The Future of the Hindutva Movement in India

Good comment from India Land of Rapes on the Hindutva Movement: Hinduism never had an identity to begin with. The British created this new religion of Hinduism. The Old Brahminical Order which you are talking about lost its identity during Sunga dynasty. Buddhism attained greater intellectual status during Sunga dynasty. War between Brahmins and Bhikkhus created a permanent chasm in South Asian society. You only see one side of story. Islamic invasions were not so fierce. In fact, many lower caste Hindus converted to Islam as this new religion gave them some social standing. South Asian society became too weak. Islam and other European invasions were able to control and rule vast regions of south Asia because South Asian tribes and princely states were in permanent war with each other. Society lost meaning and purpose. In the Vijayanagara Dynasty, they tried to resurrect this lost spirit, but they failed. In fact, corruption and incompetence led to the downfall of Vijayanagara Kingdom. The Kakatiyas collapsed due to same reason. They were busy backstabbing and preserving their rule. At one point, they became authoritarian and did everything to preserve their rule. The Kakatiya Kingdom was in a bad economic state. Internal chaos, low agrarian output and mass starvations led to food riots in Telangana region. Finally the Deccan Sultanate took over, and many in the Telangana region and Hyderabad converted to Islam as they had no hope in Hinduism or Sanathana Dharma as it was called earlier. Gandhi was right when he stated – “No one can take your freedom, Power unless you voluntarily give it or you become so weak that a Dominant force will overpower you”. Hinduism/Sanathana Dharma/Brahmanism became weak, arrogant, and closed-minded much like Islamic Mullahs. At one point over 90 percent South Asians were functionally illiterate, and superstition and blind rituals entered mainstream culture. Black magicians, con artists, and fake gurus became intellectuals. Society entered an abyss; chaos was everywhere. So called patriotic Hindus fought against the British, and when they lost, they sacrificed over 50,000 children for Lord Shiva, in hope that Shiva would reincarnate and destroy the White Race on Earth. Modern Hindutva is a reactionary movement. Brahmins have not accepted defeat. They are using new techniques now, new tools, new propaganda techniques. But they will fail, not because Hindutvas are bad, but because their influence died long ago. Now they have forced their ideology onto people, and I assure you that many Indians, especially minorities, will not take to Hindutva any longer. They should have settled down and allowed society to progress and adopt any new ideology which fit people’s reason, but they still believe that Hindus are like small kids who need to be taught “Hindu way of Life”. They think they own everything in India, but they are just blowing in the wind. The Hindutva movement is like the Muslim Brotherhood in Middle East. Political Islam is dead in Egypt. It brought only chaos, divisions, conflicts between Sunni, Shia, and minority Coptic Christians. The same will be the future of Political Hindutva. Caste based violence will increase, and this movement will alienate 210 million Muslims and over 70 million Christians in India.

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54 thoughts on “The Future of the Hindutva Movement in India”

  1. The Hindutva movement is nowhere close to the Islamic brotherhood.. and thats a shame.. All you have some impotent scrawny idiots waving their wooden stick at others wearing their brown shorts. What can you do with that.
    Unless they become a lethal force and take out the anti Hindu evangelicals, Islamists and the far leftist commies..the way Israeli Jews take care of Palestenian terrorists who do them harm, Hinduitva is finished.,
    They need real arms and covert operation like the Mossad job on Palestenian those Olympic murders. They need quitely do their job instead if putting on a silly show which only has benefited the Catholic Italian woman and her munchkins.

        1. I have to agree.. Many Hindus are dumbarse pacifists …. Its important Hindus wake up like up and become more vioIent for the sake of self preservation. Learn from the Jews in how they had changed from passive to aggressively defending their own kith and Kin from the predatory creatures

        2. Every time I see a Hindu bring up Gandhi and how cool he was and what not ..I want to kick his balls.
          I am glad you Cyrus and I see eye to eye on this,. 馃槈

    1. Reading this is really heartbreaking, why these Hindus just don’t try to reconvert? i am not much concerned by religi贸n, but some Catholics think they are losing field against Protestants (competence between sects of the same religi贸n) but we don’t say anymore such things like kills the heretics and fuck off from this country, the strategy of the Catholic church is spread the Word of the Gospel, or organize Catholic reunions for people with problems, we also invite non catholics, waiting for some unconvert to accept come to our event, and hoping for its probably conversi贸n, the attitude of many Hindus amaze me, i watched a video with a Hindu girl and she was so sweet and concerned about her precepts, in contrast with Hindus here who are so rude.

      1. Although you are correct and I agree with you that Catholics do good (Schools and hospitals and what) not…due to competition with the evil (Baptists) who do not feel “good works” is required to reach the kingdom of god, many Catholics have resorted the eviI baptist ways.
        Still, Catholics are so much better than the Baptists.. thats for sure

      2. You see, the expectation that Hndus and buddist would remain passive and accept whatever the christians and Muslims throw at them is not just unreal, it would be at the cost of complete elimination of Hindus and Buddhsts and others.
        The Jews never spoke up for 2000 years..,.the christians did not just on their own saw the cruelty of what they were doing and simply changed their mind.. No No No…It became a snowball effect culminating into the Holocaust. Today..Christians are careful with Jews and with Muslims *(because Muslims would violently resist christianization).
        So as a self defense some Hindus are beginning to see the big picture and realizing good guys finish last. So you start seeing Hindus reacting violently now,..and you are beginning to see Buddhists in places like Sri Lanka and Burma beginning to do the same.
        IF you want world peace, christians and Muslims should stop with their deep desire to culturally cleanse others. PERIOD

        1. I would have added the far leftist communism to it…But communism is gone..except in some quarters in India who haven’t gotten the memo yet

        2. To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.

      3. Ale I’m sure if I met you in person I would think you are a sweet and caring person and I appologize for saying this but this video is an embarrassment to the rest of the western world, and to yourself. ” oh India is like an African country in Asia” really??? I agree with you about the Indian girl being so sweet, and I felt really sorry for her having to deal with those two incredibly ignorant morons. You say your not concerned by religion, really? I kind of doubt that, even though I’m an atheist I am a person of european decent and christianity is part of my heritage whether I like it or not and when I see a video like this I feel so embarrassed.

  2. Well the Arabs sure are sick of the “stagnation”…I due wonder about the Indians, though. Their reality and sense of it, is entirely different from that of the Arab World and Greater Middle East.

      1. Robert, a’re kyo Teri bhosri mein aag.whenever you talk about Hindus Tu tere maa ka bur did you get spanked by them somewhere?? why so much hatred for them ? And one more question tou you Bob , tu tumhare padosi ki aulaad? whenever Tu bole tho kya samaj aye to sab ka moo lay answer this Bob

        1. As i have said before,You will see more worse things in middleast
          No one can predict the out come of revolution, I am not here to comment on arab spring its just 3 years old and you are already seeing political chaos in Egypt
          Muslim brotherhood is formed before Anwar sadat ,they have their HQ in UK, British funded and created these posers
          One idiot lives in UK and other lives in France and they stage their revolt in Syria
          When dust settles Middle East will be like Africa, chaos, partitioned, split along lines of Various ethnic groups
          Just like Iranian revolution bought misery and fake Political Shia Islam.
          This experiment has already created misery in Iran and will cause more misery in Iran
          Political islam is dead, perhaps Islam will consume it self in hatred ,its a religion born with sword and lived with sword and it will die will chaos/sword.
          Entire next generation is almost destroyed in syria and will be without much employment or future.
          Same is happening in Egypt,Next generation is completely fucked with the current crisis
          This is why i have said, starting revolution is most easiest thing to do, no one can predict the outcome of revolution , and in case of middle eastern countries where culture of hatred,Jealousy and stagnancy permeates in every social norm, this will be chaos
          Same happened in Lebanese revolution, 15 years, no hope and still they have polarised society where shias have their own faction Hezbollah and sunnis like sad hariri sponsor hit men,death squads against shia faction
          Same will happen in every middle eastern nation, you will be at each others throats for decades to come, and i am already seeing the glorious outcome of egyptian revolution , today over 150 dead.
          Egypt can’t feed itself, every financial year it accumulates over $30 billion in deficits, Tunisia, is already reeling financial chaos, IMF lately is sponsoring Loan package,Libyans have become overnight refugees.
          Media doesnt care about Libya or pan african movements because French,UK have accomplished their goals in libya
          Saudi,emirates are even in same boat
          I dont see any change , all i see chaos everywhere and future doesn’t
          look better, every nation has high debt,relies on Oil /gas revenues and have Huge percentage of people who daily job is reading Quran and taking handouts.

      2. Arabs are not sick of stagnation, Arabs are stagnant, Bedouin are stagnant they cant imagine or create anything on their own
        I am still confused about the word Arab, Do you mean syrians ?, Syrians are Phoenicians,Assyrians ,Islam is imposed on them, just like Islam is imposed on persia after the fall of sassanid dynasty
        Bedouin nomads from Saudi,qatar,Bahrain,Yemen,Kuwait,;Emirates are stagnant unimaginative people,nothing intellectual ever came of these people except beheading and murdering .
        Persians are completely different species,sadly islam is forced and later you adopted to new life and Islam slowly became your identity
        I still say,”Persia can survive without Islam,but Islam cannot survive without persians”
        All intellectual philosophy,Mathematics,Sciences in Islamic Caliphate was from Persians,Iraqis,Syrians.
        Bedouin Caliph was only good at butchering people.

        1. Those revolts are color revolutions my friend, every one who knows how color revolutions were financed and staged in Ukraine,Georgia,Venezuela .
          Arab spring will give nothing to arabs, except chaos,hopelessness.
          Staging revolution is very easy friend.
          Egyptians lately have overthrown their first democratically elected Prime minister and they were back to Military rule, Syrian revolution has become bloody, Its financed by Qatar,Saudi with American,NATO arms shipment and chemical weapons ,Turkey,Jordan became pseudo training grounds of Global jihad .
          Goal is to split syria, same is true with Iraq and Egypt.
          Create chaos, instigate sectarian conflicts, fund Stupid Muslim brotherhood pawns and turn shia against sunni or at least create a PR show
          Arabs are not revolting against the system nor they will replace it.
          Iraq,Syria are existential threat to israel, today their strength is limited ,if civil war spreads to lebanon, it will be chaos.
          Turkey will be consumed in this fire
          There are 2 main goals for crafting this Arab Spring
          1.Control Gas pipelines, create a buffer zone in Turkey and kick Russian Gas suppliers out ,Instead use Qatar ,turkey as buffer client states/Puppet regimes
          Qatar Financed this Arab spring with its Death squads,Sunni wahabis and propaganda outlet Al Jazeera ,Qatar spent over $10 Billion on Syrian revolution, and Failed to accomplish the desired goals
          Saudi power is even Crushed by new iranian /russian alliance,
          Arab lands today have become Chess boards ,China/russia with their main oil/natural gas supplier iran…Qatar/saudi/brotherhood with NATO ISAF training idiot taliban in afghanistan sending hit squads to stage political assassinations.
          When this Dust settles, Arabs will be lot more worse than today.
          But it all depends on your definition of Arabs….Egyptians are not arabs, albeit some berber,Bedouin gene pool got mixed after islamization of egypt.
          Syrians,lebanese are basically Phoenicians,Assyrians
          Iranians are persians not arabs,Iranians are indo-Europeans
          The so called bedouin arab Tribesmen are saudi,Qatar,Oman,Kuwait,Yemen ,these guys are not protesting, they are engaged in global jihad..
          Nothing intellectual came out of bedouin arabs
          I still repeat…If persian and syrian societies collapse, Islam will be on its deathbed.
          Whole intellectual class of islam is in Persia and syria, Bedouin nomads never invented anything

        2. Nope. The U.S was caught completely with it’s pants down back in 2010, when these Arab revolts started. Only the recent Morsi deposition of a few weeks ago, was done with Washington’s tactic guidance.

    1. “Hindu way of life” is quite different from Arab way, Brahmins and their outlook closely matches with Zoroastrian ,persians ,I cannot say about lower castes, they are misguided and have lost their identity.
      Arab (If you mean bedouin nomads and other tribes in Arabian Desert ) have different Adaptive mechanism.
      If you see arabs mostly lived in desert,where water is scarce, so they did not have agrarian revolution nor they cultivated any crops,Their way of life is pillaging,murdering and looting other kingdoms, even persia was pillaged and looted after fall of sassanid Dynasty and Islam was forced upon persian body.
      Nothing imaginative came from Arab land, Mathematics,Science,Alchemy,Algebra and for the most part even political philosophy is from persians, almost all intellectuals during Caliphate are either persians or from Baghdad,Syria.
      Arabian Bedouins,Quraish Tribe,Berbers never invented anything, they are blood thirsty,Murdering nomads .Islam even emerged from a warlord of Quraish Tribe who sole purpose is to pillage and loot others in the name of his new found cult which is just copy cat of few things from Old testament and Bible.
      This is why most hindutva detest Islam,They way of life of Islam is stupid,submissive and backward,Quran even includes contradictory phrases ,Islam only sought submission,Allowed Dhimmi status to all Infidels and imposed Strict shariah which curtailed economic freedom.
      I have huge respect for persians,Syrians–They are not Muslims initially,Most persians are Zoroastrians and Achaemenid,Sassanid Dynasty created lot many intellectuals, Sufi islam is by product of such Intellectuals.
      “Persia can survive and flourish without Islam,They can revert back to zoroastrianism but Islam cannot survive without Persia”
      Even today nomadic arabs live on petro dollar,Just like hindus , their charity and Affection towards fellow muslims is not for helping their brothers but to gain paradise,even in charity Arabs exhibit Selfishness
      Islam is doomed without Persia,Syria is already going through turmoil.
      If any one wants to see how Islam Spread across the world–Look no where else than Syria.
      A complete chaos will result before shariah gets imposed, people will adopt Islam out of fear, after that survivalism kicks in and slowly the society becomes islamized in its thinking and even the local language will be written in Arabic script which permanently creates Zombie like uncreative humans more like nomadic bedouin arabs.
      I feel ruling Elite know very well about the dangers of Islam, Political islam has failed, Religious islam has created extremism,Islamic economic model as created a welfare state in egypt where over 70 percent rely on Government handouts,and cant feed themselves.
      Except few oil rich emirates ,aping USA,Islam has not offered any hope to humans,just like Hinduism it destroyed Human will and imagination.
      Hinduism made humans accept their karma and suffer silently, Islam made People angry,Disillusioned,Narcissistic,Intolerant ,Blood thirsty, both these ideologies have only given misery,poverty,crime and suffering to millions of its followers .

        1. Zoroastrianism and brahminism have lot in common,rituals , thread ceremonies worship of fire god and many stuff
          During abbasid caliphate period, Many persian scholars like khwarizmi came to india and have Sanskrit and translated Vedic mathematics to Arabic language
          You can see entire history of Persian intellectual class, having close relation with Indian brahmins,chess was bought to persia during gupta empire by Brahmin diplomats
          Brahma Siddhanta was translated by Ya士q奴b ibn 峁乺iq and Mu岣mmad ibn Ibr膩h墨m al-Faz膩r墨 into arabic , Brahma siddhanta was from brahma gupta a brahmin, Brahma siddhanta is basis for astronomy in India, even today Sanskrit speaking brahmins use this to design hindu calenders, both lunar and solar
          Khalid ibn Barmak translated charaka samhita into persian and Abd-Allah ibn Ali translated the same text into arabic
          Yahya ibn Khalid the caliph has learnt indian book of medicine “Ayurveda” and translated into arabic
          ibn Zakariya al-Razi book Kitab al Hawi contains detailed chapters of charaka samhita
          I am not here to boast about ancient india or brahmins, but to show how much knowledge exchange happened in olden days and how many persian scholars and brahmin scholars exchanged their knowledge,how society/knowledge was free flowing
          If not for persian scholars, Abbasids would have been remembered for their exceptional skills in beheading and imposing jizya on others.
          Persia became islamized after fall of Sassanid but never became arabized, persia retained its character, it was free flowing culture and it will prosper if Zoroastrianism regains its former glory in Ancient land of Zoroaster

        2. Zoroastrianism and brahminism have lot in common,rituals , thread ceremonies worship of fire god and many stuff
          Yah, right. Dream on. The same case has been made trying to connect Judaism and Christianity to Zoroastrianism. Both are wrong. Zoroastrianism is an old, and basically dead “Iranian” Indo-Aryan/European religion. That simple. It lives on in the culture of Central Asia and Iran only, and has little in common with either the Dharmic or Abraham faiths.
          During abbasid caliphate period, Many persian scholars like khwarizmi came to india and have Sanskrit and translated Vedic mathematics to Arabic language
          Bullshit. Stop trying to claim the intellectuals and accomplishments of other people’s cultures.
          You can see entire history of Persian intellectual class, having close relation with Indian brahmins,chess was bought to persia during gupta empire by Brahmin diplomats
          Even more bullshit.

        3. Its very clear if you read the books rather Ridiculing me.
          Persians just plagiarized hindu texts, nothing much, ofcourse they even beheaded many people , nadir shah was famous thug who stole Diamonds and good is Asking his Sword men to behead Hindus

          Persians have made intellectual contribution,I wont deny it, and that contribution will be dead ,thanks Islamic take over, you are relying on China /India to buy your oil, apart from that nothing great comes out of Iran today,except Refugees who write books against radical islam to gain some refugee status in west/France especially
          India is a place for many tribes,religions,people of all kind,I dont want india to become Hinduized but if Hindu tolerance will Bring Islamic shariah or a parallel muslim society, I have no problem will with Hindutva.
          I feel india must resist islam. It doesnt matter in which form Islam comes to india, india must resist it .
          I have no problem with Protestant ideology of Christianity, we dont need christian sympathy or tears, 脥ndia has lot to learn from protestant work ethic.
          India must welcome buddhism,or any eastern thought or intellectual contribution.
          Islam has only caused chaos and will bring more disorder and decadence to south Asia.
          But i dont see Indian muslims posing huge danger currently, so Hindutva has no space in modern india,If muslims in India seek shariah law like in UK, I feel Hindutva must be allowed to do what ever it takes to resist Communal islam,
          My opinion is simple, Muslims,and other minorities and hindus must blend into the fabric of society,Dominance in every form any religious force must be resisted
          Hindutva is an evil but its necessary evil,but current version of hindutva is stupid,backward and mostly ignorant
          Hindus must be armed and trained in using AK-47,Kalashnikovs,Every house must be fully armed to teeth and must have enough knowledge to prepare Chemical and biological weapons.including siren gas.
          Hindutva must become more sophisticated ,rather than spewing hatred on internet and showing their insecurity, they must march towards Modern Science Instead of hating English language , Hindutva organizations must train young girls in espionage and assassinations instead of stopping them from education or travelling abroad.
          Hindutva in Modern is an obstacle to progress, I would love to secret service agency which has millions of silent warriors who use their brain and knowledge in accomplishing their goals than Cyber spamming idiots who spam forums with their nonsense hindu mythology.
          My idea of right wing is quite different from Hindutva right wing, Hindutva groups are insecure, and quite useless in everything except from cyber spamming.
          I really like CIA,and BND ,They have penetrated into every research center .Even in German Aerospace Center DLR, there are certain projects administered by BND.
          They are sophisticated in intelligence gathering ,good in creating propaganda ,funding useful idiots and assassinating people

        4. Many Young hindus spam artists sought refuge in hindutva because they see Indian/Hindu contributions mocked and denied their right place in history
          Arabs i feel get undue credit for their 200 year old caliphate which has legalized beheading and slavery of infidels.
          There are pockets of intellectual thought during abbasid period much due to persians and their plagiarism , apart from that nomadic cult originated from medina is good at looting,pillaging and mass murdering in millions and taking sex slaves,not to mention conversions on mass scale and beheading or imposing jizya on infidels
          Someone has said it correctly, islamic world is going through its karmic justice , During afghanistan destruction ,Hindutva leader AB vajpayee has said ,Afghanistan deserves its fate for all destruction it caused to india during ghaznavid times, I don’t hate afghans but afghanistan deserves taliban ,death and misery ,its justice , a poetic justice.
          Many muslims in palestine are asking Justice,same with egyptians,Syrians,Iranians..Justice is the last thing that muslims must pray for,if at all there is a justice, Islamic world deserve million atomic bombs ,but me or anyone who read /understood islamic history would hate to see such thing happen, i would rather see afghan or somali/iraqi solution everywhere in islamic world, it would be really great to see qatar, saudi sponsoring wahabi lunatics who kill and behead shias of iran/syria and sunnis or iraq killing shias, its already happening as i speak.
          It would be death with 1000 cuts,a poetic justice for the religion created by a warlord who brought misery and hatred to human race

        5. I can predict one thing with great certainty in near future which arab spring cannot promise to arabs -“arabs will make a peace deal in future with ISRAEL but arabs will never be in peace with their fellow arab countries”

        6. Entire Palestinian and Arab left leaning sympathizers are going through new phenomenon
          Oh dearism

          I always think Arab conflicts must be left alone,but arabs must armed with western weapons,as their philosophy and way of life revolves around destroying other cultures, when they cant destroy anyone, they destroy themselves.

    1. Sonu mone you seem like a stray do without food for 4 days u son of a bitch definitely its not gonna fall off in eons. See faggot, guy like Lindsay can be handled decently only Indian guys like who sing peaens along with the foreigners and consider your self as something extraoridnary when you are no les than extra ordinary are a big threat.
      Hinduism will survive through thick and thin times even with the detracting cockroaches like you . Your voice is a mouse caught in door idukku. keep shagging in front of your computer watching incest videos u imbecile mone sonu.

      1. Why many Hindus do not talk in religious way? i don’t see references to their God Brahman? or they spiritual values? where is the religious character of this? is like they speak of Hinduism more like a culture or national identity, instead of compare their God to the Christian or muslim God, they compare the power of their country, a religious debate involving muslims or christians would look more religious, i am starting to think that Hinduism is a hollow belief system : S

        1. Hinduism is not a belief system..there is no belief in it..Hinduism does not have a founder or a single scripture or institution. It’s liberty of faith for an individual. Each person has to look deep within himself and figue it out for himself..without fear and threat of damnation that they would go to hellfire if they believed wrong. . Its liberty of man in the spiritual pursuit.
          Its no more a belief system than Liberty of man is a religion/faith system

        2. Hinduism pretty much destroys everything it touches. The reason India is such a shithole is 100% due to the Hindu religion. Hindus created India. Everywhere else they go on Earth, they will recreate India. All Hindus can do is create India. They can’t do anything else.
          Hindus also created Nepal. Nepal is one of the worst shitholes on the face of the Earth. That is due to Hinduism.
          The worst Muslim countries are the Hinduized ones like Pakistan and Bangladesh.
          Hinduism destroys everything it touches. It’s like a cancer.

  3. “The worst Muslim countries are the Hinduized ones like Pakistan and Bangladesh. ”
    And those countries are worse than Hindu India. They have poorer UN development indexes and more dictatorial and violent political systems.
    Maybe India is the way it is because of South Asians. There are buddhist South Asian countries, Muslims ones and Hindu ones and all of them are poor and corrupt. Islam has been in South Asia for hundreds of years. Buddhism for thousands of years. Your fixation on Hinduism as the source of the problems in South Asia is strange.
    Indonesia has Muslim parts and Hindu parts. Seems like nearly every western person that goes there prefers the Hindu parts (bali). Hinduism is not a good ethical system. I’m not going to defend it. But you have a serious blind spot if you think Islam (radical or otherwise) is less pernicious. The worst shitholes in the world are Muslim, not Hindu. Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan. All overrun with terror, without industry and systematically oppressive to women (the laws of India are much less so).

    1. You obviously haven’t been to India. There is no worse shithole on this planet. The Hindus literally shit everywhere. The people are the most malnourished, most miserable of any race. And this is under a stable democracy and in peace time.
      You won’t find sights like the following in any Muslim country, even the south Asian ones:
      Mind you, this is the holiest city and the holiest river of the Brahmins. They are congenitally the filthiest, most callous bunch of lowlifes on the face of this earth.

  4. RL, many of your articles make good sense but this is not one of those.
    Modern Hindutva is a not a reactionary movement, its a reconciliation moment. In today’s India, RSS and VHP are two main representative of what you call Hindutva Movement. Whereas I agree that VHP is party of orthodox upper caste hindus and has orthodox Puranic ideology they hardly have any base any more. RSS on the other hand follows an ideology which does not believe in caste system. Its true that lowest castes have been suspicious of RSS as it used the word Hindu from the beginning, But the backward castes which are traditionally thought of just above lowest caste in India have supported RSS in large numbers. BJP is the political arm of RSS and BJPs tallest leader and PM hopeful is from backward caste. In fact one of the prominent ideologues of RRS (Savarkar) was an atheist (so that’s clearly not brahminical on ideology).

    1. The same is RSS and the Bajrangies are not violent enough to go after the communist MA0ists or the SIMI Islamic terrorists… They just wear kakhi trousers waving a freaking stick
      The only ones who have benefited the most from the RSS and Bajrangi clowns are the liberal left congress party.
      I would the Hindus to have a powerul organization like the Paraa Mossad like groups. Remember they went after the Palestinian terrorists who killed all those athletes in Munich Germany. I want such a Hindu group who are effective in eliminating such anti Hindu terrorists. .

  5. Look at all these shitskin hindu cow piss drinking child rapists. Dirty fuckers are uglier than an africans turd.

  6. Disagreed, because there’s no “caste based violence” in India, and rest of the religions have no “bases” because they were created only by force, and included only lies.

  7. Ok.. Lots of Hindu propaganda here.
    Research Hindu persecution of Christians in India. Research Hindu attacks in Karnataka, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh.
    And don’t forget to watch youtube videos to judge for yourself 馃檪
    Fuck Hindus.

  8. Sire,most of your articles were effective ones.but this para and commentators gathered here are biased towards anti-hindu ideology & for that reason,u loose our respect.
    blessed be!

  9. Political Islam is dead in Egypt? That is why we watched all that unrest and the US was wondering to whether it should intervene. Its an issue of Moderate vs Fanatic and any other religion has no favorable standing but is at most “tolerated” There was even a report about the condition after Mubarak was ousted that religious tolerance is even lower than ever, despite the control of supposed moderates.
    Angry Muslims stormed US diplomatic facility in Egypt, and yet their religion is dead in Egypt.
    Way to ignore reality.

  10. its interesting to see this white skinned fools thinking about my country and my religion.You people are right we were conquered by the barbarians from afghan and turkey.When their power diminished it was the turn of the europeans who looted the whole world.Now in 2014 we r going to have a real Hindu as our prime minister.Our main advantage is that we have not SINNED as terribly as any race in the world. So final victory will be ours. Wait and watch.21st century is going to be ours.I

      1. RL, The below one was one of my previous posts.
        As I had mentioned then, it is clear that you were not aware of the realities in India. Now the same Narendra Modi is PM of India, and in this election, a very high percentage of so called lowest caste has supported BJP – the Hindu nationalist party. Its only because they genuinely want to get away with the castes. I don’t know whether you hate the idea of India without castes, but that’s our (urban upper class) dream here. Human Civilizations are not very old – Instead of deriving what can be done based on what was done, we can make amends and start afresh for next thousands of years, even if it has been bad for last two or three thousand years.
        Would really like to hear your comments.
        RL, many of your articles make good sense but this is not one of those.
        Modern Hindutva is a not a reactionary movement, its a reconciliation moment. In today鈥檚 India, RSS and VHP are two main representative of what you call Hindutva Movement. Whereas I agree that VHP is party of orthodox upper caste hindus and has orthodox Puranic ideology they hardly have any base any more. RSS on the other hand follows an ideology which does not believe in caste system. Its true that lowest castes have been suspicious of RSS as it used the word Hindu from the beginning, But the backward castes which are traditionally thought of just above lowest caste in India have supported RSS in large numbers. BJP is the political arm of RSS and BJPs tallest leader and PM hopeful is from backward caste. In fact one of the prominent ideologues of RRS (Savarkar) was an atheist (so that鈥檚 clearly not brahminical on ideology).

      2. Dr. Lindsay, though what I’ll say repeats what I said in another India thread, this is how people must respond to people like Arun or others of Hindutva when they comment. I happen to be Indian (raised Hindu but no longer practice that faith), but I do not agree with Hindutva and admit Dr. R. Lindsay that you are right to great extent about Hindutva being extreme & they complain too much about past. But here’s how to respond to people like Arun though it repeats what I said in another post.
        Yes, Whites did things for their own benefit but once a dispute is over, it is over. There is no need for the Portuguese, British and other Europeans to apologize for colonizing India because 1947 Independence (India), 1954 Pondicherry and 1961 Goa makes all disputes a moot point. Let the British honor Queen Victoria and let the Portuguese honor St. Francis Xavier and Vasco da Gama. They are not disputes anymore. Hypothetically, if Hindus could have conquered other parts of world, would we have done the same thing? Possible.
        If you wonder why I鈥檓 not bashing White Christians though I鈥檓 not Christian, it鈥檚 because it鈥檚 wrong for Hindus to send their kids to Christian schools and then turn around and say how evil the Christians are. I went to a British school when I was 11 to 14 years old (almost 2.5 years) from 1981 to 1984 when I lived in Madrid Spain-King鈥檚 College. It鈥檚 wrong to ask White Christians for help such as education, jobs and then to turn around and say how bad they are.
        Yes, the British, Portuguese did what they wanted to for their own benefit. But that is history and not happening now. Rather than complain about how life was during colonialism, it鈥檚 best to enjoy the independence 1 has. Now I can understand the conflicts between Indian Hindus and Muslims because that has happened for hundreds of years and still happening, though I don鈥檛 go to extreme. I can understand the India-China dispute (I have been to China, Chinese people are fine and their culture interesting but China’s politics is rubbish), but it is useless to complain about something once a dispute is over. It is wrong to bash Whites yet have no problem sending Hindu kids to Christian schools to be educated by the very Christian whites you bash because of disputes which ended so long ago.

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