Is Sexual Attraction to Minors "Normal" Among Males?

That is a very disturbing question, and the answer is even more disturbing. A number of years ago, I would have answered a resounding “No!” to that question. Nevertheless, recent research shows that it is more or less normal for adult males to be sexually attracted to female children on some level or another. Now that doesn’t mean it is ok for them to act on those feelings and have sex with the girl. It’s against the law, and nowadays in many cases, the girl is harmed by this interaction. In some cases she is physically harmed, and in in many more cases, she is psychologically harmed. The reasons for the psychological harm are up in the air – no one knows what causes them. Perhaps it is automatically harmful for an adult to have sex with a child. This is dubious because many children decide that they were not harmed by this behavior. The other alternative is that society’s reaction is what harms the child. The debate is very complex, and there are no easy answers, but the bottom line is that kids get hurt by adults messing with them sexually. So don’t do it! If you care about kids at all, don’t mess with them sexually. It’s against the law, you may well get caught, and in many cases, the kid may well get hurt. The harm is not limited to childhood but often extends far into adulthood. In fact, there may even be physical changes to the brains of children who have been sexually abused. Nevertheless, the three studies I have looked at show that attraction to children is fairly normal for adult males. I don’t have the studies with me right now as I found them in my research, but you should be able to find them if you go online. Study 1: Study 1 showed that adult males have a maximal reaction to females aged 16+ and then a rapidly descending reaction to female minors all the way down to age 7, where the curve ended. This implies that male reaction to females aged 7-15 on rapidly descending curve with a lower reaction to matures is simply normal. That doesn’t mean it is ok to act on such desires. It just means it is ok to feel that way. It’s nothing to worry about! Study 2: Study 2 showed that 100 Study 3: This study was the most disturbing, but I suppose it is correct. It showed that all adult males had a maximal reaction to females aged 13+. In addition, males showed a reaction to female minors aged 2-12 but at a lower level. The most shocking figure was that 26 Therefore, 26 If 26 How do these 26 Pedophiles are dangerous, unfortunately, because they have a maximal reaction to children and a minimal to zero reaction to matures or adults. Therefore, in order to satisfy their sexual needs, in many cases, pedophiles may feel the need to break the law. They may acquire child pornography for masturbatory desires, and in many cases, they molest children in order to fulfill their sexual needs. While many can go long periods without molesting children, long term studies show that after 25 year followup, 50 Since the criteria for DSM-5 are nonsense, what are better criteria? I think we need to go all the way back to DSM-2 and DSM-3 where pedophilia was defined as a primary or exclusive preference for children with little or no reaction to mature persons. The ever-growing expansion of DSM pedophilia has been driven by the desire to label child molesters with a mental disorder so we can sock them away in mental hospitals forever as mentally disorder sex offenders. That child molesters are criminals is beyond doubt. That the majority of them are mentally ill is very much up in the air and is probably not true. Clinicians should not give in to the state project to classify an ever-growing population of criminals as mentally ill so as to keep them locked far beyond their terms, possibly forever. This is a mass incarceration project with dubious psychiatric validity and clinicians should not be a party to such politically driven projects that are not validated by empirical psychological science.

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10 thoughts on “Is Sexual Attraction to Minors "Normal" Among Males?”

    1. Ok…I guess the take-home point is that most to all normal males are aroused by female children, just at a lower to much loser level than they are to matures, so the very idea that someone is “pedophile” for feeling a sexual attraction to female children is absurd.

  1. I loved the comedian Patrice O’Neal. He used to go on Opie & Anthony’s radio show all the time and talk his line of beautiful BS. One time he asked the guys: “If there were no laws, and it was like Viking days, how young of a girl would you be willing to fuck?”
    There was much banter, but the final compromise was that if she had pubic hair, game on. A little extreme to be sure (and highly immoral and illegal under our current guiding systems), but there is obviously some kind of biological aspect to their candor.

  2. I sent this email about the biology of the male preference for youth to Ogi Ogas, the author of “One Billion Thoughts” to see what had to say.
    Hello Dr. Ogas,
    I’m studying psychology and wondered if you could help me understand why so many men seem to like young girls. I came across this post on an anthropology forum that appears to explain why and wondered if you could tell me if it is basically right:
    “It’s 20,000 BC and you’re a man living in a roving band of hunters and gatherers. You need to secure a wife that will give you as many offspring as possible to ensure your genes will be passed on down the generations.
    What would be the best age of bride to go for?
    When you think about it, it’s very simple: It would have been girls approaching their first pregnancy because they would have all their breeding years ahead of them AND the time you’d have to wait before you start getting offspring from them would be at a minimum. Very young girls like 5 year olds would have all their breeding years ahead of them but you’d have to wait years and years before they’d start reproducing. It would be better to go for girls nearer the start of their breeding lives.
    So what was the typical age of a girl’s first pregnancy back then?
    We can’t be absolutely certain but using modern day hunter-gatherer societies as a guide it was probably about 17. Although girls in many modern day tribes such as the Kalahari bushpeople don’t fall pregnant until about 19, these people don’t make the best models of prehistoric societies. They are basically scraps of humanity that have been pushed out into crappy environments by the expansion of civilisation. Our prehistoric ancestors would have lived in much more productive habitats, have been much healthier and better nourished and the girls would have fallen pregnant a few years earlier at about 17.This means that girls approaching this age or about 12 to 16 would’ve generally been the best bride material.
    Now go take a look at what porn groups get the most traffic: Jailbait, schoolgirls, Lolitas…
    Girls about 12 to 16 in other words. Cool, eh?”
    Is right at all or just junk science?
    Nuclear Wheelchair
    His reply:
    Hi, Nuclear Wheelchair:
    Yes, this description does appear to reflect the most likely explanation for men’s taste in younger women. Men want to capture the full reproductive life of a woman. It’s worth observing that men tend to want to “marry” these younger women rather than pursue short-term sexual liaisons, which strengthens the argument. They may also wish to prevent other men from “marrying” these women, so that’s another benefit in aiming young–securing healthy long-term partners before other men do.
    In contrast, when men are attracted to older women (also very common), they tend to prefer short-term sexual liaisons.
    Warm wishes,
    Ogi Ogas, PhD

  3. ” Clinicians should not give in to the state project to classify an ever-growing population of criminals as mentally ill so as to keep them locked far beyond their terms, possibly forever.”
    If you commit child molestation, you are acting on a problematic impulse. Does not matter if that impulse is normal or not. I don’t see a problem with keeping child molesters locked up beyond their sentencing to keep them in a mental hospital. Abnormal desire may not be their problem, but they’ve got some kind of a problem which keeps them a danger to society.
    It would not surprise me to learn that desire for young children is actually somewhat normal being that several societies have allowed child marriage of girls to adult men. Thus, several societies found this somehow intuitively acceptable.

  4. Robert, sorry for asking this, but … These studies are true?
    I have POCD and when to I read that I felt relieved because, according to these studies, I’m not a pedophile but a normal man. So, I hope you do not take offense, but … These studies are true? Please tell me that they have not been invented … If they are true, I think I can recover someday but I can not find them online …

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