Bigfoot News August 19, 2013

Rick Dyer recants all of his weird stories about Hank the Bigfoot. In a recent podcast, Rick said he made up a lot of stuff about Hank, including that it was pregnant, had double organs and had male and female genitalia. Then he laughed at everyone who was stupid enough to believe it. It is probable that the other things he said about Hank – that it has organs never seen by science, that it has a retractable pouch for its penis, that it has a slit on its nose are all lies too. So is the notion that it is chimeric, that seems to be another lie. Rick has now shown that he will lie like crazy in the course of this story. Actually, this is not the first lie he has told in the course of this story. The fact that he has lied and now hoaxed in his latest stunt where he invited people to Los Angeles to see a fake baby Bigfoot shows that during the course of this story, he has lied repeatedly and he has also hoaxed.
So at this point, now that he has lied and hoaxed throughout this story, there is no reason for any sane person to believe anything he says about this story, whether it is true or not. Let’s all just forget about Rick Dyer for now, and maybe he will go away.
Bigfoot World disappointed in Dyer’s latest stunt. When Rick invited his “haters” to come to Los Angeles to see a fake baby Bigfoot, a lot of the scene was on edge. Some thought that maybe there was a baby Bigfoot, but that seemed so dubious. When a few people showed up, they quickly learned that Rick had punked them by not even showing up. That’s actually fraud, and they have a case to take him to Small Claims Court over that. You can’t tell someone, fly to Los Angeles and I will show you something, and then not be there when they fly to LA. You owe them the cost of a plane ticket.
Rick lost almost all of his former supporters over this little stunt and the rest of the community was absolutely disgusted him. He now only has a tiny group of diehards around him including Frank Cali and unfortunately Musky Allen.
Frank was actually in on this hoax, which is disappointing. Musky laughed and cheered on the hoax when he heard that Steve Kulls had wasted airfare to fly to LA, which leaves me very disappointed in Musky. It was a very bad move by Rick Dyer. Christopher Noel said:

I am withdrawing my energies from the Dyer situation and won’t be publicly supporting his claims anymore until/unless I get to see the body myself. I am not jumping ship…just going quiet. Waiting to be granted 100% clarity. Friday’s events left me totally empty emotionally, with regard to Dyer.

Christopher also noted that Rick had pulled Frank Cali into his stunt by telling Frank the lie that the Bigfoot had both male and female genitalia. Frank, not knowing better, repeated that lie on the radio show and was made to look like a total fool. And because he lied about Hank, Frank’s credibility is now completely screwed.

The way he hung Frank Cali out to dry by setting him up to host the show solo and (unwittingly) lie to the world about the double-gender findings made me sick to my stomach. Frank’s credibility is based on his good word, and that was publicly squandered when he was forced to take part in Rick’s false information and false promise.

Theory about why the release date was moved back to January 14, 2014. A source reported to me her theory on why the investors did this:

The body team wants to distance themselves from Rick because they think he’s finally gone off the deep end. Seeing him post a million “update” videos about a false promise on Thursday was the last straw for them in terms of trying to work with him and now they want to free themselves of having to keep him in the loop, even to the small extent they have been. So they tell him this outlandish new date and make it sound firm so that he will go away and not bug them for information, as he would if he still thought the date was anytime soon.
It’s entirely possible that they were so totally disgusted with this latest prank that they were motivated to strike back against Rick by telling him a date that would hurt him deeply. If that’s true, then they can’t honestly be concerned about his and his family’s safety.
Their safety is at greater risk the more Rick is seen as a treacherous amoral egomaniac. There have already been several attacks. Their dog was killed, for instance.

Frank Cali may be distancing himself from Rick Dyer. A source reported this theory to me about Frank.

I have this sneaking suspicion that Frank may be bowing out. He’s normally on FB all day and today not at all. Either that or the stress has sent him back to the hospital.
And what better proof of Rick’s toxicity than that he is only too happy to drag Frank along on this maniacal ride?

However, I am not sure that that is true as Frank sent me a couple of emails recently as a representative of Rick’s organization.
Rick Dyer sending out lawsuit threats. I have received two lawsuit threats from Rick Dyer’s group via the disgusting Frank Cali. They ordered me to take down Rick’s videos that I was hosting on my site because they said it was a violation of Rick’s copyright. All I was doing was linking to the videos and I had not copied them myself, so I don’t see how this is a violation.
Anyway, it’s not lawsuit material. I think you are supposed to issue a DMCA takedown order rather than filing suit. A judge would probably throw it out of court. You stole some guy’s public Youtube video by hotlinking to it? LOL! One letter was from Rick’s “attorney.” I seriously doubt if this attorney even exists. I Googled the name and could not come up with much. He probably doesn’t even have an attorney.
Theory that Musky Allen conspired with Rick Dyer to destroy Facebook Find Bigfoot. Before the Rick Dyer Tent Video appeared last September, Musky told a friend of his that he was going to destroy Facebook Find Bigfoot if that was the last thing he did. That was his mission in life. He hated them because they were promoting the “hoax that is Bigfoot.”
Later he defended Rick Dyer because he said the community needed more Rick Dyers. By that, Musky meant that Rick was a hoaxer, and the community needed more great hoaxers hoaxing us all the time in order to show us what fools we were for believing the hoax that is Bigfoot. People take this comment supporting Rick to mean the start of Musky conspiring with Rick in Rick’s latest Bigfoot hoax.
Later when Rick released his Tent Video, Musky completely slammed it as fake. This does not make sense if he was in with Rick on a hoax, but somehow, this was all part of the conspiracy. Then as Rick’s “hoax” unfolded, it turned out that the Dyer haters did in fact take down Facebook Find Bigfoot, destroying the group and removing all of its great videos from Youtube. I will never forgive the Dyer haters for doing that. Those were some of the finest Bigfoot videos of all time.
Also the men behind FB/FB were unmasked, and they were harassed and humiliated in public. Most of Musky’s friends left him and Musky was harassed until the end of time. Rick was also harassed to Hell (not that he didn’t deserve it) but also his dog was killed by the haters. Seems a Hell of a price to pay for a hoax.
Anyway since the whole Dyer affair resulted in the destruction of FB/FB (even though the haters did it and not Musky) supposedly Musky’s goal to see them taken down was realized. Some are even saying that Musky himself took down FB/FB with complaints, which seems dubious.
This whole theory doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me, but that is what the Dyer skeptics are pushing.
Bigfoot World withdrawing interest in Rick Dyer. Although as you can see, I am continuing to report about him, I am trying to do a lot less of it. Following Noel, I think it best if we just go quiet and wait and see what he has, if anything. As one of my sources put it:

But look at this, we’re spending all this energy on him. Narcissists thrive on energy spent by others.
Like any schoolyard bully, he is best fought via the withdrawal of energy.
I feel like if everybody stopped paying attention to him, he’d go the way of the Wicked Witch: “I’m melting!”

Very interesting baby Bigfoot photo.

Interesting photo of a purported baby Bigfoot.
Interesting photo of a purported baby Bigfoot.

Although this photo is very blurry and it is hard to make out anything at all, there is something that I like very much about this picture that few if any hoaxers are able to pull off. I won’t even say what that is as there are way too many evil hoaxers as it is, and the more we tell them, the better they make their hoaxes. But I do like this photo.
Night vision Sasquatch sighting Zigzag Oregon. No one knows quite what to make out of this, but in the comments on the Youtube posting, many commenters are saying it is a guy in a ghillie suit. That is what it may well be. I do not have the faintest idea.

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93 thoughts on “Bigfoot News August 19, 2013”

  1. Musky was an Admit on FB/FB and they removed him for something he done. And ban him from the page for a while … I found out ALOT about them and that page over a year ago .. so this is nothing new to me .. Just been keeping it to myself .. as soon as Musky got in volved with Rick ..I knew this was a DONE DEAL !!

  2. The most obvious explanation for the “delay” in the release date to 2014 is that there is no dead Bigfoot and there are no investors. If there really were investors with a dead Bigfoot, why wouldn’t they release it to the world immediately so they can start cashing in on it?

  3. Robert, I am surprised you might still be entertaining the thought that RD ever shot a Bigfoot. While I was keeping a wait and see position, there were a lot of rather hard things to believe all along. Like why would any “backer” ever support RD. It seems the only evidence there is of a backer is RD says so, and some people believe him. Evidence that Dyer ever had a backer as about as clear as a “blob squatch”.
    It seems to me that all along the only thing propping up RD’s story was the fact that he appears to have gotten Musky, Morgan, Frank, and his alleged security man to support his deception at the expense of others. Take those 4 out of the story, and I don’t see much of substance.
    You are the journalist, I would be interested to see if you can get Morgan Matthews to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If he has deliberately propped up a RD hoax, then he has got something to answer for. Perhaps Morgan should shell out for some air fairs, given that he evidently used his supposed credibility to support the hoax. If he supported a hoax in order to promote his movie, that does not alter the fact that some trusting his support for Dyer, have ended up out of pocket.
    The story now is not the mythical Bigfoot unavailing, but the story about how Dyer apparently got people like Morgan to support his hoax.
    Whilst I approached the RD and Ketchum events with initial interest, the RD event seemed the hardest to believe. Ketchum replied to my emails, and gave me information. I found her in my view sincere in her beliefs, and I don’t think she had any intent to hoax. I am still not sure what to make of the Ketchum results. I am not qualified enough to comment on the results at a technical level, but there are parts of the results I find interesting, and parts I find puzzling. One explanation could be contamination is part of the story, but contamination would not seem to explain everything. Some qualified commentators don’t seem to be able to make sense of the Ketchum results, but they seemed to have their attitudes distracted by peer review issues, and I don’t know how seriously they looked at the results.
    I think the Sykes study will be interesting. It seems he will be testing some of the same samples looked at by Ketchum. Sykes is a year later finishing his study than he originally proposed. If it was a clear open and shut case, one wonders why he is taking so long. His project was well promoted, and should have gained access to some of the more interesting alleged Bigfoot samples around the world. Whether he finds evidence of Bigfoot or not, he should get peer reviewers to take a serious look at his work.
    There have been a few alleged Bigfoot DNA tests in the past which have been alleged to show “unknown primate”, but I have learned to take these “unknown primate” headlines with caution, as sometimes it is rather ambiguous what was found, and some journalist may have preferred interpreting ambiguity as “unknown primate” as it is good at getting attention. I guess many of us would like to believe in Bigfoot, and we tend to clutch at any ambiguity as a form of hope.
    Lets see what Sykes has got.

  4. Hey Robert. I have enjoyed your blogs in this subject immensely. Can we now assume that there will be no more Rick Dyer blogs unless there is credible information or evidence coming from that camp? I think this would be the best way to clear the air of him for awhile.

    1. I am going to try to seriously tone down the Rick Dyer coverage, but as there is still controversy regarding his story, I may still report on the various theories that the Dyer Hoax crowd is pushing. I may also write some negative things about Rick, for instance, the damage that he did to Bigfootery this time around.
      But I really am going to try to write a lot less about him.

      1. Robert, it would be nice if you’d put up the occasional interesting bigfoot sighting or encounter. I think there’s an audience for it here. Thank you.

  5. I’m convinced at this point RD has got nothing. No body, no investors. Just a serious need for mental evaluation and restraint. He doesn’t function well in society.
    I like the notion of minimal RD reporting. Until he produces a body, he’s just another mouth-breather.
    His dog was killed? Poor dog. Isn’t there a certain homeless dood in Texas somewhere claiming that Rick did the same to his pooch?
    How cosmic. I hope there is a lot more of that in store the clown prince of ‘footery.
    I didn’t feel bad about running out to LAX. I listened to the Steve Kulls interview that weekend and felt he put it into words way better than I could.
    He felt he was just debunking a hoaxer and that’s the way I feel about it as well. As soon as I had been told it was a hoax I just turn around and drove home. Brad was really cool about informing me. hindsight being 20/20 I should have pulled over and called Kulls and went and had a bevie or two with him and the others. I’m good at missed opportunities.
    Ever that about getting out there in the woods and have a look for yourself, Bob?
    I am of the opine that I will be able to confirm the existence of Bigfoot for myself long before Bozo Dyer.
    I’m digging out of a money hole right now. After that’s done, Ima go back in the woods a whole lot more. I didn’t know then what I know now.

    1. Also, surprised you corresponded with Frank Cali. I mentioned before it’s shocking to think that there are sheeple dim enough to follow Rick.
      His e-mails to me were minimal. I’m sure he types with his knuckles.
      My impression is that he is prolly some mentally handicapped relative of RD’s (there’s a lot of those, I’m sure.)

    2. You would have enjoyed meeting Steve. He is a great guy, and he is one of my favorite people on this Earth. Just a solid guy all around.
      Running around in the woods looking for Bigfoot is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

      1. I do like running around in the woods. It’s nice to be were there is no concrete.
        For your consideration I would like to submit the hypothesis that looking for Bigfoot is a lot like trying to pick up chicks.
        There are those that do whatever they can to glimpse this thing. To the point of being unreasonable. A lot got to extremes that are simple too uncomfortable for little or no reward.
        Then there are those that aren’t looking for it, or vaguely aware of it’s existence…and they run smack into the thing. It would seem most of the ‘A’ witnesses that had an encounter weren’t actually on a ‘footing expedition…it just happened organically.
        So my operating theory is…just go and hang out were they are, supposedly. Don’t try to find them too hard. They will find you…

        1. I agree with your take on bigfoot hunting MisterE. The curious one’s will seek you out. The skittish one’s probably will too although you’ll be less likely to see them as they will be in extreme stealth mode imo.

        2. I’d like to try it with you in the future at some point but i wont go without some protection. Problem is can they detect cameras and firearms.

    3. as to what else Rick “has” ; Pretty bad drug habit. I find it pretty ironic that he has a big ol’ monkey on his back that will eventually take him down to a sorrowful bottom with nobody around to help him or feel sorry for him. Maybe then Rick Dyer will finally “get it”, hopefully (for his wife and kid’s sake) God intervenes on his behalf but remember; he leaves some out there as examples and as warning signs for the rest that he deems worthy. Say your prayers Rick-you’re gonna need ’em

  6. Hi,
    I am a noob i c u blog a lot on bigfoot.
    do you believe in Bigfoot? Why or Why not? how did you get interested? for me it was childhood books about the Unknown like UFO and ghosts

  7. I’ve been seeing claims that the “haters” killed Rick Dyer’s dog, but I have seen nothing other than Rick Dyer claiming such has happened, and Cathiee McMillan parroting the claim. As a matter of fact, all I have seen so far is libel from Dyer, Cali, and Ms. McMillan in regards to the so-called “haters” who appear to have been right all along.
    I would like to see three things:
    a) I want to see a dead dog, b) I want to see proof it was killed, and c) proof it was killed by a hater.
    If we cannot see these things I would then Dyer, Cali, and Ms. McMIllan should just keep silent.

  8. Agreed about the dog story. Why would it be the one thing that’s true?
    Frank Cali was talking about the baby Bigfoot on Dyer’s blog even after the so-called “punking.” It seems like Dyer was still deciding whether or not to stick with that story and finally decided that the “hoax” would be both the baby story and the invitation, not just the latter.
    Of course, everyone who believed just a little that Dyer had a body now sees that he is able to willfully lie about anything and make up every last detail to make his fairy tales seem more real. So, the baby Bigfoot story seems like it came from the same contaminated well as the dead Bigfoot story. It brought everyone who was only introduced to Dyer this year up to speed on his wicked ways, so they’re now able to see the dead Bigfoot story the same way as everyone who already knew what Dyer was capable of.
    Such a stupid, stupid move for a supposedly first-rate hoaxer. It’s over for him, and he did it all by himself. I wish we could have had a more explosive ending, like one of the costumed “actors” coming forward, or Matthews calling Dyer out, but it’s an ending just the same. A pathetic, dead ending for a Dead End Kid.

    1. Martin, I noticed the exact same thing. I don’t think Cali knew any of this was a setup until well after it happened. I recall him saying that people will claim that there is “no live bigfoot now” after I thought that part of the hoax was plain. Like Noel said, Rick just left him out to dry and he didn’t seem to care.

  9. If you had a bigfoot body why in the hell would you even need investors??? Maybe an agent or a promoter but not an investor! You are supposedly in possession of the greatest discovery of man kind and you need an investor? NO. To anyone reading this, do me a favor…go back and watch the videos of RD talking about the bigfoot being pregnant and the one of him inviting the haters to come see the baby bigfoot. While you’re watching them look at how sincere he is. Now we all know he was lying but look at how well he does it….it’s disturbing. This man is a pathological narcissistic liar. PERIOD

    1. Let me clarify. I am convinced that the Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot footage are 100% real Bigfoots. Now whether or not Dyer killed a Bigfoot or has a body is a different story altogether.

      1. I’m pretty stunned that you still give this any credence Robert. This story was dead in the water months ago. There has never been any evidence what so ever that Dyer had any contact with a BF creature. All we had was the word of a known serial hoaxer.
        Chris Noel is finished because he slept with this BS. He’s left with the crazies like Frank and Cathiee who still prevail. Hopefully you won’t go the same way as Mr Noel, Robert.
        There is a lot of good stuff going on out there in the BF world Robert. It may not be as sensational as Dyer’s lies but it’s true and it’s real. Time to regain a little respect from the BF ‘scene’ Mr Lindsay.
        I hope you take my comments as feedback and not criticism.

  10. I’ve been on the fence about this story since the beginning. it’s this site that i go to to keep up with it all..After the LA juvenile Bigfoot stunt i have finally had enough. I feel that Rick really blew it, because instead of humiliating a few skeptics he alienated almost everyone who was on the fence, then called us idiots for even entertaining the notion that what he said was truthful. I am now convinced that he is just postponing this
    hoax, until the day he announces that it was all a joke and ridicules the public for believing a known hoaxer again, and then he’ll start calling himself the greatest hoaxer in the world and live off of that for a few more years. His team tracker are the most ridiculous

  11. people who anyone can clearly see aren’t tracking anything but new gold membership subscriptions. It looks like a seven year old writes the posts on Bigfoot evidence These are the people sitting upon the greatest discovery of our time? I agree that Rick should stop being written about and that he craves attention, however i hope RL continues to keep us updated on Bigfoot news because I regard his information as the most reliable and entertaining of all the BF sites.

  12. Let me clarify. I am convinced that the Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot footage are 100% real Bigfoots. Now whether or not Dyer killed a Bigfoot or has a body is a different story altogether.
    Hello so I take it u believe in bigfoot? I like unsolved mysteries/paranormal witness etc. Do you think it’s man or animal? does it have a language?
    do linguists have views on ape language, neanderthal/h erectus/bigfoot language?
    How does your training in linguistics impact your views on the paranormal like bigfoot? Do you think bigfoot has a language?Do you believe in other Unknown /cryptids from UFO to ghosts to loch ness to angels wormholes?
    I fancy the unknown. I’ve wondered how SETI could take a radio signal and say it’s alien when dolphin clicks and whales may or may not be language.

    1. It is a man, a caveman, a prehistoric man, like a Neandertal. They never went extinct! That’s all it is, a man. That’s why they can’t prove it.
      Yes they have a language, but we do not understand it very well. Sort of a primitive sounding language.
      Apes have no language, and Neandertal had no language but he had sign language probably.
      Ghosts are real for sure, that is obvious, but we can never prove it. UFO’s are probably real too, but we can never prove that either. I like Bigfoots because we can prove that, and we should very shortly.
      A SETI signal should be some sort of a pattern. I assume all they get now is random noise. Dolphins have some sort of a language, and whales might too. They communicate.

  13. There is a new book out called “Abominable Science” that challenges the fundamental beliefs of cryptid enthusiasts. The authors suggest that we be more critical of all purported evidence that is presented to us. After this Dyer affair, I have new criteria for Bigfoot videos: if the creature shown is not doing anything a human could not easily do, then move along. If the subject could be a man in a costume with mask or makeup, then that’s what it is.
    Let’s see something more than a figure looking over its shoulder, chomping on food, or walking in the forest. Let’s see a mouth that opens greater than a man’s, nostrils that flare wider than a man’s, limbs that clearly extend and flex in proportions unlike any man’s.
    Let’s see a video that doesn’t have to be studied, a film that won’t still be controversial in 45 years. With all due respect to M.K. Davis, let’s see a video that renders him irrelevant. Until then, as the Lama says in the last line of Hammer’s “The Abominable Snowman”:
    “There is no Yeti.”

    1. As a cryptid enthusiast I’m skeptical about any book called “Abominable Science”. It assumes a blind belief system when in fact such people are usually very demanding and open minded. It’s the science community that is rigid and dismissive.

    2. Bingo! There is no evidence. There are just people who blindly believe, much like in religion, with no actual evidence. So whenever they are shown anything they can try to spin as support of their belief, they do. Look at the picture and video at the bottom of Robert’s posting. They are ridiculous (no disrespect, Robert. Just using it as an example). I understand the rationale behind it. I just wish people has the ability to remain objective. Objectivity is most definitely lost on people who believe in BF. I will happily change my tune if legit evidence ever surfaces. Until then, I remain in the skeptic’s camp. I have even tested this theory. About a year ago I posted a “sighting” on a BF blog. I literally came up with the most asinine story I could think of. It was beyond ridiculous. Within hours I had several replies of people confirming that I had, in fact, seen a BF and congratulating me.

      1. I get what you are saying. People want to believe. The reason I can’t totally dismiss the idea is the stories that some people have put forth. I understand people misidentify, delude themselves, and outright lie, but at this point I am not yet ready to say that about everyone.

      2. The reason we are no longer “objective” is that our good friends have seen these things right in front of them with their own two eyes. In fact, one of my friends shot and killed two of them. And we believe our friends when they tell us that they have seen these things. So I guess that is what it all boils down to.
        The photo is excellent. I could tell you what is killer about it, but I don’t want to help out the hoaxers, most of whom are skeptards, by the way. Most hoaxers are skeptics, and the more we tell them about how these things look, the better they make their fakes, and it gets harder and harder to sort out the real Bigfoots from the fakes. But there is something about that photo that no hoaxer has done yet. I guess it could be CGI, but I have only seen one CGI of a Bigfoot so far.
        The video is a quite well done hoax. In fact, it is depressingly well done. Now you see what we are up against. A tidal wave of hoaxes that never stops.

    3. The truth is that you are a skeptic, isn’t that correct, Martin? According to you, there is no such thing as Bigfoot. So there you go.
      The thing is that there is no video or photo that will ever be good enough of these hominids. No matter how good the photo or video is, the skeptards will always say it’s a man in a costume. And it’s completely insane to say, “If it could possibly be a man in a costume, then that’s what it is.” THAT is not scientific. And that’s the bottom line. The real anti-scientific people in this whole debate are the skeptics, not us Bigfooters.
      That’s why they went for the DNA, because Erickson said no one would ever believe any photo or video no matter how good it was.

      1. What I’m saying is that there is a very heavy burden of proof on those who claim a figure in a video is a real Bigfoot, simply because the creature is a hominid. Any figure that could be a man in a suit has to be regarded as such because without any other evidence that is the explanation that makes the most sense. I want to see a figure that is doing something a man can’t do, that’s all. Eyewitness testimony can be interesting but it’s only enough to keep us looking for real proof.
        Photos are not typically compelling because when you remove evidence of movement you may not even have an animate figure shown. That photo in the post does have disproportionately thin arms for such a large head…I would love to have seen it moving.

        1. But that is completely insane and antiscientific right there.
          Any figure that could be a man in a suit has to be regarded as such because without any other evidence that is the explanation that makes the most sense.
          No! You can argue that any figure that could be a man in a suit has to be regarded as inconclusive. That is the way that I would put it. It could be a Bigfoot, it could be a man in a suit. It’s utterly antiscientific to say it has to be a man in a suit, unless you reject Bigfoot’s existence, in which case I suppose it makes sense. But rejecting Bigfoot’s existence to me is antiscientific right off the bat.
          ALL videos will always be “possible hoaxes” to the skeptic crowd. They don’t believe in these things and nothing less than a body will suffice. The Patterson has already been proven many times that it could not possibly be a man in a suit, but that won’t satisfy them. The only reason it’s controversial is the skeptics won’t believe any video.
          These things are just people, so I do not know if they could ever be doing something a man could not do.
          There is a police car dashboard video of a Bigfoot running across a road in Georgia at 30 mph. That’s faster than 99% of humans, and it’s as fast as a competitive sprinter.
          Eyewitness testimony is what does it for me. My friends saw these things with their own two eyes. In a few cases, they got completely into Bigfootery afterwards, and more or less devoted their lives to this stuff. It was a life changing experience. I figure my friends are not lying, but that’s not scientific proof. It sure cuts it for me. A guy I know saw them 7 times. He is a university professor of geology. I know a university professor of marine biology who saw one. I know a guy who stood there and had a staredown with a Bigfoot for five minutes. I believe these people.
          I like that photo because there is something about it that the damned hoaxers have never duplicated, at least not yet. I don’t even want to say what it is, because every time we give them clues like this, they make their hoaxes better. But it’s via stuff like that that I can often tell the real stuff from the fakes. As long as we shut up about what few clues we have left, we have some good diagnostics.
          The hoaxes are the bane of this whole field. Many of them work in the film industry or in special effects. They don’t believe, and they keep making their damned costumes better and better to show off their skills. It’s a real pain in the ass because I get fooled a lot by these fucktards. The things are basically just people – really really weird people – but for that reason, it is pretty easy to hoax one.

        2. Thanks for that quick and thorough reply, Robert…there are people I trust dearly who swear by their encounters as well, though none are as extended and dramatic as the ones you describe. I would like Bigfoot to be real, but the pursuit is a tricky one. I consider it worthy, though, even if every hoax leaves me more and more gunshy about the whole thing. When I quoted that movie line “There is no Yeti,” I was referring to the creatures’ capacity to remain unknown, which is a subtext of that great film. If you don’t know it you should seek it out…there are unmistakable parallels to the Dyer story.

        3. If you accept the fact that these things are just people, it really ends a lot of the tricky questions everyone has about them. We don’t have to “discover a brand new huge mammal.” There’s nothing to discover. It answers the bones question. My friends tell me BF bones are already in university collections and at archeological digs. They have seen them. They are typically labeled “Indian.” If they are people, they are smart enough to avoid us.
          In addition, they do get shot at a lot, and they even get killed regularly. People shoot them, but then they go look at the body and it looks so much like a human being that they freak out and thin they will go down for homicide. They either bury it or leave it out there.
          They are very hard to capture on camera mostly because they are nocturnal and they figure out cameras and avoid them. They are just not around in the daytime. They are incredibly fast, and they are gone before you even see them. What everyone says about them, even the old Indians, is, “You never see them.” Even when they are around all the time, you never see them.
          My friends are dealing with some in the Sierras now, but you have to go way out into the Sierra wilderness where there’s no humans for miles around, then you have to go walking around in the woods with no flashlights (!), and then they encounter these things sometimes. The only video they got is on infrared camera, and it’s not that impressive. But there are bipedal things following them out there in the Sierra wilderness in the dead of night, throwing rocks at them, bluff charging them.

        4. Your responses are very insightful, and you write very quickly! I’m impressed…have you thought about writing a book about Bigfoot? What I like is that you make bold statements about the phenomenon very unashamedly…and you could have it finished in a fortnight! Thanks again for taking the time to respond to me, Robert.

        5. Ha ha…no, but when a week seems too short, and month seems too long, “a fortnight” is a bit crisper than two weeks, though a little pretentious if you’re not a Brit. As for getting to writing that book, I have found the motivation to get started lies in putting yourself in the reader’s seat: if you want them helpless to put your book down, you have to write an introduction (if it’s non-fiction) that makes you helpless to stop writing more. Keep reworking it until you’ve achieved that goal, and you will get there if what you have to say is worth the effort to write the whole thing. If not, no harm done. It’s a bit presumptuous for me to offer you advice, but I would very much like to read that Bigfoot book you have in you! (And that’s all I’ll say…cheers!)

    4. If your talking about the patterson video its not contreversial after 45 years. It’s been 45 years and yet proven as a hoax. Till you can show a suit that has quad muscles moving under the skin filmed 45 years ago you got jack to prove hoax. it can’t be done today. How about the police video that had a 8 ft tall animal take three steps to cross the road and over a quard rail into the black of night 15 ft down to the rocks. not humanly possible. Not humanly possible period. Whiteys run where the animal starts on all 4 then gets up and qiuck steps thru a revine like it wasn’t there.

      1. I’ve read that two teens admitted that the police video was a hoax when police investigated nearby homes just afterward. Not arguing the point, just saying that’s what I’ve read. Also, I really appreciate all the work that’s been done and continues to be done on the Patty film. I don’t know if it’s real or not. It bothers me that the men were going out to film a Bigfoot and then filmed one, not unlike the “Shooting Bigfoot” circumstances. Also, Patterson had a spotted history not unlike Dyer, but again, I don’t want to argue that point or open up that wound. But I do notice that Dyer keeps saying of his tent video, “prove it’s a hoax” and “recreate the costume,” in ways that echo the PG arguments. If as Robert says, the Bigfoot creatures are essentially hairy humans and not unlike us enough to cut distinctly unusual figures when they’re photographed or filmed, then such evidence will never alone prove that they exist. I think one-off costumes and make-up jobs are impossible to recreate, especially if they’ve been applied or tailored to the individual playing the role.
        The problem is, I want to believe, but Patty is still a mystery to me. After some analysts proclaimed that the tent video was just as compelling as the PG film, and then Dyer’s believability evaporated over the past year (finally hitting its current all-time low), it started to get me looking more critically at whether the “duplicate the costume” argument is really cogent. I’ve already talked about this here many times, but the focus on masks and store-bought gorilla suits is wrong-headed; the effects you see can’t be recreated if the subject had a tailored costume and wore makeup or adapted prosthetics. (Still wanting more info on that man on the right in the 2012 Dyer group photo.) Because the hoaxers are so much better now, as Robert says, we can only look at new video evidence as information but not evidence. Maybe that’s what made Dyer’s claim to have a dead one so compelling.
        There’s another problem too…and that has to do with the eyewitness testimony of people who are not our friends. It’s not just Dyer who sounded believable (to many), it was Musky Allen too. If you believe as I do that Dyer is too cheap and lazy to produce a fake body, then Musky is a SECOND pathological liar of epic proportions, and two in one hoax is more than a lot of us (who believed Musky even more than Dyer) can easily recover from. That’s why I’d like Robert to get that book written…his comments today stirred my imagination again after the events of the last year have left me feeling overly credulous and uncritical.

      2. The sheriff made up that story about college kids running across the road. They never found and the college kids, and we think he just said that to get rid of the story. He doesn’t believe in Bigfoot. If kids pranked that, they would have had to run as fast as a competition sprinter, plus the thing is 8 feet tall. They would have had to run across a highway as fast as a competition sprinter at night right in front of a police car and then barrel over a guardrail and down a 15 foot embankment like it was nothing. It’s really hard to run real fast in those costumes, and it’s almost impossible to do it at night. As a matter of fact, I don’t see how you could run as fast as a competition sprinter in a costume. No way. You can die running really fast in those costumes.
        It has been proven many times that the Patterson creature cannot possibly be a man in a costume.
        Also the Tent Video can’t be a man in a costume either. It is an “anatomically correct Sasquatch.” And the hoaxers haven’t figured out how to make one of those yet. I am not even sure how you would do is as Bigfoots, though they are people, have quite different proportions as we do. Also there were things in the Tent Video that no hoaxer has yet recreated to my knowledge. I keep this stuff secret about what the hoaxer fucks can’t do (yet) because I don’t want to help them make their costumes better! They keep perfecting the damn things all the time.

  14. I favor the paranthropus theory. I think H florensis is actually an Australopithecus, not a homo erectus. In my theory Australopithecus left Africa early, and one lineage evolved into bigfoot and another into H florensis.
    I guess while we’re on topic, what’s your opinion of the Voynich manuscript as a linguist? language cipher or hoax?

  15. It’s funny, I have a very open mind. If you don’t believe in BigFoot, you’ve never been to Pacific North West. It is so incredibly vast that you just can’t wrap your mind around it. If there is such a thing, which is a possibility, thats where it would be. I believe that Mr. Lindsay catches so much crap because he believes RD at any level. For the most part we would ALL rather find out that bigfoot is not real than find out he IS through the hands of RD. I keep reading these posts of people saying “Why would he say this”, “Why would he do that?” Pathological Narcassistic Liars will lie themselves into a corner and when trapped will lash out at anyone who doesn’t believe them. Look at his blog. All he does is lash out! Rarely does he speak of bigfoot. He attacks Kulls and says he lives in a one bedroom apt…and??? I don’t care if he lives in a box! What does that have to do with bigfoot. He’s attacked Mr Lindsay, Dobbs, Meldrum…it looks like a 7 year old writes his blog. I’m so familiar with this type of personality that I’m going to look into my crystal ball and tell you what’s coming from the Dyer team next..A huge “Breaking Story” will be announced. (It won’t really be huge or breaking but that’s how they’ll advertise it on his page) it will be another open ended, unprovable lie that will keep people on the fence…this is how Narcassists work. He shot himself in the foot with the whole baby bigfoot hoax and now to get more attention he’ll start up a new tale. If I looked into anyone’s hard drive who is reading this, I’d find random Internet searches….maybe some movies…..”Other” stuff lol….if I looked at RD’s hard drive it would contain mostly Internet searches on…any guesses?? Rick Dyer!

  16. If Dyer dares and succeeds to “transcend” his “story” from the fringe arena of believers/skeptics/haters/crypto blogs into the mainstream media arena in the coming weeks, he will “deliver” on Jan 1st, I am sure. In other words: if you see the first Dyer news features and TT ads on major TV/radio networks and/or in major print media by October I am sure he has told the truth. If he is by then still just debated by the 500-600 people worldwide, who seems to have nothing better to do than to care about the idiot, then we have 2008 again. BUT: history never repeats itself, at best it sometimes rhymes…;-)

  17. Biggie said,
    “I’d like to try it with you in the future at some point but i wont go without some protection. Problem is can they detect cameras and firearms.”
    I was thinking about that recently. It seems the ‘in’ thing to do in ‘footery these days is the practice of ‘gifting’.
    I wonder if anyone who has success with habituation that way has attempted gifting a camera. A used broken one would suffice- just to acclimate them to the device.
    You could also leave a live one and see if they figure it out.
    Either way it might make the things more comfortable with a camera around and facilitate the photography of one.
    I am pro kill, but I prolly not going to do it myself. I don’t own a firearm large enough to take one of those down (a 9 would just irritate it, right?).
    So I guess I rely on their goodwill to not abduct me and force me to procreate wits their wimmins.

    1. The Bigfoots take the trailcams and turn them backwards so they are facing the tree they are attached to! Clever bastards. Olympic Project has had a lot of problems with that and my friend in Canada has too. Those damn trailcams give off some high pitched frequency that we can’t hear like a dog whistle. That said, they have been caught on trailcam a few times. A lot of times when you get them on trailcam, their back is to the camera.

  18. What if they already know how to use cameras and the Internet? Maybe they have all of these grainy pictures of us and websites discussing whether we really exist or not! Lol!

  19. I personally know two people with sightings. Like many bigfooters I’ve read a couple thousand of sightings and reports. I have enough faith in my fellow man to conclude not everyone is lying or misidentifying bigfoot. Look at the people who’ve put their reputations on the line. I wonder what the ratio of reported to unreported is?

  20. I’ve never seen one and don’t know anyone who has but I’ve done a lot of research on the subject and just find it so hard to believe that all of these witnesses are hallucinating or lying. Everyone keeps comparing bigfoot to Silver Backs and Komoto Dragons as they were once legends before being discovered by the western world. The difference is that these subjects were pursued with reckless abandon by scientists who weren’t afraid of having their reputations destroyed because they were chasing “The Boogey Man” which is exactly what mainstream science fears about openly discussing bigfoot. Science and the study thereof follow a simple rule. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. The almighty human being has placed men on the moon, built skyscrapers 1/2 mile tall, discovered flight, split the atom but has yet to find 100% proof that bigfoot exists. It’s understandable why scientists take their stance but I hope to be alive if/when one is discovered to prove them wrong.

      1. Yeah Right- who knew huh? these BigFeet are showing up everywhere these days.
        not to mention various Zombies being spotted. (probably meth heads)
        anyway I actually saw an honest to gosh Big Foot having a Pina Colada at Trader Vicks the other night.
        “and his hair was perfect”

  21. Hey
    what do you think of
    R. Scott Nelson?
    I know linguists can construct seemingly dead languages like Mayan written language.
    do linguists have the ability to decipher bigfoot recordings or is this guy bs?

    1. From what I understand the top linguist have only recently been able to decipher two basic words F*** Y**
      obviously the bigfoot is not a social creature and only wishes to be left alone.
      you heard it right here on “Beyond Highbrow”

      1. I really don’t know how much linguistic research has been dedicated to Bigfoot. I do know there has been a lot of research done on the other end. Meaning – Bigfoot Scat. or aka (feces) This one researcher Professor Jeff Smelldrum, of Idaho State U. who actually gets down on his hands and knees and sniffs and taste these large piles left by Bigfoot. He spends endless hours searching out the freshest, moist steamy piles.
        He also rolls the larger chunks around in his mouth in search of exotic flavor and nourishment and texture. (stray rectal hair is always a bonus especially when it sticks in his teeth)
        Yeah, he is a bit weird, but a dedicated researcher.
        I understand he is now working on a thesis devoted to Bigfoot flatulence.
        That should be a real gas.

      1. Bigfoot can breed with humans but can’t pick up a few words of English?
        I’ve heard that their language may incorporate words and names from English, French, Asiatic languages, Norse and several Native American languages. (Can’t help you here, I only speak English.)
        They have language.
        They mimic animal and other sounds.
        They have superior hearing.
        They observe people from a distance, especially women and children.
        Their speech is twice as fast as human speech, but they are believed to deliberately slow their speech when in the presence of humans.
        Some Native American legends say that people and bf used to trade.

    2. Hi neo
      I haven’t given it much consideration. He could be on to something
      or mebbe not. It’s a little horse before the cart for me. Let’s ascertain their existence before deciphering their language.
      Logically , if they exist and are close to us as apes or humans, they probably do have some sort of language……….

      1. If somehow we could decipher or find out the Bigfoot words for
        “Hey buddy, I have a Bigfoot hottie chick that is really wet for you”
        then we would have our specimen.

        1. There is some mountain man guy in British Colombia who said he got kidnapped by Bigfoots who took him back to their cave and tried to make him have sex with a female. So somehow got out of it. He lives way out in the sticks where no one lives. He supposedly sees the damn things just about every single day. Amazing story, if it’s true. The guy he told it to believed him.

        2. Rob- I so hope that story is true.
          that is so cool. I wish I knew exactly where that was I would go and just hang out there naked and hope to get picked up (literally) by a female Bigfoot.
          I haven’t been laid in the longest time.

    3. Actually Scott Nelson is quite an intersting fellow and has some amazing analysis of BF Vocalizations. I heard him speak at a BF Convention and he kinda stole the show. He showed us that slowing down the BF Chatter from Ron Moreheads Sierra Sounds and also looking at some form of audio spectrogragh (or whatever its called) provides some real clear breakdown of the vocal exchanges. You can actually hear the different word sounds and catch an actual dialog of some form between multiple BF individuals. At that time he had just started getting into the BF sound analysis but I hope to see some more updated info from his studies. It is pretty amazing stuff!

  22. Love your posts about Bigfoot.. I am fascinated with the whole topic.
    My question is if Dyer shot or killed a bigfoot than Morgan Mathews saw it and most likely recorded the body. Why has he not come out with anything?
    And why did he not include any good footage in his movie? Just wondering what your thoughts are on this..

        1. Gave me chills too.
          I thought I read some articles trying to debunk this ‘sasquatch ontario’
          dood. Myself, I’m somewhere on the fence with this one. I believe it may be authentic. However the vocalizations are clear and actually distinct and imho not much of a reach for someone to imitate, or possibly re-create.
          Whatever… If it is real …. that sonofagun wants a flower real bad.

        2. I would think that a trained professional would be able to listen to this and tell us if it is real or manipulated.. The power of the voice thought sounds beyond the human range.

  23. I was considered to be one of the so-called-“haters” you know, the people who were too smart to be made a fool by the likes of Dyer and Musty Allen. I can tell you one thing that I know for sure: not one of us is so evil as to take down FB/Fb or make it some mission to do so Chris Noel. Now, if you want to try and figure out who IS that evil, look no further than the guy who swore that he would ruin them if it was the last thing he’d ever do: Musty Allen and who is smart enough AND evil enough to help him do it while LYING about how it was done by his enemies? Man that one sure sounds like Rick Dyer’s M.O. to me. Steve Kulls is right-again, it was Dyer who took their video channel down. He is a scumbag.

    1. Why are you banning him? He was not nasty or disrespectful in any way. He just disagreed with what you wrote. Instead of banning him, why don’t you defend what you wrote and engage in a discussion?

      1. Hostile tone.
        Why is it even up for discussion? I fail to see the point, Robert, in why this photo was in your mind, even worthy of writing about, since any possible evidence for validity is to be kept top secret by you.
        He said why did you even bother to write about it? That’s very insulting.
        He is free to petition the ban.
        I would love to give the reason why I think it is a good photo, but I just cannot in good conscience. If you study excellent BF photos, maybe you can figure it out. But every time we say “this is one thing the hoaxers never get right” the Goddamned motherfuckers read what we write religiously, and they try to make their costumes and fakes that much better! Screw that! The fakes are getting better and better all the time, and I am NOT going to give them any more fucking ammo! I get fooled all the time these damned hoaxers and I am sick of it! We still have a few things we can use to tell what’s real from what is fake, and we really need to hold those cards close to our chests for now.
        There are plenty of other researchers who will give you all the information that you want. They will tell you why this is a real BF and not a fake and give you all the reasons. But I am not giving the hoaxer SCUM any more ammo. I have had it with this.
        If these things ever get proven, what should we do? Should we reveal our secrets.
        I am not sure.

      2. Thx for your criticism. I am unbanning him, and I answered the question in the response above. But saying, “Why did you even bother writing about this?” is really bordering on hostile tone.

  24. All right look, I am unbanning you. But saying, “Why is this even worth writing about” is insulting and it’s bordering on hostile tone. You need to rephrase the way you write your comments on here.

    1. Well, I will continue to say such things. As a matter of fact, that is all I will say about any Bigfoot photo that I feel is the real deal. I will always say that there are things about this photo or video that the hoaxers have never been able to recreate.
      If you were around at the old Facebook Find Bigfoot page, they often ran down videos on the basis of whether or not the BF had true BF characteristics. Lack of such characteristics would mean a typical hoax. One of them you might know about is that arm length is too short. I am worried about even talking about that one because the hoaxer fucks will start making longer arms now!
      We think these things are 100% real. In fact, we and I know that they are 100% real, and we feel that certain photos and videos display certain characteristics that rule out a hoax. What that means is they have certain things about them that the hoaxers have not been able to duplicate in their hoaxes YET.
      I am not sure if you realize what we are up against. There is a whole army of movie directors and especially special effects guys who apparently do not believe in these things and they are constantly trying to make their fakes better and better. They are in competition with each other to make the best most realistic fakes possible. And they are alasys trying to perfect them. In addition, a lot of times when we get an excellent photo or video of a BF, these fucks lie and say it is from my movie or from my special effects studio! They even lie and say that photo is from my movie and I claim copyright over it and you need to stop publishing photos of my costume form my movie! These movie directors and special effects people are the lowest, slimiest filthiest garbage on Earth.
      I am going to continue to say this in the future when I validate BF videos and photos, so if it really pisses you off, maybe you should just leave.
      There are a lot of other people doing validation videos, especially Phil Poling. He goes over why this is a real BF or why it is a fake real well.
      This really is not a site for you skeptics. You skeptics are going to be mad the whole time, and most of you get banned sooner or later.

  25. I do not stretch reality in favor of my claims at all. However, sometimes I am fooled by hoaxers, so when I say this is a real BF, I may well be wrong and could be fooled by a hoax or a log or whatever.
    When you say I stretch reality to come to my conclusions, you are verging on hostile tone.

  26. I will tell you what. If you email me, maybe I can tell you stuff about the photos or videos you are wondering about that I won’t put on a public forum. I can tell why I think it’s a BF and not a fake.

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