Bigfoot News July 27, 2013

Possible location of US government building where Dyer’s Bigfoot was housed revealed. This is actually a good source, and it checked out very well. The file is from someone on the Dyer team who leaked it back in March. The place is called the U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center in  Maricopa, Arizona.
The problem is that someone who had been to the facility described it as a “US Agricultural Research Station 90 miles outside of Las Vegas.” Then we get this photo of the Maricopa station which is 277 miles outside of Las Vegas. Doesn’t add up. Further, Musky said he was blindfolded and driven for hour hours out of Vegas to the place where the Bigfoot was held. It would seem that four hours driving out of Vegas would not be enough to get someone to the Maricopa station.

Here is a photo of the US U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, Arizona. It is 277 miles south of Las Vegas.
Here is a photo of the US U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, Arizona. It is 277 miles south of Las Vegas.

Skeptic argument that the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot was someone on the Dyer team. The argument is that the Hispanic fellow on the far right is the guy who wore the suit for the Bigfoot that attacked Morgan Matthews in Shooting Bigfoot. There is some resemblance, but I do not believe this theory. In my opinion, the creature in Shooting Bigfoot is not a human being. It is either the best costume ever made or it is a real Bigfoot.
The Hispanic fellow on the far right is said to resemble the image of the Bigfoot from Shooting Bigfoot. Not sure if I believe that though.
The Hispanic fellow on the far right is said to resemble the image of the Bigfoot from Shooting Bigfoot. Not sure if I believe that though.

Dyer afraid of going to jail for manslaughter for killing the Bigfoot (Hank). People are saying that Dyer is afraid that he might be prosecuted for manslaughter for killing Hank since Hank is close to a human being. There has been no confirmation of this yet and it came from a Dyer skeptic, who as a group are not very reliable.
Controversy about the $19,000 check offered to Dr. Jeff Meldrum by Facebook/Find Bigfoot. It is said that this check was offered to Jeff by FB/FB as a condition of seeing the Bigfoot, and Meldrum turned it down, asking for $15,000 instead. However, Jeff offers another version of that story that seems to make a lot more sense.
A post on Dr. Meldrum’s Facebook page states:

The truth is while trying to persuade me to come to LV, saying that Dyer was like a little kid seeking approval from me, Jack Barnes offered to send me a cashiers check of some unspecified amount to hold onto and keep if it turned out to be hoax. He was so certain (short of seeing the body) that Dyer was telling the truth that he was absolutely confident that I would be returning it.
I asked for several conditions:
Naturally I was going sight unseen so 1) pictures posted on secure webpage and give me the password
Since they already alleged to have experts experts involved. 2) provide names and affiliations and contacts for said experts and assurance that I could independently confirm their identities and testimony
And since I was likely going to have to sign an NDA, 3) Dyer would sign an agreement that if it was indeed a hoax he would not use my name or likeness in any way and he explicitly acknowledged financial liability for libel and defamation.
All reasonable requests if he was on the up and up. None of my conditions was acceptable, but Barnes offered me the cashiers check with the understanding that I returned it if the body was real, in the amount of $10K. OFFERED — didn’t send me anything. When I didn’t take that OFFER, he upped the OFFER to $15K, plus a plane ticket to LV. Still not interested.”

This version of the story actually sounds a lot more sensible than that first version about Jeff demanding $15,000 instead of $10,000.
Bottom line on Rick Dyer and Hank. Soon Hank will be revealed to the world as the first Bigfoot body the world has ever seen. The main question after that is, whither Rick Dyer?
The truth is Rick Dyer was just the instrument, the rifle, and after his trophy corpse is released, all of the world’s attention will focus on the body itself and the scientists who have been exploring its secrets. Rick Dyer is nothing in himself, because someone was bound to gun down a Bigfoot eventually, and it doesn’t matter who ended up pulling the trigger.
This man and his inflated sense of self-importance will instantly vanish from the conversation, and to the extent that he continues trying to insert himself into the spotlight, he will only succeed in further reducing and caricaturing himself.

Rick Dyer: Portrait of a Caricature as a Young Man.
Rick Dyer: Portrait of a Caricature as a Young Man.

He loves to call himself “the greatest Bigfoot tracker in the world,” yet he himself has admitted that on his first 88 expeditions, he had no luck whatsoever, and then the documentary Shooting Bigfoot clearly reveals his impressive “tracking methods”: Sitting by the campfire with his rifle and waiting, and waiting….and waiting. If the San Antonio specimen had not been careless enough to wander into camp that night for a free meal, Dyer would still be batting 0.00%.
Musky Allen thrown off Facebook and thrown out of Bigfoot Warz by Rick Dyer haters. The lunatic Rick Dyer haters, who are about as nutty as Rick himself, reported Musky Allen to Facebook for having an underage profile. That means that Musky is under 13 years old, clearly not the case. They also reported Cathiee, a Dyer believer, for having an underage profile. She is clearly an adult.
Bigfoot Warz taken over by Dyer haters. This used to be one of the best Bigfoot groups on Facebook. Not sure how it happened, apparently a coup de etat. Musky was the administrator of the group, and after the haters threw him off Facebook, they invaded this group and took it over. The group is now ruined, taken over by haters and full of nothing but anti-Musky and anti-Dyer posts. Sad story.
Skeptic line that Facebook Find Bigfoot said the movie Shooting Bigfoot was a fiasco. This is not true. It is true that the first review said the movie was a disappointment, but later when they got home and looked over the 65 stills they shot from the movie, they were convinced that the movie shows a real Bigfoot. Not only that, but they said that the Shooting Bigfoot footage was better than the Patterson Gimlin footage. In other words, it is the greatest Bigfoot footage of all time.
They showed HD video of the Shooting Bigfoot footage to Musky Allen, and Musky confirmed that the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot is the same dead Bigfoot that he saw near Las Vegas.
Skeptic argument that Hank would have decomposed by now or by the time that Musky saw it. The truth is that the Bigfoot was frozen by the time Musky saw it and it had been cut into pieces and then put back together, possibly as part of an autopsy. He was not allowed to disclose that information at the time because people might be able to figure out the location of a facility that could freeze such a large object.
Many questions about Morgan Matthews and Shooting Bigfoot finally clarified. The mysterious, paradoxical and quizzical behavior of Morgan Matthews, his evasive answers and his curious editing of his film have caused many to shake their heads in wonderment. They simply can’t figure Morgan Matthews or his movie out. Why not? Because neither Morgan Matthews nor his movie “make sense” to an ordinary mind.
The final shots were definitely caught on film even though Morgan was knocked down by the Bigfoot. Morgan followed Rick as he gave chase to the Bigfoot, but then they lost the creature. They were heading back to the tent when they realized that the Bigfoot had circled back around and was coming back in their direction for some unfathomable reason. This was because the Bigfoot had somehow run in a full circle and was now behind them.
Was Morgan aware that Rick intended to shoot the Bigfoot? Both Rick and the crew had seen the Bigfoot that morning, and Rick said that if the Bigfoot came back to the camp for the crew to stay behind him because he was going to shoot at it.
Why does Rick carry a gun? Due to his investors. Rick’s investors want a Bigfoot body. The best way you get a Bigfoot body is to shoot one with a gun. Gun = body.
Why the silence from Minnow about Shooting Bigfoot in the months before the release of the film? The truth is that Minnow Films was under strict orders not to say anything about what happened in the movie as far as shooting the Bigfoot. Dyer would have been very happy if Minnow could have clarified what happened in the movie, but they were not allowed to do so.
Who made Minnow be quiet? There are lawyers who are fighting each other on behalf of their clients over the ownership of the body. They issued Minnow Films a gag order not to say anything about what really happened in the movie due to possible confiscation of the film. Minnow actually had to fight hard to even be able to release the film in the first place. There was no actual risk that the movie could be confiscated if Minnow played by the rules. Minnow had a right to release the movie as long as there was no statement given about the shooting of the Bigfoot. If they talked about the killing of the Bigfoot, the movie may have been subject to confiscation.
Who owns the movie? Who owns the body? Minnow films has 100% ownership over the movie Shooting Bigfoot. They have no ownership over the body of Hank. That is owned by Rick’s investors.
Frank and Dallas see a Bigfoot on one of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot expeditions. On the recent trip to Las Vegas that included the hike up Mt. Charleston where Frank Cali had a heart attack, something strange occurred. 100 yards up the trail, Frank had a heart attack. Dallas helped him back to the camp, and Frank sat down on a tree stump covered in ants. Dallas said he was going to get help, but first he stopped and gave one of his trademark Bigfoot whoops that you can hear in the Shooting Bigfoot movie to great comedic effect. Right at that point, Frank had his eyes closed and he said suddenly he saw a vision of a Bigfoot in his mind’s eye.
Just then, Dallas asked, “Did you see it?”
Frank asked, “Did I see what?”
“The Bigfoot,” Dallas replied.
“Yes I did,” Frank said. His eyes were still closed. What he meant was he saw a Bigfoot in his mind, not with his eyes.
“Open your eyes,” Dallas said.
Frank said he opened his eyes and looked up at a nearby ridge, part of the Mt. Charleston system. On top of the ridge, he saw what could only be a Bigfoot, swaying back and forth for 12-15 seconds before it quickly moved behind a tree.
What have Team Tracker Gold memberships received for their membership so far for their $99? Basically nothing at all.

  1. The August 15 “release date” for the body, which was made public knowledge a week later and which is no longer valid;
  2. A jpeg of the frame from either Jack or Jeff’s cell-phone bootleg taken at the Toronto premier of Shooting Bigfoot, which was also available to everyone on the Internet a week later;
  3. A self-shot iPhone video of Rick in a restroom which he claimed to be just outside the room in which Hank’s body was kept and which he promised was “just the first” of more to come (there have been no others).

In other words, Gold members have been completely shafted by Rick.
Additionally, about 2 months ago Rick announced that Platinum Memberships would be available for $75.00 for a short time and that existing Gold Members could upgrade to Platinum for an additional $39.00. When someone commented in chat during that week’s Blogtalk show that it was hardly fair for someone to pay 25 dollars less and get more than someone who paid $99.00, especially not when the existing Gold member would wind up having to pay almost twice the amount to get the same thing, Rick made an asinine analogy about how Costco could change the prices for their memberships anytime they wanted.
The commenter made words to the effect that, with a Costco membership, you can start buying stuff right away, you don’t have to wait outside for the doors to open for an indefinite period only to have other people show up late and get a spot in line in front of you for less than what you paid months ago.
Rick got testy and said words to the effect, “It’s my site, and I can do whatever I want. If you don’t like it, you can fuck off, and I can cancel your membership for you.”
A TT member who I am friends with told me that TT is turning into a huge joke. He described it as:

a redneck’s-only club, like a really boring cross between Honey Boo-Boo and The Howard Stern Show.

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55 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 27, 2013”

  1. Regarding the facebook group- I am pretty sure that someone created a fake Musky Allen profile after Musky was banned. It had just the generic facebook picture. Somehow this person tricked the admin to think that this was Musky under a new profile, or he just assumed that this was really Musky. Either way the admin was just trying to put Musky back in charge. This caused the flood gates to open with the approval of everyone previously banned by Musky.
    Thomas Berlin has been saying that he was the one who reported Musky to facebook which makes sense considering how much of a lowlife he comes across as.

    1. Kevin,
      Didn’t they then Kick the Jeff out as well.
      So they basically Hijacked the group. That is pretty sad that they stoop to that level.
      Guess Bigfoot Warz New, Sasquatch warz, Zen Yeti, and the other some odd groups they all run were not good enough for them.
      Do you have the FB post that Thomas Berlin is saying this?
      Please post it if you do or send it to Robert.

      1. I think they did ban Jeff initially, then later let him back in. He posted that he wasn’t happy about how it went down, and someone indeed tricked him into believing it was Musky (nobody has confessed to this yet as far as I can tell). He posted last night but did not really go into details. He said he would post more today- if I see it I will try to copy it.

    2. The Haters got to Alexes Pereira today.
      “This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam.”
      What is wrong with these people.
      She has done nothing to anyone she doesn’t argue she doesn’t get hostile. Seriously what the hell is wrong with these people who don’t believe Ricks story.
      This is completely childish of these people to go after Alexes.
      What did she do to anyone of you?
      This has to stop.
      You can not believe Rick, but to go after people just because they do is uncalled for. The haters claim that they don’t do this stuff but it is evident they do.
      This is the guy who took over warz:
      To the patrons of Warz, some of you would seem displeased with your new found freedom. Let me enlighten you.
      I took control of Bigfoot Warz and removed the admins that were present. For too long I have watched as the administrators of this group let Musky Allen do and say as he pleased. While the innocent were banned the guilty had free reign. Enough is enough. I took control and replaced the admins. The people I chose as replacements have themselves been replaced. So be it, I do not intend to interfere with the running of this group in any way. The current rules seem adequate enough. For those who doubt my authenticity here is how things happened.
      Conversation started Friday
      Jeff Williams
      Is that really you??
      Musky Allen < NOT THE REAL MUSKY
      Of course it's me Jeff!
      Jeff Williams
      What happens to you account?
      Musky Allen
      some asshole reported it as abuse. Go check for yourself
      Jeff Williams
      Content not there. What's you area code?
      Musky Allen
      For fucks sake Jeff I'm real busy and real pissed off
      Jeff Williams
      Hey just making sure! Relax!!
      Ok you are back on the page…
      Musky Allen
      Thanks I'm trying to speak to someone at Facebook. Someone is going to get he'll for this
      Jeff Williams
      No sweat.
      Musky Allen
      These FB guys are fucking assholes! Might not get my account back.
      Jeff Williams
      That sucks. have to start another one. who reported your account?
      you are also admin again..
      Musky Allen
      I think I know who but I can't do anything yet. If they won't give me my account back you'll have to add me as admin. Talking to FB now will get back to you.
      Jeff Williams
      Musky Allen
      Thanks Jeff. Delete the post on Warz for me I don't need all the questions right now.
      Jeff Williams
      The only option on that post is pinned, no delete?
      Musky Allen
      Ok fend them off while I deal with Facebook.
      Jeff Williams
      I will offer a word of caution to the present admins, I have instigated safety protocols within the administration of this group. Some have already noticed the two 'Ghost' admins, these cannot be seen or removed by anyone but myself. I do not intend to use them but if I see the abuse of power, that has been the ruin of this group for so long, I will not hesitate to remove those responsible.
      Let the Warz begin!
      Seriously WHY?
      What is the point?

  2. Dyer has lately started crowing about how it’s been almost a year and no one has proved it’s a hoax, that no one has recreated the tent video, and so on. Unable to convince many people that he’s been telling the truth, he seems to be lowering the “success” bar to simply having been able to drag it on without an abrupt ending as occurred in 2008.

  3. what do you mean released. released from the government ,(not gonna happen) Released from dyers investors.( they no longer own it)
    released from the buyers.( these buyers have many and they haven’t showed us any yet). its important for a nudna test to be done then the body should be put in a box and sent to the base,ment of the Smithsonian where more than 1000 bodies of unknown creatures resides.

  4. While I can’t say I hate Rick Dyer I do have an opinion. When someone signs up for something they get information. I signed up as Silver and then upgraded to Gold Membership only to see a picture which was already circulating and some plastic keys and a video of Rick talking about the keys. People want to be treated with respect. I do not belong to any Big foot groups. I’m a casual observer who came upon this story and decided to join. I’ve purchased from Todd Standing and Scott Carpenter and got information. But this man is playing games and has no respect for those that are seeking information in a trusting manner. So, I guess I lost that money. I’ve realized this person doesn’t care how people perceive him but in the long run he may regret treating people in the manner he has just because of a certain group who I have no interest in learning about. I was truly interested in what Rick was doing not about his personality clashes with others. So whether this is or is not a real bigfoot body is yet to be determined. I wish him well but how he treated people that gave money was uncalled for behavior.

    1. Oh, and one last thing. I would think Mr Dyer would/should be concerned for his own safety from possible nuts out there who abhor someone shooting a bigfoot (with his personality displayed toward others) and anyone who has been in contact with this man and his business practices over this whole affair. I’m really concerned for this man but I also realize he has made his own choices

      1. Yep,he better watch who he lets go on those hunts,I believe that many people would pay to get close to him with a gun and hunting accidents happen all the time.

  5. This is for everyone. don’t give your money for any membership into any bigfoot club. There are scientists doing real research and its not thru a club with memberships. Do not promote the killing of any animal for the sole purpose of proving its exsistence. We have had several killings in the last couple of years and the financial gain isn’t worth the killing of another bigfoot. Bigfoot is real. Now lets concentrate on field research and habituation sites. all this drama about dyers hank is excluding that a human hybrid was killed. remember the samalian group dragging around a dead soldiers body thru the streets. isn’t that what the skeptics are promoting. Isn’t it the same. Is that what we have come to. As humans ( homo sapian sapian ) we aspire to a side show body outing to quell the idiots mindset that 30,000 people weren’t lying. I am flabbergasted that a so called religious society needs a dead animal to prove its exsistence. Do you believe in god. Well where is the body. Where is the dna. Where is the foot prints. where is the sound recordings. Where are the sitings. The World isn’t flat. and more people have seen sasquatch then those who have seen jesus. So what should you believe. Anything you want just don’t promote the killing of any animal to justify its exsistence.

      1. Justin killing 2010. dryer killing 2008. body pile after the mount saint Helens eruption 1980. im sorry Irene do a single google search on missing bigfoot or sasquatch bodies. hell I think Robert listed 200 bodies since the early 1800’s.

      2. I think he’s referring to the Justin Smeja “Sierra Kills”. Those are the only other purported killings of Sasquatch of which I’m aware. To be honest, trying to decipher this fellow’s comments is a little laborious; still trying to figure out what “samalians” are.

        1. sorry for being so difficult. I can’t spell. i’m dyslexic. most people understand. The word I misspelled for you was somalians. or the people of Somalia. The single use of the letter a instead of an o really thru you for a loop . Now back to dyers bigfoot body.

  6. Worth noting that even with all the easy makeup and costume access these days that you hear people still would be amazed if the 2012 tent video and documentary creature were a fake. But the 1967 Patterson film would feature a far more complex costume for its time, and yet Dyer and Allen believe that IS a costume.

  7. I’ve lost all respect for you. You keep holding onto these tiny bits of hope that go no where. Robert, lets say your an investor…would you let a douche like Dyer front your investment? NO! Would you be advertising the biggest discovery of mankind on a stupid red neck blog? Isn’t it curious that not ONE single radio station/tv station has even talked about this? (Respectable reporters don’t report on things without proof….they leave that up to the Tabloid type publications.) Every time you post this trash, he reads it and smiles….keep feeding the fire. I’m through reading your trash.

      1. So why much angst that you keep banning people without allowing people to express their opinions fully. Listen to others views you dickhead before coming to a conclusion

  8. Then Minnow films and by extrapolation the BBC have been willing participants in a huge hoax.
    That fact to me is the one part of this that makes it not a hoax. This could not have been a case of Dyer fooling the BBC. They’d have to have known

    1. Oh I forgot
      Skeptics argue the Bigfoot was a Hispanic guy on the right. So the BBC can’t tell the difference in a 5 foot 10 Mexican-American and a 7 foot Sasquatch? Are they saying Mexicans look like apes? How racist is that

  9. People also forget “ALL” of Ricks Bigfoot expeditions were funded by his Investors. Rick had a contract with his Investors before Minnow Films and the BBC were involved. Rick and Minnow Films have to fulfill the Contract Rick has with his Investors first.
    Minnow films was filming RICK with the understanding that any Bigfoot shot or found would be under the control of Ricks Investors. Even Rick knew this. This is why Rick had to call his Investors after he shot the creature.
    Now the Skeptics Are saying that the Hispanic guy is the Bigfoot. With lots of facial cosmetics and makeup.
    First we had it was a Man with sunglasses and a hoodie.
    Then we had it was a Mask or several versions of masks that kinda look similar (Like Stacy Brown found). Then it was the Harry and the Henderson mask that MMerchant found.
    Then Don B. sent Kulls an e-mail stating he made it under another name and Rick didn’t pay him.
    Then the Mask Musky Found from a documentary on Neanderthals that Daz then waved around that it was the one. Then the Dwarf mask and body. The Ice-Man Body.
    Lets not forget these same people said it was not going to be called Shooting Bigfoot. Claimed they knew someone at Minnow films and Rick was cut from the movie.
    The Skeptics keep grasping at almost anything they can, other than he did shoot the creature and it is real.

  10. For those people that don’t think Racer X slanders people. And that Randy is innocent and doesn’t attack people they are full of it.
    This was Randy’s slandering of me.
    That was also when he was still lying about who he is that post was Friday, March 8, 2013 the then on Saturday, March 9, 2013 he decides to come clean.
    Just one of the many lies Racer X has done.
    You all accuse Robert here for not checking his sources but Racer posts a lot more stuff.
    You all accuse Robert for removing people from his blog here. But Racer X made it clear I am not allowed to post in his blog and he deletes everything I say. Seems he doesn’t like valid questions to his own comments either.

    1. So what is it cathiee are you real or Memorex. You sound as though you are intelligent . the there a reason for the mask.

      1. I am Real.
        I do not hide behind a mask. If I was going to Hide who I was I would not use the same name Cathiee Mcmillan everywhere on the internet.
        I would make up different name for each forum or group I joined but I don’t.

        1. Actually there are some real picts of me. Robert has seen it.
          But I don’t share it to many especially since these people are making threats about coming to my town and knocking on my door.

  11. The movie still creature doesn’t look like an ape, and neither does the tent creature. So to say it’s racist to suggest that anyone resembles the facial structure of those images is ridiculous. They both look like people, that’s the point.
    A lot of people got hung up on finding the right mask online to prove the tent video was a hoax, but after using obvious masks in the past Dyer had to step up his game. Adam Bird’s enhanced still of the tent video in particular shows a very human face. So does the movie still. That it could easily be the man in the photo is obvious looking at his bone structure and the wide area under his nose. Whether it IS him or not is irrelevant.
    When you say you have footage of a Bigfoot but the images show nothing outside the human form, then it’s not up to me to figure out what you did, The burden is even heavier upon you to prove that it’s really what you say. Asking me to prove it’s fake by recreating it is an obvious straw man argument because I’d need the people you used and whatever monster makeup kit you bought at the local costume shop. When they made up James Cagney for the biopic of Lon Chaney, decades after the original makeups were created, they did a really lousy job of matching them.

    1. Martin,
      Is Bigfoot an Ape or is it a PreHuman like neanderthal.
      I disagree if it is a fake and you claim that your 100% sure it is a fake.
      You have just made a claim much like Dyer did. And you now need to prove that it is 100% a hoax.
      Right now the jury is still out on the Shooting Bigfoot incident.
      We don’t know 100% sure if it is real or 100% sure if it is a hoax.
      We were told to wait for the proof of it being real so all we can do is really wait.

      1. The jury wants to know what the novel primate the contributed to half the nudna in the ketchem study was. The jury knows that ketchem has 110 organic samples that don’t fit anything else previously found on earth. What about the single strans.

      2. We could start with a better photo of that guy. Does anyone know who he is?
        When claiming you have a Bigfoot body but have only shown videos of it, the burden of proof is on you. Nothing I’ve seen would be difficult to fake. Recreate maybe but not fake initially. Cagney’s features and bone structure made recreating the Chaney makeups impossible.
        Show me a video of some actual facial movement, a mouth opening wider than a human’s, eyes blinking that are further apart than a human’s, then we’ll talk. Not a head turning around and the features maybe moving a little bit.
        Where’s this extra wide mouth we’ve been hearing about? The broad nose, deep-set eyes and prominent brow ridge? On both creatures I just see proportions well within human range, maybe with some makeup on. (Imagine if we had videos like this of Todd Standing’s creations. Maybe he was Dyer’s makeup man!)
        And whatever secret footage the FB guys saw with Musky, you can be sure he was leading the witness, as they say.

        1. Martin,
          This may be a hoax – it is certainly a strange situation
          It is also possible that skeptic here should remember this fable:
          Once there was little boy in Switzerland who was charged with watching the village sheep. It was a boring job as sheep are tame and do not do anything but eat. One day the boy had an idea. To create some excitement he took his bugle and blew a long loud note cried out “Wolf, Wolf, there is a wolf among the sheep!” All the men of the village came running to fight the wolves only to have the boy laugh at them.
          After about a month the boy did this again and again laughed at the men who came to defend their sheep from nonexistent wolves.
          Sometime later the boy was lounging beside a tree when he heard a growl behind him. Turning he saw a large wolf at the front of its pack. He quickly climbed the tree and blew his bugle and cried out “Wolf, wolf there is a wolf eating the sheep!” The townspeople having been fooled twice by the young Shepard didn’t come and all the sheep were eaten.
          Rick Dyer is a hoaxer. More than that he is not a very good hoaxer because he has neither the skills or the money to create believable hoaxes. He does not appear to to be a very nice guy. He has a rather sullied criminal record for petty crimes, but given that that this event happened under the cameras of a film crew that had nothing to gain by participating in a hoax he may also be the boy who cried wolf and because of his past people didn’t believe in the wolves.
          Once again
          1. Have you seen the actual film? Speculation on a mask or makeup is simply silly. Without seeing more than a still of 1/2 a face you cannot really make a judgment on facial movement. Breakdowns of the tent video by skeptics who claim it shows human dimensions are disingenuous when they then turn around and refuse to acknowledge the non-human physical issues in other films and scream “Its a suit” anyway. You can’t have it both ways.
          Lastly, most researchers have agree that Sasquatch have a flat human like face not like the face of an ape or bear. So why would you not expect to find the proportions between the eyes, nose and mouth to be approximately the same? Rather than simply looking at proportions you need to ask could a human head fit in that mask given the sloping forehead? Bill Munns has shown CONCLUSIVELY that the creature in the PG film could not have been a suit because a human head would not fit within mask and still be able to look through the eyes even though those eyes nose and mouth are in the relative position to the same body parts on humans. Break the photos down that way and I’ll listen. Simply saying the eyes and nose look to be human is not very relevant
          2. Morgan Matthews was knocked down hard enough that they took him to the hospital. Could a guy in a suit or with makeup do that? think about how hard whatever or whoever it was had to hit him. Would latex face paint survive that? The guy was maybe 4 to 6 feet away when the green night vision image was taken. I just don’t believe they could mistake a guy that looks to be about 5:10 for a 7 or 8 foot ape. If it was not a Sasquatch then why didn’t Matthews file assault charges against Dyer and his crew? Maybe he did but if so I have seen no record of it.
          3. Do you think that an independent film crew from the UK would willingly be part of such a hoax? Because given what evidently went on in the last few minutes of that film they either filmed a Sasquatch being shot or they participated in a hoax. If there was no body all they would have to do is say so. They haven’t This is a very important issue because I can see no way that a hoax happened other than this.

  12. Fai Mao,
    That’s a really thoughtful response and I wish I had more time to respond. Let me just say for now that we don’t know if Matthews was taken to a hospital; I’ve read that he may have been shown in a hotel room. Also, According to Dyer he and Matthews were the only ones out there; there was no crew. I think it’s likely Matthews got more than he bargained for but no less than he expected. As for the creatures’ proportions, I will keep an open mind but we’ve seen all we we will see of the tent video and I am unmoved. And on its own the movie still is not compelling to me.

  13. Just some added info. I attended two showings of the Shooting Bigfoot documentary in Toronto. Morgan Mathews did answer questions from the audience after one of the showings. He said Dyer did have real bullets in his rifle and he was indeed firing it at the Bigfoot. I heard it with my own ears. I’m still on the fence with respect to whether I believe Dyers claim or not, but I do find it hard to believe someone in a suit would be willing to let dyer fire his gun at him while running around in the dark. To me of this is a hoax then Morgan Mathews would have to be in on it. From everything I’ve read, that doesn’t seem to be a possibility. Just my 2 cents for whatever its worth.

  14. Read the comments rules. They are violating “hostile tone,” and “no ad hominem.” There have been folks on here disagreeing with me from day one. You can disagree, but you have to do it nice.

  15. I barely make one nickel off this blog. This is a good story. Even if it’s a hoax, it’s one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, so it’s worth reporting on it right there. But I don’t think it’s a hoax.
    WTF 1 or 2, it is #1. I really do believe that Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot. More and more every day, I believe that this is true with the passage of time. Now, will we have ever have evidence of this Bigfoot? I am not sure. That is part of the problem. The Bigfoot is in the hands of an insane person, so it may never see the light of day. But that doesn’t mean it never happened. It just means that this story will be inconclusive.
    I would not push a story I know to be false just for views. When there’s no Bigfoot news worth writing about, I don’t write BF stuff for a long time. Instead I write about other things. I have too much integrity to knowingly push a false story just for useless views or whatever. Keep in mind that I make like $5/month off this blog so all of my views are pretty much useless.
    I haven’t made one dime off Dyer. In fact, believing in Dyer is pretty much ruining my life. Nevertheless, I am going to keep reporting on it anyway. Dyer hates me and he has libeled me in the worst possible way by stating that I have been arrested and served time for various offenses. I was never arrested for those crimes and I have never served even one day in jail, much less prison. I have a Clear Teaching Credential with the State of California, and you can’t have that if you have any kind of a serious record.
    But if this story is true, and I believe it is, then I will be doing the world a service by reporting on it, and maybe I might even get moderately famous. That is why I am pushing it.
    You can disagree all you want, just no hostile tone and no ad hominem.

    1. I publish both sides of the story here. Just about every new post, I post more of the skeptics’ version of this story as a rejoinder to Dyer’s claims. Then I post pro-Dyer theories too.

      1. Robert had been very fair on who he removes. Remember he posted the Mati-Hari stuff on the blog.
        Racer X is making more money on this so called Hoax than Rick or Robert here. His site is full of the ad sense stuff and he keeps talking about this so called hoax. You talk about Robert banning people. He bans people who are the ones who posting nothing constructive. Just attacking him with Ad Hominem’s. I don’t see you people complaining about Racer X. If you read his blog comments he will remove any post I make on that blog why? Cause he is afraid of actual different opinion?
        If this is a Hoax and you all want it to go away. Why do you have
        at least 2 FB groups dedicated to trashing Rick?
        1 Forum dedicated to trashing Rick?
        How many Blogs to trashing Rick?
        Deathto thehoax, Don Butchers Youtubes, Daz youtubes, Bigfoot police, Racer X . I sure I missed some others. But seems the people who are so sure it is a HOAX spend more time than Robert or anyone else does on the topic.
        Why do they do that?
        So it seems Robert is not the only person Interested and talking about the RD shooting.
        There is no 100% proof of this being a Hoax or it being Real.
        We have to wait.

  16. “Why in the world are people getting banned for disagreeing with you Robert?? That is more on lines of what Rick Dyer and many other sleaze balls have done in the past when people question them. I have seen no insults in many of these posts, simply stating they don’t agree with you,”
    Nope. I’m sorry ,I don’t agree with this statement at all. It’s a lie and a character smear.
    Robert will ban people when they add their condescending comments to their posts. The people that don’t agree with Robert are allowed to stay (On all topics apparently). They just behave civilized.
    So yeah, bullshit. Everyone who got banned deserved it because they had to get a cheap shot in.
    I’m all in favor of Mr. Lindsay’s policies and he applies them fairly, Why is that such an issue? (shrugging shoulders and shaking head).
    I think Robert may be wrong about Dyer. (Holy fuck, let’s see if he bans me!). It doesn’t stop me from admiring his ethos. He’s the most fair and balanced reporter on the Bigfoot subject. He just reports it all and reports it well.

  17. Good job Robert. well what is the bigfoot news today. it appears that the haters have downed every site but yours. they have been here and I believed those are the ones you’ve banned. you’ve done a good job keeping the talks open so a real conversation can be had amongst those with an interest. But how long before the body is crated up and disappears. If it hasn’t already happened.

  18. Robert,
    I think I can speak for a lot of those that follow this topic when I say we appreciate the information you provide. I believe that there is an un-acknowledged, bipedal, elusive, intelligent biped that inhabits the forested areas of this continent and likely others. Inevitably, someone will present a specimen to the world in a way that can’t be swept under the rug by whatever entities have the inclination and ability to do so. Dyer may very well have killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio. Hopefully it will be presented to the world. According to your report, there have been legal wrangling over the body. Any legal filings should be public record. Has anyone researched possible jurisdictions to find a paper trail that would validate what may be going on with the alleged body?

  19. We have to hope (if real) that the body being moved can only be in preperation of its release. Dear God I hope so.

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