Bigfoot News July 18, 2013

Rick Dyer selling his Team Trackermobile. Not sure what this means, but here is the ad on Ebay. He is only asking $5,800 for it too. A lot of people say that Rick is getting low on money, and this means that the dead Bigfoot story is a hoax, but I am not so sure about that.
Did authorities show up after the shooting of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot or did they not show up? There are two stories. In one story, authorities showed up, said no law had been broken, and sent him on his way. In the second story, printed in Rick Dyer’s book, no authorities ever showed up, instead only investors and their hangers-on showed up. Instead of authorities verifying the body, a woman, presumably from the US government, did so at a university, possibly in Texas. She was said to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt and she curiously congratulated him on shooting the Bigfoot.
Rick’s skeptics say he changed the story from authorities at the scene validating the Bigfoot to no authorities and validation taking place at a university. That he changed the story is said to be evidence of a hoax. I have no opinion on the matter and I am looking into it. A hoax is certainly possible with this case, but I think it is not likely.
Larry Surface’s excellent Bigfoot video out of Ohio. This was prevented from being released for a long time due to Larry’s involvement in the Melba Ketchum study. I think this video shows a definite Bigfoot. The thing has hair all over its face and it is completely naked in wintertime at 12 midnight in Ohio. I do not think that Larry is a hoaxer. The outcry of clowns screaming, “Hoaxer!” was so loud that Larry had to take his site down. In addition, he suffered medical problems from all the stress. He is an older guy, and the stress was hard on his heart.
Sasquatch Ontario eyeball photos. A very odd video out of SO showing the eyeballs of a Bigfoot in Ontario. They left the camera out at night and the Bigfoot came by to look at it, staring right into the camera. Most of the photos are just odd and do not seem to amount to anything, but the last photo at 5:16 looks very strange and interesting. A lot of people insist that this guy is hoaxing, but some people who know him say he is not. Nothing has been proven one way or the other yet.
Sorry for the short report, but there has not been very much going on in Bigfootery…

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15 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 18, 2013”

  1. How do I go about getting funding/backing to prove the existence of Bigfoot/Sasquatch? Maybe I can start a bid war and find an investor?
    I can guarantee indisputable proof inside a year for $200,000.
    I would request a small percentage of the profits post “discovery”.
    I’d be prepared to submit a detailed plan to any potential investors.
    I’m just done with all the goof balls and lunacy. It’s time to make things happen.
    I wonder how organizations like the Olympic Project get funding. Is it all paid for with expeditions? Derek, your site ( needs some help. I make professional high end sites for Fortune 500 companies. I’d love to help you with …maybe just in exchange for and expedition. I like what you guys are doing and think you deserve a nice web site. Maybe I’ll take this up on your site instead of here.
    Where was I? $190,000! Call within the next 10 minutes and get an addition 19% off! Operators are standing by!

  2. That video from Larry surface is trippy. I don’t know that it looks like a sasquatch per se, but whatever it is, is kind of creepy looking. I feel that Mike (sasquatch ontario) is on the up and up as well. I have been following him and corresponding with him for a while, and he doesn’t seem to be the type to pull people’s legs or hoax. He has very slowly and gradually built up trust with the subjects at his site, and the events have kind of just built up over time. He seems like a no-nonsense, straight shooter to me.

  3. Rick spoke about selling his stuff on the Team Tracker radio show last Sunday night. The show was supposed to be a discussion of the George Zimmerman verdict, it was a farce. So Rick came on and was drunk or stoned. Said he fired Pink a few hours before she quit. He said he fired the other person who quit when Pink did because the guy “shit in my truck”. He said he’s selling his truck because it has a picture of a guy on it who he now can’t stand. He said he’s selling baby clothes and other stuff because he’s moving to Santa Rosa. He said Hank’s body has been moved out of state. I continue to listen to him because he often lets a little bit about Hank slip, whether intentionally or not. He just can’t stay off the blogspot broadcast even though time and again he swears there will be no more shows and no more discussion about Hank. He must really crave attention.

    1. ‘He said he’s selling baby clothes and other stuff because he’s moving to Santa Rosa.’
      Uhm … Santa Rosa….. California ? Damn, that’s not too far from Bob iirc.
      Maybe Robert and Rick could get all kumbaya over a couple of bottles
      of chardonnay. Pour enough of the grape juice truth serum into him and he might tell ya all you want to know about Hank.

  4. Rick?
    Rick Who?
    Ohhhh!!! THAT guy. *long blank stare*
    That’s all I need to come back with proof.
    It’ll get Rick and his types right out of the picture and put Sasquatch on the table for legitimate science.
    Maybe I should start a Kickstarter campaign.

  5. The Larry Surface video looks just like Larry walking by the game cam. I realize he is older and maybe the proper use of the technology escapes him but i don’t understand how anyone can think it is anything but him walking by. I thought the Ontario video was showing pictures of different animals eyes. Someone said the weird one was a walleye fish.

    1. That the “sasquatch” happens to look remarkably like Larry Surface has been the overwhelming response to that video. If it is an actual bigfoot, it is certainly one old son of a bitch who depends on cat and dog food to subsist.

        1. Given the poor resolution and contrast of Surface’s video, I can’t tell if the subject is completely covered in hair or actually hairless. It’s interesting to note (actually very suspicious) that Larry Surface’s comparison photo of himself using the same camera trap is significantly better in resolution and contrast.

    2. Totally Agree!!! That’s just a pic of himself without his shirt . And Ontario is showing eyes of Gold fish and Stuffed Teddy Bears, I guess the Bigfoot wandered around a Child’s bedroom snapping shots of Fish in the fish tank and
      stuffed animals on the bed.

  6. Robert you should be a Team Tracker member. You are NUTS for thinking a known hoaxer and a guy who says he shot a BF a year ago has a body. The second I read you believing Rick Dyer just stops me dead in any of your articles. Where is your sound reasoning? Do you notice that not even one of your other commenters ever believe Dyer has a body, yet you do? There are like 12 people on the entire planet who think Dyer actually has a body, they are all TT members , oh and then there is you and maybe a former TT member also.
    What makes you so sure Dyer has a body? Its a complete lie, I mean ever hear trick me once shame on you, trick me twice shame on me? Well you are falling into the trick me twice category and that’s reserved for TT nut jobs and some of the most gullible people on earth.
    Seriously…wake up man.

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