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This site is sort of fun. This is where I get to pretend to be an academic or a professor. It is mostly for those associated with Academia, students, grad students and professors, but there are also some independent scholars such as me on there. I have a number of students, grad students and even professors following my work on there, and that is a bit mind-blowing. I am also having scholarly discussions with professors who treat me like some sort of a colleague. Just another role to play in life. Here are my papers. There are 20 papers in all.


A Look At the Catalan Language Expands Macro-Catalan from 1 language to 2 languages on the basis of mutual intelligibility. 15 pages. Mutual Intelligibility of Languages in the Slavic Family Mutual intelligibility of languages in the Slavic family are examined based on the degree of mutual intelligibility. Mutual Intelligibility Among the Turkic Languages Mutual intelligibility of languages in the Slavic family are examined based on the degree of mutual intelligibility. Scientific Studies of Intelligibility in Scandinavian Languages Mutual intelligibility of languages in the Slavic family are examined based on the degree of mutual intelligibility. I also deal with the dialect versus language question. Some Scientific Intelligibility Studies It is often said, nonsensically, that intelligibility between various different lects cannot possibly be measured due to a variety of red herrings and silly straw men. This paper gives the lie to that notion. 11 pages. Mutual Intelligibility As a Scientific Concept For Dividing Language from Dialect Mutual intelligibility is not a mushy soft science concept but is actually a rigorous scientific method. How To Divide Languages from Dialects – Structure or Intelligibility? Argues for mutual intelligibility as the best way of dividing languages from dialects, but to some extent structural differences and mutual intelligibility differences merge together in a notion of “differentness.”


Black Males and Testosterone Evolution and Perspectives Africans (Negroids) seem to have specifically evolved high testosterone, aggression and body strength in tandem with agriculture and polygamy. 5 pages. US Hispanic Racial Dynamics How White, Amerindian and Black are US Hispanics? A look at the evidence. Blacks Couldn’t Even Build a Boat to Madagascar This oft-stated notion is shown to be a myth. Blacks went to Madagascar somehow prehistorically, then their descendants apparently forgot how to make the trip again. 4 pages. Get Small Or Die Explains the development of small and compact humans in the tropics. 7 pages.

Anthropological Linguistics

The Proto-Indo-Europeans and Their Early Descendants: Proto-Languages and Homelands 27 pages. Where is the PIE Homeland? 5 pages.


Flynn Effect in North Africans/Turks Migrated To West Europe Examines Flynn Effect IQ rises in North Africans and Turks who have migrated to Western Europe, showing up in the second generation. 5 pages. Secular Rise in Black IQ and Head Size Evidence For a Eugenic Effect US Blacks have been breeding eugenically for 100 years now, selecting preferentially for more Caucasoid and progressive features and for higher IQ’s. At the same time, Black head size has increased dramatically and Black IQ’s have gone up tremendously. All of these phenomena are related. 13 pages.


Problems in the Diagnosis of OCD Differential diagnosis and other confusing issues in the diagnosis of OCD. Threat Assessment in OCD Are OCD’ers dangerous to themselves or others and if so, to what extent? Also differentiating OCD from similar yet dangerous conditions.

Forensic Psychiatry

Most Child Molesters Are Not Pedophiles 90-9


Is Sexual Attraction to Minors “Normal” Among Adult Males? Sexual attraction to minor females, albeit at a lower level than to mature females, may be nearly universal among heterosexual males.


Final Katrina Death Toll at 4,081 Final toll is much higher than usually given because I counted indirect deaths via elevated mortality rates after the storm. 14 pages. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.

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