Bigfoot News August 3, 2013

Dyer skeptics are welcome on this board. Although I am a Dyer believer, I will publish any skeptic argument that seems sensible. I will also publish the Dyer believer side in order to tell both sides of the story. So Dyer skeptics are welcome here as long as they are civil. This is a great story, hoax or not, and until we know for sure one way or the other, it’s best to hear both sides of the story and let people make up their own minds. An amazing physical description of Hank (Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot body) from Rick’s show yesterday, August 2. From the comments:

  1. Rick describes describes the Bigfoot as 8 ft 8 inches tall and over 800 pounds.
  2. The nose has two slits on it on the bridge area.
  3. The pores all over the body under the hair are large and can be seen.
  4. The hair as super thick, matted and hard to pull.
  5. The Bigfoot has a double row of teeth.
  6. The male Bigfoot genitalia as having a pocket that the genitalia will retract into when not in use.
  7. Scientists and doctors did MRI’s, cat scans and x-rays.
  8. The Bigfoot has many double organs. One such double organ is that the creature has two stomachs.
  9. The Bigfoot also has new organs never seen before.
  10. The drug companies are very interested in the Bigfoot for possible medicine to help certain ailments we humans have.
  11. Scientists have named it.
  12. Scientists say they DNA is new.
  13. After they killed it, they found some things that could lead people to believe it is doing harm to humans and kids. Rick believes it is a monster.

I have a hard time with some of the physical description here. It seems almost too weird to be true. Double organs? No way. Organs never seen before? What? A retractable penis? No. Arguments that Dyer’s physical description of Hank is not possible.

The first description is from a Dyer believer: I am sorry but that report by Rick Dyer is simply bunk. There are enough DNA samples extant from other encounters to call BS on what Dyer said. Sasquatch are just animals, like you and me or lions, tigers and bears. The DNA comes back as nearly human or unknown primate. They will not have an organ that is unidentifiable; well maybe Rick didn’t know what it was. They won’t have doubled organs unless you are talking about kidneys, eyes & ears. Two stomachs is possible, cows have four of them and would simply indicate largely herbaceous diet. But they won’t have two hearts, livers or brains. Nature does not work that way. As for the teeth, go to the 3rd world and look at people that do not grow up with a dentist. You see lots of humans that look to have double rows of teeth, but it is just that their teeth are crowded in their mouth. At my previous job my personal assistant was a Chinese lady who at the age of 17 had to have all her real teeth pulled because they were so crooked. She had worn full dentures since she was 17. “Hank” probably had impacted wisdom teeth. There are many, many reports of people who have had very close encounters with Sasquatch and Rick Dyer is the only one I have seen who claims to have seen this. Look at the PG film, at Patty’s face; if there were two rows of teeth, the cheek would bulge, otherwise the mouth would be too small to eat. Seriously, look at your mouth in a mirror try and imagine how small the interior of your mouth would be if you had two complete sets of teeth. I think he shot “Hank.” I think he has a really vicious NDA and knows if he says anything before a certain date he doesn’t get paid. Making up wild stories is a way to protect his payday. I also think he like the attention, even if the attention comes from people that hate him. If the skeptics were a house cat, Rick Dyer would be twisting their tail. The harder he twists, the louder they “Yowl” and more Rick Dyer likes it. I believe from what I have seen of him, he has a fairly well developed mean streak. The skeptics didn’t believe him when he told the truth, so he is having fun with them. He may also be trying to get the “UFO/Space Aliens ate my poodle’s dog food” types to spend money and join his group. Those people will believe anything and will let Rick take them out in the woods nude except for his special tin-foil hats to protect them from alien abduction. The hats cost extra however! From a Rick Dyer skeptic: Mammals don’t have multiple hearts, any more than they have six limbs. From another Dyer skeptic: Part of the reason that science isn’t generally willing to entertain the possibility of a large unknown North American primate species – which Bigfoot would be, even if it’s some sort of human, as many here believe (although not me)- is that there is a small but vocal element of the BF community that spouts all this, “They have multiple organs” or “They’re interdimensional” or “They’re aliens” stuff. If they are mammals, they have to obey the same biological rules that other mammals obey. I suppose it is possible that a large, mostly herbivorous primate might have evolved a ruminating system to help digest large quantities of plant matter. But not multiple hearts, livers, etc. Sorry. I agree with Fai Mao that witnesses might see really large or crooked teeth and misidentify that as multiple rows of teeth, but it’s really unlikely that it actually has them, based on mammalian biology. Dyer saying that Hank has them, to me, is further evidence that he’s either making it all up or saying what he thinks people want to hear. From yet another Dyer skeptic: Ketchum’s conclusion was that BF is a hybrid of a human being having mated with a hominid, likely some type of ape. If you believe that to be true, then you could not possibly believe Dyer’s description of “Hank” which includes multiple double organs, new organs that have never been seen, a retractable penis pocket?, and so on. These two theories are in direct contradiction with one another. If you believe one, you cannot believe the other. So, which is it?

However, it is true that there are many descriptions of “giants” found in the Americas that were very tall, had strange shaped skulls, and often had double rows of teeth. There are many newspaper reports of these from the 1800’s into the early part of the 20th Century. Here is one such report from the comments:

2 rows of teeth is very common in descriptions of giants found in past.

Strange Skulls

“First reported in the 4 May 1912 issue of the New York Times, the 18 skeletons found by the Peterson brothers on Lake Lawn Farm in southwest Wisconsin exhibited several strange and freakish features. Their heights ranged between 7.6 and 10 feet, and their skulls “presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America today.” They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans come in different races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span.”

Nevertheless, there is a report of a Bigfoot with two rows of teeth. Go to Bigfoot Encounters. It’s the Anderson County, Texas sighting. However, a skeptic (but Dyer believer) feels that that story is fictional. Here are his reasons why:

I have read that “encounter” it just reeks of a tall tale. There is so much in that report that is just wrong. The juvenile Sasquatch in the middle of the road and refusing to leave. The female “mother” Sasquatch reaching through the truckers window and stroking his beard. The events described in that encounter are so far beyond what even the most dedicated people doing habituation have been able to do. That report describes behavior that makes sense if you are talking about a spoiled human child in a supermarket parking lot. Sasquatch do not behave like normal humans because they are not normal humans, assuming they are human at all. What is described in that report is not typical Sasquatch behavior, and that raises a red flag for me. If you want to understand Sasquatch behavior read the book Animals in Translation by Temple Grandlin and apply what she says about autism to Sasquatch behavior. A juvenile Sasquatch would not have been in the middle of the road and refuse to leave when approached by a tractor-trailer. It is not what an animal or autistic person would do. Think about it. If Sasquatch were as approachable as described in that “report,” there would be no doubt about their existence. If I remember right it is a fairly recent report – posted within a year though it is claimed to have happened several years ago – I would not be surprised if it was not a RD plant.

More skeptic arguments against the Rick Dyer story.

A lot of the confusion about the movie came from changes happening so late in its production. A movie that apparently had been wrapped was re-opened, which to many of us looks very suspicious. The other arguments are just not moving. If Dyer used real ammunition he could easily have shot it into the air. Also, Dyer now claims that there was no crew at the kill site, just him and Matthews. The Tent Video creature doesn’t move all that much and it’s a straw man to say you can’t find the mask–it just looks like a man in some kind of headpiece and facial makeup, as frankly does the movie still. People such as the wrap guy, Frank Cali, and Craig Phillips may seem credible to you but are far from it to a lot of us who have watched their “testimony” and know Dyer’s ways of getting people to lie for him. The Facebook guys, if they’re not in on it, are very eager to believe and appear to be easily manipulated by Musky. And no one knows what is going on behind the scenes with law enforcement. When nobody is willing to step forward with either real evidence or a confession that they lied, these things drag on and on. If you care that people believe you have a real Bigfoot, why would you just keep using eyewitness testimony to try and prove it? If you don’t care, then leave it alone until the reveal. If you do, then stop just throwing people in front of cameras and making them look foolish. That’s the clearest example of how casually Dyer uses people.

How did Rick Dyer, dumb redneck, get all these people to lie for him? From the comments:

What I don’t understand first you people say Rick is some dumb redneck hick. Yet he is able to get so many people to lie for him. That is to me where you all lose your critical thinking that you sit and say he is stupid uneducated yet he can mastermind this whole things. get Morgan Matthews to lie, get Musky to lie, get the FB/FB people to lie, get the car wrap guy to lie, get Alexes to lie, get Frank and Craig to lie, get Dallas and Wayne to lie. It amazes me is he a dumb hick or is he actually brilliant to do all this. I personally think If Rick was able to get all the above to lie…This is a far more interesting story than a Dead Bigfoot. How this one man was able to do all this. Its a made for TV movie.

Argument that Rick got people to lie for him.

So far, there are really only three people (if you only count the current players) who Dyer would have had to get to lie for him about knowing there is a body…the wrap guy, Frank, and Craig. The wrap guy probably thought he was in on some joke, and the other two have profiles and testimony that are similar to past Dyer manipulation. The others you mention are just believers. As for Matthews, I think he’s given too much credit…he’s a man with a movie to sell, and just as he may not have explicitly stated there’s no Bigfoot in his movie, he also hasn’t said that there is. If Craig and Frank can say there is a body, you’d think he could too. That he hasn’t doesn’t mean there is a real Bigfoot, just that he’s chosen to play along for a while.

This is actually not true. The following people have seen the body: 1. Musky Allen 2. Frank Cali 3. Car Wrap guy 4. Craig Phillips 5. Unknown TT member 6. Chris Sands We do not know who 5 is, but a good friend of mine talked to them at length and was very impressed. And from everything I have heard, Sands saw the body too, but he doesn’t seem to be talking about it. Is Cathiee McMillan really a man? The Dyer skeptics have been saying for a long time that this Dyer believer is really a man. I have seen a photo of her, and she is not a man. Further, she talks like a woman in online conversations. A good female friend of mine agrees that that she talks like a woman in online chats. All in all, the argument seems silly.

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305 thoughts on “Bigfoot News August 3, 2013”

  1. has a very comprehensive list of witness accounts, some more believable than others. They also have a lot of interesting stuff in the FAQ section on their homepage. And yeah, I know a lot of people don’t like the founder, Matt Moneymaker, or the associated TV show “Finding Bigfoot”. But I don’t know how much Moneymaker has to do with the actual website. The FAQ section will address some of your questions about why no one gets good photos or has found a body, WITHOUT having to resort to the usual “They’re paranormal”, “They bury their dead and are super-intelligent” or “They’re multi-dimensional” arguments. There are good, sound, biological and ecological explanations for those questions that don’t require anything more than a normal ape level of intelligence on the part of sasquatch.
    Also, I second the suggestion to get a copy of Jeff Meldrum’s book “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science”. People here might not all have much respect for him, but he is an actual physical anthropology professor who has put his reputation on the line for his belief that this creature exists. Another book that is worth a look if you can track down a copy is “Big Footprints” by the late Grover Krantz. I believe that the later edition had a different (and much less interesting!) title… something like “Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence”. Krantz was also a physical anthropolgist, and probably the first in that field to consider that sasquatch was a real animal. I met him at a physical anthropology conference in New Mexico in about 1986 when I was in college. I heard him talking about a hair sample with another anthropologist, and asked if they were talking about bigfoot. We had a pretty interesting discussion!
    She hasn’t written about it to my knowledge, but I heard an interview with Jane Goodall on a call-in show on National Public Radio where a caller asked about “unknown primates”, and without hesitation, she replied that she had no doubt that there was a large unknown primate species in North America.
    I put more credence in those folks than in some guy claiming that he was the guy in the suit in the Patterson film. Several people have made that claim over the years, with none of them showing any proof (and at least one having no knowledge of the actual film site). They can’t have ALL been the guy, and when you see some of the research that’s been done on the film, it’s hard to imagine how it could have been a human in a suit at all.

    1. good stuff guys. I also found the bfro website much more spectacular then the show. it has lots of sitings. and it gives you the feeling that we aren’t talking about a few isolated insidences. there are also people feeling confident years later recounting stories they were afraid of telling anyone about before. I personally liked the snow pictures of deer prints and the large biped that could pull its foot and take a stride above 3 ft of snow and step over a fence line as if it weren’t there. with no other prints around I would feel that hoaxing them in a rural area would be difficult. or imposible by a human.

  2. The description of bigfoot’s anatomy at the top of this page is Rick Dyer’s description. It’s not the generally agreed-upon physical description.

  3. Robert, I was thinking about your Minnow source who said that Dyer did indeed shoot a Bigfoot. If there was a baby there who was taken into custody, it seems to me that would have been the takeaway, and the story would have been “Bigfoot baby taken alive after parent shot dead.” In other words, that would be the story on people’s lips, and it would be impossible to bury that fact within a less compelling report that one was simply killed. What I’m getting at is why you feel your source “buried the lede” when it would have been impossible for the entire new story not to be known by Matthews.
    Also, because it would be hard to manage a four-foot Bigfoot juvenile, Dyer seems to be back to claiming there actually was a full crew at the kill site.
    I don’t see how this amazing discovery has not been studied at all just because its handler is overprotective. It sounds like Dyer doesn’t want to have to make up a whole new set of tests and results. Also, why would three or four random guys be able to manhandle such an amazing live specimen all night? And if Dyer had enough pull to let that happen, why is it so important they get to the zoo before it closes? Are they going to hide in the men’s room or do they have clearance? Places that care for animals care for them around the clock, and they have ways to get in after the public leaves.

    1. The part about the baby is absolutely insane and it makes no sense at all. Nevertheless, it is at least plausible.
      I would think that my Minnow source would have mentioned the baby, yes. Or someone would have mentioned it at some point. Many people had the details of this story and were blabbing it for months, but not one single word about a baby Bigfoot.

  4. Perhaps the source at minnow isn’t really a source at minnow, and Dyer made this story up from the start. It’s warm and comforting to believe that Dyer has a Bigfoot body, but at some point one has to wake up and see reality.

  5. The NDAs must be shown to the men before they leave home. That is a basic necessity that Musky was granted. Is Dyer going to have a notary in the parking lot at LAX? You have to give people a chance to review it with their attorney, again…just like Musky got. This MUST be demanded by whoever goes.

    1. Dyer said there will only be one stipulation,they can’t disclose the facilities location,the can talk all they want about what they see.

  6. This is all just more smoke and mirrors by Dyer. He’s grandstanding and trying to call all their bluffs.
    Even IF there is showing/viewing of alleged baby sasquatch by Dyer and the 3, it will be a trick of some sort.
    Dyer says this bigfoot baby has incredible and remarkable accelerated growth abilities, 10 months ago it was small like his daughter and now it’s as tall or a bit taller than Dyer himself, sure.
    It’s more than likely this was a detail he has to create in case he decided to try and show off the young bigfoot. It would be more convincing and more logical to hire an adult to put in a suit and pretend to be a sasquatch than trying to use a young child to play the part.
    The story truly has gone beyond fantastical and should be on the front page of the National Enquirer rag mag.

  7. Hey Bob,
    How ’bout that Melissa Hovey ? Crazy shit going down. It’s like bigfootery is a sickness.

      1. She had a bigfoot baby and said you’re the daddy caps lock omg exclamation point For reals though, I ate at a chinese-german restaurant last night. The food was great but I was power hungry in an hour.

  8. 332 responses, wow! I don’t much care for this story, as i spent my caring capitol on Smeja… in that, for me now, such a claim without showing the body is a non-event. When he produces it, then I will take the time to understand the story.. even while I check in on these posts Robert…and fairly certain if it comes to pass, will read it here first!

    1. “…I spent my caring capitol on Smeja…”
      If both stories are to be believed:
      Smeja shot and killed an offspring of his dead bigfoot.
      Dyer adopted the offspring of his dead bf. Not that I give a rat’s ass about that slim ball.
      I spend my caring capitol on Moneymaker, the other orphan of the bf community. What will his hair look like next season?

      1. ‘What will his hair look like next season?’
        Without a doubt- his hair is fabulous. If he shaved his goatee ,that perky little bob would make him look like a corpulent Posh Spice. It may be possible he has a fascination with choir boys…. I don’t know…, whatever his inspiration , he IS working it.

  9. If I was one of the people who bought Rick’s book I’d be pissed….hermaphrodite, penis pouch, fetus, pregnant, Babyfoot….he left all the best parts out of the book.
    Maybe he was saving them for the next movie. lol

  10. If dyer has been in LA all this time why is he still selling cellphones on las vegas craiglist and selling a minivan listed in vegas on ebay. Maybe he is moving, i’ll give you that, but he hasn’t moved yet. He is full of shit. Rick’s ebay name is volvoman702 if you’d like to look yourself. Take the number on the back of the van and plug it into craigslist for Las Vegas. You will find the cellphone ad.

    1. Hey Speed where is that PM I asked you to send to me from your 2 Accounts in Second Life?
      Still haven’t gotten them.
      Also who were you with when you came to my sim? That shouldn’t be to hard should it?

    1. Hi speed racer.
      Your schtick is wearing thin. We don’t care about Cathiee’s real life persona. From what I have read here , on BFF , her blog , she/he/it is a pleasant person with a genuine interest in the bigfoot phenomena -just like most of the posters here. Off line , the fact she may be a post -op tranny, a man , a woman, yellow, black, a martian or even worse – a frenchman….
      Go stick pins in a voodoo doll or something if you can’t let it go, but I think I speak for most of the blog when I request you just leave it alone.
      It has nothing to do with Bigfoot or whatever the fuck Dyer is doing.
      You are just coming of as monster size pathetic.

  11. To Cathiee – you are so hell bent on getting Racer to go to LA. Chance of a lifetime and all that shit. I ask you this – if Rick Dyer invited YOU to go see it, would you go? Serious question.

  12. Well I have also read cathiee’s comments from bff, fbfb and around other places. She is a rather toxic attribution to the bigfoot community and liked about as much as Dyer. Which is why she was quickly banned from BFF ( the toxic part ) after only a couple of months. I also could care less if she was a man though. Oh well, open the curtains and let the freak show continue.

    1. But see JungleJuice,
      I don’t hide I post as my name. I am not afraid to speak my mind.
      So speaking my mind and pointing out my beliefs are toxic ~shrugs~
      Its only toxic when others don’t like what your saying.
      Actually you are only seeing a small % of bf community that dislikes me. Many others I get along very well with.
      See its called we can’t get along with everyone.

  13. It is Thursday and until now no one of the three gentlemen has yet confirmed that he will go to LA. So, skeptics, did Dyer bought them over to come or not to come to California? 😉 LOL!!! A yes, all just “smoke and mirrors”, I know…honestly: three guys who are just too afraid to be proven wrong! I thought that at least Kulls has the courage to go…really disappointing!!!! I wished they would invite Robert – at least he is not too far away…

  14. It becomes even more interesting: Rick Dyer just announced an „open invitation“. All “haters” are welcome to come to LA. They ALL can see the live bigfoot! Someone here asked: if Dyer asks you to go, would you go (“serious question”)? My (serious) question to him: Why not?? Fear for your life??!!…come on..I would say this is a very bold offer by someone who is just a liar. Now, people, show him that he is just a liar, sink his ship once and for all!!! 

    1. It’s all a sham, anything to do with this story is bogus. I don’t know why there is still anyone is left believing him and especially after his latest absurd revelations.
      It’ll either be someone in a costume and in poor lighting or the invitations to Kulls, and JR Dobbs were insincere. Kulls and Dobbs might have agreed to go, but we won’t know if Rick is keeping his word or telling the truth about the meetings.
      Anyway, it’s all ridiculous and again, none of this would be playing out this way if there was a live bigfoot being held somewhere. If people were being allowed to go and view this creature, then it would be all over the mainstream news by now. It’s either a highly secret information, or it’s not and now that Dyer has blabbed this far fetched tale, the info is out there….WAY OUT THERE! LOL
      And does it make sense to you that the “Hank’ story is all but dead now? There is no more talk of when that corpse is going to be shown or put on a silly cross country tour in the back of a trailer. Now RD is more than willing to show off a LIVE creature; a creature coincidentally with the height of a regular sized man!?! He won’t and couldn’t show off a tiny 4 foot tall creature or one that is over 8 feet tall, but more than willing to show off a creature in the range of a human.
      It’s rubbish, hogwash and ridiculous. It’s just more deceit, lies and narcissism from Dyer.

  15. @ Chris Tarman.
    “I have another theory, … (and would have hunted them all down a long time ago).”
    Nice . That’s a very plausible theory imho. well done.

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