How Long Will Caste Last?

Steve writes:

The two were brothers, and yeah their parents care but they don’t care at all. Isn’t that interesting? The parents really care, and just one generation later and they don’t care at all. What about in three more generations when there is no first generation influence? Personally, I’m not sure they will even be Hindu. As for when it will die out in India. Caste is a rural, pre-modern social phenomenon. In cities, lots of people will enter jobs and professions that don’t match their caste. People will be forced to mingle more. Knowing human beings, people will fall in love and date outside their caste. There will be a gradual weakening of caste plus a significant influence from outside India as more Indians come online. People will become more open minded. As there is very little biological basis for caste, there is less reason for people to maintain its importance. There will probably be popular ‘liberal’ type of movements against it when India is more developed. It basically makes no sense and it will be hard to make an argument in favor of it. It will last longer in rural areas but what happens in the cities will gradually spread to rural areas. I might be wrong but I don’t see caste lasting on a time scale of one or two hundred years.

India has existed for 66 years. Has caste died out in that time? How many Indians now are marrying outside their caste? Look at all these Indian Hindu monsters who came to this blog. How many of them spoke against caste or denounced it? Basically not even a single one except maybe ILOR. High caste Indians don’t want to give up caste! Is caste dying out in Indian cities? Word is that 100 I have spoken to quite a few Sikhs around here, and almost all of them practice caste. If they come from India, they practice caste, period. They defend it, and they don’t want to give it up. 100 Bottom line is about 100 As far as the second generation goes, I have no idea. They are pretty Americanized.

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25 thoughts on “How Long Will Caste Last?”

  1. India has existed for 66 years but up until now, most people have been rural, poor and living in a similar way to pre-modern times. I would expect caste to still be very strong in India today. India is only at the start of its development and urbanization.
    It will be hard to maintain a rural, pre-modern form of social stratification in a modern, capitalist economy and in cities. Caste intermarriage will increase constantly. Economic class will become increasingly important and low caste people will achieve educational and economic. People will be forced to mix. It will become less strict and weaken in the cities.
    It will take a long time but I believe caste will become less and less important in modern India.
    Here are two paragraphs from an article about caste intermarriage.
    “At least in the cities, caste divisions seem to have become somewhat blurred, if not erased, by more apparent class divisions spawned by the country’s torrid economic boom. High-caste Brahmins may well be served by a Dalit waiter in swanky restaurants and members of the lower castes occupy high government posts. Meira Kumar, the current speaker in India’s lower house of parliament, is a Dalit. “Thanks to the new economic order, and global interconnectivity, so many caste-neutral occupations are coming into being,” said Mr Prasad.”
    “Shree’s mother, who lives in his hometown of Sholapur in Maharashtra, has still not accepted his bride. She bristles with anger whenever he telephones her and talks of bringing her to live with him. Instead, she tries to sway him to dump Rajini. “‘How can you marry an untouchable, someone who eats meat?’ she tells me,” Shree said, emphasising that for his caste, eating meat is strictly forbidden. “I tell her, ‘wake up and smell the 21st century. These are all man-made divisions.'”

    1. Caste based occupations may lose relevance in our era, but not the institution of caste itself. Caste is the most fundamental facet of an individual’s identity as individualism is non existent in Indian culture. As long as the majority of Indians select for caste when mating, the institution will endure.
      And as caste has so badly damaged the Indian’s empathy and consideration for his fellow man (taken for granted in the west) that even if caste were to vanish, it wouldn’t follow that Indians would wake up the next day and automatically become law abiding, civic minded, and compassionate people. Doesn’t work that way.

      1. You’re right. If caste has got any chance of lasting in modern cities, it will be all about endogamy. I don’t see that continuing in the long run though. That’s my opinion.

        1. I keep trying to post and its not posting.
          India may well become the second largest economy in the 21st century, at least on ppp. Despite this, most Indians, or at least hundreds of millions, will remain quite poor for most of the century. They will most likely keep caste going, as will the more priveleged. So, I’m revising to 1-300 years.

  2. Here is a good article about the issue
    “Practices that enhance the role of caste in society like endogamy, segregation of social hubs, untouchability, are carrying on for centuries without any visible change in rural India. The story of urban India is vastly different. Employment, education and empowerment have meant that caste barriers have started blurring. There is greater socialisation across castes and communities and, unless politics intervenes, there is greater heterogeneity in living areas. Caste identities are giving way to economic identities. Though an upper caste person might not eat at a lower caste person’s house, he cannot prevent his children from studying in the same classroom, eating in the same canteen, visiting the same shopping mall or worshipping in the same temple. A Hanuman Mandir in Delhi or Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai does not check for a person’s caste before allowing her entry, merely the colour of her money in the form of how large her donation to the temple fund is going to be. There is no segregation possible in modern work areas, and higher commingling has meant a greater level of exogamy, one of the foremost markers of modernity. Whenever opportunity arises, individuals rise to the challenges of intellectual and professional advancement irrespective of their social background.

  3. Caste will still be around for a long time. I haven’t really got any idea what the timescale will be- 1 or 2 hundred years is a guess- but this is the very beginning of the end for caste in Indian civilisation. That’s what I think.
    Its also the beginning of the end of shitting outdoors.

  4. I beg to differ. Caste system could stay in India and proliferate more in the world. To destroy caste, you need a total war to wipe out existing status quo. India is relatively peaceful among major civilization in their heartland like Bihar, Maharashtra..etc. As long as elites are not decimated in fix frequency, there will be caste. In punjab where there are a lot of warfare, caste got very much weaken.
    The absence of caste in China is due to peasant revolution of 300 years frequency. In Europe, the feudal system is quite caste like. If there no frequent war in Europe, there will be caste system. There is even development of guild. Europe has a warrior class, which draws from aristocracy.
    The early caste system could look something like class + racial discrimination. As time goes by, discrimination got worst as there are hereditary stagnation and development of dynastic wealth.
    In USA there is this term call Boston Brahmins. This is already quite caste like but I would classify it more as aristocracy.
    Other than war, to prevent caste system from developing,
    1) we need to prevent dynasty wealth. But white man land are chipping away inheritance tax.
    2) prevent rentier wealth, especially landlordism. But again landlordism is back in white man land.
    3) promote meritocracy. Today in USA, there is less and less meritocracy. We know that the Ivy league admissions are rigged in favor of certain groups of people.
    People think that capitalism will destroy caste. I beg to differ. The Brahmins can always prevent access of education, state services to the lower caste, and caste will hold forever.

      1. The caste system will last until the so called “upper caste” shitskin, brown bastard, child molesting, undercover homosexual, smelly, backward, bestiality worshiping Indian scum all die off.

      2. Robert this is how hindutva’s instill fake pride in Indian hindus, corrupting everything ,and misinterpreting everything and calling it ancient texts or ancient stuff or even saying Ancient hindus know everything.
        This is how hindutva operates, claiming everything and anything on earth…This insecurity in Hindus is due to the Hindu-culture which has been a conspicuous failure for past 4000 years.

        1. That’s nonsense, because in that video, the uploader has used his limited knowledge and tried to compare it with the genius.

      1. They will say this is not Islamic culture..but the same thing happens in Saudi Arabia… The Sheiks get the same treatment by their peasants.

  5. I love caste its the best social bonding there there is.. Have y’all seen the social endogamy of the Amish or how about the social endogamy of the whites in the US and in Europe.
    See the liberal Scandinavians..they maintain their caste system by practicing social endogamy by keep their immigrants in ghettos..
    Even after 300 years of living together as christians white rarely marry their untouchables… We all saw how the christian untouchables were treated during Katrina. They crawled out of the underground… I never knew there were so many christian untouchables lived underground in Norleans.

    1. Comparing blacks to untouchables. “300 years as Christians living together.” Scandinavians have a “caste” system.
      Spammy- you make no sense whatsoever. You obviously don’t understand American culture, “white” culture, or “Christian” culture, such as these things exist.
      Almost everything you post is total horseshit. Do you have anything else to do? Those Hindoo-doo Vatas must pay you a lot. The best thing that ever happened to India was the British, and yeah, they were bastards, bla, bla, bla. They should have stayed there and sterilized 75% of them- might be a decent country by now if they would have.
      Instead of “Beyond Highbrow” I propose “Spammy-Manny’s DIY Diarreah of the Mouth Hindoo-doo Blog.”

      1. Mott are you feeling insecure about something? Are you comfortable only within your own group where your views are not challenged and if you are out in the open you really feel vulnerable and insecure?

        1. Manny
          चूतिये मनी
          क्या है तेरे अक्ल में कमी?
          यहाँ तो कोई तेरी बकवास मानने वाला नहीं
          क्यों कर रहा है सब की दिमाग की दही?
          परन्तु यदि हिन्दुऒ को बदनाम करने का है तेरा इरादा
          तो फिर जारी रख तेरा यह ढीटपना
          Now gtfo please 🙂

        2. What’s with all these Internet Hindus who spam their nationalism online yet live in the west, who bash other cultures and yet do not even speak the matrubhasha.
          In any case, wasted a perfectly good rhyme on you.

        3. You guys simply assumed I am a Hindutva Bajrangi or whatever.
          I am a true libertarian. I take the position on these things from a libertarian perspective. Things like social endogamy or a sense of supremacy individual may feel are all part of individual liberty. Its only when they use that sense of superiority and exert tyranny over others, they are interfering with others rights.
          So if an “upper caste” thinks he or she is superior or a White person thinks he is superior or even lives among his own and marries among their own tribe and feel superior or even goes and has a bath if they touch me cause I eat beef, WTF is my problem? If they start a church and don’t give permission to gays to marry or washes their temple when some meat eating Dalit or white person visits the temple why should it chaff my butt. They have every right to do that. Why do I have to go on a rage like some liberal leftist socialist commie dickhead?

  6. Sir,
    Is manny the version n.0 of Jaipal or Arjen the Hindutva? His posts gives us a doubt that he could be one among the two. The only element of doubt is both Jaipal and Arjen kept posting lengthyyyyyy screeds in the form of comments where as manny keeps spamming with short messages…

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