Bigfoot News July 21, 2013

Rick Dyer’s failed Vermont expedition. This sad story reveals the depths of Rick’s egotism. The Vermont Expedition has been represented as going forward smoothly and as planned. The blog is calling it “Rick Dyer’s Expedition #91.” And yet, Rick himself never made the expedition because, due to an acute attack of gout, he was forced to stay home in Vegas. Apparently he is allergic to transparency before his followers, so he would rather pretend to have traveled to Vermont than fess up to this very natural malady. That is the level of ego involved in the Rick Dyer Show. Chris Sands already lives in Vermont and another TT member showed up in the state. Chris and the TT member decided to do some white water rafting. They took a lot of very nice pictures that Frank Cali has been posting on Rick’s website as part of the cover story to say that the Rick was there for the expedition and it went smoothly. Dyer moving to Santa Rosa and moving the Bigfoot body out of state. I reported both of these things last week, and said that Rick said so on his radio show. In fact, Rick did not mention these things on his radio show. According to Rhettman Mullis, Rick is indeed moving to Santa Rosa. Dyer told Rhett this in March. Rick did say a while back that he was moving the body out of state, but he hasn’t said anything about this recently. Rick Dyer’s NDA’s. Apparently Rick’s NDA’s with the Team Tracker members are complete junk, not professionally written and not enforceable. Most of the TT members didn’t even sign them, and most regarded them as a joke. Another Bigfoot researcher has seen Rick’s body. Apparently another researcher has seen Rick’s body, and they are willing to go on video and discuss it just like Musky Allen. I do not know who this person is, whether they are a nobody or if they are a major researcher. I am hoping it was Derek Randles, but I do not know that for sure. Obviously, I haven’t been able to find out the name of the person who saw the body. Hopefully the interview will be very interesting to listen to.

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  1. I’m not sure of a proper procedure for bringing a body anywhere for testing or a public outing. There seems to be a faction with money that controls this aspect. Nobody in the government is allowed to speak and even when they retire nobody believes them. Where have all the bodies gone. local testing to make sure its not human turns into body disappearance. sounds like a weather ballon situation.

  2. Dyer’s a lying sack of shit and so is Musky Allen. So if you’re basing your beliefs on what they say, then you are not as smart as I thought you were, Robert.

  3. If it was anyone of significance who had supposedly seen the body the news wouldn’t be breaking privately to Dyer’s platinum members. The individual would come forward with such life changing news like a normal person. My money’s on the new “security” guy. Claiming to have seen the body is a prerequisite for entering the new Team Tracker Executive Program.

    1. people of significance have seen this creature hell even a president saw one in the early 20 century. thats documented proof.

  4. How can he move the “body” if he doesn’t even own it? I thought his investors were in control…. Sorry, his stories just don’t add up. If it was Derek Randles who saw the “body”, he will straight up tell it like it is. He is absolutely no BS. But, he also knows to stay away from controversy (the Dr. Ketchum fiasco) so I doubt it was him.
    I’ll keep saying it…I do think he has a body. Just not a REAL one. I think he convinced some people with money that they (and he) could make a bunch of money and got a company to make a fake one. A very convincing fake. But, if it’s anything like those silly leaked photos from a few weeks ago, him and his investors are f***ed if they think they’ll make even one slimy penny off such a silly farce.

    1. im curious about the ketham fiasco. She sequenced 3 nudna using equiqment and people at the university if texas. I’m not sure what fiasco happened.

        1. That No one believes . No one ? really ? This ins’t a religion where your imagination must stretch heavily. The equipment and procedures has been review and determined to not be contaminated. What is there to believe. 100’s of samples. 3 separate nudna sample. All related. an unknow parent with single strans. please explain what no one believes. the world isn’t flat. the info is out there for everyone. and no scientist who have read the actual nudna have said that melba is wrong. even if her theory’s are wrong how can anyone explain the nudna. it can’t be faked. please explain where you’ve read 100 per cent of the scientists don’t believe.

  5. Robert, It’s getting more and more confusing/interesting. I’m still a believer (about 85%) that there is a “Hank” and it will be shown to all by the end of 2013. What are your thoughts or predictions as to a timeline of when and if we find out the truth about “Hank”? Thanks.

      1. Well said Robert. lol.
        I’d also like to add that I totally agree. I haven’t the faintest idea as well. It sure is frustrating how this topic has enthralled me for the past 8+ months from watching the tent video to this very moment. Hopefully everything will be explained soon and the truth, whatever it may be, is out there.
        ps – These have been my first times commenting, but I’ve been keeping up with and reading your site here for about 6 months now and really enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

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