Bigfoot News August 8, 2013 Part 2

More leaks from the Dr. Brian Sykes study! Yesterday I reported that the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills tested as “bear.” I did not realize that that had already been widely reported around the Bigfoot community. However, today I have a new leak that is actually a real leak. This regards the boots that Justin Smeja wore at the Sierra Kills. Sykes has tested the boots and reported that whatever was on there was too degraded to get any good samples off of them. That is because Justin wore the boots in salt water sometime after the Kills. However, my source would not give me any more information about the Sykes study because she said that Sykes wants to publish his results first in an unspecified journal, so he doesn’t want any leaks that would steal his thunder. More wildness from the Rick Dyer story. As I reported earlier, Rick has called out some haters to come and see his purported baby Bigfoot that he has in captivity somewhere near Los Angeles. Earlier, JR Dobbs and Steve Kulls committed to going. Today, two more people committed to going, Suzy Matiash and a man named “Bugs.” A commenter on my blog, Mr. Toomey, has also been given a tentative go-ahead by Frank Cali, but he is not yet confirmed. Randy Filipovic has not yet issued a statement about whether or not he will go. In his latest libel, he said I was arrested for child molestation in 1987. This is not true. I have never been arrested for child molestation or for anything remotely resembling that. Furthermore, I have a Clear Teaching Credential with the state of California. They not only look at arrests, but they also look at convictions when handing out these certificates. If you have anything on your record at all, it’s a pretty big deal, and you have to get approval to continue with the program. After you get the credential, it can easily be pulled for lots of infractions including arrests. An arrest for child molestation would have resulted in the pulling of my credential. Rick made a similar libel about Loren Coleman a while back. He accused Loren of being arrested in Mexico City for child molestation. Coleman threatened to sue him, and Rick was forced to retract his accusation, so this is a game with him that has been going on for a long time. Once you start saying things like that about me, I don’t even want to get in the same room with you. I don’t even want to get within 100 yards of you. My attitude towards my enemies is that I will assault them or worse on sight. I don’t necessarily do that, but that’s my gut feeling about them. If I am forced to be in the same room with Rick Dyer, I would probably try to throttle the guy. This would get me arrested, and Rick Dyer isn’t worth going to jail over. In addition, I am sort of the Thomas Pynchon of the Bigfoot community. The only person in the community who has ever met me was the late Richard Stubstad. Interview with Steve Kulls. I spoke to Steve Kulls today about his trip to Los Angeles to see the baby Bigfoot. RL: Why are you going to Los Angeles? SK: I am going there for one reason and one reason only, to bust a hoax. As far as I am concerned, that is all this is, and that is all it has ever been. I have been following this hoax from the very start and I have accumulated lots of information that proves that this is a hoax. RL: What do you think Rick will show you, if anything? SK: One thing is for sure, there won’t be any baby Bigfoot. Probably one of three things: either a movie of the baby Bigfoot, which will be impossible to confirm. Or a photo of the baby Bigfoot, which will also be impossible to confirm. Or finally, a man in a suit. The last one should be pretty easy to figure out. RL: If it’s a hoax, are you going to ask Rick for your money back for the plane ticket? SK: Absolutely not! This is what I do. I am an investigator. I am here to prove this thing is a hoax and end it once and for all. RL: You mean you make your living as an investigator or it’s a hobby? SK: I used to do this for money, but now it is just a hobby, right. RL: Would you take money to investigate any Bigfoot claims as a professional? SK: No, I would not take money for that. That would be unethical to me, and I am an honorable man. I would however accept money for anything peripheral that might come from my investigative work such as books, TV or movies. RL: Why are you doing this? Is it to boost your credentials as an investigator? SK: No, not at all, as I said before, this is what I do. There is no desire for fame or ego involved. RL: Are you afraid of what might happen to you if you go to Los Angeles. Some people are saying to be careful if you go there because Rick is crazy, unpredictable and possibly dangerous and also he hates your guts. Are you afraid of violence or worse? SK: Oh no, not at all. I know Rick Dyer. I have met him before back in 2008 when I busted his previous hoax. Anyway, I have martial arts skills, so if Rick tries anything, I should be able to deal with that easily. As an investigator, I had guns pulled on me and once someone tried to take my eye out with an awl so I am not really afraid of violence or even people threatening my life. It’s something I can handle. RL: Rick is ridiculing you, saying you are too broke to go to LA. Is that true? SK: Well it is true that I do not have a tremendous amount of money, but I am not dead broke either. And I can afford the plane ticket. RL: How much did the plane ticket cost? SK: Well, to be completely honest, I used frequent flyer miles, so it was free! RL: Can I call you when you are down there? SK: You can try, but I already promised another site first dibs on the story. You can publish after they do. If I answer the phone, I will tell you whatever I can tell you based on the circumstances. If I don’t want to answer, I will either turn off the phone or let it go to voice mail. RL: Any predictions? SK: Yes, but 10 AM Saturday, I will be heading back to New York and this hoax will be busted once and for all. Then we can all move on to better things!

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    1. This was very interesting news for the scientific community and most of us for sure! New species are constantly being discovered, not usually larger mammals though such as this species.
      (RD) POS’s alleged and supposed ‘discovery’ won’t be made mainstream news anytime soon, we’ve all realized this by now, HOPEFULLY! 😉

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