Bigfoot News July 25, 2013

New clue to the location where Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot was kept. I have just learned that the US department or agency which housed Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot was the Department of Agriculture. It may be this branch of the DOA. This specific subbranch may be the best one of all. On the other hand, the Forest Service is also part of the DOA, and the FS also runs research stations. As I know that it was a research station that housed the Bigfoot, it must have been at one of the Department of Agriculture’s research stations. There are 100 such stations in the US. Just look for one near Las Vegas, and that’s the building. I realize that it is possible that this information could be part of the false info that Musky Allen and others are putting out about the body location, but I do not think this is part of that distraction. Instead, I think this is the truth. Get cracking, sleuths! Rick Dyer is going on a camping trip! These expeditions that Rick is always touting are getting ridiculous. Really now, let’s get real. These are nothing more than “camping trips with Rick.” There will be a special 3 hour episode on Rick’s radio show talking all about Rick’s latest camping trip! Make sure you don’t miss it! Skeptic argument that Rick used two different costumes during the shooting of the Shooting Bigfoot movie, from the comments:

About the two different costumes: apparently Matthews states in the movie that he was not aware of the Tent Video that Dyer kept it from him. So there is no proof that the Tent Video was shot during the same trip. (Also, apparently the “Rick, Rick” that Matthews supposedly says during the audio can be heard in another context during the film.) There is an excellent enlargement and enhancement of the tent creature online that Adam Bird, who was once a believer in Dyer’s story, posted on Dyer’s fan page. The face has perfectly human proportions and appears to feature a modern version of the old-school Lon Chaney-style collodion build-up. This would be a much better way to go than a mask in building a real-looking face, and would be a good method for amateurs. The still image that was taken during the documentary bears a strong resemblance to one of Dyer’s earlier Tracker members or filming crew, if you allow for make-up built up the same way. They have similar bone structure, facial creases, and wide area under the nose. I would like to find a better picture of this individual, but this is enough for a hunch: The movie face: Look at the guy on the right: The point is not that it IS him, but it certainly COULD be, more likely than being a real Bigfoot. (And he wasn’t available when the Tent Video was shot, so Dyer just found someone else.) Remember Occam’s Razor when looking at these “Bigfoot” photos…there’s a simple explanation to these photos, whether it’s this particular answer or not.

I do not believe that there are costumes in either the Tent Video or the movie. If those are costumes, those are the two greatest costumes ever made. Theory on why Morgan Matthews is being so quiet, from the comments. This is a pro-Dyer theory.

As to the whole Morgan Matthews angle. How about this for a theory? Rick’s investor(s) are the ones who in actuality own this body. They have to be rich to be investing in something like a possible Bigfoot capture to begin with, and if one was indeed captured, they would have a lot of power. They went to Morgan after the filming and said he could still release his movie with the SA Dyer footage but had to remain ambiguous about whether the creature filmed was indeed real. This way the body reveal would still hold all the clout, but in hindsight the movie will still go down in history as documenting the event. This is the only explanation (if this is indeed real at all) that I can come up with for Morgan’s strange editing decisions and evasive answers. Just a thought. Keep up the reporting Robert. Some of us appreciate it greatly.

Another person agrees with the above commenter, adding:

This has been my theory too. Rick Dyer lost complete control of the Bigfoot when he made the call to the investors. They came in and took over. Rick said Morgan Matthews stopped filming after that night. (I believe the Bigfoot being real now would ruin his concept of the movie). So Rick and his Investors got a film crew of their own to film the transportation to Nevada. Rick’s investors approached Morgan and had him sign a NDA with them about any video proof of the killing and after stuff. They understand Rick’s past and need to make sure they have all the ducks in a row when releasing this so people will look at the Bigfoot, not Rick. Rick I believe understands this and has been milking what he can get now. I think the people who don’t believe this take so much of what Rick says. Even though they say they don’t believe what he says, they take it as fact. Rick doesn’t control the body or the presentation of it. I think once you see this, you can understand much of what has been going on. Rick leaks enough info out to make you understand this. I read on Racer X’s blog that people are trying to start a letter/e-mail campaign to Morgan Matthews to try to get him to admit it was a hoax. I have to also wonder why all these people who seem to believe they KNOW for fact Rick didn’t shoot the Bigfoot and it is a hoax spend so much time making blogs about it. If they really truly believe he didn’t do it, they would just let the whole issue drop, and Rick would fade away if it is true. Not a single person has been able to prove the Tent Video or the movie creature were hoaxed. They make up more stories up than Rick does now. WHY? Robert I may be a Team Tracker supporter at times. But I believe your insight is very good, and I like your reporting – please keep up the work.

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  1. @jonny: Pretty fair argument, says I. Particularly when the entire issue is easily solved. Open the doors and show us the body. End of story. None of us want to hear that bigfoot is real, we want to see that bigfoot is real. us the body. That’s all it takes. Seems that is too big a pill to swallow. Like Mulder…I want to believe.

    1. Thats is what what takes. this sideshow sinerio is only for those who haven’t looked at the other billions of bites of info. Yes you are a small group. the bigfoot community is into nonkilling and habitat science.

    1. No your wrong. No body talks about dyer in the bigfoot community. do some searches. The talk is about dna. why do uniformed people want to comment.

      1. DNA? What is there to talk about? “We’ve” been talking about dna for two years now. Damn. Next subject.

        1. we have been talking about dna for 10 years. Your not part of that group. you obviously have figured out what the single strans are from. what the novel primate was that could mate with a human. I’ll tell you all you need to know about the dyer thing is, he shot a bigfoot. what else do you need to know. soon we will get a nudna and see if it matches the 3 that melba sequenced. now that is news. If this dyer thing has you on the end of your chair you should in your free time do some reading. there are hundreds of good books out there on the subject and not 1 of the authors is hanging on his chair right now. this body is for the skeptics and anyone who comments on this body has overlooked billions of bites of info already in exsistence.

  2. I googled US Department of Agriculture Research Station Las Vegas NV and after a couple of Google pages ended up at USGS Western Ecological Research Center, and the NV station address is:
    Las Vegas Field Station
    160 N Stephanie
    Henderson, NV 89074
    Phone: (702) 564-4560
    Fax: (702) 564-4600
    I couldn’t get street view to work but the buildings there look white. Not far away is a State of Nevada building. Food for thought if nothing else.

  3. Here’s an interesting latex facial piece: note the very similar cleft in the nose, the creases under the eyes, and the big area to the right of the mouth that goes up the side of the face. Plus all the “scars” we’ve been hearing so much about. This kind of stuff is made for monster makeup enthusiasts…you paint it however you want and the face moves with you.
    Bring that picture up alongside the movie still…it’s much more likely this sort of thing than a real Bigfoot. Did I say MUCH more likely? Everything is easy to get and apply these days…no need to look for union makeup artists in the credits. Masks are for first-time hoaxers…this is the kind of stuff you think you can fool the world with.

    1. This very well may turn out to have been an elaborate hoax. We’ll have to wait until August 15, 2013 to know that for sure. Until that time I am giving this story the benefit of the doubt. There are too many things that don’t make sense about it, things that wouldn’t happen in normal hoax to call BS before that time.
      A couple of those issues;
      I used to have a union card even if it was not with the makeup artist union. Yes, I’d let you paint my face but there is no way you’d get be able to pay me enough to eat raw pork that had been nailed to a tree and been left out for hours in the San Antonio heat. Yet that is what the tent video shows.
      You would also have a difficult time getting me into a suit if Rick Dyer was supposed to shot blanks at me. How would I know that was the only long-gun in that camp? In deed, I bet there was another firearm somewhere in one of those tents as lots of people own guns in Texas.
      There must have been a guy in a suit not just a painted face who ran over Morgan Matthews. The suit had to be convincing enough and stable enough that whoever was wearing it could run full tilt into someone and not have the paint/latex/mask come off or the suit come undone. The last thing a hoaxer in a suit wants is to examined up close
      Additionally it could not have just been a latex paint because you can see the, if you look close at the picture that was smuggled out, the extremely short neck that does not fit normal human proportions. The neck, arms and chest that are in that picture look like the incredible hulk. So face paint would not be enough there must have been a body suit and getting such a suit, using a painted face to not gape or sage after a collision is something that Dr. Occam might actually frown upon because it might not actually be the simplest answer. You cannot just look at the face. You must remember that Morgan Matthews and presumably the BBC crew saw the whole body up close and personal. You must remember that the person, if it was a hoax, wearing that suit and with their face painted ran in Morgan Matthews and knocked him over and then stood there painting long enough for him to retrieve his camera and set some footage.
      A last problem with the painted face theory is I doubt the red-necks that work with Dyer could keep their mouth shut about it this long. That nobody has come forward and said “I’m the guy in that suit” or got drunk and started bragging is something that lends credibility to the account.
      Another problem with this being a hoax is that there are too many people involved. All the homeless people living in those woods that had reported encounters – the 911 call – were they involved? In deed, and I have said this from the beginning, if it is a hoax the Morgan Matthews and the entire BBC film crew MUST be complicit in the hoax. This is the most problematic issue for me. If it had been a hoax they would have simply revealed it in the film, everyone would have laughed and Rick Dyer would be working as a greeter at Wal-mart. A hoax that required 10’s if not dozens of people from at least 2 different nations (the US and the UK) and different states (Texas and Nevada) as well at least five groups of people (Rick Dyer’s group, the BBC crew, the homeless people in tents,the facility in Nevada and Musky Allen ) that prior to the film had little or no contact with each other is a bit more than the simplest answer that Dr. Occam would approve of.
      Musky Allen must have also been complicit in this from the beginning. Otherwise Rick Dyer would have had to rent a facility, staff it with enough people to make it convincing and then have a fake body that was convincing enough to fool someone who examined it closely. There may be a company that could produce such a fake corpse but I’d think they’d have come forward and said “He is trying to trick you with something we made for him” by now. This is assuming that Rick Dyer had the money needed to create such a fake corpse.
      Just my thoughts. We’ll see on August 15, 2013

      1. Exactly my thoughts, too, Fai Mao.
        But wait: is it the 15th of August again? Didn´t Dyer (or his “investors”)want to postpone the whole event?

        1. Yes Rick said there’s a new date and he’s not going to say what it is and also no more radio shows etc. This was about a week and a half ago. He’s also said he’ll be out of town “filming” now.

  4. I just watched a 1950s British movie called “The Abominable Snowman” wih Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker. There are amazing similarities between its story and this Dyer saga. It’s almost as though Morgan Matthews watched it trying to get an inspiration to end his own movie and saw the Tucker character–a hoaxer trying to redeem himself by bringing back a real Yeti–as Dyer, and called him to shoot a few more scenes after everyone thought the movie had wrapped.
    Cushing is the scientist on the expedition (with plenty of drama inside tents) trying to talk sense into Tucker, telling him not to defile the species by making it a carnival attraction, but Tucker says they’re monsters–and his partner ends up shooting one, which Tucker says he’ll settle for. The shooting is eerie and you just see the creature’s enormous hand stetched out in the snow. Pretty neat, and very interesting…

  5. Its interesting that for some the only way that a bigfoot is real is a body. a body for what. we have dna, we have still shots , we have video shots , we have recordings, we have foot prints , we have thousands of sitings. what would a body prove. Is this a body that you could actually touch. smell. If you can ignore all the other documented proof and require a body then your the group that perpetuates a hoax. period. im not on the edge of my seat. I’ve reviewed kethams findings. I’ve reviewed several thousand unexplainable encounters. I don’t need to have someone else look at a body. I’ve already read about thousands who’ve looked at bodies and dna, and footprints, Who will be there for the body outing. is it someone you trust and know personally. the business that dyers is in is the skeotics business. That’s where the money is. those of us that have found something else to convince us don’t need a body or all this drama. do some research and ask yourself how some of these exstrodinary physical things can be hoaxed.

  6. Problem is people don’t really understand what Occam’s Razor really is about. It is not always “the simplest is always most likely to be the correct one” If people want to follow this who logic the simple is that Rick did shoot it and it is REAL that is the simple and most logical. Everyone else is saying well it was a mask someone made. Make was done on a person etc… These are not simple solutions. They are actually complicated in the over all grand scheme of it all.
    Here is a link that explains it pretty good and when and how to apply it.
    Fai Mao, you are correct look at the work that would have have needed to been done to fool people. We hear all the time from the doubters that Rick is not all there so how could he mastermind all this and get everyone to work with him with out pissing them off. Look at he lost David and Pink and others cause he pissed and burned a book. Rick’s personality just is not there to get everyone to work together to make this grand hoax.

    1. Yes, the easiest solution would be that Dyer shot the thing….if we were talking about a moose. This is Bigfoot so every other explanation must be considered first, especially because everything about the rest of the story makes it look pretty terrible. Especially its convenient “we’re lying because we have to” framework.
      Some people lie, some people are weak, some people fear other people, some people exploit others, some people are capable of committing acts outside our understanding. That’s the way of the world.
      Just because achieving this hoax might have been challenging doesn’t make it more likely that he actually shot a real Bigfoot.

  7. Still the best footage is The pg from 1967. before the ability to video edit and make a convincing suit. the stride , the muscle movement. the size, and the demeaner of this animal can’t be reproduced by a human. I don’t need a body nor does anybody in the field. Now I tell you who needs a body. hoaxers and skeptics need a body. The nonfinancial bigfoot community doesn’t need a body.

    1. I must say Robert that I find all of your blogs interesting in that it gives you a clear shot into the human physique. I’ve seen some interesting aurguements about race( the race of site as everyone counts on their site to determine race) . Or their perception of race.
      I contend that there are no clear races when using dna and nobody responds to that statement. They only people that respond on your blogs are people with a gripe. We have also heard from outside the U.S. I find comments about race outside the U.S. the most interesting as it it all done by site. (color ) in America the big race war was Black and white. But in many countries it appears to be shades of color. Even though we are sleeping with the enemy we are predisposed to keep apart and fight. Its no wonder the government doesn’t want the news of another biped hybrid to be common knowledge. How would this being fit into the majority’s understanding of God and social welfare. As the human population gets bigger the world gets smaller , we are no closer to peace than we were 15,000 years ago when sasquatch split from the human populations.Keep up the good work I believe im one of your students.

  8. Christianity,
    I suggest you look at the History of the Discovery of the Panda Bear. Then tell me how Main Stream science would look for it and study it.
    So it seems the “Haters” not the people who doubt but the childish “Haters” are now in the process of reporting people who believe Ricks story as Underage. Musky got hit so did I. I am waiting to get reactivated.
    This is showing the childish behavior of the people who want to cause issues. Just because I believe Rick did shoot the bigfoot they play this game.

    1. It does seem that no matter what the physique of the human mainstream ( thru other priorities ) lets in to there collective noggin is time delyed. Common local knowledge about pandas and bonobos seems to be 100 percent while mainstream science was extremely slow to move on their presents. was it the closeness to humans or chimps in the bonobo situation or the remoteness of their habitat. I believe that pandas stayed away from human populations and the habitat was also remote. Now for the sake o0f argument lets say that a nocternal animal roams North America outside the human reach.

  9. I didn’t say they split but they were close enough 15,000 years ago to impregnate a homo female. people who spend thier whole lives in the woods have seen something. They can tell its not a bear within seconds. What is it. if your are a skeptic then you know what it is. if you don’t know what it is you have to research. if you rechearch then you see what it is because 30,000 sitings don,t lie. Dna doesn’t lie. The Patterson film doesn’t lie. I thought all the skeptic dna dies at Pompeii. The mountain is rumbling. The world is no longer flat. And there is a large primate related to us roaming the woods of north America at night. Ill tell you what isn’t true. GOD. God and organized religion worshiping a god like a primitive society.

  10. the exsitence of bigfoot doesn’t hinge on this one case. You should look at the other 33’000 cases before making an uniformed decision.

  11. This Hype is only for the skeptics. No body in the real bigfoot community is interested in this body except that the dna was taken and someone is doing nudna on the subject. We in the bigfoot community don’t condone killing any subject to make skeptics happy. We don’t care if the mainstream believe. That ship has sailed and if you didn’t catch a ride then your out. And the only reason to have a body outing is for money.

  12. I’ve been following the bigfoot phenomena for most of my life. Fascinated as a child and young adult. Since the availability of the internet I’ve followed and read whatever websites I could find. The vast amount of reports and information available online since the internet has become commonplace is simply astounding. There has to be something out there to provoke this type of sustained response. There’s amazingly credible people recording accounts from all walks of life. Homeless folks to doctors , a president and the military all recording encounters. To write it all off as a hoax or fallacy is a disingenuous game played by those of lame character. In the face of real evidence they embolden themselves by demanding a body. Like little princesses demanding the bathwater be just the right temperature.
    I’m sure it’s very similar to a napoleon complex. Having more to do with the lack of esteem of the skeptic , than the actual intellect.

  13. I guess for the children I should have said Homo sapian female. your late for school ( high school )

  14. You Robert have been what I like to call Shang-haid. Rick has no body and Mathews is keeping silent for the benefit of his movie. MM loves watching this build up into a movement around his movie. He can hardly wait for it to go on sale!
    The government is NOT involved in the body. If Rick has investors that are so powerful, why are you reporting that they have it at a government facility? Either the government has the body or a powerful investor has the body……you are ridiculous.
    This is all one big Dyer turd and you my friend are turning you blog into the World News.

  15. You Ban people with opinions other than yours? That’s your “journalistic” angle? That’s awful.

    1. Not so. Those are all violations of the comments rules, mostly “hostile tone” and “ad hominem.” You can disagree all you want to, but you have to be civilized about it.

  16. Wow, Robert. I’m seeing you “Ban” a lot of people. I’ve been following your blog for some time and you’re beginning to ban more and more people because their opinions don’t agree with yours….that’s not what a real journalist does.

    1. This is a lie. You have to follow the comments rules. These are all violations of “hostile tone” and “no ad hominem.” You can disagree all you want to, you just have to be nice and civilized about it.

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