Underneath an Angry Man

Next time you see an angry man*, think of this: Underneath an angry man is an ocean, a bottomless well, of the deepest pain, far deeper than your mind can ever comprehend. The surface rage is only the reflection of the sun’s light on the upturned face of that sadness that knows neither a beginning nor and end, yet goes on forever apace. *Not sure if this is true of all angry men, but I think it is true for a lot of them.

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0 thoughts on “Underneath an Angry Man”

  1. When I get angry it’s often because I’m past my breaking point and I can’t deal with life anymore. I need help but I won’t ask for it because that would mean I’m a failure. This is my sick way of thinking, sub-consciously. My husband will think I’m angry when I feel I’m upset, not angry. I’m upset because things are falling apart and I can’t cope. I’m angry at myself for failing to cope? I’m going around in circles now. I didn’t have a lot of coping skills when my parents threw me at the world.

  2. First of all a large percent of humans need help at one time or another in our lives. Your only failiure is not getting help when you know you need it. Believe it or not society is changing its view point on the matter and now its ok to get help. And people like Robert can do amazing things and very painlessly .

  3. Scratch an angry man and you will often find someone whose ambition is much greater than his ability or his luck. James

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