Do Blacks Commit Lots of Crime Because They Are Poor?

Johan Mayer writes:

As to violence, could you point me to studies that state that after accounting for neighborhood and SES, that the white/black violent crime rate continues?
Sorry, to be clear, the difference between black and white crime rate?

Well West Virginia is the poorest state in the US and it has the second lowest crime rate in the country. It’s almost 100% White. Poor Whites don’t necessarily commit lots of violating crimes. Very low property and violent crime rate in West Virginia. Most crimes are drug offenses, drunk driving, etc.
Trinidad and Tobago has an average PCI of $20,000/year, yet they have an extremely high violent crime and homicide rate. $20,000/year is a middle-income country.
Bottom line is Black people don’t commit tons of crime because they are poor. They commit tons of crime mostly because they are Black.
On the other hand, I believe that a higher SES Black neighborhood would have lower crime than a low SES Black neighborhood. The worst behavior of all is not such Blacks and Hispanics per se, but poor Blacks and poor Hispanics. It’s like a double whammy.
The Black crime rate is anywhere from 6-9 times higher than the White crime rate. The homicide rate is 8-9 times higher and the rape rate is 6 times higher. There are some crimes such as fraud where the ratio is not as high, but even with fraud, the Black rate is 2X the White rate.
Blacks are also 2X likely to be serial killers and child molesters as Whites.
There is not a single crime that Whites commit at a higher rate than Blacks, not a one.

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54 thoughts on “Do Blacks Commit Lots of Crime Because They Are Poor?”

  1. 1) Genocide. Genocides committed by countries with white leaderships have murdered more people than those with ‘black’ leaders. Which colour bucket do you put occidentals in?
    2) The war on drugs is illegal. Every arrest is kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment. Every raid is an aggravated burglary, often with canine homicide thrown in. Correct me if I am wrong, but Ainslinger, Nixon, Rockerfeller, DuPont are white?
    And those are the two most heinous crimes on the planet. You left them out.
    The war on drugs is a race war. I’m not surprised if it’s victims have been taught that violent crime is justice.
    I look forward to your response.
    And please let me know how many of them were not manipulated into doing it by shady activities by white led nation’s secret and overt activities?
    Regardless of the number of ‘this or that coloured’ heads of state or region instigating genocide, I doubt they can manage the same body count as the ‘white ones’.
    One genocide of a million people is ‘more crime’ than 10 genocides of 10,000 people.
    Do I take it by your absence of a response to part 2 that you concur with my analysis?

    1. Your statistics on so-called genocide (which has many meanings) may be true for the last couple hundred years, but I doubt its true over the course of history. When Muslims invaded, enslaved and controlled the middle east, parts of Africa, Spain and southeast Europe, India and parts of China off and on for 1000 years, I’m willing to bet they committed more genocide than those dreaded European colonizers. Plus, Mao reportedly killed 45 million of his own people in just four years. May not meet your definition of genocide but that’s a ton and…pssst…he’s not white.

      1. Funny you should say that, but I was listening to a chinese comedian on BBC world service a couple of days ago, and he said they don’t have ‘colour’ where he comes from, because everyone is white with black hair. It’s only us ‘whites’ who feel the need to call the whites from the east ‘yellows’.
        I think the original claim lacked enough definition to lend itself to a tight debate.
        It does not surprise me that those arguing for white innocence supremacy fall so easily for the bully-victim perceptual skew.

      1. You’re using your ‘Your’ incorrectly, go back to school and try not to ruin Robert’s blog by lowering the tone.
        I’m white and my bitch is mulata you faggot.
        You need to put two ‘o’s in your ‘to’ if you’re using it that way.

  2. Yes these nigger negroes commit a lot of crimes against whites its not because they are poor or something They have been committing such crimes for eons its probably associated with their genetics. I belive Asians are equally bad especially chinese and Koreans

    1. Is heartbreaking, So why some races (like Black and Amerindian) have been easily controled by Whites, if they are the same? at least Blacks do have presence in American TV, however in Mexico and other Amerindian Latin countries like Peru, the White minority is uber represented in the TV. The Amerindians have been weak. Truth about racism in Mexico.

      1. Thank you Luffy for the video and some mental stimulation. What is the demographic breakdown of Mexico? How small of a minority are the White Mexicans? What’s the wealth disparity between both groups like? That might explain things a little bit.
        From my own experience and observations, most Mexicans look mixed. More Mexicans appear to be fully White than fully Amerindian. Then again, I’ve never physically met a full-blooded Amerindian either.

        1. “More Mexicans appear to be fully White than fully Amerindian” = Lol.
          This Mixed Mexican look pretty Mongoloid, she looks nothing like the “Mexican” stars from Mexican TV. I have seen more Mexicans like her rather than the White actors from Mexican TV. Mexico is 30% Amerindian ,50% Mixed (and the usual Mix is 55% Amerindian and 41% White) ,and about 20% White.

        2. The first teenage woman is from Southern Mexico, this adult woman is from Northern Mexico, and looks pretty Amerindian Mongoloid as well, so Latin America is 2 races and cultures.
          Amerindian Mongoloid Latin America Indigenous: Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, etc.
          European Caucasian Latin America Western: Brazil , Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, etc.

  3. There isn’t any evidence that people commit lots of crime because of the race they belong to. Correlation and causation are two different things.

    1. This true in way for American Blacks in that it is not just poverty, but it is urban poverty, which seems to trigger more crime for them. That plus the loss of the nuclear family and traditional social structures. Blacks in the U.S. did not have such a big crime problem when they were rural and poor, and still had families intact. Poverty+Urban+Family Breakdown= Crime, at least for Blacks in the U.S.
      On the other hand, rural environments are not conducive to crime for anyone. Everyone knows, or wants to know, everyone. There’s nowhere to run or hide, and there isn’t much opportunity for crime. Whaddya gonna do, hide behind a bush, then mug Farmer Jones, steal his tractor and 1,000 ears of corn? Then what? Rural areas have lower crime rates for a lot of reasons that do not involve the demographics of who lives in them.
      It is also may be questionable how much a lack nuclear families have to do with it. For, example inner city Hispanics have their families mostly intact, but commit a lot of crime regardless (but still less than Blacks).

  4. The East Asian commit little crime. Every East Asian land is quite safe. There are anthropologist who commented that China may have reduced its crime rate by decimating the most aggressive people over millennium.
    In East Asia, people are less likely to loot. You do not see looting in China disaster nor Fukushima. There are a lot of self restrain.
    Nevertheless East Asian are probably Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. East Asian organize crime can be extremely atrocious and yet well organize or certain sets of rules.
    East Asian violent can be extremely subtle and damaging not not noticeable by other nations. East Asians play a lot of politics in work place. East Asian prefer white man boss in many occasions, because they are more fair.
    But I think Indians are far worse. Indian’s violent are subtle as well. They are directed towards the lower caste as well as their poorer neighbors.
    In short, they black exhibit naked violent. While high IQ tribe exhibits violent in other ways.

    1. Interesting and a bit offtopic. You could be on to something. However, I’m not too sure about China’s low crime rate being related to killing off the most aggressive people throughout history since Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and even Vietnam all seem to have very low violent crimes too. I assume you are talking about homicide and rape, correct?
      Countries like China and Vietnam are also very poor, yet they don’t commit crimes at nearly the same rate as Africans. In fact, they somehow commit even less violent crime than Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and certain European countries even though they are much poorer in comparison. Which is amazing of course.
      I’ve heard many people, including Europeans express amazement and praise East Asian countries for being crime-free and safe. Especially true in Japan’s case. I knew of an American English teacher in China who couldn’t stand the country. Yet one thing he liked about China was how much safer it was than America. In his own words, he could enjoy walking the streets late at night without fear of getting mugged or murdered. He suggested much tighter penalties for violent and sexual assaults in his home country. Suggestions which I strongly support.
      To be fair, it’s the same here in Australia. Maybe slightly better.
      Random “glassings”, stabbings, beat downs and punch-ups have become common place. I also start to hear of more “thrill kills” these days, a very worrying trend. With the severity of these crimes, the lack of remorse and motivations behind some of them, I don’t think alcohol or mental health cuts it for an excuse. Capital punishment should be reenforced since. It’s clear many people commit these crimes because they feel they can get away with it.
      In all honesty, East Asians are the most non-threatening people I know of and I enjoy their company. I would much rather be alone with a group of them than with any other group of people since they are the least violent by a long shot. Some people call them “pussies”, these days I call them “civilized”. I’m starting to like Asians more and more, especially where the other migrants are concerned. In fact, I like my Japanese associates far more than many White people I’ve encountered. There’s not one I dislike, not one. They are proud yet humble people.
      And reading some of the articles on this site, my dislike of Hindu Indians has risen through the roof.
      The more I look into it, the more obvious it becomes that race, in conjunction with the environment, has something to do with it. Asians being proud of their heritage isn’t as alien to me as it was in the past. You deserve to be.

  5. I’m a “do the crime do the time” kind of guy. I believe in severe punishment for violent crime and the same for repeat offenders regardless the crime. I’d like to see the U.S. get tough on crime but nowadays with so many wimps and freaks in the juducial system that ain’t happenin’. Objectivity and common sense thrown right out the window.

  6. This is precisely why “racial profiling” is so completely JUSTIFIED – in fact there should be far far more of it! If not soon overturned, yesterday’s U.S. District Court decision outlawing the New York Police Department’s “stop and frisk” policing is a tragedy that could return the city to the jungle it was in the 1970s- early 90s. If blacks don’t like it, they should STOP COMMITTING SO MUCH VIOLENT CRIME!

    1. Umm, last I checked, they had. The black crime wave that started in the 1950s had died down by 1990, and the thinking seems to be that it was lead; lead also seems to account for a healthy portion of the remaining black crime, although mercury also plays a role (exposure backdated by 17-24 years, i.e. child exposure):
      Notice that the usage of these creams among east Asians is more recent.

  7. First the blacks in this country need to admit there is a problem. I remember all through the 80’s and 90’s the media running off at the mouth saying how far we’ve come with racism. What a crock of shit. The media and the bleeding heart Hollywood gang thought affirmative action was great and putting blacks and whites together on tv shows and commercials as neighbors and best friends was a reflection of everyday life in america. Wishful thinking. In the meantime racism hadn’t gone anywhere. Black crime is out of control. And the gangsta thuglike behavior is bullshit. And Obama wonders why granny clutches her purse on an elevator. She does it because she’s aware black crime is off the charts. She does it because of the aggresive actions and exaggerated thugspeak of so many in the so called black community. More and more whites seem to be acting out this way too. I’m white and some of the behavior of a lot of whites makes me want to puke. And no I don’t have to hire some white thug or freak with “kiss my ass mf’er” tattooed across their neck or forehead. Whites need to get a grip on their “community” too. And the same as blacks whites need to admit there’s a problem.

    1. I don’t know why people say all the time that Black people won’t admit there’s a problem. Plenty of them will. But what I’ve seen is that that’s as far as agreement goes. Black people don’t even agree among themselves about what’s to be done about Black crime.

  8. Blacks commit a lot of crime because they’re Black. Period. It’s genetics. Right, Mr. Richwine? Poverty, ‘racism’, lack of opportunity, or any other excuse is just ‘dressing the pig’ in a fancy suit to hide it’s piggy nature. Non-goys lie in their owned media all the time about the nature of the Bantu, their favorite weapon in White genocide.

    1. Perhaps you should read the original context:
      The issue is whether lead can account for differences in offending rates.
      As to ‘white genocide,’ it really seems to be dragged out. If they keep these low rates up, the next generation of commercial white South African farmers will be going at it, and there’ll still be land division issues (my ouma se niggies het haar oupa se landgoed geneem—dus sit ons sonder grond…)

  9. I’m reposting here:
    Note that some years, the town is comparable with South Africa.
    But the issue with SES is not the (marxist/aristocrat) notion that poverty causes crime or vice versa, but that higher SES can avoid lead that is present, and thus I wanted same SES and community.
    Notice that many of the high lead counties have tiny populations. By way of comparison, many census tracts in Detroit had 25% or more kids with more than 10ug/dl (Wirt county WV has the highest in WV, at 4%).

  10. Boeta, laat ek nou maar verduidelik. Die man het my helemaal verkeerd verstaan—ek wou nie impliseer dat dit die armoede self is wat bepalend is nie—mynsinsiens is dit Marxistiese/Aristokratiese snert. Ek reken liewer dat dit o.m. die blootstelling aan lood (VSA en Afrika), kwik (ditto) en hongersnood (Afrika) tydens baba en kinderjare is wat tot hoe”re misdaad lei. Die rede waarom ek inkomste inbring is dat ryker mense die lood kan verwyder; blankes sal hoofsaaklik nie aan die kwik bloodgestel word nie, aangesien dit hoofsaaklik in verblankingsrome voorkom.

  11. Hmm Trinidad and Tobago: In 1991, their GDP per capita was about 4k$US. Malnutrition at that time (what would affect current murder rates—~23 year gap) was 13.6% and childhood blood lead varied around 2-26ug/dL, although much of the current crime wave is likely from the 1985 batch, that had blood lead around 8-78ug/dL.
    The murder rate in TT for last year was about 65% of the 2008 rate, and about 4 times the 1999 rate (about 6-7), the last minimum (it was higher before).

  12. Maybe I should have said black leaders and the hollywood elitist who push bullshit movies and music with sick lyrical content need to admit there’s a problem. Problem is they are the problem too. The so called black leadership’s idea of equal rights is getting even.

  13. Can you provide a reference for double incidence rate of serial killing in USA of blacks vs whites?
    I found an article by you claiming more than double the child molestation rates for blacks versus whites:
    You provide three links in that article Reread the link in question; child abuse (presumably all categories, although it is possible that they were referring to non-sexual abuse exclusively) is about two-three times higher in black communities. Though you seem to have missed it, the yellow dyno (BOP1991) link does not break down child sexual abuse by race, only child abuse total, as is obvious in the part that you quoted in that article. That is to say, you misread them, and still missed your misreading after the copy/paste.
    says that they tend to be white. I’ll post any academic materials I find.

  14. It appears that the majority of black people seem to have thugs for role models and they are just trying to emulate them.They like to play out what they hear in music and watch on the T.V and movies,on the street.The liberal establishment also looks at them as not as bright and will give them every excuse for being so wicked.This has to stop,equal rights for all,special rights for none.

  15. I think it is unfair in itself to rule people or race itself “in or out”, by majorities. On my mom’s side there’s ties to French Blacks, mostly from Louisiana–with ties further back to North Africa, while my father could easily pass for a light-skinned black man, since he is from Santo Domingo. He’s about the same complexion as Chris Brown, but he’s nothing like him. Both my parents are veterans, which is where they met –trying to get away from the negativity of their environments rather than be active hands in the negative. My paternal grandmother came to USA when my father was 9 yrs old and before the military, my father’s upbringing was Brooklyn. My mother doesn’t recall the migration my grandmother made from the South because she was born in Chicago but my uncle does. Both my grandmothers were married women, who ventured away from communities and husbands that felt nothing was wrong or needed changing, in order that their children have a brighter future. What do I mean? ” Never-mind the fact that Terry grows up to beat his wife and kids because he watched me beat you many times for nothing, as long as my boy works”.
    As women from a much lesser opportunistic age, they started with little and worked their way up as best they could. One graduated from Moody Bible Institute, top of her class while the other became a nurse and both were too terrified to re-marry.Their kids, my parents hated their neighborhoods where they grew up because they of the crime.
    Poverty has nothing to do with crime and that’s an offense to someone who’s grandma grew her own veggies to feed her children as opposed to taking a government handout. The kids also hated the neighborhoods because, blacks, Hispanics who were on the dole, were quite vicious, ostracizing, and glad to repeat their mothers’ gossiping queries, like, ” Who do these uppity—— think they are? What you mixed with because you’re nothing like us? Your mother some kind of clean freak, mopping everyday? You can smell the Pine-sol and bleach from a mile away but does it take all that ? etc. I’ve taught my daughter the same replies that I learned, ‘at least we don’t have roaches, mice, or other pestilence, except you’. It was true, We didn’t have them and if we visit one who did, our nerves would be so frazzled.. my mom couldn’t sleep and would re-clean.
    There was no community celebration of their achievements or civility because my parents weren’t welcome, but “nowhere” is all you have until you can improve—particularly, when the other races are equally as unwelcoming/prejudicial as those you share physical similitude. Plenty proof from many of the posts to confirm it.
    Recently at the local mart, I offered to treat my mom who wanted a certain drink, and while knowing the brand, could only distinguish via big glass window. Some police came in and although someone was yelling at the cashier, one police made it over to me as I debate which sunflower seeds I want/ showing juice bottles throw big story glass window. Police says, “How you doing tonight” I said, ” Relieved to see you” and it makes him turn red. He chides, well do I know you? I said No, sir I do know that because you walked in—my survival rate Just went up.
    My parents’ story isn’t a fluke, because there’s exists many out there like me, but rejection causes us to be un-trusting loners who deem “networking” as futile–on account of this.
    In the group you resemble, you’re ‘different’, while in the groups you don’t resemble, you’re ‘just like all the rest’… and some poor people DO have dignity , despite their race, to not resort to crime.
    Great topic, as always!

        1. I was not commenting on Jews. I wasn’t parsing whites into groups. And you forgot Lloyd Blankfein.
          Jews are talented with smarts, and it’s sad that some of them would use their intelligence to manipulate and plunder the system, but certainly they alone are not responsible for the nation’s ills. That said, you’re never going to get me to defend Jews. I’m more against Israel than Robert is.

      1. The Faggot of Canaan wrote:
        That said, you’re never going to get me to defend Jews. I’m more against Israel than Robert is.
        Sure you are… 😉

  16. Racist nerd ass Lindsay, dont write as if blacks only commit crimes half of pedophiles are your dear white race…

  17. The black people that have come over from Africa don’t behave that badly where I live, there’s a few living on my street – you hardly hear a peep out them.
    I think originally black people in America etc probably did used to have to resort to crime because they *were* poor – but now I feel like most do it when there are probably other alternatives because they want to look hard and they think it makes them look hard commiting loads of crime, and others are probably just being led astray or influenced by those doing it for that reason and blacks that commit lots of crime in other countries are probably doing it for the same reasons for the most part (unless they *are* really poor, with no other alternative).
    But it doesn’t seem that *all* black people are trouble or destined to be trouble, the ones through here aren’t really a problem from what I can see…

  18. I live near West Virginia. Just wait in a few years, this place will be a ghetto. We got plenty of one parent homes, along with pill and meth abuse. The only thing keeping this ship from going down is all the people who aren’t doing drugs. In black inner cities, unfortunately, there aren’t enough good guys to outweigh the bad.

  19. White nationalists love to point out this place as a paradise (while liberals love to mock this place as inbred and backward). Nonetheless, I can testify it is a paradise, but there is a dark side. Just remember that Detroit was an up and coming paradise for blacks once, but it went downhill. Remember, Motown and that “Black American Dream” thing going on there?

  20. The black crime tendency might be due to high testosterone. However, with religious training, that can be brought under control.

    1. jason y are there any blacks in W virginia?
      Are there areas where there are only whites?
      Which parts of W Virginia are these?
      What is it like to live in such an area which is all white or nearly all white, though quite poor?
      Is the white and poor pattern of organisation the best way to keep out non-whites?

    2. Yes Jason – Religious Training and maybe drugs to reduce their testosterone as well (as Testosterone at least partly Impacts Aggression).
      Now if we can then have a Immigration T/O and get blacks to do some of the manual jobs that Illegals do (but at a fairer salary), we will be in for a Win, Win Situation!

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