India: Land of Survivalism and Chaos

This is an excellent piece written by India Land of Rapes from the comments section. I will let it speak for itself.
Neither capitalism nor socialism will work in India because Indians are survivalists.
Indians exhibit survivalism to extreme. Basically survivalism is an evolutionary strategy adopted by humans in Bronze Age. Perhaps the Bronze Age cult of Hinduism might have played strong role in creating this lifestyle among Indians. Basically, survivalists don’t care about others. For them, their own survival and survival of their offspring is paramount.
For most Indians, a sense of nationhood comes last. For them, nationhood is a matter of projecting their own ego and pride. This is the reason why most Hindus emphasize pride. Extreme pride is a manifestation of your ego.
For most Indians, their own family, caste, tribe counts. A sense of strong nationhood never existed. Of course it gets manifested in their hatred towards others like Pakistan, China, or White people. But without strong hatred or a greater evil, you cannot unite Indians under one umbrella, since for them opportunism, self interest, the interests of caste and family are more important than nationhood.
This strong survivalism is shown by Indians when in danger. They just care about their own family first. The nation and others never come in picture – you might say all humans to an extent do this. Yes, every human exhibits survivalism to an extent, but once humans initiated trade, commerce and mingling with others, these tendencies disappeared for the most part.
You can see how Indians rush to save their own and don’t give a flying fuck to others in danger.
This is why your average Indians doesn’t give a flying fuck about other Indians. For him, family and caste comes first unless an external threat comes into picture.
This is why socialism will fail in India – basically in socialism, you need to care about the less privileged and lend them a helping hand. This philosophy is completely alien to Hindu life, for only he and his genetic offspring or caste come first.
Why will capitalism fail or eventually will end up becoming cronyism in India? Because in capitalism the wealth that you make and the power that you acquire comes with responsibility. Your average Indian is highly irresponsible, for his responsibility is only towards feeding his genetic offspring and maybe his caste. So capitalism eventually will end up becoming cronyism or nepotism in India. The interests of only certain families will get served, and the rest of population will end up in misery.
What will succeed in India then? Harsh it may sound, I think the future of India is eternal chaos. Chaos is everywhere in India. You see it in traffic, family, and interpersonal relations. You never know when your Indian friend will stab you.
Nothing succeeds in India. The Indian mind is still stuck in the Bronze Age cult of Hinduism. The national character never changed.
Everything that Indians do looks fake…it doesn’t look natural. The roads, buildings, architecture, people’s dress, accent, and social relations – almost everything in India looks fake. It looks as if development and globalization is forced on them.
For most Western societies, language, social life, civic duties, art and music took time to evolve. In the West, all the stuff you see is for the most part a natural evolution. But for India, it’s an artificial growth. Perhaps this is why the Industrial Revolution never took place in India.
India is still knitted by strong family and caste lineage. Even in the 21st Century, they follow survivalism. For them, feeding and breeding is what counts. Even in dirty unhygienic surroundings, they continue to breed. The whole nation is driven by blind opportunism.
Hinduism even offers many remedies for the sins you committed and opportunism you exhibit – just dipping in the Ganges or giving gold ornaments to God will whitewash your sins towards your fellow humans. It seems Hinduism has had to invent a ritualistic means of escapism from all social responsibilities and instead indulge in pride, ego boosting and exhibitionism.
This is why your average Hindu is extremely blind to everything that happens around him and continues to live in past.
Neither socialism, communism or capitalism will work in India.
India is in eternal chaos. It might continue to evolve, or it will eventually destroy itself.

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171 thoughts on “India: Land of Survivalism and Chaos”

    1. I doubt such comparison can be made.Indonesians are warm,polite,friendly and humble based on my observation from the indonesian tourist and workers that i have met in malaysia.Indians however are snobbish ,arrogant and rather irritating.Also indonesians never deny the fact that their country received influence from early hindus,buddhist and arab traders and merchant and also the Dutch that help create the present society in Indonesia(I mean in a positive way).Whereas a typical indians have some sort of inherent pride that their culture is the greatest and ignore the fact that there are other civilization too.I wouldn’t say all of indonesia is a chaotic place because only the island of java is densely populated where more than 50% of the population lives.Sure indonesia is a poor country and has been marred by ethnic riots (1998 anti chinese riot, 1997 dayak vs madures riot ,2000 malay vs madurese riot which claimed a lot of life) and insurgency in Papua region but it is still wayyy better than india

  1. This ILOR articles are beginning to be tiresome all he has is the same shit talk and none of hi messages or articles are seem to raise a highbrow only filth lovers like him, Dota, Robert Lindsay seems to love them enjoy filthy rat pricks!!

  2. Globalization and Capatalism has lead Indians to cheat and use unfair means to gain Material Goods that with introspection one does not really need. Its about time Globalization gets a Deathknell.
    We Hindus will find a way around all your fucking Modern shit. Keep your wares to yourself. Lets us see how you will treat your Poor during your bad times.

  3. Could survivalism have anything to do with living among vast poverty, chaos and suffering without a safety net? I think most people would be survivalist in that situation, wouldn’t they? The girl at the top attested to Indonesians being the same way.
    Hinduism isn’t a bronze age cult. It contains elements of bronze age religion, which partly have been subsumed and incorporated into a higher philosophy and reinterpreted in light of it. Is Krishna a mythical deity and tribal war God or a symbolic manifestation of the supreme Godhead? The worst thing about Hinduism is caste. That’s mainly what needs to be changed.
    “Hinduism even offers many remedies for the sins you committed and opportunism you exhibit – just dipping in the Ganges or giving gold ornaments to God will whitewash your sins towards your fellow humans.”
    Catholicism does the same. Go to confession and your sins are forgiven.

    1. I thinks Italians are very Materially intelligent/creative people, more so than the Germans Who are more disciplined], The Brits are like have some of What the Italians have and a little German discipline. Although, I believe all European IQ is in the same Ball-park figure. Why am I saying this, is that my hypothesis that Italians have a greater Racial mixture, next the Brits, and lastly the Germans. Racial mixture over a 1000 year period time may make you smarter, or over 1000 years smartness passed on like the Jews.
      Indians are not one endogamous people, We are many micro races, many languages, dialects etc. Its also what you prioritize in life Religion is a major thing in India, we have many Gods, believes, customs etc.
      As ILOR mentions Indians find commonality, in their Castes. A Brahmin priest that performs ones Funeral is not the one you invite to worship a God on a festival day. You have a whole spectrum even in people who take Sainthood, its hugely diverse.
      There is the hierarchy in realizing God, Path of Knowledge[Spiritual][ Gnana Yoga] , Karma Yoga[ Path of Action], and Bhakti Yoga[ Path of Devotion]. There are sects who fight that their path is supreme. In the end to find liberation from Samsara[Births and Deaths], a Soul must realize that its eternal Nature is of Atman[Over Soul]. It takes millions of Births and Millions f years of effort for a great being to achieve that. Once one realizes that one is like Godhead.
      Now after realizing the Godhead there is work, through eternity transcendental beings meditate upon the GodHead progress Spirtiually.
      One thing is not all beings are Same, there are beings in Heavens having all the fun more than we can have in a lifetime in just a minute right now. We just cannot complain about, but accept it.
      There was this BBC program on India, one Dalit funeral worker from mentions that he is the richest person in Benares[Varanasi], Brahmins need his service for cremation, he his proud of his stature. A person born in Brahmin Caste can clam he is superior. Only God know who is good and Bad. One can be actually Good, sincere, and lead a Austere life on Earth and Yet be Bad, its all your Latent Karma still left in your Causal Body.
      Almost infinite possibiliies, its very difficult to realize God.

      1. There is no need for caste to exist. Everybody has the same ultimate nature and everybody should have the same opportunity to become a priest or guru or whatever they want, based on merit. Its true that not everybody is equal but let it be decided on merit, not birth. You are not superior because you are born into a certain caste, class or country. You are superior based on your personal qualities.
        There is no need for caste to exist. It doesn’t exist in other countries. The caste system is not sacred or holy, it is just the ancient social system of one country that divides people and holds people back. It was made by humans and it only concerns 1/7th of humanity.
        It is not virtuous to defend a social system that badly oppresses a group of people- dalits- just so you can boost your own ego and feel superior. We need to try to make the world a better place for everybody- that is good karma.
        Give everybody an equal chance and if you can achieve something of value, whether spiritual or worldly, then do it, instead of relying on your social status to feel superior to people you may not be superior to. btw humility is supposed to be a spiritual quality, not pride in worldly status.

        1. By the way, powerful people have used religion to justify the status quo and maintain their advantageous position. Even in England, it was done:
          “The rich man in his castle. The poor man at his gate, God made them, high or lowly, And ordered their estate.”
          I wonder if that ever happened in India?!

        2. I told you all these Hindu worms support caste. How many of the Hindus who came to this site do not support caste? Virtually none.
          That’s why it’s not going away anytime soon, Steve. Think about it.

        3. None supports caste or oppose it. The christians killed natives in american continent, Australia, made africans slave. American and australian natives dont know the use of iron weapons. So the christians easily eliminated them. In africa the natives know the use of metals. The christians enslaved them and sold them as slaves in Amercia. In India and china the natives know the use of gun powder and metals. There was stiff resistance from hindus when Christians did cruelty like Inquisition.The pope gave permission to columbus to enslave people who refused to convert. In india christians (englis) used to steal children in 1800 – 1815 AD some 6000 hindu children were stolen by christian robbers and sold as slaves. In psite of that hinduism survived, The british came with a new tactics , spreading rumours about hinduism. for example caste : Poor people were asked to clean toilets and were termed as Scheduled caste. Before british indian population was so low, people used to go to open toilets (out of village) when brtish came they intorduced toilets in trains. In west the trains had tanks to collect human waste and it was cleaned in stations. but in india the tanks were not fitted, the human waste fell in tracks., But in stations it caused problem. Humans were used to clean it, So tell me who made humans to remove human waste ? it is christians not hindus. Now u can say india is free country and why hindus have not uplifted the lives. The fact is india is still ruled by christians.

  4. Yes India has lost its soul..
    700 years of Barbaric Islamic Tyranny followed by 300 years of Anglican tyranny and exploitation. Thanks to the Brhamins they have helped prevent the complete eradication of Hinduism..
    And then 65 years of Nehruvian Lefist socialim that has managed to keep 700 million living in abject poverty. The perfect condition for the parasitic virus..the chrsitian evangelicals to exploit for their soul harvest.
    Some facts:
    The C0ngress left party has ruled India 89% of the time and the Nehru feudal family has ruled 82% of that time!
    Nehru prime minister of India, from 1947 until 1964 17 years
    Indira Gandhi (Nehru’s daughter who took the Gandhi’s name just for name recognition so the poor people would vote for her thinking she was related to Mahatma Gandhi)) Prime Minister of the Republic of India for three consecutiv­­e terms from 1966 to 1977 and for a fourth term from 1980 until her d_eath in 1984, a total of fifteen years. 15 years
    Rajeev Gandhi (Indira’s son) was the 7th Prime Minister of India, serving from October 1984 to December 1989/91. = 7 years
    ManMohan Singh as a Proxy PM for Sonia Gandhi. He took the oath as the Prime Minister of India on 22 May 2004 = 7 years +
    Total = 46 years
    Lal Bahudur Shastri (Congress Party) = 2 years
    P. V. Narasimha Rao (Congress Party) = 1991-1886 = 6 years
    = 56 years. 56 years out of 63 years of India’s independen­­ce
    Now, they have Rahul and his sister waiting in line for the throne. They would then have children and it goes into perpetuity. Is this even a republic? I don’t think so. And the worst of all, they have blamed everyone else for the poverty and plight in India and have not taken ownership for any of the problems. NEVER!
    In all this time, the left of India has not built infrastructure like irrigation for the farmers of India.

    1. Hinduism never had an identity to begin with, British created this new Religion Hinduism.
      Old Brahminical Order which you are talking about lost its identity during Sunga dynasty, Buddhism has attained greater intellectual status during Sunga dynasty, War between Brahmins and Bhikkhus has created a permanent chasm in South Asian society.
      You only see one side of story, Islamic invasions were not so fierce, in fact many lower caste Hindus converted to Islam as this new religion gave them some social standing.
      South Asian society has become too weak, Islam and other European invasions are able to control and rule vast regions of south Asia because South Asian tribes and princely states are in permanent war with each other, Society lost meaning and purpose, In some Vijayanagara Dynasty tried to resurrect this lost spirit, but they failed, in fact corrupt and incompetence has led to downfall of Vijayanagara Kingdom.
      Kakatiyas collapsed due to same reason, they were busy in backstabbing and preserving their rule at one point they became authoritarian and did everything to preserve their rule. Kakatiya Kingdom was in bad economic state, internal chaos, low agrarian output, mass starvations led to food riots in Telangana region — Finally Deccan Sultanate took over the rule, many in Telangana region and Hyderabad converted to Islam as they had no hope in Hinduism/or Sanathana Dharma as it was called earlier.
      Gandhi was right when he stated – “No one can take your freedom, Power unless you voluntarily give it or you become so weak that a Dominant force will overpower you”.
      Hinduism/Sanathana Dharma/Brahmanism became weak, arrogant, closed minded much like Islamic Mullahs.
      At one point over 90 percent South Asians are functionally illiterate, superstition, blind rituals have entered into mainstream culture.
      Black magicians, con artists, fake gurus became intellectuals.
      Society entered into abyss, chaos was everywhere.
      So called patriotic Hindus fought against British, and when they lost, they sacrificed over 50,000 children for Lord Shiva, in hope that Shiva will reincarnate and destroy White race on Earth.
      Modern Hindutva is a reactionary movement, Brahmins have not accepted defeat, They are using new techniques now, new tools, new propaganda techniques..but they will fail, not because Hindutvas are bad, but their influence is dead long ago, Now they have force their ideology onto people and I can assure you many Indians, especially minorities will not take Hindutva any longer.
      They should have settled down and should have let society progress and adopt any new ideology which fits people’s reason, but they still believe that Hindus are like small kids who needs to be taught “Hindu way of Life”. They think they own everything in India, but they are blowing in the wind.
      Hindutva movement is like Muslim Brotherhood in middle east.
      Political Islam is dead in Egypt, it brought only chaos, divisions, conflicts between Sunni, Shia, minority Coptic Christians, and same will be the future of Political Hindutva, caste based violence will increase and this movement will alienate 210 million Muslims and over 70 million Christians in India.

      1. Islam is facing its Karma today..the most hated religion in the world.
        But in my book, christianity ought to take that top place

      2. Hindus ought to learn from the Jews.. The Jews are hated by the Islamists which means the Jews are doing something right
        Hindus need to emulate the Jews and show contempt for Muslims

      3. You said “Gandhi was right when he stated-”No one can take your freedom,Power unless you voluntarily give it or you become so weak that a Dominant force will overpower you”.”
        I completely agree.. That’s why I have contempt for the Hinduvadies like the RSS and Bajrangi Dal. They are not violent enough like the Islamists or the Maoists etc… The Hindutvadies are all hat and no cattle. They should either shit or get off the potty I says. They are too peaceniky for me.
        Hindus need a real strong group not the current Khaki trouser wooden stick wielding Bajrangi weaklings to resist (violently if necessary) the eviI mechanization of christianity, Islam and c0mmunist leftists.

        1. When the Palestinian terrorists killed the Jewish Olympians during the Munich Olympics, the Jews sent mercenaries to hunt down each of the Palestinians and killed them.. I am like WOW..I was so impressed with what the Jews did.
          That’s what the Hindus need.. .a strong Para miliatry group which is lethal and go after christians, Islamists, and c0mmies who would harm a single Hindu. Not the khaki trouser wearing weakling Bajrangi idiots.

        2. I am a Catholic woman, not very practicing though, but my religión tell me not to kill ,no matter what situation, in my church they told me that Jesús will resolve our problems, and make the situations in our favor,no need to kill, that you say scare me, does the Hindu God approve killing? you sound like a Muslim, their God Allah approves of killing infidels, very scary both of you are.

        3. Pray and wait for God’s grace, that is the Christian way, not kill people with guns, i used to think Hindus were not in the same level of Muslims, i do hope you are an exception and not the norm among Hindu mentality, i don’t know Hinduism well, but i guess your God Brahman don’t want you to harm his creations, pray him for his grace.

        4. Its amazing ale that the christians do not walk their talk.
          his is a reIigion that never helped its adherents to be m0ral. No wonder they have done these.
          – Inquisiti0n in Spain and Goa
          – C_rusades
          – Ethn!c cIeansing of American Indians
          – SIavery
          – Iynchings
          – The Ant! Chinese league of the Americas
          – Jim Cr0we
          – The HoI0caust. Read the ant!semit!Ic rantings of Martin Iuther the founder of the Protestant movement that was the impetus for the HoIocaust.
          – Separate churches for bIacks and whites in the bible belt.
          – BI00d Iibel. Read in Wikipedia about this.. OMG! What eviI!
          – Rwwanda ethn!c CIeansing
          – Ant! G _ay kiIIings in African countries like Uganda on the instigation of the Southern Bapt!st EvangeIicals
          – Doctrine of Discovery
          I can tell you that I do not have such a long list for even Islam. If there was trust me..I would have prepared one. Even during the crusades. Sallauludin was far more chivalrous than the christians.
          Does Hinduism approve of violence. Thats a trick question isn’t it. Is violence for self defense immoral? During WWII was killing the German christian Nazies immoral?
          So in Hinduism, its immoral NOT to kill (as a last resort of course) evil for sake of upholding Dharma (Righteousness) in this world..its cowardice not to do that,.

      4. Hey!
        I liked this post, does this guy have an email for contact?
        Also I noticed the Viking Norse on your gravatar, do you admire the Norse Viking culture?

    2. Indias overhyped Growth story is falling apart
      All social indicators of india are worse than Bangladesh and sub saharan africa and these morons are emulating west and driving Porsche on Roads full of pot holes
      Indias growth story is a gigantic myth, overhyped with all lies repeated often in financial magazines, Foreign investors are pulling their stock,Companies are collapsing,Most mining Companies are down 30 percent
      Indian rupee is worst performing currency in Asia
      Every one is amazed how India could manage to grow over 8 Percent from 2003-2008, The answer is : Remittances
      Foreign Remittances and IT services Account to over $120 Billion .
      From Financial year 1998-2008 Indians Immigrants have sent over $50 Billion per annum.
      How did indians accomplished such an act?– Fraud,Visa frauds, Over billing Clients Tax evasion , and Manipulating Balance sheet.
      India’s growth story is driven by Con artists, Goldman Sachs Pimps,Visa Fakery institutes and Fraud H1-B institutions
      Today indian growth story is falling apart because, Many clients have understood the Lies and Deception of indians,Their visa fraud and financial jugglery is getting exposed, Top echelons have understood this, American Elite wanted to pit China with India, and they felt that india would become a geopolitical ally in south asia
      Instead, hindus have awarded themselves super power status,they stabbed americans with their duplicitous nature,They have cheated Clients on large scale
      India is like a gigantic parasite, sucking wealth from west and using that wealth to boost its Fake Pride and Ego,
      Nothing has changed on ground,except few rich guys ,appearing in forbes and giving speeches about India’s super power status
      Once again Corrupt hindus have taken other indiots for a ride, giving them fake illusions and taking them on Ego Trip,Insecure indians really believed in this Super power Pipe dream

      1. Actually USA is helping India and hoping India to be a strong country. The MNC in USA hire mostly Indians IT workers. The only one that resist is Apple. Everyone in IT sector know H1B is created entirely for Indians. Most of their recipients are Indians.
        ILOR, I seldom find anyone as honest as you. You only tell the truth never mind it hits your tribe.
        One most perspective. Flooding USA with cheap IT workers is also a power fight between MBA type and nerd type. Nerd is gaining too much power, and their prestige can be curb by increasing their population dramatically, making them fearful of pink slip, depressing their wages.
        I also hope all the best for your tribe. Some Singaporean Indians are nice. But suddenly our government decided to flood us with India Indian, to create division in my country, depress wages, drive up property price and also buying vote by naturalizing new Indian citizens.
        Suddenly, our life become very stressful and politicking. Hope the next generation will be better and this could only be possible if the in flow is reduced and we have enough time to assimilate.
        But I see that elites will not let people have good life. They will make us miserable if we are enjoying.

        1. No matter how much the US Helps India, India is not going to become an economic powerhouse like China. Because we have our own Eva Peron, an Italian Catholic socialist woman and her imbicile Baby Doc Duvalier Rahul the turd…and this progeny is out to destroy India with the help of the Indian Muslims Christians and the “Sickularists”.

        2. Also if India progresses and become a powerhouse, it chaffs the butt of the desi christins, Muslims and the “sicularists”. Its to their interest India fails. So they remain in power into perpetuity to see India fails

        3. IF India succeeds the average desi Muslim and desi christian and desi “secularist” lefty feels Hindus would get the credit.. So they have colluded and remain in power to make sure India does not succeed.
          This evil lot has been in power 90% of the India since 1967.

        4. My grand father is a writer in south India, most of his works are in Tamil, Telugu, he is mostly blunt in his writings about Hinduism, Hindu society and nature of People in south Asia.
          He visited UK during 1920’s, He dreamt of studying at Oxford but British raj did not give him scholarship, and he examined the life of people in Britain without becoming emotional and detesting them for colonizing India, he even wrote a Short story why India will never have industrial revolution, and why only White man can accomplish it.
          He was proven wrong by Chinese and Japanese, Perhaps its because he neither traveled to Japan or China nor he studied their societies.
          But my grandfather and his works make sense, he has a gift of reading people and how society functions.
          He is very pessimistic about India.
          In his Novel: “Krishna Paksham -The Darkening Fortnight”, he wrote, “South Asia died spiritually when ritualistic Brahmanism replaced Buddhism.”
          He quoted in his novel that in Hindu society, “Ritual has replaced Reason”, this marked death of every thinking soul, death of intellectuals, since then con artists, Snake charmers, Pseudo scientists have ritualized Reason. Superstition has become Spirituality.
          He felt that protestant work ethic will save Hindu society from social and cultural decadence.

        5. You should read Rajiv Malhotra’s
          “Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines”
          An excerpt here.

          White men as usual create mischief in other places.. the entire Tutsi and Hutu ethnic cleansing in Rwanda was due to the Belgian Christians making up stories about how Tutsies are closer to Caucasians and what not. The same crap these bloks have spun about Aryan Invasion etc.
          Indians have long memory.. Dharmic cultures goes back to antiquity and there is no group memory where people from one end of the Dharmic culture ever persecuted another. Thats why although Indians trash talk about one another there is no history of Tamilians slaughtering Mallus or Andrhas killing KAnadigas or North Indians killing South Indians. Did not happen. Unlike the Europeans who have been killing one another. With the exception of Kings fighting with another…Until the foreigners came to India (Mohammad Ghori and Gazni et al and slaughtered Indians and established Islamic Iconoclasm of Hindu places of worship all over India. But Indians themselves did not kill one another.
          I find it amusing when some white dudes tell ME that I have been persecuted by upper caste Brahmins.. Did not happen. My parents and grand parents were not persecuted by upper castes/Brahmins never! At the most they may have insulted us..they may not have drank from the same glass or eaten off the same plate or not allowed us in their home may be…. But they did not physically abuse anyone. So I do not hold grudge against Brhamins for “insulting” my family or blood line. So I am not going to turn into a Ganga Din for some dumbarse white dudes trying to split us up.
          As for Brahmin Rituals… goes, Rituals and Bakthi movment is is only one thread within Hinduism… There is the Vedantas and the more “intellectual”/Philosophical side of Hinduism (which appeals to me) like Vivekananda taught everyone. The Brahmins are not forcing their “ritualistic” side of Hinduism on anyone else. They practice that for fact Its this ritualistic habits that has preserved the oral tradition of passing on the Vedas.

        6. You should read Rajiv Malhotra’s
          “Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines”
          An excerpt here.

          White men as usual create mischief in other places.. the entire Tutsi and Hutu ethnic cleansing in Rwanda was due to the Belgian Christians making up stories about how Tutsies are closer to Caucasians and what not. The same crap these bloks have spun about Aryan Invasion etc.
          Indians have long memory.. Dharmic cultures goes back to antiquity and there is no group memory where people from one end of the Dharmic culture ever persecuted another. Thats why although Indians trash talk about one another there is no history of Tamilians slaughtering Mallus or Andrhas killing KAnadigas or North Indians killing South Indians. Did not happen. Unlike the Europeans who have been killing one another. With the exception of Kings fighting with another…Until the foreigners came to India (Mohammad Ghori and Gazni et al and slaughtered Indians and established Islamic Iconoclasm of Hindu places of worship all over India. But Indians themselves did not kill one another.
          I find it amusing when some white dudes tell ME that I have been persecuted by upper caste Brahmins.. Did not happen. My parents and grand parents were not persecuted by upper castes/Brahmins never! At the most they may have insulted us..they may not have drank from the same glass or eaten off the same plate or not allowed us in their home may be…. But they did not physically abuse anyone. So I do not hold grudge against Brhamins for “insulting” my family or blood line. So I am not going to turn into a Ganga Din for some dumbarse white dudes trying to split us up.
          As for Brahmin Rituals… goes, Rituals and Bakthi movment is is only one thread within Hinduism… There is the Vedantas and the more “intellectual”/Philosophical side of Hinduism (which appeals to me) like Vivekananda taught everyone. The Brahmins are not forcing their “ritualistic” side of Hinduism on anyone else. They practice that for fact Its this ritualistic habits that has preserved the oral tradition of passing on the Vedas.

        7. “He is very pessimistic about India.
          In his Novel: “Krishna Paksham -The Darkening Fortnight”, he wrote, “South Asia died spiritually when ritualistic Brahmanism replaced Buddhism.”
          He quoted in his novel that in Hindu society, “Ritual has replaced Reason”, this marked death of every thinking soul, death of intellectuals, since then con artists, Snake charmers, Pseudo scientists have ritualized Reason. Superstition has become Spirituality.”

      2. Hey Bra-Manny- Your posts are really a joke. Hitler was a devout Christian/Catholic? Not at all. The Nazis were Christians? Not so much. The Holocaust was a Christian thing? Not in any way. Martin Luther responsible for it? No.
        Christianity also had nothing to do with slavery in America. The Native Americans were not genocided in the U.S., ever. (In California it came close to it- but the killing was not officially sanctioned, and Calif. wasn’t part of the U.S. at the time) The mistreatment of the Native Americans in the Americans in U.S. had virtually nothing to do with Christianity.
        Anti-Chinese stuff- same thing, not a Christian movement, nor were Jim Crow laws.
        Uganda has always been bloodthirsty, before these insane “Christian” groups emerged with proposals for death penalty for gays, etc. Every Christian church has totally distanced themselves from these Ugandans. To use something like that as an “example” of Christian doings is beyond lame. A law like that is more like something an Islamic govt would come up with.
        You really are nuts! And you don’t get a pass for being ignorant, because I can tell you’ve read a lot of stuff. Lame PC, anti-Western screeds. I’ve read them too. Halucienda would get along well with you, maybe we can fix you up.

        1. Martin Luther need to carry some responsibility for holocaust. His work Von den Jüden und ihren , “the Jews and their lies is a big opus of anti jews”.
          See here for more info for Martin Luther’s anti semitism.
          One word I would want to remind folks here. Europe has a lot of latent racism that will explode anytime that result in massacre of.minorities. Germany is the best place for Jews until 1933. But 1933-1945 saw them wiped out. Germany is good for Jews again from 1945 – now.
          Similarly, Yugoslavia has a lot of tolerant. In 1990s, a lot of sectarian violence flared up.

        2. Even if we agree that Hitler was not a christian, now you have the burden to prove that the entire christian population of Germany and Poland was not christians..for they were Hitlers willing executioners.
          I have read
          “Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust ”
          Daniel Jonah Goldhagen (Author)
          Photographic evidence

        3. I have read “Howard Zinn”‘s “A People’s History of the United States,”
          In it he has documented/references that Andrew Jackson of the state of Florida used blankets with Small Pox to ethnically cleanse the Cherokee Indians.

        4. The Holocaust wasn’t caused by people reading that Martin Luther book. (which was just very typical anti-Semitic stuff for the time). Martin Luther said some pretty choice things about the Pope and the Catholic Church- he hated them as much, if not more, than Jews.
          The Nazi leaders were not religious folks- they were into the old Norse stuff and mysticism, occult, etc. if anything. They didn’t care for the Catholic Church much and cracked down on it, in fact.
          Jews were targeted for the Holocaust because of socio-economic (they had all the money, were controlling the media & govt) and racial-ethnic cleansing motivations. Being Non-Christians had absolutely nothing to do with it- and Nazism had nothing to do with Christianity- if I hear this idiocy one more time I will scream!
          The average, Joe-Six Pack Pole or German soldier, or citizen, probably didn’t like Jews for a lot of reasons (though many had friends that were J-ish), and they might have cited “not Christians” as one reason. But these average guys did NOT conceive, engineer and execute the H-caust. Hitler tried to keep it top-secret, and it was a rumor only to most Gernans- they couldn’t say what was happening- they only knew that that the j’s were being “relocated to work camps.” Gen. Ike insisted on parading the German civilians through the death camps because thay said they didn’t believe it. And what could the average citizen who objected do to stop it? Not much.
          That book “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” is a non-historical revisionist hunk of crap. Read its reviews! Its just a Jew “historian” trying to indict the entire German race for the actions of a pretty small percentage.

        5. Jews were blamed for killing Jesus” and the fact Jews would not convert to christianity offended the christian sensibilities.

        6. Andrew Jackson was a Presbyterian who didn’t bother to officially join the church until after his presidency. He believed in separation of church/state. Religion has nothing to do w/ Jackson’s towards Indians, etc. Jackson and his wife raised an orphaned Indian baby as their son to adulthood.
          “Christians burned the Great Library of Alexandria” No. they didn’t.
          Bra-Manny’s posts are so full of inaccuracies it’s laughable. Mildly entertaining…but I say he’s a troll. An annoying one at that.

      3. All one has to do go to Shanghai or Beijing or Guangzhou or a host of other Chinese cities and hire a cab and have him (always him in China) drive you around the city. After a few moments you tell yourself “everything I’ve heard about the ‘Chinese economic miracle’ is true”.
        Then go to Mumbai or Delhi or EVEN Bangalore or etc. and get a cab and so forth and you will quickly come to tell yourself “where’s all the vaunted economic boom that I keep hearing about in India?”

    3. “Nehru’s daughter who took the Gandhi’s name just for name recognition so the poor people would vote for her thinking she was related to Mahatma Gandhi)) ”
      Really? I thought her husban’d name was Gandhi. It is a fairly common name in India, or so I recall reading.

      1. Indira was married to a Muslim man by the name Feroz. But they lied saying he was a Parsi and and his last name was Gandhi.. and what not
        Indira Gandhi was married to a Muslim man just like Rahul Gandhi is a Catholic since Sonia always remained a Catholic. Her daughter Priyanaka is also married to a Christian


  5. India is a great country, India Land Of Rapes is hypocrite for accusing ppl of for saving their own kin and not give a fuck about others. All of you American white do same thing and in the hurricanes of katrina your negroes did lootings and rape.
    India has great genetics dating from the Golden Age of Hinduism and that the Brahmin is descendant of the Great Emperors of India. When British invade, Dalit was very pussies, but noble Brahmin and less noble Kshatirya defend land. If there was more Brahmin then the Indians win but British outnumber Brahmin and filthy Dalit betray India and join British as the Gurkhas to betray because Dalit is untouchable for the same reasons as having Australoid nigger blood in their veins. Brahmin is Aryans with NO nigger blood. Dalit have broad face like Chinese chink gookface and small penises like them. Brahmin have BIG PENIS and is secret wet dreams of white women everywhere. Nigger women also desire Brahmin but we will never mix our Aryan blood with nigger negroes and create another Dalit halfbreed nigger.
    India will one day economically triumph the Americans and Chinese. India produce good Brahmin scientist and worker. We have the noble tradition of Hinduism to have our backs.
    Death to Robert Lynsay and India Land of Rapes. Lyndsay has curly hair, he has some nigger blood in him. Fuck all and every filth who oppose India. I bet you will ban me now Lyndsay. Okay then go ahead you stupid piece of shit, you are just admitting you are too stupid to debate against good argument, so you BAN BAN BAN. Well I am banning you because you are spamm the blog against India and being a racist piece of shit. Your people are DOGS. You sleep with DOG and smell like DOG. Here in India we do not own DOG but kick it because it remind us of YOU. I am banning you Robert Lyndsay.

      1. Sir,
        The above commenter Kumar and your response is extremely funny. Reading at his post I ROFL.. This shows the Juvenile level they’ve been brought up. with Silly Indian Nationalism. These are bunch of no good juvenile net-savvy boys who does not aspire to become anything in life besides just defending the mediocrity of India in forums with trash talk and irrelevant nonsense. But these guys provide nice entertainment to the other commenters with their stupidity whilst dragging India to its lowest nadir further . As an Indian, I agree with most of your posts and I’m wondering what it would take to clean things up here. Keep highlighting these issues sir.

      2. Whoa! It’s like somebody ready your description of the worst elements of India and then decided to parody it. Goes to show that those elements are so fucked up they’re not even capable of understanding how fucked up they are.

      3. Someone on another website pointed out your website that’s how I came to be here. I’ve been to other sites where I (not sure why I waste my time) “debating” with indians with the intellectual developments of 14 year-olds. I could end up writing a near dissertation to show the pathetic indian nationalist that what they are stating/posting is just absurdity but the whole thing always end up where I stop counter-posting as I’m totally wasting my time. BUT, inevitably during the “debate” there is ALWAYS a moment where the indian nationalist will finally post, to the effect: “it doesn’t matter what you say, india will be great and will overtake America and the chinkies (‘chinkies” is used regularly by these infantile indians) and we will show the world great bharat!”…… I assume he (ALWAYS he) then stalks off to suck his thumb and pout.

  6. Great article,do Indians evince nationalism?Yes,do Indians only evince nationalism?No,some of the western powers are worse.
    I agree with Indians being self absorbed and selfish but with time and due to influence of western etiquette through internet and mass media,it would change.
    I disagree with the ‘there is no hope left’ assumption.Soon a new generation with exposure to western standard of living will rise and it will transform India within a century if not earlier.India has a bright future ahead.
    Though overpopulation is a big obstacle to overcome,but with the prevailing poverty,households prefer not to reproduce.
    Robert,Hindus/Indians won’t have an access to your blog if you ban them,we want them to realize the truth,you can delete ignorant comments if you wish.Also,it seems that you have a bad history with India,have you ever been to India?

    1. India is no over populated. Its Hindus manifest destiny to invade the Americas (including the leftist country of Canada). There is plenty of land in the world.
      We just need a bigger ship

        1. You do realize that white population is going to be a minority pretty soon…right? Sorry dude.. We’ll make sure we remind you what it is to be on the other side… eh! LOL 🙂

        2. Nope. The population of “whites” are actually growing. A lot of us “browns” consider ourselves as “white,” and that is universal within a generation or two. We prefer to side with the winners…
          Unfortunately for filthy Indians, your numbers in the U.S will always be minuscule, and you are really easy to point out. You don’t look Hispanic, Middle Eastern or Asian…Just “terrorist.” 😀

        3. How much ever a Gunga Din considers he is white… he is looked down with contempt for being a Gunga Din by all.

        4. Is that so Cyrus? just because you wear a suit and tie and flash a name like Cyrus are you one amongst them? even a white pig gets the same treatment like any other colored pig. As you said clowns like you are easy to spot you dont have to introduce yourself in a forum for grownups you can amuse yourself by watching cartoons, playing play stations and of course the one you’d always love to do

      1. You do realize thought that christian culture is from the middle east and not western. Western civilization is the greek civilization that goes back to Aristotle and Plato which has been totally corrupted by the middle eastern religion of christianity

    2. I don’t really want these Hindus on my blog tbh.
      I have no bad history with India, and I have never been there. I got to know a few Indians recently online and the shades were ripped off my eyes. I was appalled at what I saw. There is something terribly wrong with these people.

        1. : S Christian fag? sounds more like he is saying White fag or Western fag, more like comparing races or cultures tan religions, where is the character spiritual of this? when i see christians or muslims debating each other, they don’t call names like that, they compare their spiritual values or their Gods, these Hindus never talk about the power or love of their God : s ,if i were Hindu i would say to defend my religion: i love my God Brahman because i feel his love and power, and teach me values and etc etc etc

        2. Killua, no, no, no, no, no I mean no religious group hates, I mean hates, and I do mean hates, Christians as much as this Hindu animals.
          Most Muslims are pretty respectful towards Christians when you talk to them. They don’t treat them very well in their countries, but the Muslims I know generally do not bash Christianity.
          The pathological HATE that these weird Hindus have for Christianity, Christians, White people and the West is utterly bizarre. You will find nothing like it anywhere else on Earth.

        3. I don’t hate christians..I love christians I want to save them..but I loath christianity. So I want to save the christians from the evils of christianity.
          I have listed all the evils christians have being christians they are unable tio see right from wrong. So I want to save the poor christians from that evii vile christ.

        4. I searched this. DHARMA is one of the most complex and all-encompassing terms in all of Hinduism: it can mean religion, law, duty, order, PROPER CONDUCT, morality, righteousness, justice, norm. As such, dharma fundamentally underlies conceptions of morality and ETHICS in Hinduism. Dharma puts things in their proper place, creates and maintains order and balance. In the vast compendium of literature known as the Dharmashastras, dharma is examined from virtually every imaginable angle, from the proper performance of sacrifice, kingly duties, cultural norms, sexual relations, and everyday social rules such as MANNERS.
          i dunno, maybe name calling and disrespect is not evil in Hinduism like it is in Christianity or Islam.

    1. Actually, India has more hunger and far more misery than sub-Saharan Africa. It is the smelly armpit of the world. These hindutva assholes you see spewing their crap on the internet are just the kind of stupid jerks responsible for India being such a disgusting shithole.

      1. The US is killing Muslims the world over and that makes me happy! 😛
        Karma eh! Karma actually works eh! Who knew!

      2. True the re4ason fot that is the “sick-uklarists” and the Muslims and christians have taken over India …
        Thats why I want all decent non “sicuk-larist” Hindus to move to the Americas and abondon India to the Muslims christians and other aholes.

        1. Of course you Hindu rats are desperate to abandon your own holy land and escape to other countries……after having turned India into a filthy, disgusting, hopeless hellhole.
          Given your passionate hatred for Christians why are you hindutva slumdogs so hell bent on living in a Christian majority country?

        2. He don’t deserve to be called Hindu, he don’t believe in the Hindu God, he looks more like Buddhist (except that he supports caste) yes like a Buddhist, believes in Karma, Dharma, etc but without a God involved like a Hindu do, he is more like a casteist Buddhist.

        3. Cause many christians are abandoning christianity in the west… slowly and surely.
          Even the majority of the so called christians in the west are social christians.. christianity for weddings and funerals only..they are a-ok.

        4. Let me rephrase my earlier comment:
          Given the passionate hatred you evil hindutvadis have for both secularism and christianity, why are you filthy hindu slumdogs so darn desperate to escape from Hindu majority India to the Secular nation of America where believing Christians constitute the majority?
          You really are a bunch of sick, twisted, stupid, evil bastards.

        5. because In India, the “Sickfkuralists” have taken over Hindu temple monies .

          They give those money for Muslims to go on Haj. Even ther christians of Andhra tried to use that monney to go on a pilrgimate to Jerusulam..what cheeky buggers eh..the court put an end to that.
          Because they have elected an anti Hindu family starting wiith that immoral cad Nehru who hits other married white women until todays Rahul Catholic turd and this would go on into perpetuity and destroy India. India is a shit pit today on the account of these “sicufkulraitst” who give cover to Islamists like SIMI and India Mjuahdeed who collude with Pakistan Wahhabhi Taliban and what not.
          The majority of “Hindus” are ahole congressie supporting duchebags. They can live with the desi Muslims who would slit their throat when time comes…and and build churches and cross planting all over and make India into a giant Haiti of Asia (Poverty and cross planting).

        6. “They can live with the desi Muslims who would slit their throat when time comes…and and build churches and cross planting all over and make India into a giant Haiti of Asia (Poverty and cross planting).”
          Is that going to happen anytime soon? I would really like to see that on television.

        7. Very stupid excuse for why you Hindu rats are so desperate to get the hell out of your holy land.
          That does not explain why you Hindu bastards want to escape from India to a secular nation where hindus are a minority and the Christians you assholes hate so much are the majority.
          Wherever you hindus are the majority the place is inevitably a shithole. That is more likely the reason why you hindu slumdogs are so desperate to escape from India. Which proves that all your “pride” in Hindu culture is laughably fake. 🙂

      3. @Kill_The_Brahmins:
        Who are you to kick out people Hinduism is here to stay u clown prince, not only hindus emigrate from india u moron man muslim, sikh, christian , dalits, et their H1 and L1s and go to america and other countries. You speak as if hindus in america are the reason for your constipation assole. mutti pottu vellakaran poola oombara unakee ivlo adhuppa?You seem you found orgasm just mentioning religions such as Islam,. If you love good for you stay the fuck out of Hindusim who the hell are you tpo comment about Hinduism. These indians who leave the country and then trash about our coutry are the filthiest evil bastards ever in the planet . Talkin this much Why did you leave the country anyway moron

  7. The Created World is a extroversion, that is one is forced to use our senses, Smell, hearing, Sight, Taste, action, and even Mind. The present Materialistic Consumerism is of satisfying these Senses. West is epitome of Extroversionism, all those Base Jumping and Dangerous things.
    Before the British invaded, a hard, poor, austere life of a “sincere Brahmin” was worth emulating, or atleast being respected. There is this book, where “Warren Hastings” the British Governor-General spending hours getting dressed, putting perfume etc, this bemused many petty rulers, India was sold for a bottle of Whisky, some adulation, and divide-conqueror Technics and back-stabbing.
    The british would make Indians traitors by promising many things, which the gullible Indian would do against his master. When the reward time came, British Master would kill this traitor first as he would betray the British as well .
    Presently USA is seeking India as a Cannon fodder for some Ulterior motive.
    Realizing God or the path to it is going against the tide of Nature going introvert and removing all sensory input affecting your focus on God, even your Mind, If it can be done voluntarily at your Wish it becomes easy to realize God.
    ILOR I think is from AP, the land that is sending most IT scammers to USA.

    1. my parents are from AP and tamil nadu,i spent most of my life in bangalore , did my bachelors in IIT kanpur.
      Yes I understand AP culture, Today AP is dominated by Reddy’s and Kamma.
      You are very much true most visa fraud institutes are in AP,there is a craze about US, You even fetch more dowry if you are residing in US,and especially if you are either Reddy or Kamma caste
      Reddy’s are Upper caste in AP, but they basically Landlords ,Most reddy’s control atleast 100 acres of Land, employ many dalits, some times use them as low wage laborers
      Most of Immigrants to US are Reddy’s,next in line is kamma and kapu.
      Brahmin population in andhra is somewhere between 5-6 percent, during PV narasimha rao’s rule brahmins were offered many political positions,When my grandfather worked in telugu film industry , most of the musicians,directors,Songwriters,actress were brahmins
      Today its reddy dominated field,all of my family members have quit movie industry.
      Just look at Andhra politics,show me a brahmin there or in movie industry rarely you see brahmins, of course most of Singers are still brahmins like S.p. balasubramaniam apart from that i dont see any brahmin control.
      Its actually reddy control,and kamma mafia in real estate,production and distribution houses,even directors in Telugu film industry are either reddy or Kamma, Kamma caste has come into dominance after NT.Rama Rao and his family started Telugu desam.
      Offspring of Kamma caste are Naidu,Today Naidus are synonymous to Thugs in Andhra region, so they have started calling themselves as Chaudhari’s.
      Entire Andhra telangana Politics are managed by 3 Caste based mafia
      1) Reddy’s -Anil reddy,Jagan Reddy,Rajashekar Reddy former Chief minister
      2)Kamma/Naidu/Chaudhari(they are suing different names now) :Chandrababu naidu,NT.Rama rao family, Kesavara rao and Telugu desam Party and its sister parties
      3) Kapu :(Predominantly dominant caste in Telangana region) : K.Chandra sekhar Rao, and his TRS(Telangana Rastriya samity) party
      This whole struggle is not about liberating people or social issues.
      Its about money, After liberalization , Kamma Naidus became rich:-Chandrababu naidu and his Father in law -NT rama rao ruled andhra for 25 years–Accumulated huge money
      They even took some Reddy’s land in Anantapur ,from where Rajashekar reddy (Former Chief minister came), Reddy family in anantapur controlled literally 25000 acres of land.
      Rajashekar reddy’s father was a mafia man,Good in assassinations and target killing–The political struggle started after PV.Narasimha rao was dethroned as Andhra chief minister and NT rama rao got power.
      Later these factions split and now Kamma Caste became dominant force in telangana,They ignited this telangana conflict from US.
      Son of Telangana party leader lived in US for 30 years, now he came back to improve lives of Telangana people(In reality to gain political control), TRS party leader made millions as mining minister.
      Infact he even made a deal with Several mining companies like vedanta,to take Aluminium,Bauxite reserves in Telangana region.
      With all the money, he financed Hit squads and assassination gangs who basically started killing andhra people in the name of Telangana liberation.
      This targeted assassinations led to today’s telangana conflict.
      I have mentioned it several times that -Indians are their own worst enemies,Once they get power, they misuse and abuse their power.
      Millions of people and students are suffering in Andhra pradesh due to politics.
      Secondary school exams were cancelled, Kids from andhra families living in telangana region were not allowed into schools or colleges in telangana region.
      Andhra telangana conflict is an example for things to come, if india erupts, it will be complete chaos,uncontrolled civil war,triggered by caste,feudal,religious elements desperately using all their money and resources to remain in power.
      It will be bloody,far worse than syrian or rwandan conflict.
      This is why Hindutva elements must be kept in check ,because hatred is their currency and they will alienate Lower castes,Tribes and they will start in fighting for power and societal control.

        1. Well dont believe me, just read the news and check local news ,many homes are vandalized and many people are kicked out for being born in andhra region instead of telangana
          None of the idiot in media is saying that this is caste conflict,
          If telangana becomes reality,a wide scale caste conflict will start in South india

          Many more people who are claiming division of states of basis of caste will get a new life after this separation of telangana.
          Please remember the importance of Andhra pradesh, its first state formed on Linguistic basis ,and now its becoming first state to separate on caste basis –Back to square one.
          After andhra was formed in 1952,many more states have claimed autonomy on basis of Language, now they will claim separation on basis of caste.
          Impotency Indian government is even getting exposed,instead of resolving the issue through diplomacy the seek separation as solution.
          Now After formation of telangana,Bundelkhand,Gorkhaland,Kashmir,Assam,Manipur,Goa,Tamil nadu will erupt and caste becomes a new issue .

        2. Sad news for a state which was once reckoned as IT capital of india, later it became dungeon of Fake IT companies and VISA frauds, next power hungry politicians,high real estate values, land riots, Telangana people from US funding Terror campaigns against Andhra’s and in response andhra people cleansing telangana people in andhra region.
          Greed,Hindu opportunism is again exhibited here, for all clowns who are saying india lost its glory because of Colonial rule or White people, may this be a lesson for you.
          We are architects of our misery and it seems our misery will not end, we have entered into abyss with no hope, India will eventually become an eternal chaos which it has been since time immemorial.there was a glimmer of fake hope in past decade with lot of Investment and Foreign capital, Money bought chaos in Hindu life, All the hypocrisy and non materialistic life is just for fooling ignorant white people and making money
          By sanctioning the partition of Andhra pradesh into three fragments on basis of ethnicities, Govt of India has displayed its impotence.
          They have even opened pandora’s box, there are many ethnicities in India,tracing from tribal to caste, This new amendment of constitution will give them a legitimate right to seek for separation.

        3. Yes, blame the “sick-ularist” congressies and that catholic Italian Sonia and the untouchabvles of Thelungana for breaking up Andhra.

    2. This what happens to converts in India. If half of India converted to Judaism or Buddhism or Shintoism, they would not turn their back on their own parents and family and India.
      But convert Indians to one of the two predatory Golaith religion, they start batting for the outsiders and pretty soon become outsiders themselves.

      1. This stupid Abrahamic-religion hating monkey worshipper does not even know that Abraham was the father of the Jews and that Judaism is the original Abrahamic religion. 🙂
        He also doesn’t know that most of the Jews of India (few to begin with) have escaped that shithole and gone to Israel.

        1. I don’t hate “Abrhamic faiths necessarily..I only hate christianity and Islam for the right reasons. …I love Jews and Judaism… But the eviIest of the evil shit religion and shit culture are christianity and Islam, both are butt buddies. Christianity and Islam are an abomination to everything and anything decent in this world.. it makes it adherents monsters. Its devoid of ethics and morality. They are an affront to decency.
          Christianity and Islam have jumped the shark long time ago..its time for christians and Muslims to pack the bag and get out of Dodge, buddy.
          Every time I see christian soldiers killing Muslims anywhere in this world and vice Versa, its like watching two lepers fight by pulling each others fingers off!

        2. “I love Jews and Judaism”
          In another post today this illogical idiot was ridiculing the Ten Commandments of the Torah/Old Testament as the creation of goat herders, clearly showing his hatred for Moses and the Jews.
          FYI monkey worshipper, the intolerance for polytheism and idol worship (prime example of which is Hinduism) started with the Jews. Jesus was jewish and Mohammad was heavily influenced by Judaism. Islam and Christianity have much in common with the Judaism, that is why they are all lumped together as Abrahamic religions.

        3. yes wonder “Drone”-O-Charia is all over Muslims countries and muslims are getting killed everyday… which delights me to no extent! 😛

        1. This irrational idiot thinks that pointing out the bullshit in Islam (and Christianity) somehow validates the far worse bullshit and barbarism in Hinduism. Some examples from the hindu Scriptures:
          1. A virtuous woman is one who kills herself on the funeral pyre of her husband earning the privilege of serving him in the other world as well. (Atharva Veda 18-3-1)
          2. All women, vaishyas and sudras are born of inferior, degraded wombs. (Bhagavad Gita IX 32)
          3. Killing a woman, a sudra and an atheist is not sinful. (Manusmriti IX 17)

        2. More barbaric bullshit from Brahmins:
          4. Women have no right to study the Vedas. If they do they will go to hell. (Manusmriti IX 18 and..)
          5. If a Sudra listens to the Vedas molten lead should be poured down his ears. If he has learned the Vedas his body should be cut to pieces. (Manusmriti XII 4)
          6. A hundred year old Kshatriya must treat a ten year old Brahmin boy as his father. (Manu 11-135)
          7. If her husband beats her she should beg his pardon and kiss his hands. If he dies she should burn herself to death on his funeral pyre. (Parma Purana)
          These evil assholes surely deserve to be killed.

        3. Kill-The-Quran
          Most of those things that you quote from the Manu something is not read by Hindus and Hindus don’t give a shit about Manusmmirthi or any text since none of those are allegely given by God… There is no revelation in Hinduism… so Hindus can throw all that junk without being sent to hell.
          BTW I have been watching this christian guy speak so much about Islam. His name is Robert Spencer… Very interesting fellow… he talks about the falsehood of the Quran very nicely here.

          And this guy is here teaching PAt Robertson as well

        4. Kill the Quroan,
          Lets all make a deal…lets all burn the Bible, the Quran and the Manu smrithi…. for they are all vile.. Lets together reject the three trash.
          What say you?
          Lets burn ll the three..The Quran, the babel and the Smrithi together and save

        5. “Hindus don’t give a shit about Manusmmirthi or any text since none of those are allegely given by God… There is no revelation in Hinduism…”
          Quit lying already. The ultimate authority in Hinduism is the Vedas, which are considered to be of divine origin, quite like the Bible and Qur’an. The fact that all three of these divinely revealed scriptures are full of indefensible nonsense proves that all three of these religions are false.
          The manusmriti is the most important of the dharmasastras

        6. Then lets openly denounce all the three “revealed” scriptures?
          Come on! Denounce the Quran.and the Hadiths as absolute trash…just like the babel and the Smrithies and the Vedas!

        7. Just look at this stupid congenital liar acting as if I haven’t already trashed the Qur’an, along with the Vedas, in the very post he is responding to! This is how brazenly deceitful these hindutva jerks are.
          So Manny you monkey worshipper, if you agree that the scriptures of Hinduism, both sruthi (of divine origin aka Vedas) and smrithi (of human origin), are all trash why on earth are you a hindu??? Why are you so passionately against secularism? In other words why are you so intellectually dishonest?

        8. because Secularism in India is = Anti Hinduism. See how the secularists suckup to Islamists and are evangelicals…see how the secularists in India are apologist for christians and Muslims who are the two predatory Golaith in this world… so Yeah I am a pluralist.. I have no issues with garden variety Muslims or christians.
          If you want some personal information..that may shock your Islamic arse… here it is. deal with it.. I lived in Istanbul Turkey for over 4 years.. I dated two muslim women. (not at the same time ofcourse) . and spoke fairly good Turkish too. Even recently I went for Iftar supper with some friends in Chicago. But then Turks are fairly modern and progressive not unlike the Porkistani and Middle eastern shits. In fact many Turkish Muslims hate ME Islamists. Kemal Pasha Ataturk beheaded all the Islamic Mullahs of Turkey once. Thanks Gawd for that.

        9. “It logically follows that it is the business of the world at large to interpret, question, and challenge those aspects of a religion that take a position concerning outsiders. If I am the subject of some other religion’s doctrine, and such a doctrine states how I am to be treated. if I am to be converted, what is to be done to me, what I may or may not do freely, then, even though I am not a member of that religion, it does become my business to probe these doctrines and even to demand a change. On the other hand, if a religion minds its own business, and has little to say pertaining to me as an outsider, then I should respect its right to be left alone.
          In other words, a given religion’s right to be left alone by outsiders should be reciprocal and contingent upon its responsibility to leave outsiders alone.”

        10. Hey “Kill-The Koran”,
          I believe you as an Islamist is practicing Taquia. Why not show that you are a secularist here
          Why not use the MS Paint and draw a picture Mohammad and post it here to display your “secular” credential”?
          If you want me to give moral support, I’ll post a picture or verse from the Manu Smrithi and post expisitives next to it.
          Want to take this opportunity to show your true self?

        11. Stupid evil liar. Hindus are the great majority in India. You act like you are a threatened minority, when its the other minorities like Christians, Sikhs and Muslims who are threatened by Hindu fanatics like you. Thousands of them have been murdered in India by Hindu assholes like you and you have the nerve to pretend that it is you hindus who are the victims?

        12. Come on, I am willing to Burn the Manu Smrithies that you find objectional provided that you burn the Hadithst and the Quran that I find objectionable..
          Come out come out wherever you are…the Taquia practicing Islamist terrorists of the world.
          Ha Ha HA!
          Fking tools!

  8. Well I think humanity would be better off without religion all together, all it ever does is turn people against each other, and it’s all bullshit anyway.

  9. Both Christianity and Islam have an Agenda, Like the one world Religion, and the Caliphate. A decade ago on NPR, was listening to a talk show “Diane Rehm Show”, the invitee mentioned that We are pushing for one World Religion, India, China, Asia have to submit to this World religion, which he mentioned will be basically Christianity, that’s why you bring up “Caste” here. Visit an Indian Temple, Each caste has its place, and pride. A flower seller will make more Money than a Priest in a day if Money is all that matters, and the day starts at 4:00 AM, and till 8:30 PM one must worship and perform different rituals. When one must utter Sanskrith Mantras one must have what is Vaak Suddhi ” Purity in Mind and Deed, and Clarity in a very incantations”. A ritualistic silence, isolation and fasting will bring that Hinduism is serious business. Its mostly Brahmins are equipped with. Brahmins get the most respect in temples, and no where else especially in Power and Politics.
    President Bush came unimpressed with Pope John Paul’s Funeral in Rome, you guys can fool only gullible people. The Karma will strike even bad propaganda.
    There is a God called Subramanya in the south called Muruga; its this God one must be weary of its Star Trek “Wrath of the Kahn” episode.
    On PBS in a New Hour with Mcneal/Lehrer” there was this News item a few years with this Anglo-india deSilva of Minneapolis PBS doing a show on conversions in Indian North East by bribing innocents tribals with plastic plates and spoons.
    I Sincerely think Most people should find the True God, its hard work. In reality “its personal effort”. In Hindu Spiritual lingo there is a saying; “When you are ready, God will send you a Guru[a realized being]”.
    Too bad that the Spiritual Sun ill set on earth Soon.

  10. Many christians have not been able to distinguish between western civilization’s contribution of philosophies of John Locke, Thomas Paine et all, all the way back Aristotle and Plato, the Greeks vs the middle eastern Goat herders culture of Christianity. Remember the christians who burned down the Egyptian library of Alexandria… they were like the Pol Pot of those days who went after any educated people… It was mob rule. The uneducated and the peasants wanted equality with the smart people. You can read about it in Nietchie’s “Anti Christ”.
    The Western civilization survived in spite of christianity. Not because of it. The catholic Vatican hunted and persecuted thinkers and people of science. So who is he kidding?
    They were using the Roman I, II, III, IV system. How far in science could they have gone with that? It was the Hindu’s contribution of numerals …1…9 and the ingenious Zero (nothing//Null) that contributed and helped the west to prosper in science.
    Even the US, the founders had to keep christianity at bay to build a nation on the idea of liberty and equality of John Locke, Thomas Paine. Not Christianity. Christianity just steals and steals… Its an unethical religion that keeps on telling lies …it sits on a house of glass of lies. That’s why they have to continuously lie that the bible is history…if the “historical” records of the bible is dis-proven this mythology falls flat on its face.

  11. This moron Dota being a Indian Muslim will definitely find a million reasons to hate India. Muslims in india are the beastly traitors and hypocrites these suckers claim themselves as the minority and get priority and reservations in employment and education denying a talented Hindu an opportunity. They have made gujarat riots a tool for earning their sympathy when the truth is that they were the one who initiated the conflict and also they hype up the casualties and damage so that they can loot and amass wealth.Then they have the audacious nerve to talk shit about our country and our rich Hindu tradition. its our forefathers mistake to keep them still in our country. They should have been sent to Pakistan permanently after partition India is a Hindu country and it will always be Hindustan
    This fuker Dota and idiot Robert Lindsay are havin tremors in their ass crac when they see indians Growth so these rats soil deep root hatred and try to poison people by staining Hindutva and opther religious movements and also talking about illetrate Dalits when Dalits are given adequate opportuinities to come up they still live in a inferiority complex and try to blame others for each and everything. No wonder they will always remain subhuman and inferior.
    These punk asses Dota Lindsay and other bitches would not succeed in their plans as Hinduism is too powerful a religion to be destroyed by cretins like these.
    We Hindus are truest Aryans leftovers in the world. We can carry Aryan legacy and prove to the world that we are superior than any other. Hinduism is the richest culture is the world and all other races and culture are inferior to this . These subhuman white racists along with niggers have destroyed this world and many cultures but remember prick suckers Hinduism is eternal. It will survive till the world exists and probably even beyond

    1. My dear friend, I can only say one thing, Hatred consumes you, you stare at abyss ,abyss stares at you.
      I fight with your insecurity you have created imaginary evil, and to win over this imaginary evil you have become an evil
      Problem currently is not indian muslims or Minorities, none of these people want shariah or anything.
      They are asking something that is rightfully belongs to them ,just like maoists, maoists dont want to impose communism,they simply want their life style in jungle .
      If you want to see india as a collective nation,you have to recognize and honor all commitments to every minority, if not india will split into 3000 princely states,there use to be around 3000 princely states in south asia before India,Pakistan were born.
      Andhra is on verge of collapse and there are many indications that it will split, Andhra pradesh is the first state formed on Linguistic basis, now the same state wants to split along lines of caste and tribal segments.
      If this continues, we might see full fledged caste conflicts and people like you will alienate muslim community and other minorities.
      Trust me , no one gains in this conflict.
      We are the architects of our misery,let us proudly accept this and try to change our behavior, if india enters into chaos,No one in this world, gives a shit.
      Infact people are already suspicious about our character and we are over 1.2 billion people, not many countries will give us refugee status, politicians and their kids have already Plan B, only suckers are people like you and me.

  12. Robert L
    Just curious, is this joker Manny spamming out of India? Or is his location somewhere in the west like most of the Internet Hindus who show up here?

        1. I love America.. I even love christians.. It’s christianity I loath. You know what they say..”Hate the Sin…but love the Sinner”.

        2. One of the founding father of America is Thomas Paine… His pamphlet titled “The common sense” started the American revolution.. he then went on to write the “Age of Reason”

          An amazing read.. just read the first chapter.. It’ll blow your mind!
          America is not founded on Judeo christians fact the majority of the founders were Deists and free masons.. They loathed christianity too. This is my country. America is founded on my values!

        3. “America is not founded on Judeo christians fact the majority of the founders were Deists and free masons.. They loathed christianity too. This is my country. America is founded on my values!”
          It is true that America was not founded on Christian values. But it is a joke to claim that it is founded on your even more primitive and barbaric hindu values.
          Unlike you stupid, insanely superstitious hindu monkey worshippers the founders of America valued Reason above religious superstition. Unlike you they valued secularism over theocracy. People like you should be kicked out of America.

      1. You know Robert.. I have to hand it to you.. You have not banned me for my opinions. I see that that you have rightly banned folks who get into ad hominem attacks.
        Hats off to you for that.
        I am serious.

    1. May I ask a personal question Mott?. You don’t have to answer if its uncomfortable
      Why do you as a christian still hate Jews? Is it not enough of a “lb of flesh” so to speak, by killing half of that entire tribe by throwing them into ovens while listening to the christian music of Wagner while sipping cocktail champagne..That too after torturing them for 2000 years (by christians at large). Is it because of some bullshit christian mythology that they allegedly killed Jesus in this myth. A myth cooked up by some goat herding peasants of the middle east? …

      1. Although It would be impossible to get into the mtovies of other why they think or do certain things in a particular way, If I were venture a guess, it is this:
        When you see a cross
        Page from the anti-Semitic German children’s book, “Der Giftpilz” (The Poisonous Mushroom)
        The text reads, “When you see a cross, then think of the horrible murder by the Jews on Golgotha…”
        (see 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15, “…the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men”)

  13. Manny the monkey worshipper from India, like every single hindutvadi out there, hates Secularism and Christianity with an insane passion. Yet he immigrated to America which is a secular nation with a Christian majority. Why? Does that make sense? Shouldn’t a Hindu nationalist stay in the bosom of Mother India? How can a proud brahmin fanatic tolerate being two oceans away from the holy Ganges river and the holy brahmin city of Varanasi?
    Go back to India Manny. Go to Varanasi, take a dip in the holy Ganges, sip its purifying water and repent for having left that holy land of your ancestors. Don’t these pictures of the Ganges at Varanasi make you homesick?

    1. According to leaders, the BJP is offering a mix of development, casteism and Hindutva. The emphasis is more on Hindutva because it kept the party ‘alive’ in most adverse circumstances. In 2012 assembly elections, BJP won 47 seats in UP, of which 25 had Muslim population above 20%. Similarly, in 2009, BJP won 10 Lok Sabha seats, of which eight were Muslim dominated. Also, in 2012, Modi campaigned only in Ayodhya and talked about development but party lost the seat it held since 1991. “This shows that without Hindutva, BJP is nothing. Hence, Hindutva is to consolidate party’s core vote and other issues including anti-incumbency against the state and central governments will bring surplus,” they added.
      For this, Sangh Parivar is moving in a planned manner to create a Hindutva wave – On June 9, Modi is elevated. On June 12, VHP announces statewide campaign in August for Ram temple. On June 18, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat says in Meerut that Hindutva is the only solution for India. On June 28, a VHP leader arrested for Mathura blasts. On July 6, Modi’s right hand man Amit Shah
       visits Ayodhya, vows to build Ram temple. And, on July 16, RSS chief formally approves Ram temple as an election issue.
      Petitions are also being filed claiming the right of Hindus on ‘disputed places’ where mosques were constructed during medieval period. The Samajwadi Party rule and withdrawal of cases against terror accused are also helping Sangh Parivar to push its agenda. Role of both Hindu and Muslim harliners is under scanner for the riots. History shows that communal polarization often takes place in elections after violence.
      The attempt is to create a situation similar to 90s when the BJP rose due to Ram Temple movement led by Lal Krisna Advani and charisma of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. However, after demolition of Babri mosque, the hardline appeal declined and caste factor has been dominating since then. However, hundreds died in communal violence across country in 90s.
      “Modi is projecting himself both as Atal (development) and Advani (hardline). He is wooing urban middle class and consolidating Sangh Parivar cadre disoriented after BJP led NDA government came to power by putting Hindutva issue at the back burner. But his action will create a strong reaction among the Muslims. Some lower Hindu castes also see RSS as an outfit dominated by upper castes and influential backward castes. In such a situation, Hindu votes will be divided and Muslim will vote en bloc to defeat the BJP,” said political analyst Deepak Mishra.
      Observers also said that breaking caste with communal politics will be difficult for the BJP because the SP and the BSP will not give ground easily. BJP’s stand on quota in government jobs and promotions issue has been shaky. Further, BJP in UP has no strong state leader like Vasundhara Raje in Rajasthan, Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Madhya Pradesh and Sushil Modi in Bihar. The infighting has made matter worse.

  14. PUNE: Students, government officials and workers can now apply online for caste verification on the Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute (BARTI) website – The institute has also set up a toll-free helpline for those who are facing problems related to the caste verification services.
    BARTI is an autonomous organisation under the state department of social justice and special assistance. A statement issued by institute director D R Parihar said, “Fresh guidelines have been issued for verification of caste certificates and accordingly, category-wise application forms have been made available for all applicants. They should not rush to the administrative office, but should utilise the online facility.”
    The format for applications and the list of documents required have also been uploaded on the website. Applicants can call the helpline – 18002330444 – in case of any difficulties, the statement said.
    At present, students seeking admissions to science or vocational faculties have been asked to apply, while those seeking admissions to arts, commerce and other faculties have been asked to wait for further instructions. A separate notification will be issued for these students, after which they should apply for verification, Parihar said.
    The applicant must fill the form and submit it along with the necessary documents to the district officer concerned. Parihar said, “Some institutions have been asking students to submit caste verification certificates at the time of admission, failing which they are being asked to pay the entire fee. However, as per government rules, students have been given three months to submit the caste verification certificate after admission.”
    The applicants have been asked to produce the oldest document of the family caste as proof of caste. Samples of such documents have been put up on the website.
    Meanwhile, the institute has extended the date of submission of caste verification applications for government officials and workers up to September 30 from the earlier June 30. The officers and workers can now submit their applications with all the required documents to the caste verification committee in their district by September 30.

    1. christians and muslims do not belong in India..they need to be kicked out. I am told.
      I am considering that. cause reading christians and Muslims hatred for the Dharmic faith and culture..maybe thats what Indians ought to do.
      Basically war with christians and Muslims…
      I understand that Burma got that going for them… time for Indians to ratchet that up as well maybe?

      1. manny u r doing a great job keep exposing the hypocrite evil sick religion of islam & christianity..we shudras & dalits(as these hypocrite ppl wud like to call us) we r with u.

  15. Unfortunately I have had the same experiences described in this article in India. Many times. Too many times. I love that country and all of its amazing traditions, cultures, food, religions, and spirituality, but until it changes with regards to this problem, I will not return, not even to get married!

  16. I love India, but it doesn’t love me. I’ve had the same types of experiences (and more!), as this woman describes. I have given India many chances to prove itself and many chances to love me as much as I love it, but each time I was faced with the same brutal treatment. As much as I want to, I can no longer go on defending India. As much as I want to take my friends to experience all of India’s amazing historical sites, temples, festivals, cultures, traditions, food, religions and spirituality – I CANNOT.
    Because of this;
    Until and unless India changes in that ^ one very important regard, I will not return. Not even to get married!

    1. Women can go to India every time they want, they need to learn martial arts ,in Kerala you can learn Kalaripayattu ,or bring weapons with them ,like spray.

      1. “Spray” is not a weapon. What we Indian women and female tourists to India need is to carry guns on their persons and start shooting dead these thugs on the spot.
        That will also take care of India’s population problem.

  17. The caste system became rigid during Christian rule. It is the christians who did all wrong to indians. For example the venereal disease were spread during the christian rule. Homo sexuality, child rape, came duroing muslim and christian rule. Caste system never troubled us. For example I belong to Backward caste (Nadioo) Hinduism never told Naidoo is backward. English who ruled india made it backward.

      1. Ofcourse some filth parroting as human with an obnoxious racist user name does not get to say so

        1. It’s not racism to point out your lies and hypocrisy, idiot. Hindus NEVER take responsibility for anything, always blaming others for their failures. No wonder India is gigantic shit hole.

  18. Hindu will kill all Christain and take over your country. Vatican and kaba will be Hindu soon. Jai Shree Ram

  19. Good points on Indian society, I know well because I lived there for several years. Interestedly one can actually say the same about Asian societies in general. As they mentioned above about Indonesians. Maybe the difference is that India is not a real country but a collage by my the British but one can find the same trace of tribalism, caste system, only caring for one’s group in South East Asia, East Asia.

  20. Hey Bob what you said is absolutely true. I’m an american Indian who lived in america till the age of 12 then moved to India. I’m 16 now. When I came to India I couldn’t believe how horrible life was here. I doubt that hell is worse than this. Yes Indians express survivalist to the extreme. I mean WTF! When I was going to school there is this guy who falls off a bike with his leg twisting at a very odd angle and he was screaming and all people did was gather into a crowd and watch as he screamed. That day I missed school cause I dragged his unconscious body all the way to the hospital 500 metres away and guess what they do? THEY ASK FOR A FUCKING FEE! I mean the guy is gonna die soon and they think about the money WTF. Well I tried talking to people and tried to change them but omg they are as stubborn as fuckin pigs. Damn I hate it here. Anyways my mom started a hospital here and its running pretty well. Most hospitals in India take rs.2000(40 dollars) as the consultation fee wtf but we take 1 dollar. And no matter how hard my mom works, if a fuckin critical patient dies the doctor is always found guilty and sent to jail. If the doctor goes to a foreign country for work they are called traitors I mean WTF MAN

    It was named by the Brits from the river Sindhi. Portuguese were Goa earlier but had no interest in defining it politically.
    I’m a white (Gora) who at least visited India before I got on a blog and started discussing the place.
    You should visit a place and have sex with some of the women and eat the food and do some drugs or drink to learn something about it.
    That is how I roll, so to speak.

    1. I know the people of india have major problems:
      1. They dont give 2 shits about protecting the environment(eg like ppl throw stuff everywhere)
      2. They shit everywhere and let animals roam as they shit everywhere and they got a ooen sewer system.
      3. They barely have garbage cans and municipalities come every night to clean garbage of a billion people.
      4. The population is huge
      5. They dont encourage sports.

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