Bigfoot News July 22, 2013

Fake photo of the location where Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot (Hank) was stored released. A fake photo of the US government research station near Las Vegas, Nevada where Rick Dyer was supposedly storing his Bigfoot. The Bigfoot has just been moved. Apparently more of the Rick Dyer haters spreading their endless tedious hoaxes. The image came from Jennifer Graeme via Greg Cannon.

Possible photo of the location where Hank was stored until very recently.
Fake photo of the location where Hank was stored until very recently. Where do you hide a Bigfoot in a place like that?
Another person comes forward to say that they saw Hank. Rick’s head of security, Craig Phillips, has been staying with Rick, and on Saturday, Rick got a call saying that the body was going to be moved, and Rick asked Craig to come accompany him to see Hank being loaded onto the truck. The video that was just released but can only be viewed by Platinum Team Tracker members describes what Craig saw when he went over there. A friend of mine watched the video and said it is very credible. I will put the video up here anyway even though hardly any of you can watch it. Fake pictures of Hank continue to surface. These pics come to us by way of Harry Allen Pearce, who claimed that he and another man, Elisha Wells, were invited to see the Bigfoot. They took these pics as proof. The pics surfaced briefly on Facebook but then mysteriously disappeared. This happened around March 17. It is a pic from an article about humanzees, apparently a Photoshop of a baby chimp mixed with a human. Pearce is another one of many anti-Dyer types who are trying to hoax Dyer of those who believe him.
Fake photo of Dyer's Bigfoot stolen from a Photoshopped Humanzee graphic.
Fake photo of Dyer’s Bigfoot stolen from a Photoshopped Humanzee graphic.
Another very weird apparent fake that came out at the same time, apparently also released by Pearse.
Another very weird apparent fake that came out at the same time, apparently also released by Pearse.
A Bigfoot hair with scaling. The scaling on Bigfoot hairs supposedly does not look like whatever is on a human hair.
Bigfoot hair with scaling from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Bigfoot hair with scaling from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Long road back again. Again and again, every time this endless saga becomes impossibly tedious, over ten long months, it has suddenly sprung forth into fresh and compelling drama. Just as “Hank” was killed and yet continues to live on in the imagination of the Sasquatch research community, the Rick Dyer story itself seems to suffer a final demise, only to be subsequently reborn with more vigor than before. Monday’s video release was the latest episode in this pattern…

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  1. I have never believed this story, in my heart anyway. I was briefly duped into thinking it was, or seriously considering that it were true, but this fucking story is as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

      1. I can’t do this. I can’t hoax. Journalists can’t hoax. Once you hoax, you are done. No one will ever listen to you again. And journalists really HATE scumbags who deliberately feed us false information. Burn them with fire!

      2. If the point is to destroy my credibility, well, fine, but I am quite certain that in the end I am going to end up being correct on this Dyer thing. And that’s all that matters. Who is right at the end of the day when it’s all over.

        1. Despite being undecided on Dyer, I figure as long as you’re updating your posts as new information becomes available, I don’t feel like your credibility is on the line. But even if everything turns out to be a hoax, it’s not going to change the fact that I’m excited every time I see one of your updates on the bigfoot world.
          I used Google’s Image search ( to track down that page. You can click the little camera icon inside the search field to search by image. It may prove useful in the future.

    1. Why are these fucktards doing this? They trying to make me look bad? They trying to make Rick look bad? Or are they just doing this for shits and giggles? Is this their way or having fun? These Dyer haters are as bad as Rick. They hoax more than he does.

  2. Dyer has been driving us all nuts with his neverending cycle of bullshit. Time someone put a cap in his head and put all of us out of our miseries.

  3. You have to be more specific. 30.000 modern sightings. at least that many footsteps recorded, 100’s of bodies and dna samples. and yet with all your research of all theses millions of bites of info you’ve decide that everything bigfoot is fake. thank God I took the time to read your uninformed , useless, incomplete garbage. thanks for contributing in the same manner that a 7 year old would. no wait a seven year old would be less judgemental and realize maybe the world isn’t flat after all.

  4. It didn’t take long for me to decide not to join any of the bigfoot groups or clubs on the net or otherwise. Too many freaks and weirdos. The UFO freaks have nothing on the bigfoot freakazoids. I feel for the very few legit people in the Bigfoot and UFO communities. I feel for the people who’d like to come forward with their true bigfoot sightings and stories. They have no where to go.

      1. Right. I’ve enjoyed the couple of conferences I ‘ve attended. It’s almost pitiful in a way… you can spot some of the hoaxer bullshitter types right off. Others it takes a minute or two of conversasion to figure out they’re feeding you a line of bull. There are a few on the up and up and their stories are very interesting. Have you attended a bigfoot conference Robert? I mean one of the 2 or 3 day affairs with 8 or 10 featured speakers, etc. I thought the Ohio conference was well worthwhile. I think it was three years ago they had Dr. Meldrum, Dr. Sarmiento and the very gentlemenly, polite and funny Bob Gimlin. I took an interest in bigfoot shortly after PGF and believe it and Bob are the real deal.

  5. It’s interesting that Rick has a head of security now. I had commented in chat during one of his shows about a month or so ago that he would need to get professional security, due to the increase in threats, etc., and he read it and quipped “I don’t need no security, my 9mm Glock is all the security I need.” Fortunately for him, he obviously has other, more realistic and less, how shall we say, “naively macho” people involved with him in this venture. I imagine that the investors must feel at times like the reluctant guardians of a reckless trust-fund kid or the managers of an out-of-control rap-star whom they must constantly watch and protect to secure their investment.

  6. ‘What politicalagenda could possibly be keeping Uncle Sam from showing John Smith and Jane Doe a dead deformed ape?’
    Stoopid question of the day right there….
    (whats with the idiots with the religious names ?)

  7. “More vigor”………….c’mon. He has a FAKE body. And people cry about it because they so desperately want it to be REAL.

  8. Wow! Rick got a call Saturday saying the body was going to be moved! Good thing he got the gout and wasn’t in Vermont! Good thing Craig was there to help the official Bigfoot movers, Two Men in Black With A Truck, get the poor thing to its next resting place!
    No way this just happens to be timed to coincide with Craig’s arrival on the scene and Rick’s unfortunate attack of gout that kept him from going on an expensive expedition trip? Naaah.
    This is Craig’s audition tape for the New Team Tracker Executive Program! Replace everything he says with “Thank you for giving me a job and a home, I will say anything you want me to, which direction do I look?”

  9. Don’t be all butt hurt. You had a ridiculous comment. There’s probably a thousand answers to that. Just calls them as I see them.

    1. @ Christianity,
      maybe I was a little rough there. Let me explain myself.
      I may be biased against your user name. I personally believe that organized religion is responsible for most of the world’s suffering and
      I did find the comment quite naive. The government hides a lot of stuff from the civilian sector. I mean why the hell is that Snowden guy on the run ?
      I’ve read various arguments as to why the government would not want the existence of bigfoot known. Pressure from the logging industry to not close down tracts of land was one.
      Possible lawsuits from citizens fearing for their safety and feeling that the government had not had their best interests at heart was another. It goes on and on. So yeah, maybe not thousands of reasons, but many plentiful obvious ones.

  10. Your asking me to speculate why the government does anything. Ask yourself what happened to the documented bodies from the mount saint Helens eruption. What happened to the numerious bodies hit by cars and witnesses have said that the forestry service picked them up and they all disappeared. It seems that every body that local or federal government gets their hands on disappears. even the bodies that state run colleges are missing in action. ask the government what happened to those people in missing 411. That is their job. to investigate and inform the populous. Why was dyers body taken to government facility. what happened to the body.

  11. The video was seemingly endless. I hope nothing important happened while I was skipping through it. I found both speakers looking for direction for every sentence much in the same way a coverup was handled by guys not used to speaking on camera and dancing around the truth. the truth is every body is taken by the government and everyone is told to keep their mouth shut or they will disappear with the body. the government does tests and then claims the body. then 1000 retards go ” where is the body” “where is the proof”. Thank God melba delivered the proof thru nudna. Now lets start looking for the male side of the hybrid. Now lets find out about those single strans. lets move on from the “gotta produce a body ” to what is the unknown male biped that contributed to this hybrid. And where is it from. those are the questions I want answered. Not what did the government do with the bodies.

  12. You are a coward, Mr. Lindsay. Admit your own fallibility, and maybe you will be forgiven. Your credibility is about to be shattered, so maybe a hiatus would be wise, at least until people forget that you are helping to spread this hoax. Blame the haters! Don’t make me laugh, you are as sad, and pathetic as Dyer.

  13. Robert, I wish you would make a statement or maybe another blog post about what happened yesterday. I have enjoyed following your blog for posts about the Dyer situation, and at times it has been the only place to get unfiltered information. From his own admission, you can’t believe anything Dyer says, either because he is a pathological liar or because he is “covering” the real story for practical reasons.
    Musky’s credibility has been called into question over the last few months on various Facebook pages because people claim he spread misinformation about the facility he says he visited, even though he says he signed an NDA and shouldn’t be discussing it at all. So when a lot of us saw a fake photo yesterday, and you first posted that “I received this photo from someone who I know has seen the body, and they assured me it is legit,” we thought that you were on your way to exposing a lie from one of your sources, presumably Musky, and possibly blowing the story out of the water. (The original blog post was the last thing on my computer when I left work yesterday, so I was able to refer it to confirm the wording when I got back this morning.)
    But then you stated that the photo came from a woman who made the claim indirectly, and then you removed her name and added a man’s, and now both are on your blog. You also have lashed out at “haters,” which I would understand if the person who gave you the photo misrepresented him or herself as Musky. But this doesn’t appear to be what happened, they simply said they got it from Musky (or one of the few others who claims to have seen the body).
    I have posted some comments here over the past few months as the story has appeared to fall apart to me. Some have been snarky but I make this request in all sincerity: please clarify what happened and why you originally said the photo came directly to you from someone who you know saw the body. If you made an error in your original explanation, I for one would appreciate your candor about the matter and would feel you had not only addressed the credibility issue but actually enhanced your own. Many thanks, Martin

    1. Well, sometimes I mask the truth myself, particularly as far as sources go. Sometimes I say I talked directly to a source when in reality it is a source who talked to the person. If I ever say I got anything third hand, an army of idiots lashes out at me and says that all 3rd hand information is garbage, so it is true that I do misrepresent some 3rd hand information as coming directly to me instead.
      I got this from Melissa Graeme, who is said to be a Dyer hater. She told me she got it from someone who said they saw the body. It turns out that she got it from Greg Cannon, who she describes as close to Dyer. She is not sure why they gave it to her. She thinks maybe to see if she would pass it on. She now thinks the whole story is a crock because she says Dyer’s people are putting out fake information.
      Perhaps Dyer’s people are putting out false info about the body location in order to throw people off the trail so to speak. Perhaps Melissa herself cooked this up to make everyone look bad, but that is less doubtful. This whole thing is a mess of smoke and mirrors and no one knows what to believe.

      1. Thank you Robert! I really appreciate your answer and it makes perfect sense. I believe Gregg Cannon is related to the artist GCannon who did the first full-length painting of Dyer, so I wondered why he would be a hater.
        The problem with this whole story is that–like you say–everyone in the Dyer camp says its OK to put out false info to cover the real info. Unfortunately that is a tactic of convenience for hoaxers, and now Dyer has all his team that’s left willingly telling lies because he’s convinced them its part of the game against the haters. This characteristic of Dyer’s–being an extreme pathological liar and being able to get others to lie for him–is something you hear from people who predate this hoax, and why so many people immediately wrote him off this time and have been so loud in opposing him. He has been known to get people close to him to lie if he thinks they are weak enough or worshipping enough to carry it out. I feel bad for Craig Phillips, who is Dyer’s latest discovery and is certain to find he has been used for Dyer’s own benefit.
        Robert, I think if you reached out to some earlier Team Tracker members, from the old group, you might find that this whole story is following familiar patterns but with a new group of gullible followers who aren’t aware of Dyer’s extreme pathologies. That includes the Facebook guys, who I have come to believe are victims. Musky, on the other hand, has been too involved in viciously defending Dyer and spreading disinformation (despite an “NDA”) to be let off so easily. Some of their radio banter is so rehearsed its laughable (“Hey Rick I just got photos Hank being loaded onto the truck!”), and he appears to have been assigned to Jack Barnes (and you, I dare say) as the “smart one” to keep everyone in line while Dyer goes insane.
        Things of course got much worse following the documentary fiasco, which I say they thought would make Dyer a star just long enough that he could laugh at everyone for believing the Hoax of the Century. Now that their efforts to build believability have failed, we are getting a lot of desperate behavior like you’ve observed, and its just a matter of time before Matthews stops being amused and comes clean, or Dyer simply disappears.
        I think Musky is hoping Dyer disappears so he can claim he was hoaxed too like Biscardi tried in 2008, and Dyer may be promising him that he’ll say there WAS a fake body that he and no one else saw. The others, the Franks and the Craigs, have seen absolutely nothing.

  14. Robert, regardless of the outcome, I don’t believe your reputation is on the line as a journalist. Your language in the post shocked me a bit but everyone, even journalists are entitled to their beliefs and opinions. It really shocks me that anyone believes Dyer. This IS NOT how the greatest discovery of mankind is handled. He has investors? You believe this? He’s supposedly in possession of a Bigfoot and the best his “investors” can do is have a 2001 ML-320 wrapped??? The cheapest most incapable 4 x 4 ever! He’s having yard sales? Not something a multi millionaire does. LOOK AT HIS HOME! LOOK WHERE IT’S LOCATED! It’s a slum! In the ghetto! Not how a millionaire lives. This guy is a money loving grub. If he shot a bigfoot that thing woud have been on display the next day. Originally it was said that he couldn’t show the body until after the film was shown. ( You remember…the film that had 3 MINUTES of crystal clear HD footage of a bigfoot???) Well, the film was shown…it was a joke that made fun of everyone in it but they are still unaware of this …there was no amazing HD footage either. So where’s the body? Hmmmm it’s amazing! Still nothing but a small list of “nobody’s” who have supposedly seen it? NOT ONE SINGLE CREDIBLE OR SCIENTIFICALLY IMPORTANT person has been invited to see the body!!!

  15. Well, anyone can see the video now. Observations:
    1. Phillips never looks into the camera
    2. There are many cuts, as though Dyer has prompted him with talking points like “in this part mention the haters getting their due”
    3. It’s in a facility we apparently would recognize (“you won’t believe it”) but wouldn’t have expected, meaning it’s not a traditional military or government facility. (This is a familiar Dyer talking point meant to keep you from looking too hard.) However, there are a LOT of security people around, and they “may” have been there for the move or maybe they’re always there…what kind of place that would “surprise” you has a lot of security around normally?
    4. There were high-ranking officials who gave Dyer special permission to stay through the move after gesturing to him that it was time to leave. Why would that have been an issue? It just reinforces that Dyer has special pull.
    5. They used a crane to move the body like they use to move obese people, and rolled the gurney along under it? Why wouldn’t they just roll it out on the gurney?
    6. Lots of “special” stuff…special lift, special doors, special truck.
    7. He never ONCE describes the body. He just says he saw it and he was affected by it. How about some details to show you actually were impressed by it? Of course, you’re no Musky Allen.
    Remember too that Phillips just got to Vegas, so he was suddenly a great person to make a corroborating video. Also, Dyer was supposed to be on a trip but got gout…very lucky he wasn’t on that costly trip when the body got moved, huh? And he apparently is getting around fine on those basketball feet. Beware of Dyer sucking people into a false close relationship and getting them to lie for him. He has done this for years.

  16. why would the government keep it a secret. Well lets see. Does anyone remember the spotted owl story bringing down the logging industries free range to cut down our forests. they have still never forgotten that. I’ve recently see where rush had posted a photo of a spotted owl nesting in a walmart sign. yea 1 stupid owl nested outside the old growth forest and that proved all the other info wrong. You know the extreme tree huggers brought down an industry that refused to police itself. Other industries have done the same. shrimp boats and turtle escape devices. mullet boats and gill nets. to name a few. Corp industry left. unchecked will destroy everything. ( oil spill in the gulf ) Did you know an oil pipeline in the continental u.s. leaks once a week. And know the threat of a human brother inhabiting the woods. would this not kill the corps that are presently destroying that environment. what are the religious implications. don’t forget who really controls the government. Now that is why they have confiscated all the bodies and send idiots to skeptic bigfoot related websites with stupid, uniformed , junk.

  17. Hum,a JACK’S LINK’S factory?A bank,a zoo,slaughter house,a funeral home,a hospital,a climate controlled storage facility…? What would be the obvious place?

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