A Look at the Tagalog Language

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A look at the Tagalog language from the view of how hard it is to learn for an English speaker. Tagalog is not extremely difficult, but it is not easy either.
However, Tagalog is much harder than Malay or Indonesian. Compared to many European languages, Tagalog syntax, morphology and semantics are often quite different. Also, Tagalog is typically spoken very fast. Unlike Malay, verbs conjugate quite a bit in Tagalog. The main idea of Tagalog grammar is something called focus. Once you figure that out, the language gets pretty easy, but until you understand that concept, you are going to have a hard time.
Everything is affixed in Tagalog.
However, articles and creation of adjectives from nouns is very easy.
gandabeauty (noun)
magandabeautiful (adjective)
Tagalog gets a 4rating, very difficult.

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