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Here. Great stuff. This website was created by someone who I later learned is a professor at a university in Mexico. Obviously, the name of the site is a takeoff on my site. He also deals with the racial makeup of various groups, specializing in the Hispanosphere. This particular post takes on the Afrocentric notion that the Moors of Spain and by analogy the Moroccan and Tunisian North Africans were and are Black. The Moors were not Black and the Moroccans and Tunisians are not Black. Many great photos of the descendents of the Moors now living in Morocco. and Tunisia. They look like White people! Great blow against moronic Afrocentrism. I highly recommend this fellow’s blog.

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39 thoughts on “New Post Up at Lobert Rindsay”

  1. Afrocentrism is merely a defense against racism and white nationalism. Since blacks were oppressed at the hands of whites, black nationalism is an outlet for black anger. However, no form of white nationalism is justified and is merely an excuse for whites to restart their regimen of killing, raping, and conquering. This is why the media must give black crime little attention, as it can spark white racism towards blacks. The media must focus all their rage on white crime, so young blacks do not believe they are criminals.
    Robert Lindsay, I agree with you that the Egyptians are Arabic whites. However, the Nubians, who were even more accomplished than Egyptians, were black. And Moors are black, plain and simple. The Spanish called Moors “blackamoors”, and Shakespeare referred to them as black-skinned. I am black, with Caucasian features. If you saw a statue of me, you would swear I was white, until you see my skin colour. And no, I do not have white ancestry, all of my grandparents were black. I knew all 4 of them. However, I have a thin nose, narrow face, and big chin. That is because many blacks have white and Asian features, many Asians have black and white features. Only Caucasians, who are inbred, and make up less than 1% of the world’s genetic diversity, are limited to certain features. Besides, we all come from Africa, so we are all black underneath the skin. You, Robert, are a black man, same as me or Martin Luther King. We are all black, same human species, and capable of the exact same feats. The only difference is culture and environment.

    1. I agree with you that reporting on Black crime sets off White racism. Blacks commit an insane amount of crime and act bad in lots of ways, but I do not like to write about that too much on here because whenever I post about Black crime or Black people acting the fool, all these White people pop up in the comments blasting away at Blacks. And many of these are liberal Whites who are not all that racist. I really do not want to spur or encourage White racism against Blacks. What good does it do? Does it do anyone any good? Does it help White people? Is it good for Black people? Nope. Nope.
      I am not a fan of White nationalism at all. I really do hate all ethnic nationalisms. They are just forms of insanity and racism and they tend to be racist and fascist. Afrocentrists tend to be anti-White racists.
      The Nubians were Black, but they were not more accomplished than the Egyptians. Anyway, I understand that at the moment, Nubians are about 50-50 Black-White, so really they are mulattos. Egyptians were mostly White but had ~13% Black blood. I do not agree that Moors were Black. Go to that link and look at the photos of Moorish descendants in North Africa. White people!

      1. Robert, you sound like the 1% of white people that are actually kind hearted and decent-minded people. You must of had very open-minded parents. You are lucky, many whites grow up in a fascist Christian theoarchic environment and are taught to hate blacks. Little do they know they are blacks underneathe the skin. Imagine that….blacks hating blacks!

        1. A lot of us White liberals do not exactly hate Blacks. More like we fear them I suppose. In White liberal circles open racism against Blacks is simply not acceptable. If you talk like that, people will more or less tell you to shut up. People will give you funny looks if you say nigger or words like that. I think it is that liberals are not supposed to be racist and also if you are a White racist, you are acting like a redneck conservative cracker scumbag, the very sort of person we liberals hate. Also the way we see it is everyone is beating up on Blacks all the time anyway, so why join in? Why join in with the bullies pummeling the Black designated target? Black people have enough problems without us joining in with the bullies pummeling them. Also we tend to root for the victims and the underdogs, being liberals.
          Also we tend to root for the underdog and most of us supported the Civil Rights Movement back when it was around.
          Some of us are involved romantically with Blacks or have been in the past. I have had Black girlfriends in the past.

        2. I was raised by liberal parents. I remember one time one of us kids said nigger, maybe at the dinner table, and my father made a great big scene, and that word was pretty much banned at the table at least. My father would not allow that word.
          After the Watts riots, they offered all the White teachers transfers out of the area, but father was the first White teacher who volunteered to go back to his school in Watts. Yes, he taught in Watts in the middle of the 1960’s!

  2. I see that man write something about the races of Mexico, if lack of creativity is a Mongoloid trait, then Mexicans are mostly Amerindian without a doubt, at least 55% Amerindian, if any detractor want to appear, here i post a link to yahoo respuestas, people complaining how Mexicans are copy cats of plots from Telenovelas of countries such as Colombia or Argentina.

    1. Race doesn’t exist. I am a black guy who has never committed a single crime in my life, how do you explain that? Also, you say Asians aren’t creative, well they invented paper, the compass, gunpowder, the mechanical clock, and rockets, care to explain that? Killa Zodiac, I know a few things about you. You are a white christian inbred redneck with a micropenis and wants to take your anger out on genetically superior blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. Also, whites are creative? LOL. You wouldn’t even have peanut butter without blacks. Beethoven was black, and Julius Caesar was black. Blacks invented railroads, aircrafts, lightbulbs, electricity, all the Western genres of music, the cotton gin, interchangable parts, the computer, and much more. Eli Whitney was black, and racist christian whites whitewashed him. You whites are vermin and inhumane.

      1. You cant say “blacks commit less or equal crime” by saying that you never did crimes.
        For example, Robert Lindsay said he has an IQ of >130, what would him make more intelligent than the stereotypical Asian, yet he cant say, that Whites are more intelligent than Asians, because he is not the average.
        But it is true, that aslong as there are Blacks that dont commit crime, you cant say, that skin coluor and behaviuor is genetically linked.

      2. Gary Gilmore; blacks really did invent railroads and stoplights. We invented the Personal Computer, the steam engine, shampoo, ice cream, corn bread, toothbrushes, and many everyday items in your accessories. Did you know that Thomas Jane Smith Jr., in 1989, had plans for the world’s first HDTV? Or that Dexter Browns in 2000 made blueprints for a improved hybrid vehicle?
        Shakespeare was an eigth black, Beethoven was half black. Abraham Lincoln had a black grandfather, and Alexander Dumas a black grandmother. George Washington’s grandmother was black, and Albert Einstein’s great-grandfather was black, this was proven by DNA analysis of his Y-chromosome; E1b; African. The Olmecs were black; they were America’s first civilization, and the Chinese descend from African Bushmen with epicanthic folds and incomplete jaundicial albinism. Guess who else is black? Everyone. We all come from Africa, and you are just as black as I am under the skin. Mainstream scientists reject the concept of race as a biological construct, and most racists are white Christians anyways.

      3. stop stop stop. Im a redneck and i found that a great many misuse the word. Rednecks are hard working techs that are responsible for the food. We rednecks can fix everything that a colledge grad designed. We can also engineer our own without an education. Now if you have a problem with the racists then say racist. Those are the guys in the hood. Rednecks run the country fixing everything accadamia messed up. I’ve also met black rednecks. That guy that fixed your tire or towed your vehicle is a redneck.

        1. You rednecks are inbred hillbillies with 90 IQs and high crime rates. You are the equivalent of ghetto blacks or poor Mexicans. Another proof that all the races are equal and there are ghettoes in all races. No redneck fixed my vehicle….I hired a black man to fix a black man’s car. I will not pay or employ a white racist to fix my car.

        2. I am a 6″1 handsome black man who is well built, earns 95,000 dollars a year working 5 hours a day for 5 days a week. I have an attractive black girlfriend and have a nice car, a big house, and no debts. My father was a Commander in the Navy, my mother is a health advisor. I graduated summa cum laude. Can you say the same about yourself Big G, you redneck hillbilly piece of white trash?

        3. So sorry you took offense. I merly pointed out that even though your college graduated you got the meaning of the word redneck wrong that’s all. thank god they got the internet cause even at 6’1″ you are still a little feller in my group and as soon as you start goin off with the mouth we would show you what matters. you got a lot of things but you have to pay someone to do everything. you keep shooting your mouth off and still you can’t do anything. Thank god your father stayed in the navy and accomplished something. as the next gen appears to be helpless without a phone charger. And yes you are a racist and im a redneck. Im not a racesist. You should have spent that college money on singing lesson. And by the way my iq is 145. Im 6’6″. im 265. And I fucked your black girlfriend. idiot,. I’m American indian , Engklish and polish. And look at you a redneck just pointed out your an idiot.

        4. And remember there is a hierarchy in primates Derek don’t ever look my in the eye. idiot
          Well, look what we have here. Another inbred moron redneck white loser who can’t spell or speak proper English. You are 6 foot 6, and your IQ is 265?! Just how dumb are you people anyways? I am not a primate, I am a human. You whites with your massive cloak of body hair are primates, and have acted like savages in the past; looting, pillaging, raping, murdering, enslaving other races. You claim to be Native American? Cracka pleeeeaaase. A real American Indian would never back the white devil oppressor who barbarically slaughtered 95% of the Red Man’s population. Big G(aylord), I think I know you. You have a pink face, smell like a wet dog, live in a trailer park, and your mother is a crack addict. It would take one black man from the hood to clean up an entire trailer park full of white trash. If you told a ghetto black guy what you just told me, your dumb ass would never tell anyone anything else again.
          BTW, I am wealthier than you, sexier than you, and healthier than you, you Anglo-Saxon Rottweiler. Power to the people!

        5. Oh my god did you look into my eyes. You are not an alpha and i can see by the way you act that your not anywhere close to 100 iq. nothing you said says your not rascist. nothing else you said is accurate. You are still a racist and an idiot.

        6. don’t forget darek that the first step, is realizing you have a problem. after listening to your last make believe rant I can suggest you seek help. your mental state is so out of gear with the real world. . first get some mental help and I will let you look into my eyes but first a little respect. remember your dream of being 6’1″ isn’t going to happen. number 2 having 1 girlfriend doesn’t mean shit. unless you have a little dick and a lot of money. Then congrats. And 1 last thing don’t bring a big mouth to a gun fight trevon.( I mean derak ) your still a racist and an idiot.

      4. Alpha Unit, Granville Woods invented railroads. Granville Woods was a black man. Most white racists don’t know that without the innovations of black people, they would still be living in Medieval technology.
        Did you know that everything the white Egyptians knew….they learned from black Nubians? That is right, and without them there would have been no Greece, Rome, etc. The ancient Mesopotamians were black as well. Blacks singlehandedly founded civilization, without the help of whites.

    2. Mexico doesn’t (yet) have the infrastructure that lends itself to a large, thriving entertainment industry, but there are signs that it’s coming. I don’t think the Amerindian genes really matter. A sizable chunk of the Amerindian population lives in the outskirts of towns or out in the middle of nowhere with very little in the way of modern civilization. In fact, many of them want to retain their traditional ways of living and are trying to do so even in the face of encroaching industries that are controlled by a few monopolies. I suggest Manana Forever by Jorge Castaneda. His explanations on Mexico’s problems make a lot of sense to anyone who’s had the opportunity to compare the US to Mexico at length.

  3. Robert, did you know that almost all white racists are Christians? Religion was invented by racists. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists kill, rape, and torture other races. Only atheists are non-racist and commit little crime. The Bible tells the Israelites to commit genocide of the Edomites, Philistines, Caanaanites, etc. White Christians are a race of criminals and murderers, and black atheists are the voice of reason.

    1. Actually, a lot of White racists are not Christians. I am familiar with the White nationalist scene, and there are many non-Christians there. They tend to be pagans or Odinists or whatever. Nazis were often not Christians. And there are more racist Black hating Jews than you might want to think.
      Truth is that the only White folks who regularly deal with large numbers of Blacks are Christians. Mot Whites are Christians anyway, so it is a moot point. White Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus are rare.

      1. Robert, white Hindus are rare? There are 1 billion of them defectating publicly in India. The KKK is a Christian group, and the Nazis spared Christian Jews. Arabs are white, so how are white Muslims rare? White Buddhists are rare, but Buddhists arent nearly as violent as the other 3.

        1. Well, Arabian Muslims don’t like Blacks too much either. In fact, I am told that they hate them a lot more than Euro Whites.
          Indians are not exactly White, but some of them are. And the White Indian Hindus have an extreme hatred of Black people way worse than Whites do.
          Black folks do not have a lot of fans in this world.

        2. Blacks are well liked by Fillipinos, the Japanese, and Malaysians. I have been all over Asia, and they are really respectful if you are respectful to them. I was extra sanitary there, bowed to Asian people I met, and dressed respectfully, and utillized the best manners I could. They treated me like kin. Asians don’t hate blacks, that is just another white man’s lie to fuel black-Asian hatred.

        3. ” And the White Indian Hindus have an extreme hatred of Black people way worse than Whites do.”
          Whelp.. ITs not about race.. its really about sub culture and cultural centrism.
          For e.g. Many dark skinned Indian Hindus would totally oppose any of their children marrying white people. Yes.. Its not like they look up to white race..They do not. They may like their white skin..thats about it.. Nothing else they want from the white race apart from their skin.
          It’s all about cultural endogamy.

        4. Indians prefer the following white skins.. This is just an estimate.
          IF skin grafting can be done in like 15 min for Rs100, many Indians would do it.
          1) Very pale freckled white skin…particularly red headed never been out in the sun Albino white. Not much value..but preferred over black skin maybe..but they may by it for 80% o9ff sale 😛
          2) Olive white shiny skin like you find in Italians or Greek, or Turkish or even Texans, this has a premimum among Indians. They pay top dolla for this.
          3) The most preferred is their own fair skinned Indians like people of Kashmir or Punjab.
          4) South Indian/Dravidian and Africans…not much wanted..Thats what they are trying to get rid off.
          Culture/sub culture.. Not for sale..they don’t give a hoot for caucasian christian sheet culture or African or Chinese…We eat anything that cral culture…No compromise here. Whelp! Maybe the Bengali commies may…They hate Indian they may take the culture along with the skin…and yes..those commie Bengalies lefties would take fair skin too.

    2. I have to disagree with you there my friend.
      The communists/atheists were so much like the christian evangelicals..They too used to run around waving their little red of absolute TRUTH only they knew that they wanted to evangelize and convert the whole world into this one single Truth dogma. Cause those truth came from their Lord and savior Chairman MAo!
      See, how the fascists of the right and the far left meet? Its one big circle.
      Although the Hindu caste system is nothing to Jim Crowe about, it never went down as evil as christianity caste system of lynchings and slavery and the Holocaust. And just because the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and Burma have a recent history of killing some folks, they are rare exceptions.. We need to have some perspective here.
      So in the order of evil
      1) Christianity
      2) Islam
      3) Communism.

    3. lol this guy smells like a troll, when he replied to me ,i didn’t even do a big effort to debate him ,most of the things he post are lies.

  4. Derek
    “They treated me like kin. Asians don’t hate blacks, that is just another white man’s lie to fuel black-Asian hatred.”
    I don’t agree with that comment. My experience has been that Asians tend to be the most racist. As a white guy who has spent the last 2 decades in L.A. , stewing in the cultural melting pot I have some very definate opinions on whom exudes the most racism.
    Asians towards Blacks is def. #1
    There is a definate difference in cultural amongst asians ie, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese but I find them very united in their dislike of the dark people. They can be very intolerant of whites as well.
    Black towards White is 2nd.
    Not as prevalent as the oriental disdain, but there is a definate intolerance of whitey by a lot more dark people than there is the other way around.
    Tying it up @ 3rd , 4th and fifth
    would be Mexican towards Black
    White towards Black
    White towards Mexican.
    These sentiments are there I just find them fewer and further between than number 1 &2 .

    1. good job e2. you explained it so even an idiot could know. problem is darek already knows it all. he’s a racist and he graduated succa cum louder in his class of retards. I call all racists retards because most of their brain power is spent on racism. And they are unable to learn or function in the real world.

  5. Hello Robert, thank you for supporting my blog. I admit that my older (2 year old) post on the race of Mexicans is more a creative work (I find the “lack of creativity” comment by Killua to be rather comic instead of offensive). While I admit that the Amerindian component may have been underestimated in my earlier work (in light of newer studies and more research), it suffices to say that the white component of Mexico is often underestimated as well.
    More importantly though, we need to end these silly cliche ideas. First off, the Afrocentrist claim that pre-Islamic North Africans (including Egyptians) were black is plainly wrong as can be seen by Roman and Greek mosaics of Berbers and Egyptians, as well as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs where the Egyptians clearly distinguish themselves from Berbers, Semites, and blacks. Second of all, the subsequent claim that the Islamic invaders of Iberia were black doesn’t hold up, unless the Muslim army was composed of Tuareg or sub-Saharan Africans. Finally, the more common claim that the Muslims of al-Andalus/Iberia were a minority and/or that they were of non-European origin is also (mostly) a falsity (since a minority of Muslims were of foreign origin). Of course, the first Muslims of Iberia were Arabs & Berbers, just like the first Muslims of Somalia, Iran, and Indonesia were Arabs, but we know that the grand majority of Muslims in those countries today are indigenous. It is not a Eurocentric claim that the Muslims of Spain were mostly indigenous whites. Perhaps watching videos or Googling images of the descendants of the Moriscos/”Moors” (the expelled Andalusi Muslims) living in North Africa should open some eyes. In fact, I think it is an insult to call the Andalusi Muslims “Moors”, because it implies they are a foreign element; it is like saying that Persians are Arabs. So do not say that Averroes or Boabdil are Moorish or black or Berber or even Arab. They are Iberians, or, if you will, Spaniards. You could call them Andalusians or Andalusies, but no Anglophone calls Egyptians as “Masri” (from al-Misr, the Arabic name for Egypt). I hate to break it to some people, but the hands that crafted al-Hamra (Alhambra) and the emirs that resided there were not black, nor even Berber/Arab, they were Spanish. I don’t wish to be some sort of chauvinist nor some sort of Eurocentrist, it is merely the historical image of al-Andalus that is most supported by legitimate evidence. If the pale skin, or blue eyes, or overall Iberian/European appearance of the descendants of the Iberian Muslims living in North Africa doesn’t convince you, then I don’t know what will. I refer sometimes to the Iberian Muslims as Andalusi, but I would rather call them what they really are on a genetic level, Iberians or Spaniards, also considering that in my opinion, “Spain” should rightly refer to the whole peninsula and that Portugal is a medieval remnant of a crusader state that refused to integrate into the larger Iberian Christian nation. Well, I tend to make large comments (unfortunately!) but I hope that clears things up.

  6. Wow, I came here to discuss Spanish ancestry, especially in areas where the Moors had conquered. This topic that LR is touching on is very interesting as I am a Mexican American who people generally mistake for Arab or Mediterranean. My last name is definitely traced back to a portion of Spain where the Moors ruled so this is an interesting topic for me. But this race war that props up every time the race is even tangentially mentioned moves the discussion away from an open-minded discussion and into a vitriol exchange where people slam each other’s ethnicity. I think you are right Robert, we’re not ready to ‘discuss race.’ I don’t know if this is an American trait or more widespread, but this topic goes nowhere fast.

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