Blacks and Crime: A Look at My Town

Johan Meyer writes:

Argentina’s murder rate in 1997 (sorry, I remembered wrongly) was 9.1 and 9.2 in 2002; it is now 3.4. Haiti stands at 6.9. In your city, what are the average over 10ug/dl Pb counts in black areas? And are a substantial number of black woman exceptionally light-skinned? I ask as that would indicate that the children were likely exposed to mercury. For other crimes, even allowing that the black crime rate is substantially higher, the incompleteness of the records and differential prosecution (e.g. The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Prison, ch3, eighth ed) would make me a bit careful with extrapolation. But I should ask, what is the conviction rate of blacks in your city by major crimes (auto theft, murder, rape, drugs)?

About Argentina’s murder rate, yes, White homicide rates can go up and down. It’s quite clear that the better behaved races like Whites can descend to some horribly low levels sometimes. The high can drop pretty low, but mostly they stay high. But can the less behaved races reach for the sky? When do you ever hear about large groups of Blacks who act like Norwegians or Japanese? The high plunge to the depths, but the low don’t rocket to the heavens. There are no Black areas of my city. Blacks are only I do not really know what the conviction rate for Blacks in my town is as figures like that are almost impossible to come by, but a lot of the time when you see a cop putting someone in a police car or questioning someone, that person is Black. You see this a lot, and way more than Also I know some of the Blacks who live around here, and from what I hear, they either go to jail on a regular basis or they have criminal records in the past. Typical crimes are beating their girlfriends, pimping, prostitution, driving on suspended license, etc. I have met 2 pimps in this town so far, and they were both Black. So Blacks are If you read The Color of Crime, their report was based on victimization surveys. The 6-9X elevated Black crime rate over Whites was based on interviews with crime victims. So prosecution has nothing to do with it. According to Color of Crime, Blacks are substantially less likely to be incarcerated for a given crime than Whites are! I actually believe this is true as the Justice system gets tired of sentencing so many Blacks so they start to give Blacks a break.

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19 thoughts on “Blacks and Crime: A Look at My Town”

  1. The same week that public and media attention was riveted on the shocking murder-abduction of Samantha Runnion, the mother of seven-year old Jaunnicia Milton was gunned down in Oakland. As just the latest in a string of murders in the city, her shooting was given only passing notice. At the present rate, the murder toll will soar in Oakland to more than 100 by year’s end. But the body count in Oakland is no aberration. According to the latest report from the Justice Department, murders have sharply risen in every major city. The killer of Wilson’s mother, like most of the other victims and their killers in major cities, is likely to be a young black male. The murder rate among blacks is seven times greater than among whites.

  2. one can indeed come up with counter-examples – examples that go against this apparent rule; that is heavily Black areas that are not famous for their violence. One example could be the city of Salvador, capital city of the state of Bahia in Brazil. It is usually called the “capital of Africa” (sic) in Brazil for its heavy African identity. It is the mecca of “candomble” (Brazilia version of “Santeria”: the pagan African cult of Yoruba gods, called Orishas).
    Sure Salvador does have a high murder rate, like all Brazilian capitals. But it is not remarkable at all

  3. to be honest it was the number 1 murder capital (in Brazil) this year and last year (!!! I just checked) but this is a recent phenomenon. it always had the reputation of being a city of easy-going party lover people

  4. Interestingly, a similar phenomenal is happening in East Asia as well. For example, crime rates rises as more African population settle in cities like Guangzhou and Tokyo, and most crimes are notably committed by those of African descent. I do not suppose there is not a single connection between race and crime rate, whether it may or may not be politically correct.

    1. Simply go on Youtube and enter “africans guangzhou” and there are plenty of videos about crime rates. For example, one video mentions that even Chinese taxi drivers tend to avoid African customers, because those customers often ignore the standardized price and bargain with the driver aggressively, that is the case if they do pay at all.

      1. Bargaining is a west African custom—your immigrants are likely Nigerians or Ghanians. The crime rate from that population will be comparable to that in their own countries. What is at issue is the cause of the crime—is it racial, or environmental? I’m arguing the latter, and predict in 16 years, murder and other crimes will peak in Africa. Likewise, currently, Indonesians are relatively quiet; I predict that in 16 years, their murder rate will be roughly that of Honduras right now, and Shenzen will be comparable, after which both will drop.

  5. if you look at the statistics Indians and Jews are the least likely to commit crimes
    So Indian and Jewish race are superior to white race. And white race is relatively speaking criminal minds and criminal tendencies compared to Asians

  6. Black crime is due to blacks having high self esteem. Blacks have inflated egos.
    Blacks have more confidence in themselves, so are more willing to do crimes. They believe they can get away with crimes more easily than white people. I do not have an evolutionary reason for this, but I have known this to be true in my relationships with blacks. They generally think very highly of themselves. I might add white conservatives share this same trait with black people. Most of my white conservative friends with the exception of one usually act like they are God’s elect or Randian supermen. White conservatives think they can do no wrong like black people. It is why both groups make the United States unlivable in comparison to other developed countries. I would be a white nationalist, expect white conservatives are only a bit better than blacks.

  7. Shut the fuck up you redneck inbred piece of shit!!!!!
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  8. I apologize for being too repetitive because I have already posted my message concerning my opinion on Black crime but given the fact that this article is much more recent I will repost it anyway:
    “It’s a very fashionable explanation to explain black overrepresentation in crime by an overdose of testosterone inside their bodies. But that wouldn’t explain why over the last years black crime dropped at a higher rate than then white rate.
    Using data from FBI-SHR we find that between 1991-2011 the black murder rate dropped 53% while the white rate dropped 41%. That goes for other violent crime too, UCR arrest data shows that for the period 1995-2012 the black rate for burglary, aggravated assault and robbery respectively dropped 39%, 50% and 56% while the white rate dropped 27%, 30% and 37%. It also seems that crime, with age, declines faster among black than among whites. SHR data shows that in 2011 the murder rate for young blacks (18-24) was 52.13 while for black seniors (50+) it was 2.99, this represents a 94% drop while the difference of rate between young whites and white seniors (8.32 and 1.50 respectively) represent a 84% drop. Another point is the male-female gap which is higher among blacks than among whites: black men and black women’s murder rate is 30.27 and 2.47 that’s a 12.22 gap while white man and white women’s murder rate is 4.81 and 0.74 which is a 6.5 gap (notice that black women have a murder rate lower than white men !)
    I find three major causes for black crime:
    The black illegitimacy rate is actually 70% which is extremely huge. Some of these black babies are born to mothers who themselves were illegitimate and were raised without fathers. This creates an environment where a child is much more indisciplined, works far less than average student, drops early at school and end up fast in prison. Larry Elder and Heather Macdonald have explored this very succintly in their columns and articles.
    -Black victimhood ideology
    We often talk about White Guilt but we should also about Black Victimhood, the other side of the coin. Most blacks in the USA are being constantly told that every disparities between blacks and whites is due to racism and discrimination, that racism pervades every facet of american society from the justice system, to police officers and teachers. That for years they lived in the USA only as oppressed people and that whites have only done bad things from them. This encourages blacks not to take responsibility for their own actions and always blame their failures on others and take a rebellious attitude toward american society as a whole. Racial hoaxes coupled with the rabblerousing of demagogues like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan had (and still continue to have) devastating results on the mindset of young blacks the most damning of all being race riots, most of them since the 60′s have been perpetrated by blacks and the cause of them is mostly to be found on police incidents.
    This ideology can also be the cause for racist crimes:
    * In 1999 an ethiopian immigrant named Neuss Zeleke went on a killing spree and shot one of his co-worker before committing suicide. In a letter he detailed his financial and jobs problems since coming to the US in 1989 blamed them on white racism.
    * In 2005 Bryan Nichols went on a killing spree because he thought the justice system was unfairly targeting blacks
    * In 2011 Nkosi Thandiwe shot to death Brittney Watts and paralyzed Lauren Garcia. He justified his acts saying: “I was trying to prove a point that europeans had colonized and as a result of this we see a lot of evil today”.
    -Criminal Rights Legislation
    One of the reason crime began to soar in the 60′s and reached a level never seen before in the 70′s and 80′s is because back in those days. Social scientists were very much inforcing the idea that crime is caused by poverty and that the justice system was too racist, these ideas influenced many policymakers who enacted many ‘rights’ that made it much harder to arrest and prosecute criminals, the most famous being the miranda right “you have the right to remain silent”. Prison as a mean to fight discarded, instead jurists and judges had to find alternatives in order to ‘rehabilitate’ criminals, the imprisonment rate was purposefuly dropped and as a result criminals were free to seed rampage over the country.
    People will talk to me about Britain, I would say that blacks in UK exhibit the same pattern of victimhood and fatherlessness that plagues blacks in the United States. When examining the 2011 riots we find that they started over a cause very similar to the 2005 riots in France, for the first case a black man, who already had a criminal record, was shot in a fight against the police but for the second two teenagers, one black africans and one north african, both muslims, fleeing the police, took refuge near an electric transformer and died electrocuted triggering weeks of riot with many cars burned. The difference was in the ethnicity of the rioters, in France they were mostly north africans muslims while in England it was mostly black caribbeans. It’s interesting to see how similar was the ghetto sub-culture of the perpetrators, in terms of clothes, manners and rap music. Lindsay says that ghetto culture is quite recent in the UK, probably because it didn’t start to flourish until the 60′s. Here’s a picture from 1948 of three jamaican immigrants who are described as ‘smartly dressed’ (the one on the left at least got his belt unlike too many youths these days)”

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