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I was studying the case of the murder of Brooke Wilberger in Oregon (I am a true crime buff). A man named Joel Patrick Courtney was eventually convicted of the crime. They only suspected him on dumb luck, as he lived in New Mexico and the crime was committed in Oregon. However, there were three other men who were also suspects in this case. And they were all very good suspects. Each of them was a dangerous sexual predator like Courtney. This got me to wondering just how many nutted out men there are like this out there? You would think men like this would be rare as hen’s teeth, but it turns out that they are very common. I am very interested in the development of such types and how a man gets so whacked out as to turn into a predatory sex offender. The first man was Sung Koo Kim, age 31. He was suspected of stalking a woman at the local Oregon State University. In searching his home, they found 3,500 pairs of panties stolen from five different local universities. They also found 40,000 porn movies and photos showing women being tortured, raped, murdered and mutilated. In addition, they found a Word document detailing what appeared to be a plan to abduct, rape, kill and mutilate a college student. He was arrested for possession of child porn and for stealing women’s panties and sentenced to six years in prison. At his trial, he said that he suffered from severe social anxiety and had never had a girlfriend or even so much as a date. I am curious what turned him into such a psycho. Did he turn this way from never getting a chick and being frustrated with women, leading to the desire to murder one, or had he always been this way? One would think that panty-stealing is innocent, but many dangerous sex predators also like to break into women’s places and steal panties. Some of them like to wear the panties that they steal. As far as the porn videos went, if he really had 40,000 rape and murder videos on his computer, then this is what he has been masturbating to. He may have been masturbating to images and thoughts of abducting, raping, torturing, killing and mutilating women for a long time. This pattern is often set very early in life, often around age puberty. With the constant masturbation to this disturbing stimuli, the pattern becomes more entrenched and difficult to extinguish. Guys like Kim typically never show up for therapy because they enjoy what they are doing. He liked to steal panties, stalk female students, jerk off to snuff porn and write down fantasies of rape and murder. This is what he enjoys. He’s doing what he wants to do. As he sees no problem with this behavior (this is what gets him off) he never shows up for therapy. The next one was an immensely disturbed man named Loren Hugo Krueger, age around 40. At age 26, he was convicted of attempted rape. He served time when he was in his mid-20’s for an incident in which he attacked a female jogger, pointed a gun at her, tried to drag her off the road, and punched her in the face when she resisted. At some point, he was released. At age 34, he sexually assaulted a girl under the age of 12. He was convicted of this crime five years later. At age 37, police questioned him when a young woman reported that he had followed her in his vehicle down several streets, stalking her. The same year, neighbors filed a stalking order against him when neighbors said he masturbated in full view of their house (exhibitionism). At age 38, he was arrested for trespassing when a woman reported that he was in her backyard at night, wearing a ski mask and watching her in her house. At age 39, he climbed into a 15 year old girl’s window and tried to rape her. She fought him off and he ran away but was convicted via DNA. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Notice that this guy is a habitual sex offender. He has been stalking, flashing, assaulting, and attempting to rape women from age 26 until age 39. He also molested a little girl. There seems to be something compulsive about his behavior and he doesn’t seem to want to stop. It also seems like he is doing what he wants to do and he doesn’t want to stop. The third case was Aaron James Evans. Age 20: Approached a woman and fondled himself. Age 20: Masturbated in front of a girl in a parking lot (exhibitionism) Age 21: Harassed a woman at a shopping center. Age 21: Leapt out of the bushes at a woman and attempted to abduct her. She pepper sprayed him and fought him off. Sentenced to three years in prison. Once he is out of prison, what is likelihood that this guy will re-offend? How does someone ever get this whack in the first place? I am starting to think that once you get to the point where you are stalking women, attempting to abduct them using weapons, raping them or trying to rape them, and your fantasy life is mostly about rape, torture and murder, that for all intents and purposes, you are just gone. They don’t want to stop. They are doing what they want to do. They don’t want to get better. In addition, many of them have become habitual in their behavior. I suppose it is possible for someone like this stop, but I would wager that most of them don’t want to. Antecedents: In boyhood and teenage years, these types often spy on their sisters, the sisters’ female friends and their female cousins. Most boys probably do this, but these guys do it in a creepy way. The girl wakes up and sees her brother staring blankly from the doorway as she sleeps in her bed. She wakes up at night to find her brother hiding under her bed. Sisters and cousins wake up to find the relative stradding him with his penis out and trying to take their clothes off. In some cases, he is straddling them with his hands around their necks. He is basically trying to rape them. The attack on a sleeping suspect (always non-consenting) is particularly disturbing and is a prelude to rape. Any boy who is doing this stuff with his female relatives is in extremely bad shape. This sort of thing is not normal in any way, and he desperately needs intervention. Date rape: Often there is quite a bit of “date rape” type behaviors with females during the high school years. Some of them are very popular with girls, date a lot and have a lot of female friends who they hang out with. They go out drinking and doing drugs with their female friends and make moves on the girl. She bats him off and he socks her in the face. Next thing you know she is on the ground and he is raping her. They often get away with a lot of this date rape stuff because the girls don’t press charges. Voyeurism can also be a prelude. Peeping toms are often harmless, but some of them escalate into dangerous sex offenders. We often see voyeurism in the teenage background of rapists and serial killers. The connection is here is that peeping is a violation of the woman. In addition, anyone ballsy enough to go onto someone’s property to peep in their windows has no qualms about violating the property of others. They can easily break into a home if they can creep into a backyard. Prowling is always creepy and menacing behavior in a male of any age. Burglary is often found in the background of these types. They break into women’s houses, often to steal their undergarments. Sometimes they steal other things. Serial killers often have a teenage background of prowling and home burglaries. Although many burglars are harmless, some can be quite dangerous. Cat burglars are some of the most dangerous of all, since they burglarize when people are home. Exhibitionism or flashing. Although many flashers are harmless, some can escalate and be dangerous. Quite a few rapists have flashing in their background. There are two types of flashers, an inhibited and guilt-ridden type and a more aggressive type. It is the more aggressive type that can be dangerous. Once again we are looking at a serious violation of the woman, and this is what this behavior has in common with rape. Exhibitionism can become very compulsive to the point where it resembles an addiction. It becomes hard to quit. Escalation: One problem with sex offenders and sadists is the tendency to escalate. The sex offending or sadism is like a drug for them that they do to get high. However, like most dope, tolerance builds up and they start doing increasingly dangerous acts in order to get the high that they are missing. This is how an exhibitionist can escalate to a rapist and then to a killer. They are “chasing the high.” Frotteurism: These are the “rubbers” and “grabbers.” They operate in crowded areas, especially trains, buses and subways. They use these crowded scenes to rub up against women. Sometimes they grab women and then run away. In some countries like Japan and India, this behavior is almost normal. I do not know much about these type of offenders. Child molesting: I didn’t cover these offenders here because it really deserves its own post. These are different from the above as sometimes the victim is consenting. 90-95 Pedophiles are however more dangerous since they are fixated on kids and are only aroused by kids. It stands to follow then that quite a few of them will try to molest kids in order to satisfy their sex drive the only way it can be sated. However, there are quite a few pedophiles who either never offend or are not offending at this time. They can often go for long periods without offending, especially if they get involved with a supportive group that tries to keep them from offending. In quite a few cases, a sex offender who habitually offends against women will molest or try to molest a child. These men are not pedophiles; they are simply displaying the “versatility” that many sex offenders have.

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  1. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the pedos. Honestly, if I, as a heterosexual man, can go many months without a piece of ass, I’m pretty sure that these chomos can abstain and keep it all in the fantasy realm permanently.
    A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about a teacher I had as a young man, how funny and great he was. I decided to do a Google search to see what he was up to, and sadly, I got a mugshot. His crime, according to the website, was child molestation. It was a really depressing moment. Another one of my buddies from high-school showed up on my local crime blotter for “importuning a 13 year-old female.” I guess “importuning” means asking for sex?
    I am a true crime buff, as well, but I’m more interested in murderous sociopaths. You should read about Roy Demeo, and the Gemini crew, if you ever want to know about the sickest motherfuckers in the world: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_DeMeo

    1. I am not sure if trying to have sex with a 13 year old girl is even child molesting, though it is sort of getting there.
      Child molesting to me is generally something like under 12 or 12-under, something like that.
      Teenage girls will always just be statutory, which is all it has ever been, logically.
      Most molesters are not even pedos; they are just regular guys like you and me with normal orientations and desires around mature females who just mess with a kid out of opportunism.

      1. Well the “opportunism” wouldn’t be there for me, since a woman isn’t a woman in my book unless she is over 200 lbs. I live like a monk these days, but because I am a single hermetic male in his 30s, I’m always terrified that if false accusations are made, they might stick. There are some kids who live next door to me, and whenever they say “hello” I ignore them and keep walking out to my car, not because I hate kids but because I’m terrified of them. Being a single male in America is kind of like being an old crone on the edge of town in 18th century Salem. You are always suspect.

        1. Yes I am really worried about accusations of this too. When I moved in here, I heard that some residents of the complex were saying that I must be a pedophile because I was a White man living alone with no kids and no wife. White man, lives alone, no kids, no wife. Check, check, check, check!
          He must be a pedophile!
          It’s a crazy world we live in. I try not to talk to kids either. Nowadays you can’t even talk to them at all. You can’t even point to them or refer to them. I don’t even talk to teenage girls very much. I am really afraid to. People think that is “pedophile” too, even though it isn’t.
          The world has become a very weird place.

        2. Haha, love Bill Burr! He’s about as red pill as you can get, and yet he presents his views with great sophistication and humor.

        3. Hizzle and Robert, I know what you mean. I avoid family places like the plague.
          Hizzle, thanks for posting the Bill Burr vid. I love his one on White guilt and the ones on modern marriage.

        4. Yes one time I was at this store. I wear these pants that look like pajamas. This little girl was looking at me. Finally she came up to me to say something and I bent down to listen to her. She asked me, “Why are you wearing pajamas?” I laughed and said, “These are not pajamas!” Her father came forward and pulled her away from me! Damn…
          Another time this little girl was at the counter like she wanted something. I got the waitresses and pointed to the little girl and said I think she wants something. The waitresses all kind of freaked out that I referred to the kid and then went to deal with her.
          Ten years ago, I made friends with the boy next door. Well, he made friends with me. He used to come over all the time. He was 12 years old. I have no interest in men, much less boys! Anyway, we become good friends, and I used to take him fishing and whatnot. He told me that both of his parents were really worried that I was a child molester. I told the kid to go ahead and tell his parents if I ever did anything like that to him because I knew I wouldn’t. They still kept on bugging him about this. It was really annoying. I remember when we were boys, we made friends with all the men and fathers around. Now boys can’t even bond with men anymore at all except their own fathers. What a bunch of bullshit.

  2. “The world has become a very weird place”
    Last year I drove up to San Fran for the weekend. Got to the hotel mid afternoon. I have a bad back and like a hot tub once in awhile to loosen it up. I grabbed a cocktail and headed to the empty pool area and had the hot tub to myself. I was there for 10 mins when a groups of youngsters comes charging in the pool . 10 or 12 of em , all under 10. Mummsie had the gall to walk over and take my picture. Presumably because I was the only other person in the pool area. She tried to make it look like she photo-ing one of the kids, but I clearly caught her taking my pic. I yelled at her loud enough to be heard above the chatter ‘What The Fuck ?’. She scampered over to her husband and cowered by him while I scowled. I finished my drink and left. They avoided eye contact while I left and there was nothing more said after that , but seriously…. fuckin weasley bitch.

  3. Roberto Lindsay, listen up you pedo piece of shit. How dare you defend child molesters and even go as far as to say that fucking a 13 year old girl is not rape? You vile, wicked savage heartless atheist piece of shit; kids are a gift from God, meant to be loved emotionally, not sexually, you virgin sack of demonic fire-breathing dogshit. My daughter was sexually assaulted by her middle-school faggot teacher, who looked a lot like your glass-wearing, curly-haired, Jewish kike Holohoaxed old man virgin junkie white trash ass. No wonder the Bible tells us the Jewish people have fallen out of favor with the Lord, it is pedophile kikes like Roberta Lindicksay that is the motherfucking point-fucking-blank reason. One day you will assault the wrong kid and their Daddy will empty a clip on your sorry Hebrew Israeli asshole. Robert Lindsay, go to hell and suck Satan’s cock and fuck your own grandmother. I bet she would like that too, she gave you your pedophilic genes. Spawn of Satan.

      1. Wow. That rant was misguided and hilarious. I am impressed at the lengths someone went to to prove that they need help.
        Wow. just wow.

  4. ” 90-95% of child molesters are not pedophiles. They are just heterosexual males molesting in the family or with relatives as a substitute for an adult female partner.”
    Do you have evidence of this? Seems to me that all normal hetero men absolutely reject any form of partnering with children. A desperate hetero male would use a 9 yr old as a substitute for the adult female partner he preferred? Really? I would think that anyone who partners with a 9 yr old has desire for children and therefore is a pedophile. Sure, they may also like adults or even like adult women more, but if you are getting it up for a 9 yr old, you are a pedophile in my book.

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