is one of the worst countries on earth for a woman?

      1. And pictures from the latest MRA convention in Bangalore.
        Apparantly there are around 40 MRA NGOs in India now! Can anyone who is living in India currently explain to me why the need for this?
        I remember India as a horrible place to grow up as a girl. Sons are routinely preferred to daughters and they are spoiled rotten and even their sisters are expected to wait on them hand and foot.
        Really, what the hell is the need for “mens’ rights” in India when they already have all the rights?

        1. Indian women are just as filthy as Indian men. Both male and female, who the fuck cares, I have witnessed firsthand just how cruel these Indian dogs are, and the women can be even more heartless than the men. I support equal rights for Hindu men and women; EQUALLY ban both Indian genders from coming to the West. Hell, even black Africans should not have to deal with Hindu Indians or Indians in general, India was best under British colonialism. I do not support colonialism of blacks or Asians, even though I am a white Supremacist, but India needs to be colonized and forced to act like a human.

  17. My female cousins in India are begging for me to get them outta there. I’m doing what I can. A few of my male cousins are also begging. I’m ignoring their pleas because I was witness to how they were raised. We don’t need those kinds of men in the West f*cking things up for Indian women here too.

    1. A few of my male cousins are also begging. I’m ignoring their pleas because I was witness to how they were raised.
      Fight gender discrimination with gender discrimination, attagirl.

      1. “Fight gender discrimination with gender discrimination, attagirl.”
        Thats a typical liberal thing… They wail against the caste system but then they are all for reverse discrimination and beating up on the Brahmins
        Just like in these internet foras…they wail against Indians saying nasty things about others while they say all nasty things about Indians/Hindus.
        Its par for the course.

        1. We beat up on Brahmins because they have enslaved and tormented Dalits since Aryan Invasion. Brahmins are sick bastards who surpass any form of human cruelty. Brahmins, Dalits, all of them are sick and evil, but Brahmins are the worst and take the icing off the cake. Praise be to Mr. Lindsay for exposing this sick inhumane world of India. The world needs more Mr. Lindsay and less Stephanopolis or Romneys. You Indians are truly sick people, I want to vomit when I am around you guys.

        2. “We beat up on Brahmins because they have enslaved and tormented Dalits since Aryan Invasion.”
          That’s a ballsy thing to say for a Nazi Kraut. 😛

        3. 1. I am NO fan of Hitler or the extermination of Jews. I am a moderate white Supremacist who wants a separate white state. I do respect the human rights of Asians, blacks, and anyone else.
          2. Even IF i was a Nazi, it STILL does NOT excuse your behaviour towards Dalits. Honestly, killing someone is much less inhumane than keeping them alive for centuries to fuck their lives up. What the Nazis did to Jews, or what the Japanese did to the Chinese was far more humane than what Brahmins did to Dalits. Yeah sure whites enslaved blacks, but whites fought an entire CIVIL WAR to free blacks. Did Brahmins fight an INDIAN civil war for Dalit independence? Nope…guess who…the British outlawed caste you fucking inhumane Hindu demon.

        4. Manny, the mere fact that you can sit there cooly twisting facts and statistics to manipulate us for a Hindu monster agenda only proves you Hindus are the lowest form of sociopathic garbage on this planet. Fuck India. Jai anti-Hind!

    2. We also do need such fanatical feminism here to pollute our land further. ALl the best get them soon out of here and beware gents of USA a bunch of radical feminism is being thrown in your soil…

    3. For Heaven’ sake dont get your Cousins out of India, even when Poor, people are relatively tolreant and peaceful here. Party is going to end soon, as they say in the USA ” When the Shit hits the Fan”. its coming soon, get your self a ticket to India.

      1. I doubt California will look like Calcutta too soon. There is too much Gujarati money in U.S. banks for them to bug out as quickly as they would like to. That’s the problem with capitalism. It sucks you in.

  18. India isn’t as bad as any African state. At least theres a small chance for a Indian slum dweller to move up in society. In Africa this is impossible.
    Thanks for deleting my earlier comments.

    1. No mixedraced, blacks are far better than India. Blacks may commit more crime but this is due to impulsive-aggressiveness. India is full of twisted-fucked up minded shitheads.

  19. Victorian England was just as bad as modern India socially but now, several hundred years later, it’s in its current condition. India may need a similar amount of time to change, just be patient.

      1. I love Canada, the beautiful mountains and lakes and nature …BC is awesome… but I don’t care for Chanuks.
        I can relate. 🙂
        I loath 80% of Indians women and men… the anti Hindus.

        1. In my experience, people who were not born into any of the Indian religions make better Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs than those who were born into those religions and cultures.
          I’ve recreated my own Little India here in my own ‘hood, with people who are smarter, more sincere and better behaved than most of the Indian Hindus (and Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, etc) I ever knew in India.
          The Indian Parsees are really losing out by not allowing conversions.

    1. “several hundred years”???? “Victorian England reached the bottom dragging of horrific capitalist industrialization around the late 1800s. By the 1930s, trade unionism had brought about a SOMEwhat decent life for most people in Britain. That’s a time period of 40-50 years NOT “hundreds of years”.
      NOTE: this is NOT to say that all things will be fresh roses in 40-50 years in India. IMHO India isn’t even close to the worst bottoms of the British industrialization process. It horrifies the hell out of me just thinking what the poorest of India’s people will go thru before India will finally leave the mind-boggling horrific sights I saw in India a few years back when I went there…..

  20. “So uThe Indian Parsees are really losing out by not allowing conversions.
    So you want violence. bloodshed, mayhem all around. The very thought of conversion in a place like is absolute bullshit and it could cause insurmountable problems in addition to existing ones.

    1. Iranian Parsees are not losing out on anything. They might have been refugees but they are now a successful group (TATA).
      Quite wisely for a group who fled the Muslims, they have avoided all religious conflict in India.
      Actually, Parsees do not care much Hindus think of them.

  21. The entire world needs to be notified of these Indian monsters before it is too late. Over 100 MILLION leave India every year to FUCK the world.

    1. If you live in Germany, write in German ,and do it fast, because with internet you can search for something in German, write in German right now, quickly.

      1. Haha he don’t live in Germany : P ,at least write something in Chinese, in Pinyin to do it fast, no need to use Chinese characters

    1. Thank you for the support. India is for the Hindus.. India = Hinduism = Hindustan (Land for the Dharmic people, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Zorastrians).
      Just like Israel = for Jews!

        1. Canadian Indian districts are in rundown areas but if you want your kids to grow up and sell drugs in Brampton or clean airports then Canada might let you in.
          You are always miserable because of the cold weather and the unrealistic expectation that Goras should give a job in your profession which they do not.
          After three or four years most of you get disappointed.

  22. “So uThe Indian Parsees are really losing out by not allowing conversions.”
    sree, “So you want violence. bloodshed, mayhem all around. The very thought of conversion in a place like is absolute bullshit and it could cause insurmountable problems in addition to existing ones.”
    That’s quite a spergy comment. Does it have to be spelled out that if a group does not open its arms and embrace those who are desirous of converting, but instead remains endogamous, will eventually die out?
    Conversion doesn’t have to be a violent or manipulative program ala Islamo-Christianity style.
    It can just be a general openness to embracing new comers from outside.
    I’ve had great success with that approach in the West, simply embracing those who already have an interest. And Western people are very interested in foreign cultures and religions. Rather than shun them, embrace them.

  23. Read this:
    Dirty Hindu rape 14 Tibetan school girls. For background information, despite heroic and ferocious Tibetan resistance, India invaded and annexed this land (Called NEFA during the British Raj time) in 1951, four years after India’s independence. In 1987, India make this occupied territory a state and called it Arunachal Pradesh. Kick the fucking Indians out!!!

    1. You know, although it seems good that these Rationalists are trying to stop people from superstitions. If one is an honest rationalist and goes around exposing the superstitions irrespective of all faiths then that is a good thing. I am all for it.
      But in India there are many phony “rationalists” who work for evangelical organizations who go around exposing and speaking against Hindu superstitions. They basically laying the ground work so christian missionaries can come in with their “truth”.
      Take this alleged “rationalist” EVR of Tamilnadu Dravidians. He used to speak out against the Hinduism and how Atheism is good and what not..but now his entire enterprise including his children now work for the Southern Baptist evangelicals.
      So I am very skeptical about the motives of these “rationalists” of India.

      1. MANNY That’s the horror of your caste system. Black Dravidian Shudras, Tamils want out of Hinduism.
        I’ve never met a Brahman who wanted to convert or a Khattris.
        It’s pretty much a low-caste thing.

      1. nyt is quite harsh on Christianity. and you can turn to the most watched news channel if you want to see anti-islam rhetoric.

      2. the leftist NYTrash won’t ever mention the superstitions of christianity and Islam
        Have you been living under a rock or something?
        The NYT and similar liberal organizations/publications never misses an opportunity to lambaste the Christian Right or criticize Christians in general.

        1. Have they written about the superstitions of the silly belief that someone could die and come back and about the silly superstitions of blood sacrifice to end all sacrifices? And the total absurdity of some dying for other peoples sin.
          Or how about the superstitions of lifting your arse and bending over to pray towards a black stone 5 times a day?

      3. Suck on my big white cock just like all your shitty shitkin smelly curry family members did and still do. Suck my balls you damn coolie.

        1. You gay? Not that there is anything wrong with it. you can now get married you know. This way you don’t have to prowl the internet asking strangers for sex.
          Just sayin. 🙂

        2. saxon bastard(alias shuiman alias tenziin) irrespective of many of your avatars u shit-eating mongrel come and eat our shit you dipshit clown after all you emerged from us no wonder you are inferior sub human lowlife and \jealous you ugly smelling yellow stain toothed bastard.. No wonder we ddont touch you and allow you into our precious temples.

      4. Many Indians converted to Christianity and Islam to escape the bottom of your miserable caste-system.
        Tamil and Goa Christians would tell you to worship the penis some more in your temple.

    It’s almost midnight. My house if filled with Indians (both dot and feather), Latinos, Blacks and Whites all chanting and dancing in celebration. At midnight we will do abhishek of Krishna and then a large feast of prasad for everyone!!!!
    May Krishna bless all sentient beings!!!

        1. MANNY No Saxon wishes to be Nair or Shudra in your caste-system or to work in Dubai for Arabs for $100 a week.
          Take a survey.

    1. May our lord and savior and the only begotten son Krishna save sinners like Saxon.
      Lets all hold hands and pray for our brother so our lord will forgiven him for his sins.. Our Lord Krishna died for his sins.. I think.

      1. Next life as a lower caste or even lower-middle caste Indian might be Saxon’s punishment. I know I would think it was awful.

  25. Robert, this Shui Man is a false flagger, definately not Chinese as he claims to be but most likely an ethnic Vietnamese living in Germany.

  26. Being an Indian I have often been hurt by many things written about my country and countrymen in this blog. Mostly because many of them are based in facts. However they seem to be a little biased and selective in picking up some facts while ignoring others.
    About rapes – yes a lot of Indian men are of the creepy, pervy kind. True I can understand how unsafe a woman might feel traveling alone in some parts of the country. This is absolutely shameful and I hope to God we can improve the situation drastically very soon.
    Having said that why does the article does not mention the comparative statistics of rape per capita by country or region? Some uncomfortable facts will also be revealed about other countries. Not that it excuses the behaviour of Indian males, which is pretty shameful.
    About the Arab countries – well officially those countries will only officially recognize a rape as a rape if it has been witnessed by four males who come voluntarily to testify. The woman’s account, the medical evidence etc. are not counted. Just saying.

    1. Filipino women are imported to keep rape rates down under dubious sponsorship in Arab countries but sometimes Arabs still rape their Filipino housemaids.

  27. Robert Lindsay,the instances of rapes is much higher in the US than in India.
    In India a rape is reported every 20 minutes while in the US a rape is reported every 20 seconds.
    According to AIDWA(All India Democratic Women’s Association)90% of rapes go unreported in India and according to RAINN(Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)54% of rapes go unreported in the US.
    So when we approximate the actual figures,the instances of rapes is much higher in the US than in India.

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