Bigfoot News July 19, 2013

Rick Dyer selling everything but the kitchen sink. I pointed out the other day that Rick is selling his Mercedes Team Trackermobile supposedly because it has the face of someone he hates on there. Listing is here. He has also selling many other things. Stretch limousine for $5,000. Two dirt bikes, no price listed. A videorecorder for $800. A listing on Craigslist, since removed. Here is the text: Jul 8, 2013 – 702-659-2452. Location: LVB/Chey; it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests. Posting ID: 3922244134. Not sure what he was selling there. He also had a garage sale this past week selling everything from a playpen to clothes and shoes. Dyer’s NDA’s. According to Dyer’s NDA’s, you can be sued for $250,000 if you violate them. Apparently enforceable too. Why would anyone sign one of these things then? If it’s real and it’s going to be revealed anyway, save yourself the trouble and see it when it comes out. Why take the risk of signing the NDA? Bigfoot video out British Colombia. This video has been proven to be a fake. It was made by a cellphone company for some reason. However, I thought it was a well-done fake. A group of Asian tourists on tour, possibly of a national park, film a Bigfoot in the nearby deep woods, possibly grubbing for grubs in a log. The crowd gathers round, and they are all taking pictures of the Bigfoot, which is pretty much out of sight but nevertheless appears to be grubbing a log. We know this because at one point, a very long arm swings back as it grubs the log. At some point, a man asks in an Asian accent, “What?” Someone, perhaps a tour leader, replies in an Asian accent, “Sasquatch.” Then we hear several more Asian accented voices saying, “Sasquatch.” This video makes no sense at all. A Bigfoot in full view of a score of tourists with camera? No way! The Sasquatch is visible off and on for about 45 seconds, but at no time do we get a good view of it. [youtube=]

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16 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 19, 2013”

  1. the video is a fake – it was originally uploaded by a company that was making an cell phone app that adds a bigfoot into any video or photo. Legend tracker – I think was the original uploaded of the video.

    1. everytime there is a body someone steps in and they buy it. we need some one to find all the bodies that have been purchased. the 1 in 2008 I believe was at 1 time real and sold with nda’s. too late to squatch the public outing. so the frozen suit was put in place. wasn’t dryer involved in that 1 too. wher are all the bodies. I see a film here.

  2. I love how the guide says “Sasquatch” like no big deal! And the guy on the other side of the barrier takes a sip of his drink and try’s to stay out of everyone’s way while they take their pics. Great for Business!!

  3. Word from recently booted members is that there are no real NDAs and they were only created for show, to protect members from having to lie to friends. They were not actually signed or notarized and many people never returned them, probably including Pinkfoot. All this NDA stuff is BS.

    1. I doubt that. Well, the documents that Musky had to sign were real enough. He had to hire his attorney to go through them and they were real documents all right, quite complicated and nine pages of them.

      1. I’m quite amazed this story is still being discussed. The ‘corpse’ is fast approaching its first birthday so kudos to Dyer for managing to hoodwink the few remaining believers for so long.
        Would very much like to cast an eye over those NDA’s. If they were anything like the Cease and Desist papers Dyer sent to the Bigfoot Evidence guys well….
        Sounds like Dyer is selling up and moving on. No way will he be able to recover from this mess. Even the most gullible won’t be fooled next time. And there will be a next time. He won’t be able to stay away.

        1. The few remaining believers of what. How has he profited from this. This isn’t a religion where people believe something without substantial proof. 30, 000 sitings and counting. to be a skeptic you have to prove away every siting even sitings made by Indians and whiteman up to 200 years ago. even the Patterson video has yet to be proven a hoax. come on people the world isn’t flat. Evolution does exsist and there is a large biped in the woods at night in north America. Have any skeptics read anything about dna. is it legal in courts but not in field research. where does these strange recordings come from. where does the hair come from that matchs nothing on the planet. To be a skeptic means that you have the answers or your ignoring the rumbling coming from the volcano. there is a reason so many skeptics died at pompei . more people have seen bigfoot than those who met Christ. wake the fuck up.

  4. My assumption would be that Rick is liquidating his assets so he can disappear, but if he says that he is moving o Santa Rosa, well, then, there we have it.
    That video would have TOTALLY made my day if a woman had screamed “GODZIRWWA!!!!!”
    First, how stereotypical is it to have a group of 2 dozen Japanese tourists wielding cameras?
    Second, did this Squatch, the most elusive creature not-known to man, just wake up and not have his morning cup of coffee and tree grubs? Did he not see or hear the incoming tide of Japanese tourists?
    Looks pretty dang good, and the scenario is one I would love to buy into… …just smells like a good-hearted setup for a group of tourists, not so much of a hoax meant to fool the masses..

  5. It sounds as though rick sold the bigfoot and is moving some where. Santa Rosa ? are there big foot there ? If he is selling the Mercedes maybe it was a big payday and he will no longer hunt bigfoots.

  6. “more people have seen bigfoot than those who met Christ”
    Awesome! Brilliant!
    Can I have your permission to print that on a shirt? I am gonna sling that around like it ain’t no bodies bizness. It serves two great purposes. The second one being when grandma starts spouting off religious non sense and starts quoting Jesus.
    “Seriously Granny? Ya know, more people have seen Bigfoot than those who met this Jesus guy.”
    …just an AWESOME multi-purpose tag line

    1. I’m still laughing at your comment of the Japanese lady yelling “Godziwwa” Thanks I spit coffee on my lap and key board. That is some funny shit right there.

    2. Well you know if we are made ( genectically altered ) in the image and likeliness of God. And bigfoot is a hybrid brother, than bigfoot is also made in the image of God. You can use that 1 also. Spread the word. ( of Bigfoot ) I have spoken.

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