Bigfoot News August 1, 2013

Why do I believe Rick Dyer? This is a bit of a problem. Believing Rick Dyer is frankly ruining my life due to all of the problems it is causing. Almost no one else believes him except for a few of us. However, I am happy that Christopher Noel still believes Rick.
Truth is I can’t stand Rick, and the feeling is mutual. He has libeled me pretty seriously on his website. Of course I get no money from Rick. I would not take any money or gifts from Rick even if offered because that would taint me. I also get no money from writing about the Rick Dyer story, not that it matters. It is said that I am writing this up just to get hits from my blog.
Problem with that is that I am too much of a moral person to do something that sleazy. I am so morally finicky that I think that is part of the reason I have little money. I simply refuse to sleaze out for money. I also in general don’t tell any lies about anything substantial on this with regard to Bigfoot. I do sometimes muddy the waters about sources, mostly to protect them. Sometimes if I get material 2rd hand from a source who got it from someone else, I will say that instead I spoke directly to the source instead of getting it hearsay. I am not in a court of law, so none of this matters.
I could never knowingly participate in any hoax, much less a Bigfoot hoax.
On the other hand though, this is a great story whether it it true or not. Even if it’s a hoax, it’s one of the greatest Bigfoot hoaxes of all time, and that’s a great story and a great reason to follow it right  there. There are now whole blogs, forums and Facebook groups dedicated to the notion that this is a hoax, and they are often updated every day. They are milking the hoax angle the same way some of us are milking the believer angle. I really do not see what the difference is.
At any rate, hits hardly do me any good here since WordPress does not normally allow us to put our own ads up. They have their own ad program for selected blogs, but I have not yet applied for it. So I make almost nothing off of this website – maybe $10/month. Labor of love.
So there you have it folks! My reasoning for milking this story.
Morgan Matthews’ telling comments after the Edinburgh showing of Shooting Bigfoot. After the UK premiere of the movie, Morgan took questions, which he answered very gingerly. However, one answer was very interesting. Morgan said that Rick had a real gun with real live bullets loaded in it. Rick fired the live bullets at the Bigfoot, and possibly, if the story is correct, nearly at Morgan too. It’s very hard to believe that Rick was firing live bullets at his stunt man or would shoot live rounds right in the vicinity of his stunt man and Matthews. If Dyer isn’t that reckless.
More theories on where the body is stored. In addition to two different agricultural research labs, one named in Maricopa, Arizona and another unnamed 90 miles from Las Vegas, we now have two more locations.
From Chuck at Bigfoot Buzz we hear that Chuck heard that the Bigfoot was being stored in an icehouse somewhere outside of Las Vegas.
Via a Team Tracker member, I hear that the Bigfoot was not stored at a US Department of Agriculture research station, but was instead stored at a building owned by a private contractor that does a lot of business for the US government. Even the guards and security would make sense in that case as US government contractors can have a lot of security around their buildings too. For some reason, this almost makes more sense as it seems so hard to believe that the US government would store this body for months. However, this person said he had not talked to anyone would had seen the body.
On whether this story is a hoax or not. In favor of the believers, it is true that this story has gone on for 10 months now and it has never been proven to be a hoax yet. On the other hand though, neither has it been proven to be true. So neither side is winning on that score.
Musky Allen putting out a lot of lies about the location of the Bigfoot body. It is true that Musky and other Team Tracker members have been deliberately putting out false information about the body location in order to throw people off the trail. However, this causes problems because Musky and the TT members are now proven to have lied in the course of this story. Rick Dyer is of course a congenital liar. If you want to be believed as a good source for a story, the first thing you should do is stop lying.
Both sides of the story. I do run both sides of the Rick Dyer story on this site, both the hoax theory and the believer theory. I give equal time to both sides.
New rendition of the Bigfoot shooting in San Antonio. I originally heard that Rick shot the Bigfoot in the back, the Bigfoot circled back around and knocked over Morgan, and then Rick shot the Bigfoot in the head to drop it.
But now there is a new story. Rick shot the Bigfoot in the back at a distance from Morgan, then the Bigfoot circled around and attacked Morgan, and then it ran on. A few minutes later, Rick found it on the ground 20 or 30 feet from where it had attacked Morgan, and he then either did or did not finish it off with a bullet to the base of the skull, depending on whom you listen to.
The Bigfoot did have a shot to the head, verified by Musky Allen. The head shot was either delivered as a coup de grace while it was lying on the ground or it after the Bigfoot dropped Morgan and was running along. Once again, we deal with the problem of changing and conflicting narratives.
Melba Ketchum speaks up on the Matilda photo from the Erickson Project. From Bigfoot Evidence, we get a statement from Ketchum on the Matilda video.

Matilda the sleeping Bigfoot.
Matilda the sleeping Bigfoot.

OK, the Matilda questions. Her mitochondrial DNA was tested by Disotell with human results like all of our samples. He said it had to be human contamination and threw the sample away according to Adrian Erickson. Fortunately, he kept back some of the sample. He then sent some of it to Paleo Labs where they also got human mitochondrial DNA. When we got the remainder of the sample, we got the same results.
But, we then tested the nuclear DNA where the differences are in the Sasquatch. First, the DNA was female and we had very few females in the study. Some of the individual genes we sequenced on this sample were human while others failed even with universal mammalian primers. This sample behaved just like the rest of the samples. To add credibility and link the sample to the videos, we tested the MC1R gene for red hair color. She sequenced human for this gene and had the mutation for red hair.
We ran the 2.5 million human SNP array on her sample. Even a degraded human sample will have greater than ninety five percent of the SNPs run successfully and our degraded human control sample ran 97%. Matilda’s DNA was pristine but only ran at 83%. So, her DNA was obviously not completely human. I also spoke with all three members of the Erickson team and am totally convinced that the videos are legitimate. This is especially true since the DNA findings matched her sex and hair color.

The video below has been bashed to Kingdom Come by skeptics. However, a friend of mine saw the whole 6 minute video and was impressed by it. Another person who saw the video said that Matilda wakes up at the end of the video. The Bigfoot in the video breathes at 6 breaths per minute, which is quite unusual. The people who say this thing is faked have never shown how the Erickson people faked this video.
I can assure you that Erickson is not a hoaxer, however, this video did come from one of the owners of the property and was not shot by the Erickson people themselves.
I believe that this video really shows a sleeping adolescent female Bigfoot in a forest in Tennessee.
Story about the death of Fox the Bigfoot. Interesting video from Reverend Jeff about the death of Fox and the Bigfoot at the Janice Carter farm. Jeff references my site a couple of times in the telling of this story. However, I no longer believe this version of the story. Sally Raines said that they did hear that Fox was dying, and she and Janice went out to the forest to try to find him, but they were unsuccessful in locating him. However, they did hear some wood knocks when they were out there. Jeff also includes a fanciful tale about the death of Fox lifted from the comments section of a Bigfoot blog. It was written by someone with quite an imagination.
Jeff’s Bigfoot stories are very well done, and Jeff is a great guy and a friend.

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50 thoughts on “Bigfoot News August 1, 2013”

  1. If Musky Allen was a lone agent who signed an NDA, he would have given his testimony and that would be that. For him to follow it up with a lot of teasing and lying about the location either means he made it all up and was afraid people were asking too many smart questions, or he was hired by Dyer’s investors after the fact to muddy the waters so people wouldn’t contact a lot of places and spook the facility.
    It simply has to be one or the other. The former is much more likely, and the growing evidence that he was involved with Dyer before the viewing (busting Shawn Evidence’s identity, for example) makes it even more so. Plus, he has been extremely vicious to Dyer critics, often female ones (absurdly alleging one had been a prostitute), and plays make-believe with Dyer on his radio show (the “someone sent me photos of the body on the truck, Rick!” routine was a classic). I haven’t heard the show where Musky annoys Dyer to the point that he invites Musky to see the body, but it would be amusing I’m sure.
    Musky is also far too involved with keeping the Facebook guys on board and acting as a source to you, Robert, to be the innocent bystander Dyer likes to claim he is. It was very noteworthy that all the pimping of the “pirated” footage was done by Musky, and he always seems to be nearby to help steady the waters when Dyer does something crazy like move the reveal date or declare that all Bigfoots should be slaughtered. If you heard Musky at the end of that show in particular, he tells Dyer that moving the body date was giving people the wrong idea, or something like that, meaning it had spooked the FBFB guys and Noel, who had been scheduled as guests that night but canceled when Dyer announced the change earlier that day.
    That’s the voice of an accomplice trying to keep a rogue collaborator from running their hoax off the rails.

    1. Martin, You are wrong about Musky in so many ways.
      Musky has never once treated me badly or attacked me. Musky and I have had many conversations and debates about things. He is actually a very nice guy. He tries to remain open minded about a great many things. Each one of us has a different experience with different people. This is very common. We are all different we all get along with others in different ways.
      To try to make blanket statements on people is just silly.
      So much is going on behind the scenes with Rick that you all do not know about. Some I don’t even Know and some TT members don’t know.
      Still not 1 person can debunk the following
      1.) The Tent Video has yet to be debunked.
      2.) The Creature at the end of “Shooting Bigfoot” that Fb/fb people have on a camera and are sure it is real. This has not been debunked.
      Witness to the body You can argue its all hersay but still wittness’s and evidence.
      1.) Musky Allen
      2.) Car Wrap guy
      3.) Frank (who if you knew his real history of were he came from you would take him more reputable than some of the bigfoot “experts”)
      4.) Craig
      Everyone gets so caught up in the stupid details.
      1.) Truck receipt
      2.) where it is being stored
      3.) How it is being preserved.
      so many others
      The forget to look at the consistent parts of the story that Rick hasn’t changed. There is a lot.
      Don’t forget the doubters said many of the following:
      1.) Rick was not in the movie
      2.) The movie was not changed to shooting bigfoot
      3.) British film crew was not in Texas. ( I remember the people looking at san antonio to see if they got permits) But they couldn’t find it and they said it was all part of the lie. Yet we have a Movie don’t we?
      4.) Rick used Blanks in the gun. (Well MM proved that wrong didn’t he?)
      5.) How many Masks do we have as possible Tent Video creature?
      6.) Movie creature Mask? Nope was Musky Nope was the Hispanic guy with make up.
      7.) Rick purchased the M-Iceman
      8.) Don Boucher telling Steve Kulls that he was the one who sold the costume to Rick and didn’t get paid.
      9.) FBI is arresting rick ages ago. Or Texas police contacting Las Vegas police.
      list goes on and on.
      I have a question for you all.
      Why has Steve Kulls dropped the subject of Rick? Is it possible that maybe Rick spoke to Kulls and Kulls has seen or heard something that makes him now believe Rick did do it?
      We have Racer X and Deathto thehoax and Don are the main ones doing all this. Why has Kulls Dropped out of it?
      Maybe cause Kulls is actually interested in BF research? His own. and maybe he knows something now? Who knows.
      Would people believe Kulls if he said He knows Rick has a body? Or will the above people attack Kulls as well and try to dig up stuff on him.
      Some of us who are supporters of the story. Have information that others don’t Because we know how to keep our mouth shut. Much is about who can you trust.
      I am still on pins and needles waiting for the release. Like many of you I want to SEE IT and know its all been true and that Bigfoot is now known to be real to everyone.

      1. Cathiee, you appear to have been a supporter of Dyer so I’m not surprised you’ve had a positive experience with people in his group.
        I appreciate your enthusiasm and would love it all to be true, but you’re right…people see this all very differently.
        I would say Kulls has been through it already with Dyer and considers it a dead story, as others do. People who know Dyer from before this hoax see the same patterns of behavior and particularly see the patterns of using weak people in a way that has kept other “haters” angry about the story rather than just dropping it.
        A lot of the confusion about the movie came from changes happening so late in its production. A movie that apparently had been wrapped was re-opened, which to many of us looks very suspicious.
        The other arguments are just not moving. If Dyer used real ammunition he could easily have shot it into the air. Also, Dyer now claims that there was no crew at the kill site, just him and Matthews. The tent video creature doesn’t move all that much and it’s a straw man to say you can’t find the mask–it just looks like a man in some kind of headpiece and facial makeup, as frankly does the movie still.
        People such as the wrap guy, Frank Cali, and Craig Phillips may seem credible to you but are far from it to a lot of us who have watched their “testimony” and know Dyer’s ways of getting people to lie for him. The Facebook guys, if they’re not in on it, are very eager to believe and appear to be easily manipulated by Musky. And no one knows what is going on behind the scenes with law enforcement.
        When nobody is willing to step forward with either real evidence or a confession that they lied, these things drag on and on. If you care that people believe you have a real Bigfoot, why would you just keep using eyewitness testimony to try and prove it? If you don’t care, then leave it alone until the reveal. If you do, then stop just throwing people in front of cameras and making them look foolish. That’s the clearest example of how casually Dyer uses people.
        I appreciate your belief and respect it…it’s just that none of the “pro” arguments has ever been convincing when you look at the other side…there’s always a better answer that argues against, especially when the “pro” side is claiming a man–ANY man, much less Dyer–actually shot a real Bigfoot and has been hiding it for a year.

      2. Martin,
        Yet I have been trashed and stalked and harassed by the people who don’t believe Rick. See this is all subjective to which so called side you are on. So that goes both ways. So the statement you made about Musky is irrelevant since BOTH sides do it.
        The confusion about the movie is correct. But the point is people were saying things were FACT.
        One person said Fact Rick was cut from the film. This was wrong.
        The doubter side was grasping at straw men just as much as you say people are about the Tent video.
        But you seem to think your side is the only one that is logical.
        I was not a Rick Dyer supporter from the Beginning.
        I investigated the information on my own. Talked to people Like Derrick Randles who has information that others do not about this story. I also spoke to many others. I looked at the evidence presented and Musky’s story. I don’t get when the doubters say that the people who believe the story are not using so called critical thinking. We do. We have.
        What I don’t understand first you people say Rick is some dumb Red-Neck Hick. Yet he is able to get so many people to lie for him.
        That is to me where you all loose your critical thinking that you sit and say he is stupid Uneducated yet he can mastermind this whole things.
        get Morgan Matthews to lie, Get Musky to lie, get the FB/fb people to lie, get the car wrap guy to lie, get Alexes to lie, get Frank and Craig to lie, get Dallas and wayne to lie.
        It amazes me is he a Dumb Hick or is he actually brilliant to do all this.
        I personally think If Rick was able to get all the above to lie..
        This is a far more interesting story than a Dead Bigfoot.
        How this 1 man was able to do all this.
        Its a made for TV movie.

  2. My sources are generally good, yes. I have several standbys that tend to give me some very good information. They have also given me some excellent information about Dyer. My best sources are the old ones who I know very well by now. We have built up a relationship now and we trust each other. A few times people from the Dyer camp put out fake info that a source of mine picked up and thought was legit. Another time a new source came to me who was a fake from the haters. In general, new sources are risky because I don’t know them well. But my old sources are excellent. I know who they are, and they know who I am. We even talk on the phone sometimes and I have met some of them in meatspace.
    I don’t work at a paper, so I don’t need a fact checker.
    It’s a good story because if it’s a hoax, it is one Hell of a wild and convoluted one that has gone on for a very long time without being busted yet.
    Some people believe Dyer. Christopher Noel, the FB/FB guys, Musky Allen and some other very big figures in Bigfootery believe him. In addition, Rhettman Mullis states that sadly this has not yet been proven to be a hoax. I believe Derek Randles also has an open mind about it. So it’s not true that everyone thinks it is crap. Nope.
    And yes you are banned.

    1. i disagree with this long sinopsis of what went bad. she said you used sourses that are almost always incorrect. That is the point i would have stopped . And banned this idiot from further waisting our time. I’ve found info her today about ketcham and along with martin and cathiee debating the dyer issue again i felt it was very informative and i enjoyed it. As long as they are accurate and nice.

  3. honestly, this story (in my opinion TRUE story) is just fantastic. It motivates people, who think this is total BS, to sit down day by day, waste their (precious???) time and to write a detailed comment why this is just BS. Dyer (again) has succeeded: They are hooked. That is what a great story is all about.

  4. Comment I most identify with…. – Of The Day.
    “I am so morally finicky that I think that is part of the reason I have little money. I simply refuse to sleaze out for money.”
    AAArrghhh morals and the filthy luchre……..
    Comment I just have to comment on-
    “On the other hand though, this is a great story whether it it true or not. Even if it’s a hoax, it’s one of the greatest Bigfoot hoaxes of all time, and that’s a great story and a great reason to follow it right there.”
    That’s just it, isn’t it? This whole thing is as intriguing as a story could get. Monkey or no monkey , RD gets jailed or not… So many facets that draw you in. It is getting fatiguing, waiting to see how this circus ends.
    Wish other folks were making progress . I have hopes for the NAWAC to
    bring one in. As far as organized groups trying to find the thing, I think they may have the best chance of collecting a type specimen.
    Ever reach out to any of them Bob ? Interesting reports coming from there.

    1. Also,
      Agree with you on the Matilda footage. I would love to see the full clip and all of what Ericksson has squirreled away.
      That story about ‘FOX’ is , well, it’s blatant bullshit. Has anyone ever
      co-signed on that story ? Melbs ever admit to being there ? I write that account off as pure fiction.

  5. Cathiee…I don’t know what has been going back and forth through the past months, and I’m sorry if you have been attacked. My point was that for Musky to attack others in the way he has is not helpful to his credibility as an independent agent. I’m sure there have been attacks on both sides, and it may be that some of the arguments against the truthfulness of the story came at it from the wrong angle.
    I don’t believe Dyer is a stupid man, and any arguments I have against his story can’t been lumped together with others you have heard. From my point of view, the tent video is not particularly “special,” Musky has acted in a way that seems more suspect than genuine, and the people who say they have seen the body after him are all Dyer insiders. There’s just no “there” there.
    So far, there are really only three people (if you only count the current players) who Dyer would have had to get to lie for him about KNOWING there is a body…the wrap guy, Frank, and Craig. The wrap guy probably thought he was in on some joke, and the other two have profiles and testimony that is similar to past Dyer manipulation. The others you mention are just believers. As for Matthews, I think he’s given too much credit…he’s a man with a movie to sell, and just as he may not have explicitly stated there’s no Bigfoot in his movie, he also hasn’t said that there is. If Craig and Frank can say there is a body, you’d think he could too. That he hasn’t doesn’t mean there IS a real Bigfoot, just that he’s chosen to play along for a while.
    Again, I don’t mean to seem like I don’t believe in Bigfoot, but you can’t lay your arguments against a skeptic’s and say they’re equal. They might be if we were talking about a dead moose, as I’ve said here before. But a dead Bigfoot? You have a much greater burden of proof, and the point goes to the skeptic if an argument seems inconclusive on all objective merits.

    On another topic covered in this post, I’ve been reading up on the Fox story, and there are some absolutely hilarious comments on another blog…they are anonymous so I can’t give credit, but here was my favorite:
    “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.
    The reports of my existence have also been greatly exaggerated.

  6. If the story about fox is true. Then he got gout from contaminated water. Why didn’t the biologist make make a statement. Most problems form ecoligy are waterborne. They could have said fox won’t die a waisted death as we will now check the water for contamination and stop it. Now thats a story for the movies.

  7. Oh and martin could you shorten your story a little. There is another 30 minutes i wont get back. include some facts would be my next guess. i would wright for 30 minutes but like you i don’t know anything. about the subject

      1. patience. its not a race. several important things going on in the bigfoot community this year. And dyers not the first to shoot a bigfoot. ( if he did in fact shoot one ) We have many things going on for the real scientists. to kill without a life threat is in and of itself a horrible way to conduct science. But as humans demand proof and the dna proof isn’t enough it is now a circus. and its a circus of skeptics. the video in 1967 was more conclusive then anything since. except the dna of course.

  8. Someone inform the police that someone has shot a human being that was suffering a genetic defect and covered with hair and is trying to exhibit it at some point. Get the law involved to prove that Dyer didn’t shoot some poor “freak” by mistake. The law doesn’t believe it bigfoot but they sure as hell will investigate someone killing a human no matter how “different ” he may look.I am surprised no one has done this already.

    1. The law can’t get involved if there is no body. This is one of the main arguments why there’s been such a total blackout of information coming from Dyer’s backers. They want to it defined, labeled, categorized before the they make an announcement.

  9. I believe 100% in the existence of bigfoot. That said, it is confounding one or more hasn’t been filmed (not the usual blobsquatch) since the inception of internet, phone cameras and the hundreds ( probably thousands) of people in the woods specifically searching for bigfoot with cameras. I’m still hoping for farmer Joe to drag one in out of his cornfield. One that died of natural causes of course. I’ve read a couple of stories where bigfoot was seen by many in slowed traffic crossing a highway… proving bigfoot has just gotta happen. Not that it will be good for bigfoot in the short or long run.

  10. For those have didn’t listen to Ricks show.
    Tonight on Ricks show he talked about the Bigfoot “HANK”
    He describes the Bigfoot as 8ft 8inchs tall over 800 punds
    The nose has 2 slits on its nose On the bridge area
    The Pores all over the body under the hair are large and can be seen.
    He describes the hair as super thick and matted and hard to pull.
    The Bigfoot has Double Row of teeth.
    He described the Male Bigfoot Genitalia as having a Pocket that the Genitalia will retract into when not in use.
    Rick Describes that Scientists and Doctors dis MRI, Cat-scans and X-rays. The Bigfoot has many double Organs.
    He says that one such double organ is the creature has 2 Stomachs.
    The Bigfoot also has NEW ORGANS never seen before.
    He Says that the Drug companies are very interested in the Bigfoot possible medicine to help certain things we humans have.
    Scientists have Named it.
    Scientists say they DNA is NEW.
    After they killed it they found some things that. could lead people to believe it is doing harm to humans and kids
    Rick believes it is a MONSTER

    1. And because Rick said it on a video blog it is true?
      OK, how about this….
      In my backyard I have shot and killed a pegacorn.
      – It is 8 ft in length and approximately 6 ft tall
      – The wings each measure 4 ft long when fully extended
      – The feathers are coarse and very difficult to pull out. They are an off white color.
      – The horn extending from its face is 8 inches in length and quite sharp at the tip
      – The skin is almost a stark white with occasional patched of light brown
      -The mane is quite long and the color would best be described as a very light blonde. The hair is thick and would be difficult to run a brush through.
      I could go on, but I think you get the point. I made that up in 30 seconds. How about some real evidence?

    2. Cathy I am sorry but that report by Rick Dyer is simply bunk
      There are enough DNA samples extant from other encounters to call BS on what Dyer said. Sasquatch are just animals, like you and me or lions, tigers and bears. The DNA comes back as nearly human or unknown primate. They will not have an organ that is unidentifiable; well maybe Rick didn’t know what it was. They won’t have doubled organs unless you are talking about kidneys, eyes & ears. Two stomachs is possible, cows have four of them and would simply indicate largely herbaceous diet But they won’t have two hearts, livers or brains. Nature does not work that way.
      As for the teeth, go to the 3rd world and look at people that do not grow up with dentist. You see lots of humans that look to have double rows of teeth but it is just that their teeth are crowded in their mouth. At my previous job my personal assistant was a Chinese lady who at the age of 17 had to have all her real teeth pulled because they were so crooked. She had worn full dentures since she was 17. “Hank” probably had impacted wisdom teeth. There are many many reports of people who have had very close encounters with Sasquatch and Rick Dyer is the ONLY one I have seen who claims to have seen this. Look at the PG film, at Patti’s face; if there were two rows of teeth the cheek would bulge otherwise the mouth would be too small to eat. Seriously, look at your mouth in a mirror try and imagine how small the interior of your mouth would be if you had two complete sets of teeth.
      I think he shot “Hank.” I think he has a really vicious NDA and knows if he says anything before a certain date he doesn’t get paid. Making up wild stories is a way to protect his payday. I also think he like the attention, even if the attention comes from people that hate him. If the skeptics were a house cat Rick Dyer would be twisting their tail. The harder he twist the louder they “Yowl” and more Rick Dyer likes it. I believe from what I have seen of him he has a fairly well developed mean streak. The skeptics didn’t believe him when he told the truth so he is having fun with them.
      He may also be trying to get the “UFO/Space Aliens ate my poodle’s dog food” types to spend money and join his group. Those people will believe anything and will let Rick take them out in the woods nude except for his special tin-foil hats to protect them from alien abduction. The hats cost extra however!

      1. Fai,
        You say Nature doesn’t work a certain way. Correct?
        This is what you said. I suggest you rethink that.
        “There are several animals that have more than one heart. Some of these animals include earthworms which have five hearts. Other animals with more than one heart include octopuses have three hearts while hagfish have four hearts.”
        So you are incorrect.
        Nature does work that way.
        I just debunked your statement with Proof.
        So it is obvious you don’t know all that you think you know.
        I am willing to wait and see what is actually presented by the scientists that looked at the creature.
        I would suggest you do as well. Since your Statement of you thinking you know what NATURE does is wrong.

      2. 2 Rows of teeth is very common in descriptions of Giants found in past
        Strange Skulls
        “First reported in the 4 May 1912 issue of the New York Times the 18 skeletons found by the Peterson brothers on Lake Lawn Farm in southwest Wisconsin exhibited several strange and freakish features.
        Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their skulls “presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day.” They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans came in differant races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually found are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span. ”

        1. good link. Why won’t anyone in the bigfoot business bring out this info. The smithsonian has thousands of large skeletons and no one is allowed to see or get dna from. Does the government work for us or the special interest groups ?.

        2. There are so many problems with that article that I don’t know where to start. There are no photos of the skeletons, no verifiable measurements, no name given of the scientist who examined the remains, etc. In fact, there’s no proof whatsoever that the entire story wasn’t just the fantasy of some early 20th century newspaperman just to sell copy. In the middle of the page there is a link to a 2002 National Geographic article describing the discovery in Greece of “Cyclops Skeletons measuring 12-15 1/2 feet tall”. Did you click on that link? I did. That’s a GROSS misrepresentation of the Nat. Geo. article. It’s actually about fossils of ancient elephant relatives possibly being the origin of cyclops myths. That’s a pretty big difference from Nat.Geo. writing about ACTUAL giant cyclops skeletons, I’d say.
          Part of the reason that science isn’t generally willing to entertain the possibility of a large unknown North American Primate species -which Bigfoot would be, even if it’s some sort of human, as many here believe (although not me)- is that there is a small but vocal element of the BF community that spouts all this “They have multiple organs” or “They’re interdimensional” or “They’re aliens” stuff. If they are mammals, they have to obey the same biological rules that other mammals obey. I suppose it is possible that a large, mostly herbivorous primate might have evolved a ruminating system to help digest large quantities of plant matter. But not multiple hearts, livers, etc. Sorry.
          I agree with Fai Mao that witnesses might see really large or crooked teeth and misidentify that as multiple rows of teeth, but it’s really unlikely that it actually HAS them, based on mammalian biology. Dyer saying that Hank has them, to me, is further evidence that he’s either making it all up or saying what he thinks people want to hear.

  11. I think it is funny that the Idiots in the Racer X blog are to afraid to post here Robert. They think I have some kind of stake in making money off the Rick Dyer story.
    I have no connection to Rick other than I believe at the current time he has killed a Bigfoot.
    Love how they complain about Rick making up lies. But they are just as bad if not worse.
    What I posted above is just Information that I thought was interesting associated to the Bigfoot.
    I still have a question for many of the people.
    What if this is All True. What if it is proven true what will the so called “haters” that keep saying Rick makes stuff up.
    Well I guess since they are to coward to admit who they are it will mean nothing to them.
    If its a Hoax he has not hurt me. I only paid him money for his book.
    I would then love to hear how he pulled it all off with Musky, Shooting bigfoot, Fb/Fb and others.
    But seriously the people who remain anonymous on that blog are cowards. They don’t want people to know who they are IF it is proven Real they will not be held accountable for what they say.
    I personally think they should show some backbone.
    People like Robert here, Myself and others are out there wrong or right we at least we will admit if it is a Hoax that we got hoaxed.

    1. It’s funny that you make fun of the annonymous posters Cathiee when you are really a man posing as a mentally impaired women.

      1. Sorry Thomas, I am not a Man. I am a woman. Its funny you of course believe a HATE BLOG. This is the typical MO of people like you. Believing a Hate blog dedicated to trashing another person.

        1. Why have you never appeard in a hangout or called into Rick’s show if you aren’t afraid of being exposed as a man then?
          There’s more proof you are a man than there is Rick has a Bigfoot. That’s a FACT.

        2. thomas i just found out that your an 11 year old girl. There is more proof then everything associated with dyers bigfoot. See how easy it is to have internet proof.

    2. that is a lot of big words. So what did you say. I didn’t hear any new proof from your mouth or links to that proof. who are you anyway? before you can debate anything answer this question. How was the muscles faked under the suit used in 1967. you don’t have any credibility to speak here so why are you here. why are you waisting all of our time when you could be chatting your shit to cathiee personally. I read nothing that contributed to the debate here. maybe im wrong but I don’t think your in the right place.

      1. G.A.
        Actually I do understand MM is a film maker.
        It is the people like Racer X who do not.
        They all relied on RICK and held RICK to what was in the FILM even though Rick never saw the film.
        I had asked many times to people like Racer X.
        1.) Is Rick the Film Maker?
        2.) Is Rick the Producer?
        3.) Is Rick the Editor of the Film?
        4.) Did Rick hold the Camera to Film the film?
        5.) Was the film Ricks Idea.
        They claim they are critical thinkers and use common sense.
        Since the answer to all of the above, I was not disappointed by what the film showed. Also based on who Morgan Matthews choose to do the film I new what kinda of film it was going to be.
        Morgan Matthews and the film for me the only Parts that are of interest are the parts with the creature.
        Other than that Morgans dodging the questions or acting coy are done because he wants to sell his film. He wants people to see it.
        Its all Press Junket stuff.
        So you are wrong about my belief and why I Believe Rick and what he did.
        I never claim Rick is a Saint far from it.
        But certain aspects I believe and know others who believe it as well. That are NOT Die Hard TT members. They are actually respected BF researchers that many would be surprised about.
        We all could be wrong who knows.

    3. Cathiee,
      This is directed specifically at you and I hope you can answer. On countless occasions I have seen you support Ketchums DNA research. Her conclusion was that BF is a hybrid of a human being having mated with a hominid, likely some type of ape. If you believe that to be true, then you could not possibly believe Dyer’s description of “Hank” which includes multiple double organs, NEW ORGANS that have never been seen, a retractable penis pocket?, and so on. These two theories are in direct contradiction with one another. If you believe one, you cannot believe the other. So, which is it?

      1. I supported Ketchum yes.
        I also support Scott Carpenter who seen the Dogman.
        IS the dogman built different that what Hank is?
        Or even what Melba got?
        We don’t know.
        I will wait till Ricks story is told either way.
        Just because Ricks Creature has certain features doesn’t mean what Melba got is the same.
        How do you explain all the different variations of the creature we call Bigfoot?

        1. Personally? I explain it by saying BF does not actually exist. That would be a very strong reason for all the variations. But, for the sake of the argument, lets assume it does. Ketchum’s bigfoot would not have several double organs, and it certainly would not have new organs that have never been seen. Her conclusion was that BF is the offspring of a human being and an ape. We are well aware of what organs exist in both. So how could her story be true if Dyer’s is true, and vice versa? It makes no sense. It is an impossibility.

        2. You know for a fact it wouldn’t have multiple organs?
          We have 2 Kidneys So explain to me how you KNOW WHAT it would have or not have?
          You seem awful sure about a creature that has not been proven to you yet what it should or shouldn’t have.
          We have no clue HOW bigfoot creatures evolved do we?

    4. G.A.
      So get tired at Racer X blog?
      We all know full well what Ricks Past is. The Investors do as well.
      Nothing is proven FACT YET. Hasn’t proven to be a Hoax or True.
      I will go by my belief of what has happened so far.
      If I was Ricks Investors knowing Ricks Past I would want to make sure I have all the science in place and Proof. I would also explain this to Matthew Morgan that he has to know Ricks past as well so showing what happen may damage MM reputation with out Proof backing it.
      This to me is Common sense.
      I am perfectly willing to wait till September. I post the information Rick said because it was I feel interesting and some people may be interested in it.
      P.s. G.A.
      I have shown who I am to certain people. Racer X or people on his blog I would have no desire to have them know exactly where I live. Since Racer X has already been showing my IP address around. He removed the posts someone made but I got screen grabs of them. He knows its a big no no to do that. The chuckle heads don’t know how many cable companies work now these days. I dared the one person who thinks he knows where I live to come knock on my door. But they haven’t yet 🙂
      You yourself haven’t reviled yourself either. So you are Kettle calling pot Black as well.

  12. Cathiee said some things today that i haven’t heard yet. I find that daily info is still coming in no matter how small. Dyers bigfoot is part of a bigger effort as this year is the year of the bigfoot. Many projects going on and none of them have been proven wrong or a hoax yet. To be a skeptic you must first explain the patterson film from 67. that is the first step to being heard as a skeptic. anything else we’ve heard is a point first proven in 67.

    1. Wait, wait, wait a second. The Patterson Gimlin Film from 1967 has absolutely NOTHING to do with Rick Dyer. Being skeptical of Rick Dyer’s claim that he shot a bigfoot and has the body in some facility somewhere is not the same as not believing in bigfoot. I firmly believe that the PG film shows a real-life flesh and blood animal, and not a person in a costume. I believe almost as firmly that Dyer is totally full of crap.

    1. Go to the stories, sightings, encounters, letters section and scroll down to Anderson county Texas.

      1. I have read that “encounter” it just reeks of a tall tale.
        There is so much in that report that is just wrong. The juvenile Sasquatch in the middle of the road and refusing to leave. The female “mother” Sasquatch reaching through the truckers window and stroking his beard. The events described in that encounter are so far beyond what even the most dedicated people doing habituation have been able to do. That report describes behavior that makes sense if you are talking about a spoiled human child in a supermarket parking lot.
        Sasquatch do not behave like normal humans because they are not normal humans, assuming they are human at all. What is described in that report is not typical Sasquatch behavior and that raises a red flag for me. If you want to understand Sasquatch behavior read the book “Animals in Translation” by Temple Grandlin and apply what she says about autism to Sasquatch behavior. A juvenile Sasquatch would not have been in the middle of the road and refuse to leave when approached by a tractor-trailer. It is not what an animal or autistic person would do.
        Think about it. If Sasquatch were as approachable as described in that “report” there would be no doubt about their existence.
        If I remember right it is a fairly recent report – posted within a year though it is claimed to have happened several years ago – I would not be surprised if it was not a RD plant

  13. Cathiee,
    You have done your own bit of harassing and stalking of various people, using your position of IT Manager at a major typesetter to use company background resource software to find out about your online enemies.
    Remember the Cornfield?
    So drop the false harassment complaints and deal with the issue at hand:
    Nobody knows these “witnesses” that Dyer has produced, he has consistently moved the date of the supposed reveal, and will likely do so ad infinitum.
    Robert Lindsay has even said that Dyer has changed his story about what really happened several times. Robert promised to tell me why he still believes, and says he has a good reason. I haven’t heard him out yet. I think I will do so.

  14. Fai, it is a favorite. I don’t necessarily believe it. I don’ t necessarily believe this Dyer story but I enjoy reading about it. I probably should have qualified my post better. Another favorite is the ape canyon cabin attack story. I lean towards it not being real but then who knows….. Matilda is an interesting story but then again it might be a “story”. I’ve read a couple of thousand sightings and encounter stories and some I believe, some I’m not sure what to think and then of course some are pure bunk. As for Temple… hers is just another opinion to me. As for habituation stories… most of them are bunk. I like reading about them though just in case one might prove to be real. The fact I believe in bigfoot will never change but bigfoot stories area dime a dozen. Lots of BS with some legit ones here and there.

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