Bigfoot News August 8, 2013

First leaks from Dr. Brian Sykes study. Via Reverend Jeff, we have learned that the piece of Bigfoot along with the boots from Justin Smeja’s Sierra Kills incident were submitted to Sykes. The piece was found after digging in the snow three weeks later, and the boots had blood on them from the baby Bigfoot that bled on them. Sykes reports that the Bigfoot piece is American Black Bear, the same result that Smeja and Bart Cutino got when they submitted to a couple of Canadian labs. People connected to Cutino and Smeja described the results to me:

RL: What were the results? Source: Bear, Black bear, the same as we got earlier. RL: What does that mean about Ketchum’s study? Source: She’s a fraud! This proves she is a fraud, as we have been saying all along! Melba Ketchum is a fraud!

Interesting news from the Sierra Study Project. This is a project being run by Bart Cutino, Justin Smeja and a few other people in which they are going to back to the Sierra Kills site to try to find the Bigfoots that presumably are still around there. Last summer, Bigfoots were filmed at the site with a FLIR camera late at night, but the video is not particularly impressive. However, the Sierra Kills site has now been abandoned and there are no more Bigfoots at the site. But after conversations with a local rancher who had knowledge what he suspected were Bigfoots, the team moved to another location a little ways from the Kills site. They found that there are Bigfoots in this area. A possible juvenile Bigfoot trackway was found. In addition, Bart and Justin had rocks thrown at them at night. Bart threw a few rocks and soon something threw a rock back at them. The rock almost hit them. Nothing in the forest throws rocks except for Bigfoots and humans. The Bigfoot threw the rock in an extremely remote part of the Sierras, very late at night with no other humans for miles around. Furthermore it was completely dark with no flashlights anywhere. Bart and Justin were also trailed by a Bigfoot as they were returning to camp one night. There was a bipedal creature trailing them as they walked back to camp. If a human threw the rock or trailed them, it would have had to have been a human wandering around in the Sierra wilderness where there are no people in the middle of the night with no flashlight. Exceedingly unlikely. Bart and Justin were also trailed by a Bigfoot as they were returning to camp one night. There was a bipedal creature trailing them as they walked back to camp. Bart also said that they got some good vocalizations, but I was not able to get him to elaborate on that. Bizarre claims surrounding the Melissa Hovey photo. Melissa Hovey and Phil Poling were locked in some sort of an odd lawsuit over copyright claims surrounding the Hovey photo that Melissa copyrighted under rather dubious pretenses. Apparently the result of the suit is that Melissa has been ordered to remove her copyright from the photo. Now Karl Kozak, director of a movie called Clawed, claims that the photo is his and his demanding that Hovey give it back to him. In my opinion, Kozak is a sleazy liar. He has been lying for some time now claiming that the Hovey photo is from the movie. A close comparison of the Hovey photos with photos of the Clawed costume being worn by actors shows that we are not dealing with the same thing. Furthermore, the special effects person who worked on Clawed, John Healey of Healey FX, says it is not one of the costumes that they made for the movie. These two bit B movie producers like Kozak often claim that Bigfoot photos are really suits from the movies. Sleazy special effects guys do the same thing, claiming that Bigfoot photos are really their costumes. Both types of sleazeballs are just lying to show how great their lousy B movie or their special effects skills are in order to get good publicity for themselves for making or using grade A costumes in their movies. They are doing this in hopes to get more business in the future by lying to pump up their public image. I continue to believe that the Hovey photo is a real live Bigfoot. It is obviously not a human in a costume. It is either a real Bigfoot or it is a statue of a Bigfoot, but it’s no costume, and there is no human in the picture. I have a hard time believing that any sculptor made such a great statue.

Click to enlarge. The Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo, a probable real photo of a Bigfoot.
Click to enlarge. The Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo, a probable real photo of a Bigfoot.
Rick Dyer saga gets a whole lot more interesting. Rick Dyer now claims that he has a baby Bigfoot, captured at the same time he shot Hank. This is most unlikely as none of the sources that were leaking information about the shooting said anything about a baby, including my source at Minnow, who simply mentioned that a Bigfoot had been shot in the course of the filming of the movie Shooting Bigfoot. Suddenly, Rick has a baby that was captured at the same time! That this baby would run up into Rick’s arms and allow itself to be captured at the same time that it’s father was shot, and that it would allow itself to be taken captive by its father’s murderer is exceedingly unlikely. How was the baby Bigfoot housed during the period after Hank was shot and before they left for Las Vegas? Did the baby go to Las Vegas too? When Rick went to the university to show off Hank, did he also show the government official the baby? So many questions that make no sense. We heard a lot about all of the preparations for housing Hank. What became of the baby during these preparations? When was the baby housed, and how did anyone find the time to house the baby while Hank was being dealt with? Where is the baby being housed? Rick says the LA area? How was it negotiated with the facility to house the baby Bigfoot? Baby Bigfoots are very strong. How are you going to keep it secure while you are arranging to house it? Who owns the baby Bigfoot, and how can anyone, any individual of course, but really any entity private or public, legally own a living hominid in the first place? The whole matter of the baby Bigfoot seems so unlikely as to seriously strain credulity. Hank’s “treehouse” found. Rick now says that he found Hank’s lair, but it is way up 20 feet in a tree in a treehouse of some sort. Not only 800 pound Hank lives there, but his whole family does too. Rick also says that deer bones and carcasses were scattered all around the treehouse. I have never in my life heard that Bigfoots live in trees. If this creature is as heavy as Rick says it is (800 pounds) how does it get up a tree in the first place without crashing the tree down under its weight. Sure, bears climb trees, but here in the California Sierras, bears only get to about 200 pounds or so generally. If Bigfoots have been living in trees along, why is this the first report of a Bigfoot treehouse? Makes no sense. Why are we just now hearing about this? Why didn’t someone leak this along the way and why didn’t Rick discuss this earlier? Why is he dropping this on us now? It seems ridiculous. Hank found with children’s toys. Rick says he used children’s toys to lure Hank in to his death at the camp. That is plausible as we have reports that they are fascinated by these things. Rick interprets this to mean that Bigfoots are monsters that kill and eat human children and steal their toys. As evidence that Hank is a child killer and child eater, Rick presents us with these toys. This is not plausible. The more likely assertion is simply that Hank has been taking children’s toys because they fascinate him, not because he kills kids to get them and then eats the kids. But it is certainly plausible to me that Hank has a children’s toy stash. Dyer throws down the gauntlet on the baby Bigfoot. Below is Rick’s latest insane video. In this case, incredibly enough, he offers three of his worst nemeses who have been insisting all along that he is hoaxing and this whole thing is a hoax out to Los Angeles to see the baby Bigfoot, but it needs to be on their dime. The three are Randy Filipovic, Steve Kulls and JR Dobbs. JR and Steve have reported accepted the offer. Steve is flying out and JR is driving out. JR will also be filming the drive. Filipovic also accepted, but he lives in Canada and it may be hard to get a passport that soon. The only stipulation is that Rick is allowed to film their reaction to the baby Bigfoot and that they not reveal where the baby is being housed. Those three are three of Rick’s very worst haters of all – in particular Kulls and Filipovic. The invitation is for this Friday, August 10. This is absolutely incredible news, and no one has any idea what to make of this breathtaking news. But none of this seems to make the slightest lick of sense. Perhaps you are wondering what the reference is at the very start of the video. Rick apparently offered to let the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys come and see the baby Bigfoot, but both of them totally blew up over the bizarre new disclosures and yelled at Frank Cali on the phone. This upset Dyer quite a bit, so he withdrew the invitation. Explanation for the some of the previous bizarre description of Hank. Here is the wild description according to Dyer:

  1. Rick describes describes the Bigfoot as 8 ft 8 inches tall and over 800 pounds.
  2. The nose has two slits on it on the bridge area.
  3. The pores all over the body under the hair are large and can be seen.
  4. The hair as super thick, matted and hard to pull.
  5. The Bigfoot has a double row of teeth.
  6. The male Bigfoot genitalia as having a pocket that the genitalia will retract into when not in use.
  7. Scientists and doctors did MRI’s, cat scans and x-rays.
  8. The Bigfoot has many double organs. One such double organ is that the creature has two stomachs.
  9. The Bigfoot also has new organs never seen before.
  10. The drug companies are very interested in the Bigfoot for possible medicine to help certain ailments we humans have.
  11. Scientists have named it.
  12. Scientists say they DNA is new.
  13. After they killed it, they found some things that could lead people to believe it is doing harm to humans and kids. Rick believes it is a monster.

The Bigfoot has grown since Rick first described it. At first it was 8 feet tall, 600 pounds. The actual figure for Hank’s weight, I believe, is 832 pounds. No Bigfoots have ever reported with slits in their noses, and we have people who say they have examined Bigfoot bodies. The part about the pocket into which the penis retracts is exceedingly unlikely. An Australian type of wolf, the Thylacine, had this, but Australian creatures are very bizarre and are the products of eons of evolution. No primates have retractile penis pouches. The part about “new DNA” seems very strange. Do they mean non-mammalian? This seems to echo some Dr. Melba Ketchum’s more bizarre claims. How does a mammal have non mammalian DNA? Forget it. The double rows of teeth seem very odd, but it is possible. We have many reports from 100-150 years of giant hominid skeletons found in the US with double rows of teeth. Did Patty has double molars? If so, couldn’t we see this is the movie. In the movie, Patty does not appear to have double molars, otherwise her cheek would pucker out. There has nothing that has been found that suggests it is harming humans and kids. I think Rick is referring to the kids’ toys here. The pores and the thick hair are possibilities, especially the thick hair. How did scientists do X-Rays, MRI’s and CAT scans on Hank in this facility? How did they fit him into the machines? This facility had all of these machines? I thought it was an agricultural research station? A possible insider from the scientific team studying Hank comes forward. Someone named “Marmoset” recently came to my site and left this in the comments section:

This species is chimeric. Scientists working on the body explained to dyer what Germline chimerism is and he, of course, doesn’t understand. He interprets chimerism as double sets of everything including organs when in reality, we are simply trying to explain chimerism. He is not educated and is demanding to work with. And the animal was not pregnant. The animal ate its own young – which it will do. The live cub now captured is the twin of the one eaten and found in the stomach of the creature. Disturbing…but true. Like marmosets and some other primates- this is chimerism.

Assuming this is actually someone from the scientific team – a big if right there – this certainly clears up many things. Rick claimed that Hank, obviously a male according to Musky Allen, was also pregnant! This claim is completely insane, but if the creature had a fetus in its stomach, this is possible. If a fetus is born dead, certain animals, including lions, will consume it. They may also eat a baby that dies naturally. This is not unknown in the animal kingdom. How they figured out that there were the remains of a Bigfoot fetus in Hank’s stomach is not known. Clearly a whole fetus was not in his stomach. How did he swallow it? And stomach acids would have gone to work on the fetus immediately. Nevertheless, the consumption of a Bigfoot fetus is more likely than the male Hank being pregnant. Rick said that Hank has male and female sex organs and that the baby does too. In other words, Bigfoots are all hermaphrodites! We have had no reports that Bigfoots are hermaphrodites or that they are sexually abnormal. All reports state that males and females both have functioning, normal and human like genitalia. They have sexual intercourse in the same way we do. The females get pregnant and the males don’t. The pregnant females give birth the same way human females do. Hermaphroditism in humans is quite rare and is a genetic abnormality. If it is so rare, why are Hank and his son both hermaphrodites? Makes no sense. Furthermore, I understand the hermaphroditic genitals are often very small and do not necessarily work well. The penis is often tiny, looks more like a clitoris and does not necessarily work right. The vagina is often small, misshapen and doesn’t even look much like a vagina. The organs may not function correctly and hermaphrodites may not be able to bear children. A very few humans are born with penises and uteruses, believe it or not, but in those cases, neither organ functions properly. The penis cannot impregnate anyway and the uterus is not capable of bearing children. Nevertheless, if Bigfoots are chimeric, this explains a lot, as chemeric individuals and species are often somewhat ambiguous sexually. So while Hank has a very large and functioning penis, he may also have something ambiguous but not highly remarkable that implies he has somewhat ambiguous genitalia (for instance a suggestion of some partially developed female genitalia. So that explains that. On the issue of the double organs, Rick is just confused. The creature does not have double organs. Instead it is simply chimeric and Rick is confused about what this means. This makes a lot more sense than thinking the Bigfoots have double stomachs, double hearts, double livers or whatever, which is incredibly unlikely. I have extreme doubts that Hank, a mammal, has organs that have never been seen before, not in any primate, not in any mammal and not even in any animal species. Forget it. That is just insane. No one knows if Marmoset is really a member of the scientific team studying Hank or is connected to the team studying him. He left a nonworking email, so I can’t follow up with him. Possibly he is yet another liar or hoaxer muddying the waters here. However, it seems odd that a hoaxer would have this much scientific knowledge and would come up with the bizarre bit about germline chimerism to explain Rick’s anomalies. Actually it almost makes no sense!

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96 thoughts on “Bigfoot News August 8, 2013”

  1. Thanks for the blog Robert. Been waiting for it.
    Can we all agree that no matter how impossible or insane all of this sounds Rick inviting Steve Kulls to view to baby should put an end to this? Anyone who has been following this story must admit that if Kulls comes back and says this is real then dammit folks this is real. I am sure there will be the “Kulls has been in on it from the start” folks but I won’t by that line of garbage. Very excited that we may know this weekend a final definitive answer to the saga. Hold on to your hats. Ever heard the expression “you just can’t make this sh*t up” or “life is stranger than fiction”? Time will tell.

    1. Brad, if Dyer wants the title “Best Bigfoot Crapper in the World” he has to sell a story which is “stranger than fiction”. If you step back and think about the story so far, it is pretty strange, and he hasn’t even got to the bit about the alien abduction yet.

  2. It becomes even more interesting: Rick Dyer just announced an „open invitation“. All “haters” are welcome to come to LA. They ALL can see the live bigfoot! Someone here asked: if Dyer asks you to go, would you go (“serious question”)? My (serious) question to him: Why not?? Fear for your life??!!…come on..I would say this is a very bold offer by someone who is just a liar. Now, people, show him that he is just a liar, sink his ship once and for all!!! 

    1. Are you taking him up on it?? You think he knows who is a hater and who is not? Go buy your ticket and then you can see whats real and what isn’t. I’ve got good money that says you wont be going…

      1. what does that mean checkmate. cathiee doesn’t need to see a body. she has reviewed everything out there about sasquatch and already made her decision. She has made several attempts to educate here and has been attacked for it repeatedly. Anyone who needs to see a body go. its that simple. no need for further attacks on cathiee.

        1. You know, I believe in the existence of Bigfoot very nearly 100%, but that doesn’t mean that I believe that Rick Dyer has one, living or dead, or that he’s ever even seen one.

    1. He told the Place he has 7 people including himself.
      So he is asking people who are real haters to E-mail him and he will verify which ones he wants to show-up.
      So This Friday/Saturday is when we all find out what is real and what isn’t.
      I read that some of these haters are close to LA. I would think they would be jumping at the chance to do this.
      They Either get to prove its a HOAX or they get to see a REAL bigfoot.
      Isn’t that a Win/WIN

  3. No, there will not be a third return, Uncle Tancred…Dyer has to deliver this weekend (showing live bf to “haters”) and until early/mid-September the latest (end of press embargo, presentation of dead body)..and my feeling is that he will do this time. Let`s see whose intuition is the right one….

    1. Hi Jimmy.
      Here’s the problem with simple minded twits such as yourself.
      You assume too much. I don’t think many people really ‘believe’ the story anymore. We just find it interesting . Interesting enough to follow and discuss.
      That you cannot discern that makes YOU the idiot.

  4. Could a chemeric type condition be caused by inbreeding?
    I am just thinking a fairly rare animal might have to kiss his sister sometimes and it would not surprise me to find a fair number of birth defects in localized Sasquatch populations, For example the feet with only three toes in Arkansas (Boggy Creek monster)
    Honestly, I am asking because I do not know.
    This gets stranger by the day.
    It is possible that a juvenile would have come up after its parent was shot because it did not want to be separated from the parent and did not understand the concept of death. I think (I could remember this wrong) that is sort of the scenario with the Serra kills. The unbelievable part is that Rick Dyer waited this long to say he had captured a juvenile as well as killed an adult
    As to eating children.
    Rick Dyer may have read (assuming he can read) one Dave Paulides books because Paulides certainly makes that case fairly well. Out of the 1000’s of encounter reports I have read there are one or two of people seeing Sasquatch engaging in cannibalistic behavior. There was a particularly gruesome one of someone seeing to large male Sasquatch fighting where one killed the other and the ripped open the body and ate the entrails of the opponent he’d just killed. Cannibalism has also been described in chimps and baboons. Native American’s, at least some of them, also believed that Sasquatch were cannibals and while respectful of them were/are also afraid.
    Rick Dyer may be bringing this type of thing up to deflect some of the criticism of shooting the animal.

  5. ‘Those guys at the Sierra Study Project could have been attacked and trailed by people wearing infrared night vision goggles.’
    That’s a good point. It is possible.
    My issue with hoaxes is the respect for firearms. Why would you try to hoax Justin Smeja ? He’s already claimed to have pulled the trigger on two of them. He would probably pull the trigger again. That’s just my policy for debunking hoaxes in america. There’s so many people packing heat in ‘merika. Why would you risk getting shot to pull of a prank ?

    1. Agreed. To anyone who wants to hoax or wear a suit. not only are there real dangers in the woods at night but many shoot happy people bealive that these animals are dangerious and would shoot indisciminatley. It doesn’t matter who is right if your dead.

  6. Anybody got working e-mail for Senor Dyer ?
    I sent him this message through the ‘team tracker’ site.
    ‘Hello Mr. Dyer,
    I’m interested in seeing the specimen in Los Angeles on friday.
    I live in Los Angeles and could be at LAX tomorrow, no problem. I am a frequent contributor to Robert Lindsay’s blog under the name MR. E2me.
    I’m maybe not a ‘hater’ but have doubts about your story. I would love to view whatever you have available and post my findings to Robert Lindsay’s blog. I’m hoping that is acceptable to you .
    Jeff K’
    I’m hoping the esteemed owner of this blog doesn’t mind my dropping
    his name. Or offering this blog up as a venue for discovery.

    1. Well done, MR. E2me! Hope Dyer accepts, and Kulls and at least one other person (Robert?) will (can) join you.

    2. Mr. E2me
      I posted it on one of the FB pages Rick and Frank read.
      I have no idea how you can contact him or he you.
      You can try his BLOG and send an e-mail via that or via his youtube page.

      1. Or you could type 10 pages of bullshit attacking cathiee and everything she ever did. Its seems to be opening doors. it will be interesting to see if anyone apolozises for being an idiot. I think its interesting to read what marmoset wrote. i even think the name is a clue. But it was written as a scientist would wright it. Also when you refer to an agricultual research site and having large mri’s , lets not forget agriculture is also large animmals. they would surely have something for large bull as breeding these large animals is a trillion dollar business. I’ve seen recently the genetic changes they were making in pigs and several were 600 plus pounds and would require a unique made for large quadrapeds shapes Mri to avoid killing the animal.

  7. I don’t understand. It is now one week out from August 15, 2013—the day of the revealing in the media? If that is really true–why all this last minute “I want to prove this to you so come and see.” I have to say that RD’s way of approaching this is very bizarre. And if it is just another hoax, I don’t think he will get any more attention in the future. There is literally no discussions going on anywhere in the world about Rick Dyer. Not on Coast to Coast, Unknown Country and a host of other well know talk outlets. Nothing. So don’t know what he would have to gain at this point playing a charade.

  8. AS far as the juvenile is conserned i would imagine that there are several primate research facilities that could house a small bigfoot. All primates are strong. I remember when i was first starting out in construction a boss told me of a time during a resto of the local zoo. they had almost finished the chimp area and the 1 inch nuts torque on the anchors that held the bars in place were in the bottom of the cage 2 days in a row. they torqued those nuts to 150 ft lbs and the chimps loosened them up with thier fingers. I have massive strong hands and i could probably loosen them if they were at 15. Anyhow a primate facility would have the capabilities of housing the juvenile.

  9. I read with some concern that smeja’s sample to sykes was bear. especially since the sasquatch and bear look so different. why would you have to even send it. I did feel that he sent a different sample for the second test to throw off any prosicution as that was the reason for leaving the bodies in the woods in the first place. lets not forget that he’s killed hundreds and hundreds of bear and could come up with a bear sample in a minute. What about the boots. why didn’t anyone mention the boots as being bear. it appears that only half the story is told. the boots were in his posession the whole time. Besides sykes has gotten lots of dna to sample and we haven’t heard about any of it yet have we. why would it be important to report on the seirra kills unless it was the only non bigfoot dna tested. Lets say that sykes got 100 samples and all we have heard about are the bear from smejas. Many of the samples that sykes will get have a better story why haven’t we heard about any other dna.

    1. If Smeja killed hundreds and hundreds of bears, he would be the greatest Poacher of all time. You are allowed only one a year!
      If Melba is a fraud, then so is Justin and Bart. Their current story is desperate grab for more attention after Melba was exposed.
      As far as anything to do with Dryer, i hope you all only follow the story for entertainment only. It makes for good BF drama, but you would have to be retarded to believe a word of it.

      1. sorry about that it was an impression i got when others that knew him commented on him doing the taxidermy. I also didn’t know it was 1 a year in that area. It does make you wonder how many stashed body’s there are up there. aparentley 2 bigfoots and now this bear carcass. i believe he could produce several bodies during the winter given good snowfall.

        1. The confusion is that the original story referred to “Bear Hunter” which was Ken Walker. Ken has stuffed 100’s of bears in his career as a taxidermist. I misheard him and wrote that he had shot 100’s of bears. Anyway, it was Ken, not Justin. A lot of people are still confused about that.

  10. Thanks Jason !
    bounced one off to Mr. Cali as well…
    ‘Hello Mr. Cali,
    I was fwd’d your e-mail address as route to request viewing on Friday in Los Angeles.
    This was fwd’d to me under the assumption that you are connected with Mr. Rick Dyer and his dealings as Team Tracker. I am a regular contributor to Robert Lindsay’s blog and have posted to the Bigfoot forums. @ Robert Lindsay I have used the screen name Mr. E2me and on BFF, I used the screen name ‘Luckyfoot’
    I’m a regular person with a long interest in the Bigfoot phenomena. Following RD’s story has been interesting
    and I do doubt the authenticity of it. I’m in the area and a Bigfoot enthusiast, so I would like to offer my opinion for the viewing of the juvenile for the ‘haters’.
    I’m not an obnoxious person and willing to give this experience an open minded approach. Also I intend to fully document my viewing on Robert Lindsay’s blog. His blog is well established in distributing news on the subject and has given plenty of fair time to Mr. Dyer.
    Please feel free to e-mail me or call me on my cell.”
    There’s something satisfying about delving deeper into and obsession.
    The wife is amused. I didn’t get the anticipated eye roll when I told her she might lose me Friday night, so I could go and chase Bigfoot in the heart of Los Angeles. She promised to stand by the phone to come retrieve me, should I get stranded. Thinking about bringing the step-horse as well. He doesn’t believe in Bigfoot at all.

  11. Robert,
    How much would a plane ticket cost?
    I’ll send you $100. Your blog has given me at least $100 worth of insight and entertainment!
    What about other Lindsay supporters? C’mon, let’s send Robert to LA!

  12. Just occurred to me.
    LAX. Friday. 5 PM.
    Yeah, let’s meet at one of the world’s busiest airports on a friday @ the peek of rush hour traffic. I’m sure all y’all think those skits on SNL about the ‘Californians’ and the horror of the 405 are real funny. We here in El Lay don’t see the joke , that’s the way that it is.
    Makes me a wee bit suspicious, no returned e-mails yet. Only noon though.

    1. The thing is townsend media is asking for conditions that go against what Rick has already said. Obviously he’s not going to let him film where they are going or the creature -if there is one.

    2. Jungle Juice,
      He can’t BRiNG his camera. Townsendmedia is dictating terms he is already looking to break Ricks own agreement on this.
      Suzy Matiash and Bugs are confirmed Many people will trust them.

  13. Robert, Rick is saying that he will be driving to LA tomorrow from Northern California. I’m not sure where in CA you live but he may be driving right by where you live. He may be able to pick you up on the way. Is that something you would be interested in?

      1. Just throwing it out there as a possibility. Rick said in one of his videos that he would be making the drive down to LA. Would be great if we could somehow get Robert to see whatever Rick has to show.

  14. It messed up to only give people 4-5 days to get time off of work and gather up the money. Most middle class americans like me live paycheck to paycheck. I have a family to feed. I can just imagine asking my boss for time off ( already used my vacation time ) to fly to LA to see a baby bigfoot? Anyways, you get what I’m saying. It’s a pussy move to give people such a short time period to get there and then smash them for not being able ( or wanting ) to come. Oh well, regardless this hoax burnt out anyways and Rick is making last fleeting attempts for attention. Good luck team trackers!

    1. If any of this is to be believed then RD is under a time constraint. He wants to get the reaction shots for his movie but time is running out. The powers that be (investors, scientists, government officials) have given him a timeframe. He was originally given August 15, but when he blabbed about it they withdrew it. Now it may turn out to be pretty accurate.
      If it seems unreasonable to most of us it’s because we live in the real world and RD lives in his own world.
      …if any of this is to be believed…

    2. If they really wanted to go they would have.
      Call it a Personal Day from your work. New Laws allow Personal/Sick time.
      Randy’s/Racer X flight was the cheapest to make.
      Kulls is going so it wasn’t a problem was it?
      J.R. is going no problem for him.
      Suzy is going
      Bugs is going
      So apparently its not that hard to get days off for these people is it?

      1. cathiee, for someone who is so concerned with who is and who isnt going? and its so easy to take off? why dont you take off and go hmmmm? Also, listing enough people that can go on one hand doesn’t quite represent the majority of the bigfoot population. Don’t tell me only haterz are going because bugz is far from being a hater. he is on the fence, just like you right? lmao i would love to hear the reason you are not going since its soooo easy to drop everything and go.

        1. Bugs posts fairly frequently on several blogs such as Bigfoot Community. He seems like an intelligent, open-minded, nice guy who has yet to come to a firm decision regarding Dyer. Glad he’s going to be representing!

      1. Nearly 6 foot tall, hairy, makes odd vocalizations, somewhat non-defined personal background, no job, doesn’t bathe, currently lives in an institution
        Maybe it’s my son-in-law.

  15. Someone that craves attention as much as Mr. Dyer would surely have shown the world his “Bigfoot” body and child by now if he really had them. I mean this would be the biggest discovery in….. who can say?

    1. Where will the Pied Piper lead his selected band of haters on Friday? Why will the faithful paying TT members be left at home?

  16. Wow James. Decaf maybe ?
    1) ‘But again, the problem is that you have extremely gullible readers Robert. Their are indeed people that have so little intelligence and common sense that they will send this man money for “memberships”. These are the same moronic humans who get an email telling them to send their credit card number and expiration date to Africa b/c they won a contest, and when they send it, their savings accounts are emptied. And then they complain but dont stop to see how stupid they were. ‘
    – I’m not sure too many people here , are in that boat. I think the general consensus is that while not likely , what allegedly occurred , may at the very least be at the edges of probability. I . do not think it would be fair to characterize the author, contributors and readers of this blog as supporters. I think we are all sane methodical folks trying to fact -check a fantastic story. I’m not giving that guy a dime. I don’t think Robert did. Or anyone else that posts here. Sooo………
    2)’Oh yeah and Robert, i thought Rick lured the bigfoot in using bacon. I see its now changed to childrens toys’
    – Ima sure it was Ribs. But he may have used bacon in the morning. Oooo
    I just had an idea. Ribs wrapped in bacon. I wanted to throw some ribs on the smoker this weekend…. I mean why not sit around and cook things and wait for the phone to ring ?

  17. Robert/Cathiee,
    So when Monday comes and Rick has either ditched the group or shown them something ridiculous to film it saying it was a way to get back at the haters what are you going to believe? Are you still going to believe he has a body? I am just interested in how far the believers will stick with Rick. I would think that if this weekend is fake that would be the end but it has lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.

    1. If this weekend turns up to be nothing but another farce morons like Cathiee will just say it was Rick having fun at the haters expense and that Hank is still the real story. I guarantee that’s what the Dyer Kool Aid drinkers will say.

    2. I have said from the beginning that I will wait for the “investors” to reveal the body. The original story of how they attracted and killed the Sasquatch seems plausible. It was either a hoax worthy of Micky Bricks (Con man on the BBC show “The Hustle”) or it was real. In fact that they actually shot the animal is still to me the more plausible explanation of the events than the conspiracy – hoax claim. That does not mean it was not a hoax
      I am not going to send Rick Dyer and money. He doesn’t have me fooled. I neither admire or trust him. The longer this goes the more hoax like it gets. But, I am intrigued enough by the story that I want his investors to release good photos of the body or for it to be revealed a hoax.
      I would call it an even bet at this point between – they have a body and Rick Dyer coming out next week and claiming that the government stole the body and it was processed into meatloaf for school lunches in South LA.
      As I said above. I think he has a chimp (Maybe a Bonobo which is a really tall chimp) or something. I bet he get the people to where ever it is is he has it and then ask them for money for the tight to take photos of it.
      I still want to see the investors present a CERTIFIED HD photo.

  18. Jameth,
    When stuck in a snow drift, it’s best to gently rock the car back and forth and not just gun the motor and spin your wheels.

  19. Look, I am banning you. If I thought this was a hoax, I would play up that angle. It’s a violation of my moral values to know something is a hoax and report it as fact.
    The blog makes no money at all, really. Maybe $5/month.
    According to you, I won’t get any fame out of this. Instead my reputation will be in tatters.

    1. ‘The blog makes no money at all, really. Maybe $5/month.’
      Bobby. Baby.
      I don’t think anyone here would fault thine integrity for some well selected sponsors , so you had a few more sheckles in yur pocket.
      Integrity good, austerity sucks.

  20. Wow theres an hour i wont get back. I mean half hour i fell asleep half way thru. He didnt say anything. Almost sounded government. Speaking of not breeding good advice use it.

  21. I’ve always found bigfoot to be interesting (usually I get my bigfoot from documentary’s and finding bigfoot show), but that picture looks a bit dubious. It’s too clean. You can clearly see the fair skin underneath (probably belonging to perhaps one of the white men trying to track him) and his perportions seem a little too human-esque. I’d imagine a bigfoot to have a stronger chest, so much fur that’d his skin wouldn’t be showing, and his hands would be bigger. Just an observation so take it with a grain of salt.
    In Jersey the only mysterious being we have is the Jersey Devil, although I doubt he stirs much interest unlike ol’ Bigfoot.

    1. Err not hands, arms. Am in the process of watching the vid. Also didn’t realize that’d S. would be moderated. Hurp.

      1. The one with the bigfoot’s back. He looks like a Silverback gorilla. Joke aside, you can compare the arm to the body and the arm looks very identical to a human’s, albeit muscular.

  22. Oh my.
    From Frank Cali @ 6:55 pm.
    ‘You are invited to come by all means. Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker’
    That was all I got. I’m assuming I get to run out to LAX tmrrw. I did respond with ‘where and when ..’
    Veddy innerstin. ………

    1. Good luck Mr. E!
      Get a good night’s sleep. Rick says Friday/Saturday but where is everyone staying? Sounds like an overnight visit with a nocturnal creature…in the dark.

      1. No idea. I have no further info than the brief response I posted.
        There’s no reason for me to overnight anywhere. I live here. Wifey already knows she may be on retrieval duty ( The warden monitors all my activity. I’ll just be out on a hall pass…..)

  23. A guy on YouTube named M K Davis examines Bigfoot videos including the Dyer tent video. Recently he posted a couple of videos about Thylacenes, including the fact that they have a pouch they can retract their organs into. That may be the source for the description about Hank.

  24. I’m making this post knowing that people are supposedly going to see the baby bigfoot. Like a revealed magic trick, you’re going to be disappointed. I have seen too many narcissistic pathological liars in my career. Unlike you and I , a pathological liar will back himself into a corner with no plan to get out. The outcome will be disappointing to say the least. I’m sorry but I told you so.

    1. Holy Fuck !
      Xavier where were you when I was in need of consultation ?
      Damnit ! Why didn’t you look into your crystal ball before I had to pay
      $3 for parking.
      That’s it . You are off my x-mas mailing list.

  25. Doesn’t everyone think its just about time to pull the plug on this little redneck cracker? If any one deserves his face kicked in its Rick Dyer. Its amazing how many low brows hang on every syllable uttered from this flatulent little wind bag of a man. He has nothing. Big foot does not exist and its time to move on after 50 years.
    Nothing solid has been produced since Patterson/Gimlin which makes someone with a modicum of intelligence question the actual source! Patterson was a huckster just like Dyer.

  26. Fascinating…here again we have ZERO proof of Hank. Mr Lindsay, for some reason, you believe the tent video to be authentic…..not only authentic but in your words (100% authentic) I must admit, it looks pretty good….but there is no way that you can say that this is an authentic BigFoot! You say this all of the time! You say it’s a real bigfoot. You have absolutely no proof of this statement and I’d like you to stop saying it! You are supposed to be subjective! You’re a journalist sir! Wear that badge for what it is! You gather the facts, print them as they are, and let us make our minds up!

    1. Great point X! Robert, you have no proof that the Tent video or the boot legged screen shot from the Shooting Bigfoot flic is legit at all! Stop supporting the RD mythical creature story that is not 100% confirmed professionally, publically or scientifically!

      1. Why? It is not 100% professionally, publically or scientifically that it is a hoax either, and the whole damn community and all the science community are insisting that it is fact that it is a hoax.
        I will not supporting the Tent Video or the SBF still, no.

        1. That is not really the same thing. The scientific community has said show us verifiable proof. That is how science works. Until their is verifiable proof it is just a story. The burden of proof is on the people saying BF is a real being.
          I could claim to have a cyclops as my roommate. I could doctor up some fuzzy, low quality pictures. I could even conjure up one giant contact lens. That does not make it real, and I would be crazy to think any scientist would take it seriously. I would have to show verifiable proof. If scientists took people at their word with little to no evidence to support the claim, we would all be in big trouble.
          With regards to you having an opinion on the existence of BF, I certainly see no issues with that. It’s your blog and you can write anything you like. It is just a little harder to take some of things you say very seriously when you state them as fact when they are not.

        2. I suppose technically it has been scientifically proven that Bigfoots do not exist. However, I think the Patterson film, the footprints and whatnot constitute enough scientific evidence to prove it for me anyway. As far as this Dyer thing, it is true that there is not yet any good, hard scientific proof that this is a real story and not a hoax.
          I am supposed to get insulted when you say that you cannot take what I say seriously because I am not credible on the subject of Bigfoot. However, you are a scofftic! You insist that these things are not real anyway. So why would I try to impress you with my beliefs? You probably would not believe they were real even if we dropped a body at your feet.
          I do not blame the scientific community for not believing in Bigfoots yet. However, we have a tremendous amount more evidence for that than we have for the existence of a cyclops in your room.
          The Patterson film has not been used as a guide in hoaxes, or it has been used very poorly. Anyway, there are certain things about that movie that no hoaxer has ever been able to reproduce, and there are a number of things about that creature that they have never even tried to reproduce. Truth is that hoaxers do not work all that hard. If you know what you are looking for, it is not extremely difficult to tell a real Bigfoot from a hoax.
          The main things is that Bigfoots and humans differ in their proportions. You cannot put a man in a suit and make him into a Bigfoot. So when we see a photo or video of a big hairy thing in the woods outside of human proportions that has certain BF characteristics never reproduced by hoaxers, we are pretty sure it is the real deal.
          If you put a suit on a man, the proportions will always be wrong. That is why the Tent Video creatures cannot possibly be a human in a suit or a man with makeup on.
          You are verging on violating the Comments Rules – hostile tone.
          If you want to argue with someone, go with some of the other believers on here. When you got at it with me, you risk a hostile tone ban.

        3. Hostile tone? I was not hostile at all, I just disagree with you.
          Perhaps you are reading it with a hostile tone, but I cannot and should not be blamed for that. I have counter points for everything else you have said as well, but I think maybe I will stick to responding to other people here. You don’t seem to respond well to opposing views. That is fine, and I will no longer reply to or question you directly.

        4. You are starting to learn how this blog works.
          With regards to you having an opinion on the existence of BF, I certainly see no issues with that. It’s your blog and you can write anything you like. It is just a little harder to take some of things you say very seriously when you state them as fact when they are not.
          “It is just a little harder to take some of things you say very seriously when you state them as fact when they are not.”
          That part is verging on hostile tone. You are saying I am not credible. That’s pretty insulting.
          People debate me all the time on here. Just look at the threads. There are people who have been debating me on this site for years with no bans. You are just not doing it right.

        5. I did not mention anything about your credibility, or try to insult you.
          I simply stated that you are presenting your opinion as factual evidence, and it is not. I completely agree that you are entitled to your opinions. It is your blog.

  27. $129.00…..then……$200.00……wait a sec…..I have a preserved Bigfoot!…. No…THE BIGFOOT!!! So I’m going to sell some DVD’s….did I mention I have a Bigfoot really…THE BIGFOOT! Wanna join my camping club? We’ll go looking for Bigfoots! Oh wait, why would we need to do that! I already shot one! We’ll camp out behind Home Depot where I first saw a bigfoot rumaging through the dumpster! But the Home Depot doesn’t have a Dumpster and never did! They all have compactors!

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